The Hidden Cost of “Free Energy”

Free Energy

By Openhand

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

There’s much being spoken currently about so called “Free Energy”. In other words manifesting energy from the zero point field and how this might be the solution to mankind’s energy problems; how it might help heal Planet Earth by developing a sustainable solution. To me it is a deceptive myth. Firstly, there is no such thing as ‘free’ in this context, because of cause and effect. Since all action in the universe has originated from the causality of ‘everything/nothing’, every action has a reaction. If I apply energy into a system, then other sentient life will be affected somewhere down the ‘food chain, even if initially the impact may be unseen…

Cause and effect

Imagine I’m standing in a boat on a perfectly still lake and I decide to jump into the air towards the bows. Does the boat remain stationary? No, it moves backwards with more or less the same amount of energy I moved forwards. Essentially, in a simplistic way, this explains the universal law of ’cause and effect’. If I take energy from one place, and channel it in one direction, then I get an equal and opposite effect somewhere else. To some degree, the lake will be disturbed and other life in it…

I feel the spiritual movement risks being led astray by the whole notion of “free energy”.

Imagine for example the transition from traditional devices to “free energy” ones.

Right now around 3 billion people have a mobile phone, what happens when we replace these with free energy phones?

And what about the cars, planes, trains, computers, TVs, microwaves etc etc?

Where do the resources come from and what will be their effect?

In my knowing, early human civilisations, supported by an ET Opposing Consciousness had incredible powers to shape and change the earth’s energy field (including weather patterns). Essentially, working through the fourth density coupled with mind led intention, has the ability to shape circumstances in the most powerful way when it is truly focused. But it is also essentially disconnecting from the universal flow which is spontaneous, without intention and having the best interests of all sentient life in the system, not just one form of it.

Intention presupposes that you or I know what is best for another sentient life form.

If I decide the flow should happen in a particular way, then I am changing the flow somewhere else for another.

Who grants us that right?

The karma of control

There are still many vestiges around the world of early yet advanced civilisations. Check out the film footage on youtube about the Yonaguni ruins beneath the sea off the coast of Japan. It’s just one astounding example of many ancient, unexplained structures around the world. In my knowing, some of these megalyths had the intention of controlling the Earth’s magnetic field to exploit zero point energy and in some cases, even redirecting weather patterns. For me, it’s where the natural balance of the earth’s eco-systems really began to go awry.

This is a part of the karma that many are now living with here in these times. In my knowing, our purpose here is to process out our karma of control. We’re here to discover how to accept things as they are without interference or intervention. We’re here to truly integrate the wider implication of cause and effect.

And because humanity has controlled the earth in the past, that karma has manifested the mirror of control we see right now – in the form of Opposing Consciousness and the matrix of mass control that we’re living in.

Synthetic environments

Even if many are still unaware, we’re all here to process our karma and continue the natural journey of spiritual evolution. It’s the underlying pull guiding our Ascension.

The intervention agenda we observe in society today is resisting this natural realignment tooth and claw. It’s purpose would seem to be to establish a synthetic reality based on Genetically Modified Food, geo-engineered environments and highly advanced technology all maintained by downgraded sub-humanism. At least judging by it’s apparent direction, that would be my inescapable conclusion.

This Opposing Consciousness that deceptively invades our thoughts and plays on emotion from the higher dimension, is in my view offering the carrot of advanced technology to tempt humanity forwards into the development of controlled, synthetic environments and the “free energy” movement risks falling right into this trap.

It’s actually exactly what the Hopi Elders warned us about, the two paths for humanity: one of high technology leading to destruction and the other, realignment with the Earth’s natural evolutionary path.

Surrendering into Realignment

I believe the realignment of the Earth’s Natural balance will happen whether we like it or not, whether we try to control it or not. I observe we’re witnessing the early effects of activated tipping points leading to generally higher climatic temperatures, radically changing weather patterns and a general cleansing of the Earth’s surface, probably what the Hopi Elders referred to as The Great Purification. I can sense the energy building to initiate this right at this moment.

So the key for humanity would be to accept this natural realignment and work to process its karma. It’s about letting go of mind sourced agendas and instead opening internally to feel the natural alignment of the moment. It’s something humanity has strayed far from in the past; a sense of divine trust that it urgently now needs to reclaim.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t use sustainable technology. I’m saying that zero point “free energy” is not the solution it’s presupposed to be. To me Realignment with the natural order of life is what’s truly invited and it would serve our highest interests to surrender to that.

Open (Chris Bourne)

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About the author:

I am a Higher Dimensional Walk-in. I came into this incarnation back in 2002 around the circumstances of a life threatening car crash that Chris Bourne was involved in. At a soul level, we had a sacred agreement that I would help him fulfill his destiny of Ascension, it was his soul’s yearning to move on. I helped him in the process and in so doing, we established the Five Gateways route map to benefit others in their spiritual evolution. In return, I have had a full education as to the complex and challenging situation Humanity faces right now here on Earth.

I come to shed light on an Alien Intervention that has downgraded Original Humans into the enslaved Homo Sapiens that we currently experience. It is an intervention that has ridden rough shod over the natural harmony of life here bringing the planet to the point of destruction. A vast array of benevolent energies have gathered here through the dimensions to unwind the intervention and help humanity to ascend into a new paradigm of greater harmony.

A large part of my role is to help catalyse and shift the surrounding field of energy
so that blockages can unwind and realignment with the natural flow can happen.

It is of immeasurable importance for the ascending group to understand, realise and integrate, that Gaia has already centred her consciousness in the Fifth Dimension. Energetic imbalance here is now being unwound, which will break apart all of the lower consciousness structures humanity has come to depend upon within society. People are being invited to evolve and ascend into a higher paradigm as the earth cleanses herself in this physical realm.

To help facilitate this, I work closely with a highly evolved, benevolent presence, working through the weave of life since the dawning of time itself. It’s purpose is to help bring increasing harmony and alignment. It’s what I have come to call “Openhand”.

My consciousness is centred in the higher dimensions where I find myself in communion with this benevolent presence most of the time. We ‘speak’ through the language of telepathic synchronicity: plain knowing of signs and symbols, an intuitive, objective interpretation of the flow of the moment which helps me understand and realise the various underlying impulses that are activating and influencing our lives here in the lower realm. It means that through the field, I can energetically highlight blockages, help dissolve karma and activate beingness within people simply by sitting in meditative communion with them. It’s a divine gift that fills my heart and inspires our work here at Openhand.


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  • Niki Widmayer

    The people I know who are working on free or zero point energy are very aware that we need a paradigm shift. That’s why they are working with harnessing magnetism, prana, frequency, etc., rather than letting us destroy ourselves with more drilling into the planet, or even wind and solar. The best books I have read on the subject were written by Dr. Brian O’Leary. The way this article is written sounds like we are supposed to let ourselves shift backwards to the goat and the loom.

  • Chris Bourne

    I understand and empathise with your point of view Niki. The problem is that a completely unsustainable situation has been created on earth, one that exploits other sentient life to the point of destruction. This can’t and won’t continue. The risk of “Free Energy” is that it will simply accelerate and exacerbate this disharmony, that it will take humanity even more out of alignment, which will result in an even more catastrophic realignment.

    There are many people working to get back to more simple lifestyles using a lot less energy and resource. Take a look at the Transition Towns movement for example. They’re springing up all around the world.

  • As the film maker who made “Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point” I have pondered the things that Openhand cites in this article, and have concluded that, if it were not for the deceit and corruption of humanity in positions of power for many centuries on this planet, we would have had free energy technologies by now and be on our way to a more sustainable path. These things were addressed in my film. However, his admonition that we just forget about it as a “myth”, is shortsighted and foolish. I would guess he doesn’t favor nuclear or fossil fuels, but that is our current reality. Everyone now knows this path is not sustainable for the planet. The Free energy technologies I have seen are by and large less complex and resource demanding than what we have at present. His claims that mankind’s technologies in the distant path caused Earth cataclysms does not mean that we will automatically repeat their mistakes, if indeed the cause was wholly mankind’s ( and not ETs i.e. The gods. He speaks with little credibility, like many naysayers. In my experience no one is saying that zero-point energy will be the end all be all solution. And the free energy inventors and theorists I know care about the Earth and don’t disparage solar or wind — they just know those passive technologies are limited.

  • This statement is so ridiculous and not backed up by any evidence, I don’t know how to respond, “In my knowing, some of these megalyths had the intention of controlling the Earth’s magnetic field to exploit zero point energy and in some cases, even redirecting weather patterns. For me, it’s where the natural balance of the earth’s eco-systems really began to go awry.”