20th June 2012

By Indra

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

We have had a series of extremely large celestial events in the last few weeks, starting with Solar Eclipse of May 20th followed by the Lunar Eclipse of June 4th and Venus Transit of June 6th, only to be capped off with the solstice of June 20th June

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year (Northern Hemisphere). Symbolically, light and darkness represent soul and shadow, so now, with the Solstice, the light of the soul is shining its brightest over the darkness of the shadow. It is a portal opening of energy that overwhelms obstruction, blockages, and EGO.

It’s also my birthday this week (23rd), and it’s always been a special time for me.  This particular date is known as the cusp of magic – when Gemini changes into Cancer.  Historically, it’s been depicted as a surreal time, when people lose their common practical senses and are carried away by waves of fantasy and magic. Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” was about this time. Also, in some countries there are rituals of Wicca (goddess) bon fires that have been practiced through time.

This particular Solstice is especially powerful!  It follows the celestial events just mentioned above: Solar Eclipse, where the moon, which is the feminine energy, comes in the way of the sun which is the male, and again the Lunar Eclipse with the Earth, followed by Venus (needless to say powerful female energy) transiting the sun, shining her goddess rays onto the planet amplified with the magnetization of the sun. It’s kind of like holding a film with a big projector spotlight behind it. And, as though things weren’t big enough, the solstice is in cancer. Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, so with its activation follows also the activation of the divine mother.

I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now: We’re talking about A LOT of feminine energy coming into planet Earth. The important thing to understand is that male-female energy balance is much like positive-negative energy. If there is too much of one kind of energy it doesn’t light up the bulb – both are needed and they must be in balance to create light. The female energy influx is happening to balance out centuries of excess male energy on the planet.

With all the changes going on, preparing us for the next level of consciousness (as a result of galactic solar sunrise) the balance is returning to the planet in the form of the goddess ray.

That means that any structures that are not aligned with this new balance are being overthrown – within us and in our external lives too.

Finally, as a silver lining, there is also a direct alignment of this solstice with the winter solstice on December 21st. Now, we all know what the Mayans thought was going to happen during that time…  Drumroll!

In other words, this solstice is the direct precursor to that event.  I am not an astrologer, but this is a BIG BIG BIG celestial event and a big event for consciousness as we know it. I know I’m going to be partying – one way or another.

Much Love & Happy Solstice,


About the author:

Indra is a powerful international healer. Through her work, she has helped hundreds of people find health, wealth, love and happiness, transforming their lives forever.

At age 15, she had her spiritual awakening in India, through which she experienced a deep physical, DNA-level activation. This led her to the discovery of profound knowledge about self-empowerment through the activation of DNA.

Wanting to explore the full significance of her experience, she took on the challenge of testing her spiritual knowledge in everyday situations, exposing her self to all aspects of the human experience. This intense experiment with the programmed world proved to be a solid confirmation that the Bliss Instinct reigns supreme to all other instincts of human kind. Having returned to her natural blissful state through the LumenOctave principles, she has dedicated her life to healing and inspiring those around her.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters in Communications, Indra combines her esoteric and intuitive knowledge with practical academic and corporate experience to offer a never before seen healing technique, which addresses the human condition on all levels.

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