The Energy of Feelings

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By Susan Harper Todd

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We are moving into a new era. One in which we are remembering who we really are. That we are unlimited Beings. That we are magnetic Beings. And it’s time to start realising this and living from this point of awareness.

We are not simply bodies, we are energy… energy through and through. The same energy as everything we see around us… and I mean Everything. Hard as though that concept may be to grasp.

So if you do find it hard to grasp, don’t try to analyse it, just take it as read. And know that it’s time to stop living in your head, in your mind – and that it’s time instead to start living from the heart… being guided by your feelings, your intuition, your inner knowing. That is where your power resides. That is where You reside. The all-knowing You.

Your heart space is your control centre. Let the focus of your awareness be there, rather than in your mind. This is where the true You resides – the truth of who you really are.

Sometimes… no… often… there are things that your mind cannot understand, but your heart ‘gets’ them, and these things flow into and are assimilated by your heart. These are things that you have an intuitive understanding of, that you cannot put into words.

Words are limiting. We often cannot express what we feel because there are no words. And I know you know that feeling. That intense feeling of emotion, when you are overwhelmed with love, joy, amazement or gratitude at something that has occurred. That is often when we cry, or laugh, or jump up and down to express ourselves, because words are not sufficient.

Your heart space holds your inner wisdom

When you have that overwhelming feeling of joy, love, gratitude or happiness (and happiness is probably all of those things combined), the feeling is so intense that it infuses your whole body doesn’t it? You can feel it infusing every cell and every molecule and it lights you up like a lighthouse. You are overflowing with this incredible feeling which translates into light energy. As you are filled with this light, so you are beaming it out like a lighthouse. And as these waves of light energy beam out from you they are magnetically drawing in more of the same, in unlimited amounts.

It’s a flow of energy, a circular flow. The more light you emit the more you draw in and the more you draw in the more you emit… This is the flow of life. It’s energy. It’s us.

The energy of our feelings is emitted from us on a particular frequency or vibration, like a radio frequency, with each ‘type’ of feeling (happy, sad, angry etc.) being a difference frequency. Because we are magnetic, we draw to us things that are on the same frequency or vibration as the one we are emitting. Which is why feeling GOOD is so important. When you feel good then you are emitting the ‘feel good’ vibration and will magnetically attract to you things that are on that same frequency (ie. more things to make you feel good). And of course the same thing happens when you don’t feel good… Those feelings magnetically attract more things on the ‘not feeling good’ lower frequency… Which is why you can get stuck in a rut. And why just changing your thoughts can change your life.

Be in your heart, not your mind

We are brought up and educated to believe that the mind is everything, that our mind controls us, when in fact the mind knows nothing about what is good for us emotionally or physically.

The mind is a tool for us to use, but it has no idea what makes us happy – we can only know that by noticing the way we feel in response to people, things, experiences. It is our feelings that tell us what makes us happy and what is good for us. And those things that make us feel good are telling us about who we really are. Which is what we are here to experience… except many have forgotten this.

So let’s now start remembering that we are energy and start paying attention to our feelings, living from our heart and being who we were born to be. For that is where our true freedom resides.

All Love, Sue


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About the author

I’ve been single, married, divorced and widowed. I’ve been a teacher, a translator, worked in business and now have my own company… I’ve sailed the Atlantic Ocean and I have climbed Mount Everest. I know! It sounds crazy but it’s true. I said I’d done it and I have, pretty much literally DONE it! I’ve plumbed the depths and scaled the heights in every sense of those words.

And I absolutely know that it was listening to, trusting and following my intuition that got me to where I am today. It got me out of the dark tunnel I was in after my husband died, and not only led me to the summit of Mount Everest, but to many other magical experiences too, like sailing the Atlantic Ocean in a small boat. I was the first British woman to have accomplished both of those things, and only the fifth British woman to stand on the summit of the highest mountain on the planet.

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  • Dick Temple

    Great post Susan. Thanks for reminding us who we are.

  • Daffyd C. Landegge

    The one big problem about not using the mind to “filter” out what we experience as feelings and sensations first is that it tends to overwhelm the individual. Which then warps the mentality of a particular topic or subject. Resulting in the “need” to try and completely eradicate things deemed bad yet aren’t necessarily (e.g., cigarettes, fornification, having children outside of wedlock, violence, etc.). I call this Over-Compassion. Which focuses on the negative side known as Sympathy.

    The Heart Chakra is only meant as a means of communication, not as a sense of “who we are.” In order to know who we personally are deals with all aspects of ourselves and not just one part (even though it is a major one). Walking around using our heart chakra all the time is like prancing about while only being concerned with daydreaming. The need to be aware of your surrounding and understand the basic aspects of the occurrences is necessary. Its the skill called assessment of our surroundings. An ability that draws upon our skill of pattern recognition. Then from here should you use your heart chakra to evaluate the situation from a pure sensational point of view to tap into that intuitive knowledge.

    I think the problem with this comes ONLY when one’s ego has taken on the form as an entity. Where the individual has allowed it to taint their soul from being expressed and begins to “speak” for it…and the person. This is where all the falsehoods come, not from using the mental matrix. And this is why so many have actually fallen away from themselves and are lost…completely and utterly lost. But its okay, our society has adopted this egotistical manner of perspectives and expressions. It has become American culture, and it is the real reason why most everyone around the world hates us (Americans). We express our egos overbearingly, and are proud of it (arrogant in fact).

    Thats fine and all that you want to focus on the positive, but know that there are negatively charged “positives” as well. Which is why it is foolish to live with no awareness of the evils in this world. You become more vulnerable to them. The best way is to stay aware of our reality (which means both the negatives and positives), assess it with your mind and feel it out with your heart…and then act or respond (but one should stray from reacting).