Five Stages of My Personal Awakening

By Eric Blair

It’s clear that there’s a massive global awakening happening. A time when much that has been hidden from the masses is being revealed. And as this information is increasingly accessed, the perpetrators of lies are being exposed on a grand scale. Their sinister agenda is also coming into clear view for all to see. This awakening has been the source of motivation for starting this website and the success of many other “truth” outlets.

As the controlling elite move at warp speed to implement the final stages of their full spectrum dominance, it seems to be met with an even quicker awakening of the masses. But this awakening seems to pass through stages. At least it did with me and many people I’m close to. In turn, sometimes it’s difficult to gauge where the audience is in terms of their stage of awareness.

I remember when we started Activist Post over two years ago, I thought I understood enough about the agenda and the current events related to it. I felt “enough already, where are the solutions?” Since that time, we sought to expose the lies, present the agenda as it unfolds in real time, and provide some practical solutions to the best of our ability and knowledge. But we’re always learning and progressing.

At this late stage in the game, I felt it appropriate to share the stages of my personal awakening with our audience. By no means do I expect it to be viewed as universal guidelines that should be followed by others, but rather it’s simply a glimpse into my personal perspective in hopes of showing solidarity with people who may be struggling with the same stages.

Recognizing the Lies:

I think this is probably where everyone begins. One way or another it becomes clear that we have not been told the truth about something by the establishment, which leads to recognizing other lies. For some it’s a profound “ah ha” moment. However, for me, the process has been more gradual. In the mid-1990s, I read Behold a Pale Horse which certainly opened my eyes to things I’ve never considered before like secret societies, but it failed to launch me immediately into more research. Even though, in retrospect, I’ve been gradually learning more and more over the years, it wasn’t until Obama proved to be a fraud that I fully woke up. I’m embarrassed to have supported him in 2008, thinking Hillary Clinton and McCain were the globalist insiders and naively believing he was a genuine outsider who wanted peace. It was only then that the true nature of the power structure presented itself to me and a tsunami of research began in earnest. And, finally, once I took an honest look at the events of 9-11, there was no going back to the manufactured reality.

Realizing Who’s Really in Charge:

This is where most people who begin their awakening seem to focus much of their energy and time investigating — as I did. However, I’m not sure anyone really has the correct answer to who’s really in charge, as there are so many layers to investigate. Yet, many researchers come to certain conclusions which become the source of bitter infighting between truth seekers. I believe the controllers, whomever they may be specifically, laugh heartily at our bickering about who they are. Once we move beyond the names and faces of people, corporations, and the institutions that all appear to be in on it, it becomes clear that it’s rather unimportant who it actually is versus the philosophy they all adhere to. Whether the hidden hand is Freemasons or the Illuminati, or the Vatican or Zionists, doesn’t really seem to matter. What’s important to me is that 1) there is indeed a hidden hand controlling world events, 2) it’s evidently not human compared to you and I, 3) they share a philosophy of extreme prejudicial hierarchy and a sense of entitlement over humanity and, 4) they are ruthless beyond our capacity to comprehend. Identifying them beyond that seems like a waste of precious time and energy that could be spent on solutions, in my humble opinion.

Understanding the Agenda:

Understanding the agenda was far more important to me than identifying the puppet masters, because by understanding what they’re trying to accomplish they will eventually reveal themselves. Their agenda, as I’ve come to learn it, is no less than complete control of planet earth by consolidating political and economic power including control of all resources, and enslaving and reducing the whole of humanity by any means necessary. And they’re using everything in their arsenal to accomplish these goals; primarily the monetary system via central and world banks, global laws via the United Nations, aggressive military force, multinational corporations and the absolute control of information by owning the media, suppressing science and technology, and controlling education.

Finally, one of the unseen tools used to great effect by this cabal is their manipulation of our reality through fear. In fact, there is no way they can accomplish their wickedness if we didn’t buy into manufactured fear.

Incidentally, the agenda is fairly easy to recognize in current events. If an event is used to cause fear, division or hatred, you can bet it’s the work of the controllers. If an event is counter to peace and personal freedom, you can bet the agenda is moving forward. If an event seems like a massive accident (financial collapse, 9-11, etc.) you can bet it has a purpose.

In fact, if there is an event that is causing harm to people in any way, shape or form, you can bet that it’s connected to this agenda in some way. This is because average humans, let’s call them the 99.9%, will not consciously harm others if given the choice of a peaceful way to survive and coexist. Many may disagree and point to isolated examples of theft, rape, bullying, murder, etc. as natural human behavior. However, I would argue that in every one of those cases, the social system designed by the architects of the above agenda is to be blamed, not the individuals. After all, how are slaves expected to behave like humans in such a malicious and unfair system?

Nature of Reality and Solutions:

After realizing that nearly all facets of reality are based on lies controlled for a certain purpose, one may begin to wonder what the true nature of reality is. Many seek answers in religion, science, or philosophy. Again, given the level of deception in these institutions, I’m not sure anyone can define the nature of reality as a whole. Although there are many enlightened people presenting amazing theories, anyone claiming to know the absolute nature of reality is highly suspect in my book. However, I feel it’s important for each of us to discover as much about the true nature of reality as possible, because that seems to be where genuine solutions can be found.

In my case, I’ve examined all of the above; religion, science, and philosophy in pursuit of what reality is to me. While I have intellectually believed the following for some time, I have only just begun to holistically understand it through experience. Without getting into labels, here’s what I believe are at least some of the rules that govern the nature of reality: We, as individuals, are infinitely more powerful beings than we’ve been led to believe. As such, we control our own reality and, ultimately, our own destiny. This power resides in each of us as free will of our thoughts and emotions which are physical frequencies that impact the material world. I have repeatedly experienced this in my own life by, for lack of better words, thinking my reality into existence. The bigger lesson for me has been that we all contribute to what manifests in the world around us; and changing the world truly begins with changing ourselves.

Our immense power can only be contained by fear, which paralyzes our thought processes. Despite all the negativity in the world, there is truly nothing to fear if we control our own thoughts and ultimately our own destinies. Even fearing death seems unwarranted, as I believe humans are bundles of intelligent energy that, by the laws of nature, cannot be created or destroyed — only transformed. I certainly don’t want to leave this physical reality, but I’m not afraid of it. That would be a waste of my time and energy while I’m “alive”.

The absence of fear is love. I believe the collective reality in the world would change overnight if love replaced fear in the forefront of our thoughts. And I think love is the secret ingredient to solve all of the seemingly complex issues of our time. I may be wrong about all this, but experience tells me there is definitely something to it.

Forgiving the Evil Doers:

Admittedly, I have not achieved this stage yet, but I firmly believe it is one of the final stages of enlightenment. The actions by the controllers are so despicable, so inhumane, and so evil that they naturally instill hate in any decent person who sees them for what they are. But understanding that this hate is actually something they need to continue perpetuating their sinister plot, then harboring this hate seems counterproductive if we seek to bring the desired change of peace and harmony. Additionally, if our thoughts and actions in some small way contribute to this reality, even if by lack of action, then it seems we have to accept a certain amount of responsibility for humanity’s current predicament.

At this stage, I’m only able to feel gratitude to Obama for helping wake me up, and gratitude in general that as things progressively get worse more and more people have begun to evolve their consciousness. I know it’s a stretch for most people to see this silver lining in the dark clouds that currently engulf us, but it seems our evolution simply must play out this way. If it wasn’t for the increasing tyranny, the masses would still be sleeping through their human experience without even knowing they were slaves, or ever realizing their potential. Perhaps they would eventually realize it on their own, but I doubt it.

I suppose I won’t be able to forgive them until the war is over and the good guys declare victory. Until then, I will continue to pick up my pen and fight on until peace, love, and liberty is achieved.

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  • Christine

    Great article with great insight! I have also seen an amazing time of things in the dark being exposed! As the schemes of the elite seem to accelerate – there is a mass awakening and scales coming off of the peoples eyes… Add to that the power of Social Media and I believe the people do have the power to rise-up — they just need to know the power they do possess!

  • Justin Pierce

    Everything you feel you need to fight will weaken you. There is no war between good and evil. There never has been.

  • Clint C

    You, my friend, are correct. I’ve evolved as well and can only credit the real monsters-in-the-closet for waking me up.

  • Dave Morrison

    You said “Identifying them beyond that seems like a waste of precious time and energy that could be spent on solutions, in my humble opinion.”
    You are right about them not being human, however they have been identified, the book of Revelations describes them, and they are principalities and powers, spiritual wickedness in high places and as beasts.
    You said;”After all, how are slaves expected to behave like humans in such a malicious and unfair system?”
    I disagree, and so do you as in that your next paragraph describes how we are all gods and in control of our own destiny. Any Satanic creature can behave well when that creature perceives that everything is going well and fair for them, it is godlike however to rise above that and behave when you are despised, slandered, and enslaved. I also take a small issue with the statement “behave like humans” insinuating that humans are somehow a standard of all that is good. We are all gods, yes but this is also our failure in that our will can be contrary to the Almighty, who desires a multitude of gods to serve him. And true it is that love is the opposite of fear, so if we love the Almighty God we do not fear being in his service. His yoke is easy and his burden light, but the path is narrow, with many obstacles and distractions.
    But if you think it is something we can change your wrong, all these beasts have been described in Revelations, the only change we can make is of our own self as you said. The kingdom of heaven is within us and it is like this; we are to be like the Dead Sea having been turned fresh, and teaming with life and fishermen cast their lines and nets and bring forth much bounty, but the marshes around the Dead Sea remain dead and of no value. The marshes are this world and we are the Dead Sea made fresh. The fishermen are God the Almighty, and the bounty is our service to God.

    • Thank you.

      I agree with this.

    • Chadwick

      Wow, while I agree that God is real… I disagree with the edited and condensed version of the bible you are quoting. If you are basing your information from anything other than the real, what 42 book length, bible.

      The real picture is so much larger than what that version of the bible can you tell you.
      Take Care & keep reading, watching & learning.

    • creativematrix

      I disagree with this.

      Some truths cannot be found from external sources because they dwell within. Finding yourself spiritually by letting go of all physical will allow you to understand illusions within reality.
      Basically, knowing what tools God has given you from birth allows you to see the illusions within your own words given to you by man.

  • Ruben

    I agree with everything you have said, but I feel that if you believe in all of this like I do, the satement, before you’re last, is a paradox… You say that you cannot forgive them until the “Good Guys Win,” but (Considering that You yourself have to be on a side, GOOD or BAD) then the only way the war itself would be over is if You forgive some1 for their wrong doings, or You ask for some1 forgiveness. I believe that because the only way the war can be over is if the good guys win or the bad guys win. If the bad guys win then everything would be pointless and it wouldnt matter anyway no matter how hard we faught. But If the good guys win, then the bad guys would have been forgiven and the good guys would have given forgiveness in order for true peace and happiness to be. I personally believe that the good guys do win, but it has to start one good guy at a time. I think the last stage is right around the corner, and one day every1 will look back and say, “Wow, I’m sorry for acting soo crazy back then. I hope you forgive me, but I would understand if you didn’t.”

  • Jim

    I agree with Rubin. When you struggle against something, you focus your attention on the thing you don’t want. You can not create what you do want, by focusing on what you don’t want. Start by Loving and Respecting yourself. Adopt a positive and playful attitude toward life. The world is a Magical place. Spread the Love and allow peace and joy to happen.

    • Dr C

      I second this statement. There is no true victor in any war. Once one engages in war, one can only hope to destroy the “Enemy” before one destroys oneself. Look at the Roman Empire of old, it had complete control of all lands around the Mediterranean sea for about 400 years, and eventually their Empire split and crumbled around them once they had conquered all they could. They won the (needless) war, but eventually lost themselves.

      The “War on Drugs” cannot be won. The “War on Terrorism” cannot be won. One can only change one’s own outlook to accept these versions of realities and realize that your version of reality is NOT superior to another’s. We all have our own programmed reality filters in place which polarizes everything into “Good” or “Bad”, but the truth of the matter is that the universe does not work this way. Is a lion “Evil” for killing a buck, or does it to do this because this is it’s nature?

      No war can ever be one, without the same damage being done to the victor. Surely we should have learned by now?

  • Lyn

    Inspiring, very well written article. Thank you!!

  • sahara

    Thank-you for sharing ur observations and experience.
    I am in a similar flow of awareness.
    last night a new song came through from the core of being…
    here are the lyrics:

    I’m forgiving the evil of this world
    dark stories no longer will be told

    I’m coming out of the dark night of my soul
    my heart…i behold

    falling in love,in love with life
    the earth
    as myself

    moment by moment consciously
    creating the world i want to see

    disolving into the flow of love
    and free

    as a footnote i would like to add that forgiveness is something we offer ….in forgiveness we do not condone the action we are forgiving,but forgiving the being for having sooooo lost their connection to love and unity or God if the term suits.

  • Phillippe Roch, former Swiss environment minister, echoes your insight. Put simply:

    “The essential … A message of love.

    My engagement for nature is not out of fear, still less from hate for those who destroy her. It is founded on love for the Earth, her beauty, her diversity, her generosity. The plants and animals are my brothers and sisters, and it is as a member of this great family that I love them and defend them.

    In order to prevent nature from being harmed, and more and more human beings from experiencing a lack of resources, one must take a stand, become engaged and sometimes, oppose with strength and courage certain thoughts, projects or actions which threaten nature.

    However vehement our criticism, the depth of our deception and our pain, or our lack of understanding for the choices and actions of our fellow man, we must first seek peace and harmony within ourselves, in order to be able to radiate and communicate this to those around us. Our engagement then becomes an expression of love for life in all its forms, and we become more effective, and happier.”

    Keep writing and sharing with us!

  • Kim

    Great article. I am struggling with that last step myself…

  • Annette Arceneaux

    I enjoyed reading your view; but you and I have have very different focuses in our awakenings. To each is own and no one is wrong!

    But I would like to question-or rather counter-your ‘beliefs’ that there is one particular unhuman force that leading to human indecency.

    The truth is-at least in my opinion-that there is not just one cause. One part not, makes one whole. It’s society. Banded together and that is the source of this corruption. That is part of human nature as we understand it, since we’ve come in to this world, we are only aware of the other and what we’re supposed to do. There is no one pulling puppet strings, the lone wolf MUST follow the pack.

    Mostly because they are scared, so scared to go against the grain and define what doesn’t seem right, of course many do not know – because many are not aware. And so the cycle continues onto mother onto child onto grandchild, trapped in this naive cycle.

    And though you are one of the more awakened ones, I have to question why you are even dancing around this ring of fire, toying with these ideas. By focusing on this, negativity and this corruption-which you even admitted yourself, is a waste-you’re fueling the fire and allowing this to effect you.

    It seems that if this bothers you so much that you would want to avoid it at all costs. Break-free! Why get involved in seeing the ‘truth’ of those thoughts, that will eat you alive, with questions that will never be answered and injustices that we’ll never be set straight.

    There is so much beauty in this world, why not focus on that instead? Accepting what is instead of who is corrupting who? This world is unfair but take a look around don’t let those things consume your brain. Look at what is instead of what could be, otherwise your still trapped by their games.

    Maybe different viewpoints but that is my own.

    • Agree on all points and there is no set 5 rules , not even close . there are as many ways to awakening or enlightenment as there are people !

  • vikki

    Really good article….but, I would suggest there is no “us” and “them”. That is a fundamental deceit which allows the powerful to maintain fear. There is no “good” human over “evil” human…….we are all humans, and we are all us!! When we start to realise that what we do/want/wish on others is to do to ourselves, then we will embrace the concept of one global family. Namaste x

  • Joran Quda

    Excellent thoughts. Thank you for sharing. I especially resonate with your bit on solutions. The most powerful control mechanism they have created is the illusion that we are not the ultimate creators.

    I do believe the final step in enlightenment is integrating the “evil” Powers That Be with oneself. WE are THEM. THEY are US. When we realize this, we can move forward.

  • artsy

    Hmm.i agree with the fundamental principle that in order to see change in the world, one must start first within.meditation it’s a great tool..take an oath of non violence in our thoughts actions.. and practice rightful living..not seeing the world as us versus they..but as we.respecting all sentient beings.forgive the past to release one self from enslavement..but what i don’t understand about this article is the disillusionment with Pres Obama…as if he was going to be the Messiah that would change all the wrongs in the world, in America. i think that sort of thinking is irresponsible and places an unfair burden on the shoulders of one minority person to ever being elected as Commander in Cheif of a first world nation in modern times..what was he supposed to do he’s only human working with Straight white conservatives in a system created by straight white male racist wanting to hold on to this same system as long as possible…

  • Robert

    What do you use the 18 commercial ads for on the right of the page? Isn’t capitalism the problem? Isn’t that the real issue in America, uncontrolled capitalism? So why other the pure personal profit would you have so may ads up? Now your part of the problem too???

    • Wake Up World

      We take your point Robert, it wasn’t an easy decision to put advertising on the site. But I assure you… there is no “pure personal profit” in running a website like Wake Up World. The money we generate from advertising is just enough to keep food on the table and logs in the fireplace. Without them, we’d be working day jobs and you’d be reading right now 🙂

  • fangsong

    true wisdom in this jedi. not hard to simply withdraw, stop playing the games, and minimize the legacy systems that you contribute to… as much as possible

    Justin Pierce:

    Everything you feel you need to fight will weaken you. There is no war between good and evil. There never has been.

  • Ted

    I must admit, when reading this, I thought I was reading my own story. Although it is difficult for me to say exactly where my journey to enlightenment began, reading Behold A Pale Horse was definitely an integral part of it. Like the author, research consumes me as I am a truth seeker, even though I am aware that whatever truth I may gleen will always be filtered though my shades of perception. With an avalanche of information and disinformation at our fingertips, recognizing truth is more like having a 7th sense, a feeling, if you will, of what is real and what isn’t. Unfortunately, there is no magic Red Pill you can take to plug you into reality. You must commit to a personal journey to which you only believe that the final destination is truth, when in fact, perhaps it is only that we removed the mental shackles that we may take the journey that really matters. We sense that the Matrix exists and that we are unwilling participants though we may never unilaterally come to understand who our controllers are.

    Also, like the author, I held out hope that Obama might provide a new direction but with his signing the NDAA, the Monsanto Protection Act, his failure to close Guantanamo Bay, his drone attacks on Pakistan, and much more, I came to realize that perhaps it really makes no difference who resides in the White House. I almost wish there would be a Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura Independent ticket in the next presidential election, just to see if having openly aware leaders in office could change the downward spiral of our country and perhaps the world. I’m thinking probably not, that like all great civilizations before us, our destiny is to collapse, that we may begin anew, hopefully smarter and wiser, with the realization that we will flourish or perish as one.

    Anyway, I’ve written more than I intended but it is nice to feel connected, to know that others are doing their research and coming to similar conclusions. You folks keep doing what you do and hopefully, when enlightenment prevails, we will be able to say we played a small part to hep awaken the world!

  • krayle

    “By no means do I expect it to be viewed as universal guidelines that should be followed by others, but rather it’s simply a glimpse into my personal perspective in hopes of showing solidarity with people who may be struggling with the same stages.”

    This should have quelled any counter arguments, because this is clearly a PERSONAL ACCOUNT, not an argument or doctrine. I find it predictable that the first person to say “I disagree” invokes “God the Almighty” — The Great Separator of humanity and divinity.

    You missed the point; this wasn’t an argument, it was a personal story. And anyone that refutes the final paragraph, or “paradox” must have forgotten the very first sentence there: “Admittedly, I have not achieved this stage yet.”


    That aside, thank you very much for this article, it was clearly a deeply personal story and nearly all of it resonated strongly with me.

  • Chad G

    1. Fantastic article!! So great in fact that I quoted you, with credit, on facebook a couple of times. Very well written sir.

    2. Keep digging though, if you do still want the truth. Your war info seems a bit out of touch. I have come to believe this “war” will never actually end. This is, as predicted by Nostradamus ironically enough, The War To End All Wars. Think about it, war is just HUGE profit InSaNiTY for a large portion of the top corporations. Now add in the fact that we’re forcing our way in and taking control of anything and everything we want (oil, other resources used for products we “need” or fields of drug based plants like the poppy seed fields that got filmed where our military were forced to guard drugs). We’ve never actually been in a war for a good reason at all. All entries into war have been false flag maneuvers, executed in order to obtain complete public approval, make crazy profits, get bills and laws passed without question due to the necessity of war/wining and getting to “kill the Evil Doers”! We are in fact the worst “Evil Doers” in the world. ;- Every time we go to war there is a secret agenda attached below the surface that accomplishes many corporate objectives and civil right removals, political positioning for better control, bills we never get to see or don’t pay attention to due to other major planned distractions.

    3. There is a solution and the idea of the solution is simple. However actually executing it, to the degree required, would have to legitimately be a miracle. Love first, make no mistake this is at the core of our change as it will be required for rebuilding properly. However more importantly… we must simply Stop Working and Stop Using Money.

    If we could all somehow stop working simultaneously including all the police forces, our military, congress, CIA, FBI and NASA (would depend on how many were awakened) we could do it. All at once would be phenomenal, however I’m even good with it happening perhaps like dominos or the 100th monkey scenario. It just needs to happen!! If we could somehow execute this, at or near the same time on a global scale, in our lifetime… (which may be shorter than we all know) it would all come crumbling down and we’d be forced to start a new. We could immediately begin to work only to provide food and shelter for ourselves and fellow human beings. We should NOT be working, as today, for “Money” or “Profit”. Wanna know why we work for money, really? I’ve been told to pay bills (provide security & comfort), to have a little fun (be happy alone and with others), buy things that make us feel better, provide for someone else close to us or make ourselves more efficient in our mind (Happiness & Fulfillment). As you can see, you may not agree however, we don’t need to and shouldn’t be working for or depending on, some useless piece of paper, plastic or metal. It would be scary and rough at first, sure… but we’d adapt. We always do…
    I made up a quote for this scenario… hope ya like it. Feel free to use it.

    “We can’t be so afraid of the alternative option, that we stay and slowly die with the current one.”

    Now personal info I will be providing below, on the coat tail of this fantastic article. Feel free to keep or delete. It’s all true and something everyone reading NEEDS to at least hear. You can come to your own conclusions. But if you read/remember nothing else from my post, make it the follow info/warning plz—

    There is an established plan to put on a Global “Alien Attack” that would rival “Independence Day” if it were really happening around us. This will shake the world to it’s core and we’ll sign away our life to have the government make it all go away. They will do the show with technology we’ve never been allowed to see, at least 30 years ahead of what we know now and we obviously won’t understand as a result. The majority of it will be hologram based/enhanced and will look extremely real. Think about it, those satellites in space ain’t just for cable & phone services… don’t kid yourself. Neither is that gigantic Space Station. The sound will come from the ground using all those weird towers we see around us every day. The towers have speakers which will aide the grand show. The Space Station is the main control center coordinating everything and the satellites will be performing the holograms for the show. Coincidentally the aluminum based dust (Baromium or some junk) being already “Chem Trailed” into the atmosphere on a regular basis (for pop control), creates a wonderful and most ideal environment for putting on a hologram show like no other. I read a great quote that resonated with me on this topic, I will now share that with ya.

    “The aliens will be fake but the devastation will be real.”

    They will be looking to wipe out approximately 80% of the current pop. Take the remaining 20% and start over in a better configuration with more control and better positioning for them. They maintain the ability to pull this little trigger any time they feel the need to. We must wake more people up faster if we can or at least help them start looking. The only thing stopping the alien plan, as we speak, is the fact that they surveyed and determined the world hasn’t heard enough about real aliens to believe there would ever really be an attack. So they are now creating & running shows like “Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey” and movies like “Guardians of The Galaxy” and allowing us to witness more moving objects in the sky at night that appear questionable in origin… all in order to speed the overall public belief.

    Now I’ve also heard an interesting theory that may also come into play at some point. They have FEMA camps (sure you’ve heard of them) that have been built all over the US that can hold an enormous amount of people. These things are huge and were built by Halliburton with paid workers that do not reside in the US. There are an insane number of crates in these camps that are made perfect to hold 3-5 human bodies, for possible burning or burial. I have heard we are all being placed into three categories.
    1. If we KNOW about the NWO secret agendas and have tried to warn others… we will be killed on site by paid soldiers that do not reside in the US.
    2. If you barely know the plan and haven’t been telling anyone yet, you will be put in the camps and “rehabilitated” or executed/thrown into the boxes.
    3. The last category are the Blissfully Unaware (damn it… ). They will be taken care of and provided stories and an alternate happy reality to start the new world. This new world will be configured only to benefit the few and control the masses. But the blissfully unaware will go along with anything provided.

    Okay I’m done, feel free to pick me apart or scream that I’m crazy/wrong. I’m a big boy, I can take it. Most of the info is based on documentaries I’ve seen online and you tube based videos. I put my conclusion together above… you are free to agree and prepare some or come to your own and ignore me. ;-]

    okay all, sorry this was so long… Take Care, Be Happy and plz keep the articles like this coming.

  • Chris

    I really enjoyed the read, you managed to put a very complex and multifaceted situation into a very digestible amount of text. I’ve spent countless hours discussing these topics with friends, and always been frustrated when faced with an actual solution.

    Forgiveness in this situation is the only choice. To harbor resentment wouldnt be helping anyone and only hurting yourself. There is no simple solution to this problem! Even if everyone became 100% aware of all that is going on any attempts at organizing a resistance would likely be futile.

    Let’s remember that our oppressors are not the only issue at hand here. Economics and all that comes with it is incredibly complicated. I dont think its as simply as eliminating the fed, cia and dea. Doing so would have consequences on both ends of the spectrum.. It could potentially cause more harm then good.

    Honestly the key here is living sustainably. It starts with enough discipline to get enough capital together to either:
    A. Get off the grid via Motorhome
    B. Gather like-minded souls and purchase a large plot of land in Ecuador or somewhere similar and get an earthship colony together.

    Although most will choose to stay inside their comfort zones, you ultimately have the choice to relieve yourself of the oppressors but you cannot save the world. Hopefully there will be a large movement centered around this so that the awakened can enjoy life outside the rat race.

  • Rosemarie Vanzant

    I am compelled to write about the artical I just read. I for a while have had thoughts of the same nature as this. It’s not so moch that I felt alone in the way I began to look at things, events, and people in general that are brought to my attention, but I rarely voice my thoughts or opinions. Mainly because I have been called a conspirery theorist and have been told that I look for stuff to judge or find fault with. Which is not the case. But if some thing just doesn’t set right with me I have no problem looking at it from every different angle. In reguards to this artical, I say kuddos and I hope you keep looking for your truths and I will do the same. Thank you.