Sailing the Uncharted Cosmic Sea

15th April 2012

By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

It struck me today how learning to handle these exciting new vibrations and cosmic changes is very much like learning to sail in uncharted waters. We really need to learn how to navigate these unknown waves and currents and be ready at the helm for the many fluctuations coming our way.

To think there are so many who don’t even know there is a cosmic sea, never mind that there’s huge energetic wave changes reaching our planetary system that are about to rock their proverbial boats. I guess it’s like Plato’s cave analogy, only here it’s blind people in a boat who think all the world is the small structure and items they feel around them.

Stay on High Alert

There’s a lot of very interesting information available on this transition we’re going through with many interpretations, and some great advice on how to manage these vibrational changes. My personal take is to stay very alert and aware on every front, most of all of my thoughts and feelings, remaining the observer monitoring what’s going on within and without me.

Don’t ever forget, your very thoughts and feelings at times may not be your own but some morphed projection from this hyper-technological insane drive by the would be controllers to steer humanity as well. This is especially so when our guards are down.

For me that also means keeping abreast of the news, the real news. It’s watching for trends, not just in the NWO rollout or political news, but following earth and space changes is very important. How our planet and solar system are behaving is intrinsic to getting a deeper sense of the energetic changes we’re undergoing. Once you get a rounded picture of the current situation the dots connect.

But we have to keep at it, especially now.

Real information is everything. It’s our food. Either we’re getting the adulterated stuff or we’re getting real nourishment. It makes a world of difference in how we feel and think and affects the very course of our lives and hence the rest of humanity since we each affect it so profoundly. I avoid TV at any cost. It’s toxic and completely destructive. If there’s something worth watching you’ll find it on the net where you can be in control of it.

Even the animal channel has turned into a horror show. So called science history regurgitations are carefully manicured to misdirect and are lubricated by truths for easy assimilation into the collective mind. All deviously presented in a completely false construct of understanding.

Conscious, Observant Living Is A Must – Beware the Unconscious Crazies

Learning to listen to our hearts, our real consciousness that taps into the central Source, and observe from that point is the key. When things start to pick up more speed this will be more and more important when mental processes get more and more affected.

The mind is much like the computer that is susceptible to an EMP blast, a large electromagnetic pulse, the same kind that can stop your computer controlled car and shut down the grid. The heart, however, your conscious spirit, only revels in the additional energy and will never let you down!

Now that’s empowerment! But we have be careful.

Now I drive slower than I used to. I was a speed freak before I woke up, but afterwards had a drastic change into a slow, observant driver. And lately it got even slower. I mentioned to my dear wife we need to watch out for erratic behavior on the roads when we’re out, people are going to start unraveling before our eyes.

Sure enough, over the next 2 days we saw 3 accidents and had a car absolutely insanely cross an intersection well after the light turned red right in front of us. Completely strange. We’re going to see a lot of this type of thing, sorry to say.

Most people aren’t going to realize what’s going on and many will have psychotic type reactions to these vibrational changes. It’s not going to be pretty, like that veteran commercial pilot who went berserk recently. We can only imagine the effect it’s going to have on military personnel who are already drugged up.

Let’s hope they wake up and just quit. Same with all the zoot suits. There will be a lot of that too..people having major revelations and making life changing decisions. It’s gonna be a wild time!

Surf’s up!

Make Friends and Help Each Other

This has changed my life. Since my wake up I spend almost my full waking time on the internet. There is so much to learn and there are so many amazing wonderful people who have been researching and compiling empowering information I just don’t have time for anything else. I get my walk and take breaks but it’s my full time passion.

Contributing to this massive wake up is all that matters to me.

I’m a communicator. And I’m not afraid to ask questions, or to thank those who have contributed so much to this truth revolution. This has led to the best friendships of my life. I recently wrote how many of us seem to be alone when in reality we’re most likely where we’re supposed to be, yet we’re united in spirit.

I received many touching comments to that post as it apparently resonated with quite a few people. Many also said they don’t mind the isolation. That’s the world they work and learn best in, and I relate to that. Most of the people I correspond with are the same. We savor conscious awareness and spreading it. It’s an act of love that gives tremendous satisfaction that at least we’re doing what we can.

These friendships that have come with meeting fellow activists are the best. They’re almost like broadening your antenna array to where you can pick up clearer signals and bounce your “readings” off those you love and trust. So often a little inkling or sensation or an email and link from a friend can lead to new realms of understanding and even new researchers and whole areas you weren’t aware of and a fresh re-synthesizing of what you’ve come to learn.

It’s just fabulous.

But we have to reach out.

Conclusion – Activate or Else

These energetic changes are not the answer. We are the answer. Those they effect who in turn willingly transform and pass it on, helping others understand and utilize what’s going on are the answer.

You and me.

With or without these new energies our mission is the same. But what a great time to be alive as it appears we’re getting a boost…good for conscious humanity, but bad for the matrix whose minions are scared to death of what’s happening.

This is why the frantic implementation of the control system. Poor puny bastards. It’s like a bucket of water on a raging forest fire. Sorry guys, you already lost. You really think you can fight the Truth? C’mon.

But we do need to keep exposing them so others can see through their false projection and find Truth and Reality for themselves.

Sail On!

We’re sailing the cosmic sea, the wind is picking up, and it’s all hands on deck!

We’re here to act out our mission, however we’re each called. We can follow, we can lead. We can sit by the wayside.

I don’t personally condone non-action in the least. We need to be conscious responders. Not inexcusable idiots. That’s thoroughly pathetic. I think we’ve all been through enough of that..and so have the enslaved.

Raise your voice. Yes yours.

Radiate the change any way you can!

Love, Zen

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I have questions. Life is wonderful–full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold. My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you …just wondering. Love Zen –


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  • Love your article and I will share it on our FB page for THE THOUGHT BROILER at

    Please consider checking it out and “liking” our page.

    Thanks and I look forward to your future articles.

    Susan Placek

  • jennifer arnold

    I feel like writing “I love you” but that phrase has been over used and mis understood for too long – thank you for writing this article, its so true – just today, i was being extra cautious on the road, and avoided trouble. People are starting to drift off into deep space, but if you were prepared , with flower power seeds, they are sprouting n o w – Jen

  • Karen Root

    Thanks, Zen, you really articulate my own views and those of a significant group of others.. I too am somewhat isolated( some might say ‘alone’ , a lot) yet have been given a means of better communication with a wider circle of people and thought forms than ever…We are approaching treacherous waters and it’s time to harness up..It may not be an easy passage, but it will be So worth it.. peace be with you

  • remi

    Thank you for putting words on a matter hard to grasp. I, as many others, have been pending between aware and lost for some time and knowing to sail and feel love is important. You gave me a good reminder that there are more people out there feeling the same and that we must do our best to radiate our awareness to make a change. Hugs.

  • It’s important to keep in mind that, with this amping up of the Light, which is basically at the heart of what is occurring, that the power of Intention is becoming greatly amplified. We are in a time where where we place our thought and intention and heart, is the world we will live in. Being aware of the controllers and spreading that awareness is important, BUT there needs to be no fear within us, as now is a time of choice. Fear, or Joy? Our motto in our household is,”Feed the Joy”. If we project fear into our world, these days what we will gain is a fearful world to live in…. very quickly. The beautiful thing is that if we Feed the Joy, we will create a Joyful world for ourselves….very quickly.

  • Jonathan

    What a wonderful article, The way I am helping is by playing my Crystal singing Bowls, And each Meditation there are more people than the last one, and this tells me that iam where i am meant to be and doing what i am supposed to be doing. Be a channel of healing.

  • Cahrlie

    Karen Root:

    Thanks, Zen, you really articulate my own views and those of a significant group of others.. I too am somewhat isolated( some might say ‘alone’ , a lot) yet have been given a means of better communication with a wider circle of people and thought forms than ever…We are approaching treacherous waters and it’s time to harness up..It may not be an easy passage, but it will be So worth it.. peace be with you

    Always winshing I could meet mor people in person that get/understand this stuff. And thank you deeply for these articles.

  • Light Worker

    Namaste, Zen. I liked your article very much, it relly resonated with me. I very much have the same thoughts and ideas as you about this subject. It is also important to pay attention to what Jeff Wilson refers in his commentary. I think the community of the awaked people is increasing faster and faster and eventually it will achieve a critical mass. When this happens humanity as a whole will take the next step in spiritual evolution. Love and Light, Namaste.