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Oneness in Action: The GMO Eradication Movement

By Jack Adam Weber

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Do you believe in Oneness? We now need to put our Oneness into action because only together can we eliminate GMOs from the face of planet Earth and continue to take back our freedom, our health, our future and our very lives.

In our heartfelt letter to the organic farmers we made a promise to the farmers that “with each subsequent act of corruption we will come thundering back to take back our lives, our wealth.” Since then, with the support of WakeUpWorld, I have created the GMO Eradication Movement (GEM). Are you willing to stand with us again?

The heart of GEM is simple. The first five of its 11 Simple Steps for GMO eradication are a direct action plan that anyone can carry out to become an instant part of the solution. The goal of GEM is to spread the GMO boycott across the world like wildfire, like a beautiful contagion, instead of the cancer that GMOs are.

I created GEM because I am tired of government’s BS. I am tired of seeing the tremendous effort concerned citizens have to exert for justice, then rarely get. I am upset by the millions of collective dollars we have to spend for laws and actions to support people instead of the obscenely rich. I am sickened by our billions of tax dollars going to corruption, war, and the destroying of what we love. I’m fed up with biotech’s lies and manipulation. It’s all a total joke. The whole system is a joke.

So, I’ve boiled it down, put my foot down to help empower every single one of you (who wants to be empowered) to stand with your neighbor and friends and family and total decent strangers as one voice in action to get rid of GMOs NOW. Not when our governments have no choice but to finally support us. Not a year from now, not ten years from now when our forests and rivers soils are totally decimated. Since we cannot overthrow our government by force, this is the least we can do, isn’t it?

We have to get rid of GMOs soon before organic foods become extinct and replaced entirely by GMO crops. If organics become more pervasively tainted by GMOs, we will no longer have the leverage to choose organic; we will have to buy and consume GMOs. So this movement is urgent.

Make no mistake, the GMO biotech companies like Monsanto are secretly thrilled about the contamination of organics by GMO crops so that they can gain total control of our food supply and end our pesky heckling of them. Organic farmers also know the grave danger of GMOs contaminating Organics. This is a big part of why they sued Monsanto and why our support of them at this time remains crucial.

Becoming a GEM” (GMO Eradication Mover) directly empowers each of us who despises corrupt and toxic GMO products (I won’t even call it food). GEM directly supports organic farmers and sustainable, healthy commerce. It improves your health and the health of your community and environment in complex, inter-connected ways.

GEM empowers you to stand in your integrity and put your broken heart and anger, your compassion and passion, to work towards a positive solution, giving you passion instead of robbing you of it. GEM satisfies the integrity in each of us who knows GMOs are a fundamental injustice to the very fabric of life, our own future, and our children’s future.

In the next few hours you will likely put food into your mouth. Think about it. If you despise these biotech companies and what they do, do you have the “guts” to make sure what goes into your mouth is organic, or at the very least not tainted with GMO? Or is your sense of justice skin deep, your love of life and this Earth not deep enough to change your habits and pleasure-seeking, your conditioning? If it’s simply a matter of not knowing, and you want to know, the 11 Steps will help you stand for what you believe.

At the very least, please think about your children. Remember childrens’ developing systems are more susceptible to unnatural pathogens such cell phones, radiation fallout, microwaves, pesticides, food additives, and the very real dangers of GMOs.

Please, join us in growing the GEM—our beautiful planet and the simultaneous eradication of GMOs. Thank you.

In Oneness for Action,


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About the author:

Jack Adam WeberJack Adam Weber, L.Ac. is a Chinese medicine physician, author, celebrated poet, organic farmer, and activist for body-centered spirituality. His books, artwork, and provocative poems can be found at his website PoeticHealing.com. He is also the creator of The Nourish Practice, an Earth-based rejuvenation meditation. Weber is available by phone for medical consultations and life-coaching.

You can connect with Jack Adam Weber on Facebook or by emailing [email protected].


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  • http://www.moonwishes.org Bruce Oatway

    Thank you for putting the info in one place and accenting the urgency of this. Nothing short of collective and united action will do. Sooo many people are unaware of the implications.

  • http://poetichealing.com Jack Weber

    Bruce, yes. Thank you for commenting, the good work you do, and being part of the solution…including your beautiful song “Tears In Rain.”


    [ http://wakeup-world.com/2012/03/19/oneness-in-action-the-gmo-eradication-movement/ ]

  • Abe

    Occupy Monsanto Sept. 17, 2012

    Time to take a big chunk out of Mansanto’s and the others arses!! GRRRR!!!!!

  • Abe
  • jessica carr

    When I was younger we learned American history in school. We learned about the revolutions of the 60’s and 70’s, and I remember wondering if I would ever be a part of something I felt the need to protest. The time is now and the subject is GMOs!

  • Vaikunthanath Kaviraj

    WuW note: this links to a YouTube page called “Activism Against Monsanto” which provides detailed information about the health effects of GMOs and what you can do to stop Monsanto. Thanks to Vaikunthanath for sharing!

  • sigh

    its actually kind of funny. We have many separate oneness movements….doesn’t that defeat what oneness is? bring em together!