GE Designed the Faulty Fukushima Nuclear Reactors… And Their Official Response May Surprise You

GE - Our Business, Our Risk

28th November 2013

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

General Electric were the designers of the flawed reactors that blew up in Fukushima Japan because of an earthquake, and since 2011 have been destroying the Pacific Ocean and the life bowl of Earth Mother with leaking nuclear radiation.

I called General Electric Corporate headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut today to find out what they had to say. The phone number there is 203 373 2211.

I initially spoke with Linda who, to my absolute astonishment, knew nothing of Fukushima. I kid you not – Linda either acted as if she was ignorant of the disaster in which thousands of people died or was actually ignorant of it. Either way, the reaction speaks volumes to me.

Before I could explain what happened on planet Earth a couple of years ago to Linda, who must have just started at GE, she graciously connected me to Diane in corporate communications. Diane was much more knowledgeable of the events here on Earth and openly admitted she knew an earthquake took place in Fukushima, and even implicitly understood why I was calling GE about it. But she had no idea if GE made a statement when the disaster took place and suggested I refer to for it, if it existed.

I explained to her I was looking for a statement in regards to the ongoing disaster. Again, I didn’t need to explain further about the leaks and the fuel removal process, though I half expected her to ask, ‘why are you calling here?’

Despite her role in corporate communications, Diane had no idea. She put me on hold and then, as she was about to give me another number to call, she was interrupted by another call, which I took to be a return call about the in-house drama I set off by asking GE for a statement on their flawed reactors blowing the Fuk up. She returned again to give me what seems to be a dead end number for Christopher White, the energy X-man/something-or-other in corporate communications, and apparently the only GE official who can possibly provide me with a corporate statement on the ongoing global entropy caused by their flawed reactor design.

Maybe it isn’t a flawed design, what the hell do I know? I call it flawed because of the former GE nukers who called it flawed [1] and wrote a paper about it… and because it blew up.

So what is GE’s stance on this disaster?

I get the idea they don’t know what to say. Or don’t want to say anything.

It was obvious I was the first reporter/living, breathing human being to call there and inquire about this mess; their representatives were completely clueless about events here on Earth, clueless as to how to answer my questions and clueless as to whether they had already been addressed by anyone at GE at all.

Dont Let GE Walk Away from Fukushima

It is news to me, in and of itself, that no other reporters in all the world have asked GE what they have to say on the matter. And they apparently have nothing to say about it.

Please assist me in inquiring of GE what they think about the ongoing disaster in Japan. As the designer of the faulty nuclear reactor, their silence about its ongoing effects on planet Earth is not good enough.

Call their corporate office on 203 373 2211 and/or specifically Christopher White from GE corporate communications on 910 819 6121.

Peace on Earth, only for real.

Editor’s note: Following the publication of this article, Wake Up World has spoken at length with GE corporate representative Christopher White. For the full story of what transpired, check out the follow up article: GE Spokesperson Speaks to Wake Up World About Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.




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Ethan Indigo SmithWriter Ethan Indigo Smith was born on a farm in Maine and lived in Manhattan for a number of years before migrating west to Mendocino, California. The events of September 11, 2001 inspired him to write his first book, The Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism. He has since written The Matrix of Four, The Philosophy of the Duality of Polarity on the subject of the development of individual consciousness, before expanding into the fiction realm with the controversial The Terraist Letters, a work that humorously contrasts the very serious issues of global nuclear experimentation promotion and global marijuana prohibition.

Ethan’s latest book The Little Green Book of Revolution (released in May 2013) is based on ideas of peaceful revolution, historical activism and caring for the Earth like Native Americans.

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  • These are probably the most appropriate persons to contact for statements concerning GE technology at Fukushima:

    GE Energy Management
    Jason Anthoine
    GE Energy Management, Communications Executive
    Work +1 678 844 5407
    jason.anthoine a-t ge dot com

    Miyuki Moriguchi
    GE Corporate, Leader Corporate Communications
    Work +81 3 3588 5280
    miyuki.moriguchi a-t ge dot com

  • b

    GE Designed the Faulty Fukushima Nuclear Reactors… And Their Official Response May Surprise You…………

    Without Prejudice:

    It would be great to actully see journalist take an open view on all facets of the stories they are writing upon. Not to have the self opinionated take on the situation.

    Unfortunately there was a disaster with the radioactive power generation facility at Fukushima, and there were countless lives lost during and in the aftermath of the tragedy of the earthquake.

    but at no point in your so called reporting, (which I would term “statement”) do have the open view of how all of this has transpired. Have you ever been to Japan? do you know how many poeple are living within the comunities? do you understand how densely populated the country is? and all of these question would be better answered from being open, to firmly plant your feet on the ground and get all the facts to report on before making the asumption that you know everything regarding the blow out…..

    I would asume the government of Japan were looking for answers for the power supply to the millions of poeple whom need it, that they took messure to asure the safety of their comunities which require huge supply from the demand of the need, taking into account the pure supply require to keep a small town like Fukushima and the surrounding communities. I would once again asume the goverment would have taken into account the masive safety requirements for the installation of the facility that meet the long term goals and supply for the power requirements. Personally I believe a country which was and will be again one of the world leaders in design and manufacturing not only in their own country but globally would of made one of the best educated descsions it possibly could with all the research and safety messures in place at the time of installation. This would imply that GE had to meet all of these requirements to be able to perform the installation of this and other facilities such as Fukushima. GE is a leader in design and manufacturing, I believe they would and more than likely will if the need arrises come to the party and answer your so called demands, with the probable sense of the fact that upon installation they meet all of these requirements and I would asume the safety barriers would have been considered and implemented for the natural disasters as best as possible.

    There are a handful of places that would not meet the huge demands these days of the safety and the enviormental needs of the small planet we live on. Your asumption on the so called whats happening here on Earth is flawed and you my freind are one of the biggest contributers to it. Simply if you own a laptop, use money, wear clothes, eat food, drink, speak, take a shit every day or just simply breathe, you are contributing to the distruction of our mother earth. when you stop doing all the above you will stop contributing to this distruction, thats as simple as it gets.

    Like I said its very unfortunate that the safety systems and requirements of the facility at Fukushima occured, I have complete empthy for the thousands or even hudred of thousands that lost their lives, I also can ONLY imagine what is to come of the people whom still have this as their home and what they will be dealing with, or what even will happen to the toxic water being drawn off of the site when it enters into our only ocean thats provides so much to us I can only imagine. None of this is a good result, but I am not about to support someone whom has an opinion and flaunts it with a statement then calls it Jounalism! Where are the facts and where is the independent audit that has found GE guilty of a bad design? answer me that one…. And now if you could open your own mind and design a method of renewable energy that will hold the entire world’s energy and enviroment at the first and foremost safety.

    Just to let you know, reduce consumerism would be the answer, work for what you need and not for what you want! but this is just an opinion, which is mine.

    I am sorry for what has happened at Fukushima, pointing the finger is not going to resolve the long term issue of the pethetic nessesaties we all aspire to, I am and still am responsible for my contribution to the destruction of good old mother earth but working on reducing this the best way possible, and i will succeed one day but until then I will accept the fact that with the need to find new designs and possiblities to change the way we consume and use the planet resourse there will be loss, as long as the correct messures and safety designs are put into practise then that is the best we can do to minimise the destruction when it does occur, which I’m certain GE and the Japanese government tried to do upon installation.

    another good start to reduce the earths condition would be to stop listening to the Journalist…. 🙂


    • sayronara_kitty

      “b”, have you ever heard of the “GE Three”? they were 3 nuclear engineers employed by GE whilst the reactors were in the design phase. all 3 walked away from from their jobs in protest. (one imagines a fairly good job at that), they felt if power was cut off from the plant for any reason, that the reactors would melt down fairly quickly.

      it was reported a few days ago that unit 1 melted down in just 5 hours. GE knew in the 1970″s that this was a big probability. GE did not make changes to allow power sources from multiple grids power the cooling. GE chose profits over the safety of everyone in the northern hemisphere. GE, one of the largest manufacturers of reverse osmosis equipment has not sent any water filtering systems to assure the citizens of japan, or more so, their children, have access to clean drinking water.

      they get subsidies to build the reactors and yet get immunity from any lawsuits when they screw up. GE is not some warm fuzzy entity that cares about you. GE is not bringing good things to life, they are a corporation that manufactures death, they don’t care about you, or your kids, or anyone suffering in japan. they care about profits. and if you think they paid the same rate in taxes as you, guess again.
      shut them all down and boycott GE.

  • Ethan Indigo

    Thanks for sharing these to build on! Peace

  • Ethan Indigo

    B, why would you argue for institutions over individuals? I would expect a “real journalist” would have questioned the situation more, and yet none have even asked GE/NBC for a public statement on the ongoing disaster or asked why they have not contributed a damn thing to help. That was my point, that institutions fail us. I don’t understand why you would criticize the individual for questioning the situation, and give the institutions involved a free pass. Are you a shill or a victim of doublethink?

    I realized that no reporter was asking GE/NBC, because they, like you, seem to assume the greatness and trustworthiness of corporations like GE/NBC, TEPCO, Japan and the USA. But in fact they require MORE questioning not less… see Lord Acton’s Rule: Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I wish a “real” (mainstream) journalist would cover this angle and ask these questions. I wish someone with more information on nukes, or a major media establishment with more assets and resources than I, would start asking these questions. But in the absence of media scrutiny, I had to ask. My very point is: where are the likes of CNN or GE/NBC etc., with all their connections and money and information?

    In my opinion, living breathing people have to ask these questions, because the radiation is invisible, our five senses fail us, and institutions lie.

    How could you compare even the worst individual habits of living, breathing people to the biggest nuclear experiment in the world gone wrong, with six reactors lined up on the coast on the most geothermic active island in the world? Fukushima was the world’s biggest nuke experiment before the 3/11 event. TEPCO arguably caused the event by removing the natural sea wall so they could have easy access to water, straight up. GE is responsible for designing and profiting from their faulty reactor design – faulty according to independent nuclear engineers who worked for GE, and who subsequently couldn’t live with themselves until they told the truth as they saw it – and faulty, as demonstrated by the reality of their failure.

    So like you, I urge “real journalists”, or simply enough of us living breathing human beings, to come together and question our institutions, to speak up… and not roll over and accept this disgraceful situation. I should never have had to ask these questions. But where are all these “real journalists” whose work you endorse over mine? Silent.

    I did not point a finger but simply asked questions of GE, this corporate citizen of the world, as they tout themselves to be, the institution perhaps best capable of assisting TEPCO and Japan in dealing with their own failed inventions. How can it be that they have nothing to say? And no help to offer? And no liability for its failure?

    The fact is that GE don’t even have an ‘official’ response more than 2 years later. Does this sound like the actions of good and accountable corporate citizens? Am I worthy of ridicule for asking the question? I am simply seeking a corporate statement on an ongoing nuclear disaster occurring here on my planet, where my people have been for generations and where I hope my people may continue to live for generations. Why would you attack me personally for my consumption habits, of which you have no idea, and compare me to the permanent destruction of mother Earth through nuclear experimentation because I question? How do you know what my experience is? Why would you belittle a questioning human for trying to inspire individuals or a “real journalist” from GE/NBC (or wherever) to question GE’s lack of opinion on or contribution to the Earth’s biggest industrial/environmental disaster ever?

    It makes me wonder why you chose to shift the discussion from the accountability of institutions by criticizing the right of the individual/global citizen to question those institutions; institutions that do not share our mortality, our need to eat, drink and breathe here on earth. If you prefer not to question reality for yourself, lending blind trust to cold machines over living breathing beings, that’s fine. But I don’t accept your criticism of me for questioning the situation.

    To exemplify your confused doublethink, I ask our readers to consider where you started and where you ended your statement. You began touting “real journalists”, as opposed to me who dared to question GE or to try inspiring other human beings to ask questions. And then you disqualified journalists entirely at the very end of your statement, suggesting we “stop listening to the Journalist”. To me, this is the epitome of doublethink.

    My question to you is – Why WOULDN’T you question GE’s role in such a disastrous situation? Are we so averse to questions that we would criticize individuals who do ask question? Or are we so apathetic that the destruction of our planet through corporate error or negligence isn’t worth asking about?