Merry Total Apathy: The Santa Claus Syndrome

Merry total apathy

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

What is the daily spectrum of your thinking? If you want to trip someone up, ask them that. If you want to trip yourself up, really explore the question.

Personally I think too much, a trait likely shared by all artists, or dare I say human beings. We think too much, and it’s what makes us exceptional and – let’s face it – exceptionally malleable. In exploring our malleability one can come across upsetting revelations, like realizing one was immersed in unproductive shallow or angry thoughts for a long time. Exploring introspection, whether of self or of society, can be upsetting because we face our shadows and our ego. We come upon the realization that so many things we thought were correct were entirely wrong.

Our own personal problems are our own of course, no matter how they reflect the lives and situations of our peers. Society’s shadows are something we all share and exploration of these collective shadows can be just as, if not more upsetting and insulting, and revelatory, as any personal exploration.

What is the Spectrum of Our Thinking?

This question is a great place to begin exploration of our collective character. In exploring this question from the within United States, I see the biggest problem in the U.S. is our near total apathy. Apathy to war, apathy to the nuclear experimentation, petrolithic destruction including coal, oil and natural gas, genetic modification of our plants and animals, and all out toxic practices that are indifferent or murderous to all but economic equations. We are apathetic to our collectively shitting the bed. We are apathetic to total environmental destruction. Individuals now yield authority to institutions. Those who once came together, united, now just differ to literal economic equations or policies based on such.

As a collective we are apathetic, institutionalized and steered by media and government. We are apathetic to even the greatness we hold, our ability to unite. We allow economic institutions to steer us in their direction – toward unsustainable economic growth, at the expense of regional poisoning and destruction.

How could we be so apathetic to war on humanity and destruction of Earth Mother? How could our spectrum of thinking have been so reduced as to only contemplate materialism while ignoring the destruction of life? And why the hell, with all the other disorders on the ‘psychiatrick’ radar, with all the new disorders being continually added to their manual, would they not explore our complete apathy to reality and to the environmental destruction of our planet?

Perhaps those in the psychiatrick industry are under the guidance of our collective shadows, our collective ego, just as much as anyone else.

Apathy Starts Early

If there were a scheme to train and steer us toward apathy, so much that we are even apathetic to considering our apathy, that conditioning would have to start early. It would have to be part of our emotional and psychological makeup so completely as to be ubiquitous and almost unnoticeable. It would have to be part of something that we all celebrate, so as to reinforce that no one questions it. It would have to start at a time when we are most impressionable.

The greatest societal manipulation in the United States that could result in our total apathy, which suggests if not proves psychiatry is liquid science at best, is the Santa Claus story attached to Christmas.

Santa Claus as we know him in the U.S. is used to inspire economical equations; collective consumerism. However, a possibly unintended result of the emotional attachment we foster to the Santa Claus story, and the subsequent let down and heartbreak we experience when we learn we have been fooled, is that we avoid addressing lies in the future, even evil adult lies. We are taught at a young at that the entire world lies to you, and that it is okay. It is part of life. When we are most impressionable, we are immersed in the Santa Claus story, a story that requires the suspension of reality and curiosity. It is as elaborate as children are curious.

As the first test of adulthood, its revelation as fiction challenges our innocence in a way so detrimental as to require its own psychological label; the Santa Claus Syndrome. The Santa Claus Syndrome teaches us that once we are in on the lie, we are adult – and that our role in society is to continue perpetrating a lie.

Merry Total Apathy

Merry Total Apathy! - The Santa Clause Syndrome

The Santa Claus Syndrome instils more than just materialism and the acceptance of lies. And chances are, if you can recall the names of more than one of Santa’s reindeer, you are likely affected by it in some way.

In his book A Holiday Hazing: the Santa Claus Syndrome, Ethan Indigo Smith examines the many psychological influences of one of the most widely celebrated traditions the world has ever known, and exposes common beliefs of ‘self’ and ‘society’ in a way that might make you chuckle, and a little bit angry.

A Holiday Hazing: the Santa Claus Syndrome is available on Amazon as an e-book — just in time for (saving you from) Christmas.

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out Ethan’s festive holiday message from 2013 – Merry Total Apathy.

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About the author:

Ethan Indigo SmithEthan Indigo Smith was born on a farm in Maine and lived in Manhattan for a number of years before migrating west to Mendocino, California.

The events of September 11, 2001 inspired him to write his first book, The Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism, an insightful exploration of history, philosophy and contemporary politics.

His more recent publications include:

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This article edited by Andy Whiteley for Wake Up World.


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  • kala

    I must say by reading your two articles so far that your words reaches deep into me, that when i read your thoughts on this screen i can feel my brain creating new connections a new perspective, even if we are saying the same things essentially , you are presenting it in such a way that is harmonious with the energy i believe to be is that of love.

    I love your ideal of bringing art together to present the truth, i have never thought of doing art to bring something to the table of the love movement

    Also i do come across this, regarding the santa claus. I dont celebrate any holidays really that are mainstream and i get the most questions about Christmas the questions i get only confirm the brainwashing that has gone so deep to the spirit core

    I get are you a atheist i tell them, no i just believe in something different, i belvie the energy you call god is love, and i dont need a specific day to celebrate love, this gets them every time and i put it in such a loving way i get only stares

    I tell people mostly to keep it simple because information needs to be told in different ways that Christmas is a way to get your money, for you to spend you hard earned cash on useless things that you other wise might spend all year saving for, why do we need a specific day to give ? or to treat ourselves with love?

    they ask about Jesus i say, did you know that he is a teacher just like all the others, every religion has a teacher, they in their minds was trying to find the best path for humans, but like all words , it has been deciphered in many ways, how is celebrating the birth of Jesus, include buying gifts? most cant give a answer or they go to the doctrine they have been *taught their whole lives.

    Another good example is a literal school teacher i said just beacuse one teacher teaches science nd the other teacher history doesnt mean either is wrong because the other teacher doesnt teach the same thing!

    The most upsetting, but again not upsetting thing to me, is people just dont care! If it has nothing to do with their money or personal* lives then they dont care to learn it, but to be taught what is comfortable to them and only further confirms their belief in what ever doctrine they want

    I see this in my job as a customer service rep for internet, i work and fix a issue, every call i get i want to fix someones internet because they pay for it, and i want to learn the best way to do that very thing, i want to make sure they know as much, but what i find in other agents and customers alike , most dont care, they dont want to learn but the basics, or if i bring a new way for trouble shooting they shoot it down bc its not *process* i see now that their is individual thinkers; thinkers that think they think, and there is people that do what they are told and thats it.

    But not all is going to gain the information i give them, they may understand things in their own way, so i try not to judge, because after all we all are going up a mountain to the same point, and that point is love whether humanity knows it or not

    Our governmental system, to comment on that is something i have just came to a higher understanding of, during my first stages i thought oh this group of people how dare they!

    Over time i realized that the Illuminati, the secrete cabal what ever you want to call them is only a reflection of the world collective energy force, that those are humans just like us, and the only real way to change anything is by changing myself

    I may be able to get rid of *Obama* but there is a million more *Obama* right behind him, because its our mind that is the prblem, how we view things in such a neg light is the prblm, by not pointing a finger at ourselves we will never solve the issue

    WE make up this world because it is our genetic energies that is present, if we change our genetic energies then we can transform our reality by the very thought of change!

    I dont worry myself with learning *fine* details or correct verb-age because I will never be able to impress everyone, I find that finding the missing pieces of our past doesn’t excite me

    why are we trying to hard to find out what we already know!?

    why follow a path that was old we are maturing in other ways and this is a way to create a new path to the very thing that is LOVE

    even tho, our whole existence thus far in some ways, we have gone backwards if it wasn’t for the *backwards* movement we wouldn’t be…… pulled forward like a rubber band its like time in our sense is a rubber band and boy is our rubber band pulled so far back that when we release it, when we look up again we are going to say wow,,, its been here all along and now we are here! we will be flung into the our very core so deep that never before have we been this deep!

    I think the way we have come forward is love, we have learned not to see sex, color, animal etc

    i know some of these are considered per versed but, truly think about it! back even in ancient times gays were shunned, now there is some type of energy of acceptances of love.

    All of this holding back has truly been thowing us forward, i dont think we are off track i believe that we are right on track even the worst of the world activities

    I dont believe even on the path we are on we can destroy this earth because earth isn’t really real, we will destroy the earth that we know it to be, how else could we begin again?

    There is no ending to energy there is only expansion of energy

    Why are always trying to find answers on the outside when they are on the inside already

    WE question the answers and our brain that we think it to be today has to verify it by *proof* not saying that this is bad just why use energy to prove something we *know* already?

    This is how ancient civilizations *knew* things we dont *know* now, its not something special nothing flew down and said “behold the ancient technology” we learn to be guided by our very spirit, but i think that is what went wrong, people just took what everybody said as granted without *feeling* it in them, to listen to themselves, because themselves is ourselves

    i dont know where alot of this came from, it just came out, most of the time it just happens this way

    some of these things i never thought of before said out loud, but what i find is alot of information just flows to us if we let it, and i trust my spirit warrior on the inside and i know the energy will guide me to only ideals that have the core of love

    much peace with your journey i appreciate you and everything you do