Is Our Greatest Desire To Be Conscious Creators?

By Enoch Tan

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

As you live your life on earth, you always incorporate an expectation. You know what to expect, you know your direction, and you know what you want. But the greater desire is to be aware and to be intentionally directing and creating what you want. In other words, your greatest desire in this physical realm of existence is not just to experience, but to be a conscious creator. Your greatest desire is to be enlightened. You wish to know who you really are and what you can do and how to go about doing it.

You can think of many, many, many expressions that you want, but in relation to any of them the desire to be intentionally creating and aware of creating is greater than any of the individual wants that you may want to create. You may want a job, you may want to engage a particular activity, you may want to create a relationship, or you may want to create money, which are all valid. But the greater want is to understand and know HOW to be directing yourself intentionally to create those WHEN you want.

Therefore, in that greater desire, you yourself shall present to yourself the opportunity to become more familiar with yourself by identifying what is the most influencing of you that prevents you from creating what you want. Many times, those things preventing you are what you call truths. Therefore, your self shall present many different expressions and scenarios in which you can offer a showing to yourself of your truths and how they are influencing. This is to help you change your truths into better ones.

Pay attention to what you are doing – this is the official formula. Paying attention to what you are doing is the way to be conscious. Pay attention to what you are thinking, pay attention to what you are feeling, pay attention to what you are saying, and pay attention to what actions you are making. Observe how they relate to the results that you experience. Do not be unconscious about how your success and failures are created. Otherwise you will always be uncertain as to what causes leads to what effects.

Confusion and clarity are the two polarities. Confusion is the result of being unconscious whereas clarity is the result of being conscious. If you want to live life with clarity, you must become conscious by paying attention. Many people live much of their lives in confusion because they do not pay attention and therefore aren’t conscious. They are oblivious as to how they’re creating their reality and tend to feel that most things happen to them beyond their control. They are victims rather than conscious creators.

In actuality, the principles of creating your reality are quite simple. As much as you enjoy complicating them, they are actually quite simple. It is merely a matter of genuinely noticing and paying attention to what you are doing. When you are conscious of what causes creates what like effects, you will discover the universal principles. The knowledge of reality can be obtained either by higher inspiration or by examination of experiences. After all it has been said that the unexamined life is not worth living.

There is universal and individual reality. You may know the universal laws, but in order to apply them into specific situations in your life in specific ways, you have to pay attention to your actions and the results they produce. There is no short cut. You have to do the work of paying attention, learning from results and figuring out the reasons for the situations. The more attention you pay, and the more precise you are about how you discern your experiences, the faster you will learn the ultimate truths of reality.

The path of pragmatism is – if it works, it is right. If it does not work, it is wrong and there are no other considerations. Many people are blinded by their beliefs, paradigms and religious teachings. They choose to see only from their particular paradigm even when contrary events point to the opposite of their beliefs. Paying attention to what you are doing and the results obtained, is the only way to realize the ultimate truths of reality and to redefine your paradigms and truths into something much more actual.

There is only One Actuality although there are many realities. Everybody has a reality, but there is One Actuality that governs all realities. The One Actuality is the plane of absolute truth and principles. People can interpret experiences in their realities in many ways, but when it comes to the One Actuality, the principles will always cause exact results regardless of interpretation. The only way to know Actuality is to observe actions and corresponding results. It is to be objective to know the objective reality.

Why do we desire to be conscious creators more than anything else? It is because the greatest power is when you can be, do or have anything you want simply because you know how to and the exact steps and factors involved. It is all about knowledge, and knowledge is power. You gain knowledge by learning from teachings and you gain knowledge by learning from experience. The teachings give you the guideline and the map, but paying attention to your experiences is the way to know the actual territory.

Freedom based on knowledge is always greater than freedom based on ignorance. You can be free because you are not aware of many things and are therefore not at all concerned about them. But that kind of freedom is an illusion, and illusions can be enjoyable. This is the greatest snare of all. People who are in a prison willingly and not seeing it as a prison at all. The only true freedom is Conscious Freedom. To live is to be conscious, and the only life worth living is the life of freedom based on awareness.

About the Author

Enoch Tan aims to help people achieve greater awareness in living and experiencing life. To evolve human consciousness to higher levels. To change lives and create possibility. To revolutionize the way we understand the mind and reality. Because that is what governs every area of life and destiny. Get Free Ebooks of Life’s Greatest Secrets and Learn Secrets Most People will Never Know about the Mind and Reality Now at: Secrets of Mind and Reality


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  • June

    I have always admired Mr. Tans’ common sense attitude and the concise way he explains complicated issues,from way back. So happy to see his name again and will check out his website. thank you,June K

  • Greetings and thank you Mr. Tran,

    I would just like to add that we entered into one of our last periods before we Ascend. It was on Feb 10, 2011, The Period of Conscious Co-Creation, and just before and since that time I have seen several things that I thought would be better done in a different manner but the next time I passed I was happy to notice that my “mumblings” had become real. Many times each day I can ask “The Powers” to make something happen and it inevitably does. Now if I could get enough people to collaborate with me to mentally and verbally quash world war, hunger, and strife; or at least an effective way to route out “Fear” in everyone’s life. Fear has no place in modern society. It merely causes stress and sickness and has no useful purpose whatsoever. I always start each day with a smile in the mirror and then I thank the Universe for a most pleasant day and then I go out and experience the goodness. Each day more and more people go out of their ways to help me and I in turn do the same when I see someone in trouble.

    Please, everyone … think good thoughts about the people of the world … pray that our governments will stop waging wars with their people and with others. Pray that people all over the world will be provided with food if they are incapable of getting it for themselves. And finally pray that everyone will go out of their way to help others in need.

    • JoJo Williams

      My daughter was born on Feb. 10 2011. She is truly a miracle and an answer to my prayers. While she does not live with me as I chose adoption to give her more, she is a big part of my life and helped me to begin waking up. I truly believe we can change our world by living with love rather than fear in our hearts. I love what you said Dartagnon and agree full heartily that we need to come together as a people and minifest a better destiny for us and our world. This can be done with simply letting go of the fear in our hearts and learning to live with love of self and all others. Thank you for sharing I enjoyed reading and love knowing more out there are waking up and feel the same way I do.