head-in-sand18th February 2014

By Steven Strong

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I recently rang the Brisbane Waters National Parks and Wildlife Service to invite them to respond to my recent article on Wake up World, “1958 Visitor to Bambara Hieroglyphs Refutes Official Hoax Theories”. Considering that every official denial of the authenticity of the Bambara hieroglyphs is predicated on these alleged forgeries being carved no earlier than 1964, and that Helen Cockburn-Parks swore in a witnessed Statuary Declaration that she saw the ‘glyphs as a ten-year-old girl in 1958, I thought we needed to chat.

After first speaking to a middle-level apologist hell-bent on defending the lies and mistakes of the NPWS, I spoke to someone high ‘up the ladder’. It was obvious from the first syllable this man found our conversation a real chore. I pointed out that the date of 1958, if true, undermines accepted hoax theories and calls into question NPWS experts who, in 1983, declared the ‘glyphs to be barely 12 months old. No response in objection or defense was forthcoming. He remained cold and distant, and asked no questions beyond asking what publication the article appeared in and what my phone number was. Our discussion barely lasted a minute.

Blinkers On

A few days before I rang Brisbane Waters NPWS, I read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald Friday’s (page 12, January 31, 2014) that illustrated the limitations of government/corporate controlled scientific agencies.

Governments and corporations are motivated and measured by the profitability and commercial application of their scientific programs, not by social or technological progress nor human curiosity and benevolence. To protect their financial interests, these institutions are embedded with an academic culture that dismisses any science which, however valid, does not fit into current expectation, accepted theory, or business plan. This contemptuous culture of denial and dismissal limits the advancement of scientific and technological development only to that which is deemed profitable to government and its cohorts. And it is apparent that same philosophy of financial servitude is prevalent within National Parks & Wildlife Services.

Needless to say, I expected no reply, denial or further contact from NPWS following my call. My expectations were fairly low in the first place, and the defensive and dismissive attitudes of the NPWS officials I spoke to reminded me of orthodox church authorities rejecting the ‘radical’ notion of the day – that the flat planet Earth was not the centre of the Universe. At least I had offered officials a fair opportunity to respond, and even join us in our investigation…. if only they showed any willingness to seek out the truth.

Unfortunately, they are not empowered to think. They are slaves to the corporate government system, bound to uphold whatever policy or version of history their masters deem valuable. And this culture is not unique to any one government department or agency, it is endemic – and it goes all the way up the scientific ‘food chain’ and into orbit, to those in charge of the world’s largest research agency, NASA.


In typical fashion, some amazing science recently in evidence at NASA was trivialised and parodied by ‘mainstream’ reporters and anointed experts alike. The trite headline “Life on Mars may look like a jelly doughnut” downplayed the importance of the unexpected appearance of a mysterious rock at a site that was photographed twelve days earlier…. when the rock wasn’t there. The “scientists working with the Opportunity rover have also acknowledged that its chemical composition is unlike anything they have seen on Mars” — yet they refused to do any follow up research.

Why were they so disinterested in a rock with a chemical composition unlike any found on the entire surface of Mars? Because they “did not think the rock’s appearance was especially exotic”.

Were they doing scientific exploration or making friendship bracelets?

Showing neither integrity nor intellect, they exceeded the limits of clutching at straws by theorising a scenario where the offending rock “may have been dislodged when Opportunity made….a pirouette up the hill”, travelling “in such a fashion that it would drag the right front wheel across the ground, it kind of tiddlywinked the rock out of the ground”.

Being unlike anything else on the planet, I would have assumed that, as soon as this unusual rock was detected, they would immediately turn the machine around to investigate further. It could have resulted in an amazing, paradigm shifting discovery…. or their preferred tale of wheelies, upturned soil and the resultant “tiddlywinked” rock could have been substantiated by simply reprogramming the machine and photographing the disturbance in the area from which the rock was upturned. But either way, for reasons that defy normal logic, NASA has shown no intention of discovering why this rock is unique, or validating their fanciful and illogical theory of spinning wheels and a flying rock.

Something isn’t adding up here….

In the game of tiddlywinks, the token is flipped high into the air and lands on the surface. If one examines the second photograph, which is twelve days older, there is no sign of disturbance. No rock has been displaced, there isn’t a piece of soil upturned or trail showing the path taken if the rock rolled down to the hill. There is not one piece of physical evidence indicating that the rock moved on the soil and into this position. If it was actually “tiddlywinked”, how big is Opportunity? What force and weight would be required to launch this rock into orbit? Are there other instances of this event taking place on Mars?

Since answers to such questions are in short supply, concerns about the validity of this heavily-downplayed “tiddlywinked” theory seem more than reasonable.

Now consider the “mysterious” doughnut shaped rock. Experts have already conceded its chemical make up is unique, and their explanation for its movement is contrary to both physical evidence basic and commonsense. Have any other rocks of this shape and form been found elsewhere on the planet? Why are the authorities so averse to look or investigate further? Are they really averse to investigating, or to revealing the true findings (and implications) of their investigation?

closed-mindAfter discovering a “mysterious rock” that “has a depressed red centre and a white exterior” and is “unlike anything else” on Mars, it is incomprehensible that these ‘scientists’ refuse to revisit it, or even take a genuine shot at explaining how “it just turned up”. And in my experience, if the story doesn’t add up, it simply isn’t true. That officials at that level would offer such a ridiculous half-concocted explanation to such an important question is an affront to science and humanity.

But there is more, much more….

Institutionalised Denial

The Australian archaeological scene is rife with examples of wilful disregard toward the spirit of enquiry and scientific rigour. And from my team’s perspective there is no better example of this blinkered intellectual climate than the response offered by a qualified Australian archaeologist when confronted by one of Adam’s rocks from the past.

The artefact was found by Adam Pippen in an eroded sand dune at Byron Bay after a cyclone had been through the area. The three metre (9.8 ft) exposed bank of sand had a horizontal line of rock and debris about two metres (6.5 ft) below the surface, and it was amongst this deposit that Adam found this enigmatic carving. Carved into a rock that literally compresses slightly on touch, it is very small and exquisite in design, measuring 8 cms (3.1”) across and 4 cms (1.5”) at its highest.

Inexplicably, the Australian expert decreed Adam’s finding to be merely “worm castings”.

At this stage of the article, it was my intention to draw from a bucket-full of sarcasm, maybe even some corny alliteration ridiculing the utter stupidity of this description. But the truth is, I have little doubt the academic in question is fully aware this is not a bizarre form of worm castings. But she chose the easy way out and dismissed it. Knowing there was no reward or incentive to do science, her default response was denial – and the first excuse that fell out of her mouth was quite literally worm castings.

He behaved like an ostrich and put his head in the sand, thereby exposing his thinking parts ~ George Carman

In a contrast that is sadly condemning of mainstream Australian academia, the response of the New Zealand academics to whom I showed photographs of this artefact was invariably animated and intrigued. Otago University, Wellington Museum, historical societies and art galleries, it made no difference – every overseas expert I consulted is adamant that the stones we photographed are too delicate, small and 3-dimensional to be made by any indigenous peoples of the Pacific.

While they were quick to rule out potential sources, our New Zealand colleagues were understandably reluctant to attribute one. The protruding tongue and stylized pattern on display does have a Maori feel about it, which academics outside Australia freely admit, but the individual knuckles, sharp cuts and exceptionally fine tools needed would have required a technology that sits well outside the province of current academic familiarity. At the Wellington Museum I was escorted through three series of doors that could only be activated by a swipe card, and there in the inner sanctum we spent 20 minutes in deep analysis with the head of the department, and even he is none the wiser.

So where does this leave us?

Overseas experts are intrigued. They agree it isn’t of Original origins, and while it bears some features that hint at Maori, it is made by a technology and a degree of skill and artistry that no academic can identify or fathom. They agree more research is warranted.

The only Australian expert to look (under duress) proclaimed it to be worm shit!

Australia’s system of political control relies on perpetuating a false sense of national identity that is heavily rooted in the false history of the invading Europeans. According to the Australia’s ‘official’ history, nothing significant ever happened on this land until the late 1780s AD, at which time Europeans arrived, bringing “civilization” to the barbaric Original ‘fauna’ and liberating them of their land. This is a fairly arrogant and disrespectful retelling, given that Original culture intelligently sustained itself for tens (and arguably hundreds) of thousands of years before being all but wiped out, violently and systemically, by aggressive European colonization. But in Australia, this way of thinking still gets some traction in ignorant circles.

So, with a culture of historical denial at the foundation of Australian government, is it any doubt that scientists within its agencies, regardless of their credentials, continue to dismiss the archaeology that disproves their employer’s historical foundations?

Worms, Chisels and Tiddlywinks

An article about Adam’s extraordinary artefact was published with an accompanying photograph in Australia’s highest selling indigenous affairs newspaper, the National Indigenous Times, and distributed throughout Australia almost eighteen months ago. Thousands of Original Australians, Torres Strait Islanders and ‘white fellas’ read the National Indigenous Times, but to this day, not one official enquiry from any Australian academic or government official has been forthcoming. Although the highest ranked academics in New Zealand and elsewhere gave both time and awe to photographs of this artefact, in Australia no-one has even bothered to look at the actual object. The closest we’ve come was one academic who cast a dismissive eye upon the relic, fleetingly and under duress.

In each case I have presented is the potential for amazing science and new frontiers to open up, and yet as soon as each topic is raised in academic circles, up go the barricades and blinkers. And what’s worse, officials haven’t even come up with plausible denials for the media and public to consume! They seem to think any old drivel will do the trick, provided it’s delivered by a “scientist” with shelf full of books and a degree on the wall behind him.

Biased, status-quo academics worldwide are becoming too lazy to present viable theses, and too transparent to warrant further rebuttal. From the “mysterious” rock moved through the scientific process of tiddlywinking, to bogus ancient hieroglyphs chiselled by a “deranged” unnamed culprit, and now “worm castings” found beneath two metres of sand at Byron Bay…. nothing ever warrants further study as far as these people are concerned. As a cultural knee-jerk response, officials espouse simple tales of “tiddlywinks”, or “deranged” Yogoslavs, or “anonymous students”, “vandals”, “hippies”, or maybe even a grieving war veteran. And despite having no proof to support such ludicrous excuses, they vilify anyone who dares to suggest otherwise.

It just never stops. None of it makes sense. But then, lies never do.

head in sandWhat does make sense is the idea that government-controlled scientific research agencies have been corrupted by a financial agenda. Whether assessing the credentials of the Bambara ‘glyphs, Adam’s miniature statue/carving, or the mysterious rock on Mars, “scientific” agencies continue protecting corporate and government interests by suppressing discoveries that challenges the status quo. And by doing so they are perpetuating an intolerable culture of intellectual prejudice and censorship, and literally impeding humanity from exploring its scientific potential.

About the authors:

strongsSteven Strong is an Australian-based researcher, author and former high school teacher. Evan Strong is a researcher, historian and author with a Bachelor degree in the Social Sciences. Their work is to explore the ancient story of the Original people, a narrative that was almost lost to aggressive European colonisation.

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