binladenMay 4th 2011

Brother Bin died a long time ago. He and the Moslems were completely innocent of 9.11.

The Americans say they flew into Abbottabad near Islamabad without the knowledge of the Pakistanis, and they kill Brother Bin; then they say they took his body by helicopter and buried him at sea—Abbottabad is 1750 kilometres from the coast!

This shack is what the American media is calling Bin Laden’s million dollar house

So the yanks claim they flew all the way down Pakistan past Karachi air traffic control, past Pakistani radar, and all their military bases and out to sea. They also would have had to refuel twice on the way down, and twice on the way back to complete the round trip of 3500 kilometres—tee hee.

Stalin said “If you are going to lie make it a big lie”. Stalin had hardening of the arteries in the brain which made him criminally insane.

Given Brother Bin died ten years ago on December 13th 2001, you’d have to a bit of hardening of the logical thinking department to believe that Brother Bin has suddenly died twice, and the idea the yanks flew his dead bod’ 1750 klms through Pakistan for a bit o’ fun at the seaside is all beyond silly.

The Jewish owned media in the US are pumping the story for all it’s worth. 9.11 lies will unravel. (sw)

Source – Stuart Wilde


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