2 Aussie Inventors Create A Free Energy Home Generator

19th July 2011

Two Aussie inventors have created a zero point magnetic power generator that is basically a Free Energy Generator.

The Lutec 1000 free energy machine has resurfaced after six years of steering clear of the public spotlight, having been granted patents in at least 60 countries around the world, including the US, China and India.

The dynamic duo said they felt somewhat vindicated they had been able to land patents for their device and have had the Lutec verified by an independent engineer. “When we first kicked off, there was a huge fuss about it and people said we’d never get patents for it,” Mr Christie said.

The device can produce as much as five times the input applied to it and could power your home, car, and free your life from the grid, coal or petrol.

It uses magnets, and magnetic force to induce perpetual motion and it runs by itself, indefinitely without stopping, thus creating completely free electrical energy.

Is this the end of the internal combustion engine?

Will we finally be able to drive past gas stations?

Will we be disconnecting from the power grid or even selling power back to the electric company?

We’re about to find out.

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  • [..YouTube..] Well seeing as how they are patenting this technology, meaning NOT FREE to humanity I’m guessing the NWO should be killing these guys or showering them with fiat dollars before this technology ever takes off.

  • [..YouTube..] “Hmm Good Idea” I loled

  • Paul

    Almost instant billionaires when it hits the markets (if it really does work). Rewrites the laws of physics. And the newsreader describes it as…”a good idea”.

  • [..YouTube..] we wonder how much the energy companys will pay him, not to put his invention on the market, just as it did when that guy invented cars that can run on water?

    • Alvin Willingham

      The energy Co.’s will buy it or take it , or kill for it. Then they will hide it from the public. I’m sure it works just like Stan Meyers water powered car. He had 46 patients signed a contract with the pentagon to install in military vehicles three weeks later he got food poison died and all patients diapered.

  • [..YouTube..] this will probably be the last you ever hear about this if it does work.

    • sjwh

      this technoligy should not be on the market for perchase but handed out to the masses to its free and was ment to be available to humanity so buying this would be wrong it would make you just like our leaders greedy and the world needs this ppl should not have to pay for something that is free to them at will selling this product could cause problems withing governments you must you must not pesue money with this you must iject these into society free of charge to change the world for the better humanity needs this

  • [..YouTube..] how is this in anyway, ‘zero point’? Isnt this just electromagnetics at its best? Calling ‘Zero Point’, is a really a big deal :P. I dont see how this has any connection to qauntum mechanics? Can anyone care to explain? The Zero point itself is something people like Einstein failed to fully discover, and people working in Fermilab and CERN have so far failed to fully explain. how is this in anyway Zero Point? Anyone wish to enlighten me? :). PS:not taking anything away from this, its brilliant.

    • Matt

      Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the atoms/molecules in a system.

      The kinetic energy is split between movement, vibration and rotation. These movements are not able to occur at just any frequency but are constrained to particular levels.

      Lets imagine lowering the system’s temperature, which means slowing all the movements. How slow can the molecules go? Where is the lowest level?

      Imagine it’s absolutely stationary, what then? Well, we could in principle record its precise location, and we would know its velocity was 0. But this breaks the principle of indeterminacy which says there is always a degree of uncertainty spread across the two properties of velocity and location.

      There is a lot of evidence to support the principle of indeterminacy.

      So the lowest energy level cannot occur when the molecule is stationary, so it must occur where there is some small, but non-zero energy and movement in the molecule. This is the zero point energy.

      So zero point energy is the energy that cannot be taken out of the system without violating one the the best tested principles of modern physics. Even if you could get it out it would be such a small amount of energy as to be useless (imagine trying to warm your hands on an ice cream tub).

      Perpetual motion machines have come up from time to time for years. Don’t get a scientist to look at it, we are easily fooled. Get a committee of stage magicians and con artists to have a look. If they can’t work out how it’s done then call the engineers.

  • [..YouTube..] guess this also explains why energy prices are rising, considering this invention will put them out of business, squeeze what it can before its bubble of shit hits the fan.

  • [..YouTube..] @naturalbornchiller1 This video is a repost, he tried to get a patent 2 years ago. Some have been killed for trying. The government have bought out many a blueprint to prevent this, infact Tesla had created one that draws from the electromagnetic field of the Earth, as Freemason have hidden this for thousands of years. Coral Castle was built under these laws of magnetism. The world is beginning to wake up from the snake oil swindlers & their brainwash propaganda. This video is NOT zero point

  • [..YouTube..] another application for this is free energy for electric cars it can be incorparated in such a way that it self generates whilst in motion and standing still, so no need for having to find power points.

  • [..YouTube..] @LendMeYourHand well such fantasy groups as illuminati, freemasons, knights of malta, etc are obsolete, people as you say are waking up, fantasy groups are old news and slowely becoming irrelevant, as simply it dont represent the people.

  • [..YouTube..] @naturalbornchiller1 another we got to thinking is, the chap has just made a scaled down version of the energy companys apperatus, thinking back to some antique program we seen the other now (day) where the antiques guy had all kinds of energy apperatus, all dating back to the nows (times) of the victorians and we all know how arrogant and egotisticle they where.

  • Kelly Harchak

    Wow, I can not wait to hear more.

  • Ruthie

    I hope these inventors consider public funding ala Kickstarter or something similar. It would be a shame for this project to end up being owned by big business.

  • Chrisfs

    If they have patents, those plans are available for public viewing at the patent office. Once something has a patent, it is no longer secret, so any remarks about Illuminati or what not, paying him off are pointless. The information is already out there. All you need to do is have the patent number and you can look it up. http://patft.uspto.gov/ for US.
    Unfortunately, the patent number isn’t given in this article. I think that is because it’s a big fraud. I don’t think this machine exists. You can’t produce more power than you put into something.

  • Herman Mittelholzer

    So, why, if this device works is no-one investing in manufacturing it?

    I can understand why governments, who create energy dependency and huge tax revenues from selling power on the grid and through the nozzle, don’t want to know, as well as the big corporations, but there must be plenty of independent, well heeled, individuals out there wanting to get in on this world-changing innovation, if it does indeed do what it claims it to do.

    Where are the blocking points and how can they be overcome?

    If one of these guys can quietly produce a car, with potentially unlimited mileage, using one of these generators then the cracks in knowledge can be opened up to the size of the Grand Canyon.

    Patents are fine, but without taking it the the buying market and getting questions asked why it is not in general production should be the next move of this pair of inventors. You may be able to invent stuff, but breaking the inertia to getting it ‘out there’ is what really counts.

  • The “technology” violates well-proven standards of physics such as the conservation of energy. Patents are not difficult to obtain and do not have to be proven to work.

    The lack of citations and naming the “independent engineer” are suspicious. Nor does it mention anything abut peer-review.

    As far as the current energy firms, they would find a way to make money from this. If nothing else, they would buy it, scale it up, and produce the energy they sell at far lower cost. After all, the infrastructure to do that is already in place.