Making Use of Juicer Pulp Residue


By Michael Smith

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Hands up how many of you use a juicer and don’t know what to do with the residue left behind? Most toss it into the trash or, if they have, the compost.

However, there is no need to do that.

OK, there probably isn’t much that can be done with it but you can make…

Juicer Residue Patties

You, like many other users of a juicer, are probably all wondering what to do with the juice pulp from your juicer.

Well, the answer is amazingly simple and also healthy, cost effective (remember you paid for the fruit and veggies) and also rather environmentally friendly. You turn them into juicer residue patties. Those patties are a little like potato latkes only without the potato.

In fact there are many ways you can deal with the juicer residue in making those patties. If you are vegan then you may wish to not use egg in the concoction. If vegetarian or ordinary omnivore then I suggest to use egg.

OK, now let’s get down to the How To and I will give you a couple of ideas as to how to make them:

Let’s start with the Latkes variety:

Take the pulp and put it into a mixing bowl.

Add salt and pepper and egg.

Mix together thoroughly.

Make into patties an put them, one by one, onto a skillet.

Use butter or coconut oil/fat in the pan and not any vegetable oil.

Cook until both sides are brown and voila, ready.

You can eat them as they are or treat them like vegie burgers.

Another variety is to make them in the oven and is a vegan option, that is to say no egg to be seen (and it also has some more spices). You can add the latter also into the Latkes variety, obviously.

As above, take the pulp and put it into a mixing bowl.

Now add cumin, turmeric, curry, a little cayenne.

Also add some lemon juice (ideally freshly squeezed and, if possible, organic) and some chopped (red) onions.

Mix the concoction thoroughly and then form them into patties and place them ever so gently on a baking sheet and put them in the oven for thirty to forty minutes at 200C (400F).

I guarantee you you will never throw the residues from your juicer way again, ever.

Bon appetit, as they say.

About the Author

Michael Smith (Veshengro) is the editor of Green (Living) Review


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  • Veronika Griffin

    Hmm – sounds good, Thank You!
    I never throw the pulp away. I ‘rehydrate’ it with almond milk or coconut milk, yogurt or whatever comes to my mind (organic, of course), just enough to make it not soupy, add either some different nuts, sesame/sunflower/chia or other seeds, a dash of salt, ginger or other ‘sweet’ spices to taste. Sweeten a little with different natural sweeteners and voila, I have a wonderful tasting ‘breakfast cereal’, that keeps me satisfied and full of energy (smiling)….

  • HK Techau

    I’m lucky enough to have chickens that just ADORE that stuff. When I started juicing and regularly feeding my chickens the pulp, there was a noticeable change in the quality of the eggs. The already orange yolks became even deeper colored and larger, even the color of the shells became more intense (I have Aracuanas that lay blue to green eggs anyway). Also the eggs themselves became larger.

  • varuna dalal

    Well, what i do is juice the kale,carrots and bell peppers first (before the fruits), and i collect the pulp separately. Then i make dough out of it…by adding whole wheat flour,ground flax seed, wheat bran,salt,pepper,cayenne pepper. And i make parathas (Tortillas) from it . And it is served/eaten with my home made yoghurt!!! Doesn’t take much time. Its all in your mind. !! And nothing healthier then this….wallaaaa!!!

  • Beverly

    I juice organic: granny smith apples, carrots, beets, collards, kale, parsley, celery, and what other greens I have. I put these juices together and add an equal amount of all the pulps. To this I add aloe vera and coconut water. This is the veggie of my main meal. What is left over I freeze in 8 oz. containers to protect them. Yummy!

  • Matt

    Great idea. I added bacon and cheese!

  • Andrea

    Hi there. What are the quantities? How much pulp and how many eggs? Thanks.