7 Stories That Will Make You Believe in Miracles

believe in miracles

By Dr. Lissa Rankin MD

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

His neurosurgery success rates were impeccable. In spite of how life-threatening his surgeries were, his patients never seemed to die. But this neurosurgeon kept getting migraines, and treatment wasn’t working, so he went to see psychologist Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer PhD, author of Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind. She helped him pinpoint exactly when the headaches began, and it turns out they started right when he stopped teaching medical students and residents at the hospital, which he loved doing.

Dr. Mayer wondered – why did he stop teaching? He was reluctant to tell her. Turns out the neurosurgeon’s success rates are so high because he waits until a white light surrounds the patient’s head. Then – and only then – he knows it’s safe to operate. But how can he teach this to medical students? Surely he can’t train residents to look for halos around people with brain tumors and aneurysms?

Because he felt like he had to hide the mystical experiences that help him guide his patients to safe healing, he quit teaching, and the discord within him led to migraines. He was stuck. He didn’t feel it was safe to tell anyone at the university that he sees white lights nobody else sees. But his body was suffering because of how he was betraying his soul.

It’s the kind of conundrum many face as they keep secrets about how mystery and awe dance with life.

Believe in Miracles

I’ve had similar experiences when I knew things I shouldn’t know, and many others I know have experienced similar intuitive knowings. I was curious, so I asked on my Facebook page if people were willing to publicly share their experiences. Here are a few of the stories.

Christina Lianos

In April 2012, after serious intent to buy a home in a neighboring town, after bidding on a property, I just flat out and unilaterally decided against it in the eleventh hour. My family was beyond upset with me. The kids were excited about living in this town, but my gut flat-out refused. There was nothing to explain this feeling. The town was perfect, and the home was lovely. I just felt that it was the wrong choice. I am typically accommodating and flexible, but in this instance, I was adamantly against the idea.

We settled on a home within our own town. We moved in June, and the kids started school in September. On December 14, 2012, the unthinkable happened at Sandy Hook Elementary school. My youngest (a child I never thought I would be able to have and who came into this existence ever so unusually to begin with), would have been in that school on that day had I stayed the course.

Alexia Briones VandeWalle

It was January 7th 2013, and while I was tidying my home, I called my mum. There was no answer, and I heard clearly inside, “She’s taken pills. She needs your help”. I tried calling her twice more, but she didn’t answer. I jumped in a cab to her place, and she had taken a box of benzodiazepines. I called an ambulance and she’s with us now, but she almost didn’t make it.

Sean Orr, MD

My first experience with intuitive knowing helped me to save one of my patients’ lives. It was during training, and I was having difficult accessing the radial artery of a patient in shock. He was clamped down and I could not thread the guide wire. After many futile attempts, I felt so frustrated, knowing that this critical step was necessary to get good data to save my patient’s life.

I don’t know what came over me, but I suddenly stepped back from his bed and closed my eyes. A sense of peace came over me. I heard myself in my mind ask for guidance, for help. I don’t know who I was asking, but I felt as though there was a response, a voice that said “Go ahead”. I thanked the voice and felt energized and reassured. I opened my eyes and stepped up to the patient. Without doubt, hesitation or difficulty, I was able to access the patient’s radial artery immediately. This helped me to turn the patient around at a crucial time. He eventually walked out of the hospital.

It felt as though my hand were guided into the right place by an external force, and this phenomenon gave me a sense of amazement and awe. This was the first time I really felt connected to another level, a benevolent force. Since then, I’ve felt this guidance many, many times when helping to provide solutions to my patients. I firmly believe we have access to a whole other level in order to help each other, and I believe that our Universe is indeed a friendly place that we create on an ongoing basis.

Rhonda Taylor

I was living in Germany in the early 70”²s. My baby sister, who was pregnant, was living in the Ozarks, Southern Missouri. My intuition kept telling me to send her $300. I was young myself, and didn’t have lots of money, but it was such a strong urge that finally I sent her $300 along with a note saying that I didn’t know why I was sending the money except that a portion of the money would be used for gasoline, and that everything would be alright.


She received that money on the day her daughter was born. Her daughter was born with a heart condition and had to be flown immediately to Saint Louis (200 miles away) for open heart surgery. It ended up that a portion of the money was used for gasoline, and that everything turned out alright. We felt that this was a message that was clearly Divinely inspired. During the ordeal, my sister kept it together emotionally by reminding herself that everything would be alright.

Clayton Wright Robinson

I was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for my brother’s wedding and a few days after the ceremony, we were all sitting relaxing on the beach. My brother had walked down the beach alone about half an hour before I got a terrible, chilling feeling. I just started telling his best friend, “Go find Landon! Go find Landon!” His friend knows my “gut” instinct level well and took off down the beach. He finally got to my brother where a lifeguard had just saved him from the undertow.

Heidi Moot Vancisin

When I was 31, I had a feeling I was going to die when I turned 34. I was so terrified by this powerful feeling, I couldn’t tell anyone for years. Finally, as my 34th birthday approached, I shared this with my husband, and he was shaken but determined. It guided me to continue to pursue testing with my doctor, despite signs that all was well. Ultimately, the repeated testing showed that I had extensive breast cancer. As soon as we began to explore that possibility more deeply, I “knew” this was it. My doctor, who taught at Harvard Medical School, used this as a case study to teach his students how to listen to their patients.

The World is Full of Awe & Mystery

That most of us have these kinds of experiences from time to time is an exciting thing! The world is more mysterious than scientists can explain! How wonderful!

But I’m puzzled and trying to unpack this issue. Why do so many people keep these miraculous stories under wraps? Why must we shove our truth in the closet? Imagine if we all spoke openly about our mystical experiences? What if we were willing to be simply curious about that which we can’t explain scientifically, rather than feeling compelled to wrap every mystery in a neat little scientific package? What if we could stay open to mystery, awe and wonder?

I’m writing about intuitive knowing in my next book The Fear Cure, and I’d like to include some of YOUR stories in my book! If you’d be willing to publicly share your story of how you knew things you shouldn’t know, please include your story in the comments section or press the Contact Us button at the top of the screen.

In awe,

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About the author:

lissa_rankinDr. Lissa Rankin, MD is a mind-body medicine physician, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute training program for physicians and health care providers, and the New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself. She is on a grass roots mission to heal health care, while empowering you to heal yourself.

Lissa blogs at LissaRankin.com and also created two online communities – HealHealthCareNow.com and OwningPink.com. She is also the author of two other books, a speaker, a professional artist, an amateur ski bum, and an avid hiker. Lissa lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband and daughter.

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  • ToddB

    Far too many of us are afraid of being “thought of” in a less than perfect state of mind. Our ego stands in the way of our understanding ourselves. If we don’t know ourself, how can we measure our progress?
    One thing I know for absolute certainty is this:
    I know less today than I thought I knew yesterday.

  • kala

    I have a story.

    I lived in a transitional home in Washington dc, i had a room mate shakeeda, one night shakeeda went to Virgina to visit her mom and boy friend at a family celebration, long story short she ended up stabbing the boy friend because he wouldn’t get out of the room while she was dressing

    In the following days, the people that was living in the transitional home and myself found out what happened and every one was torn up, she was on role for felony, we all knew that Virgina is the wrong place to get in trouble, that they are not friendly.

    She was gone for a couple of weeks, basically everyone has just given up and accept the fact she was probably gonna be in jail for a long time.

    Before my room mate left i was in the process of redoing the apartment, getting curtains decorations etc etc…

    One night I had a dream keda came home and in my dream she walked in to the bedroom which was not done yet (i have decorated everything but the bedroom at this time)

    I knew instantly that this was something more because when i remember dreams with exact detail they usually happen in real life.

    I ran downstairs that morning and told every one about my dream. They laughed or just didnt think of it at all

    A week later they received a call from the jail telling them they dropped her charges from a felony to a mister meaner and that she will be home in a couple of days

    When she got there the bedroom was not done, and she was not in jail.

    Everyone looked at me, but just let it go.

    i get this sometimes, i have one other story and i actually never have told this one to any one

    One night i had a dream , in my dream i was able to create, do , and get everything i wanted, but in this dream i said something to make it happen

    i woke up that morning feeling the energy from that dream my phone was just turned off, something in me remember the word i said in the dream i said please turn my phone on and the word that i said in my dream

    when i went to my bed my phone service was on

    I still to this day cant remember the word, i remember the dream and everything but its like the word was deleted from memory, i have never been able to do this again.

    I also get things where i can feel what a person is feeling you know how frustrating tht is when someone is lieing and you just feel it?

    When someone sits in front of your face and say they are fine when you can feel anger or sadness?

    I pick up on a snake before the snake even bites, i pick up on a angel before it even spreads its wings..

    I have learned that this feeling is right, but i dont depend on it for the fear that it might be wrong

    this is a beautiful thing, i have no fear in expressing these things. And no one else should either.

    This is natural and the more we are in tune with it the more it will work

    the more it will work the less you will ever have to ask question about what is real and is not real

  • Ann Rigby

    When I was in Kent some years back, I attended a boot fayre. There, in the corner of a glass showcase, I saw a little silver lamp with a rounded bottom. I was absolutely compelled to buy it, even though the assistant said it was not for sale. I did buy it and took it home to my mother-in-law who knew something about antiques. She looked at it and without a word, went over to her glass display cabinet and took out what looked like a silver-coloured oversized egg cup. My little lamp not only fitted into it, it CLICKED into place. What can be the odds on something like that happening by chance??

  • Thanks for your article Lissa,
    Here’s the story of my past life memory as published in my book The Return of The Prophet.

    Morning songbirds celebrated my awakening as I left my room to explore the small village of Bisherri.
    Meandering through quiet streets, a silent memory visited me like a passerby glancing momentarily through my open window.
    Strolling along the ancient alleys, my sandals emulated the thin slice of time separating the soles of my feet from this forgotten ground.
    As I entered the town square a nostalgic deja vu flashed before my eyes.
    I saw children of yesteryear playing there.
    Then a gust of wind whirled around me announcing the arrival of invisible visitors.
    A gentle unseen hand brushed my shoulder with a startling familiarity.
    Turning, I looked in every direction with an exhilarating shiver that intensified when the reminiscent echo of my brother’s voice whispered from somewhere.
    I listened, my senses stretched into space, waiting for truth to show his face.
    Fleeting sensations gathered like pieces of a puzzle, hinting impressions of a picture long forgotten.
    Confused by the convolution of time,
    Alone among strangers in the faintly familiar village,
    I scurried up the steep streets to gain a higher perspective.
    As an eagle rests after a long flight over distant fields, I stood perched overlooking the small village with towering cathedral and random buildings sprawled along wandering paths high in the alpine forest.
    Gazing over the expansive vista toward the Mediterranean, vague feelings caressed my senses.
    As though sinking into a warm bath, a tender love for this foreign place engulfed my senses.
    I felt my mother’s presence embracing the earth and sky as the aroma of cinnamon and mint invoked memories of her cooking,
    I was then enticed from my trance by a man waving a greeting from the street below.
    Going to him, we entered a refrigerated storehouse where he invited me to taste apples and pears grown in nearby orchards.
    Gazing into an apple like a crystal ball, I saw a candlelit room from my forgotten childhood.
    I sensed my brother’s spirit, my mother’s love and my father’s pride.
    The first bite released a proverbial burst of nectar into my mouth,
    The crisp succulence answered a lifelong hunger for this forgotten sweetness.
    Entranced again, I was guided like a prisoner by a higher authority toward the cathedral.
    My feet, knowing more than my mind could fathom, carried me up timeworn steps to an open archway.
    Standing on the threshold to the cathedral, I fell through an inner abyss.
    Clocks spun backwards as a howling wind blew consecutive calendars off walls down corridors of time.
    The chanting of bygone ages reverberated to the pulsing rhythm of my racing heartbeat.
    Thick smoke, rising from burning incense, swirled into phantoms of another era.
    As my father would, I put my hand on the back of a wooden pew to direct myself to sit in meditation.
    From a primal yearning in the belly of a beast, I realized for the first time that my life was a recurring dream, repeating a primordial struggle between fear and love.
    Suddenly, as though previously blind, with light touching my eyes for the first time,
    I had an ephemeral memory of myself sitting on that pew between my father and my mother.
    I remembered the figures in the stained-glass windows telling the tale of Christ as a persecuted saint.
    I remembered the golden offering plates on the marble altar and the rows of candles dripping like tears to release our prayers to the heavens.
    Amidst the chaos of bewildering memories a translucent light filled the cathedral, and my inner vision carried me through the roof to a cherished memory.
    In my mind’s eye I saw a natural cathedral of rock precipices at the edge of a mountain meadow where a babbling brook sang a welcoming to my trembling heart.
    My eyes opened wide in shocking memory of this favorite place from my forgotten former childhood.
    Quietly, but quickly, I left the cathedral to follow my instincts to the secret sanctuary hidden somewhere in the nearby mountains.
    The limb of a cypress, moved by the wind like a hand, motioned me hither.
    A faint figure disappeared into the shadows of the forest;
    Like a coy lass being gracefully led onto a dance floor, I followed.
    Everything in that enchanted place trembled like cello strings beneath the bow of a master player.
    Euphoria lifted me above the ground as I ascended through the exquisite beauty of ancient cedar trees.
    Time carried me with ethereal grace over rocks and ravines into the late afternoon, each step planting a prayer for the events that would ensue.
    My pace quickened with anticipation as I climbed high into a narrow alpine meadow surrounded by majestic snow capped peaks.
    To the far end of the meadow I followed my exhilaration toward the sound of water falling behind walls of stone where a column of mist swirled upward, evaporating into iridescent rainbows.
    In this shimmering solarium I stepped through a threshold between worlds.
    The alpine elementals invoked subtle realms of awareness in my mindstream.
    From beyond the veneer of reality, a choir of voices and trumpets proclaimed my return to this sanctuary of beauty.
    Spirits, dressed in flowing radiance, danced around me like leaves caught in the delicate embrace of a whirlwind.
    This wellspring of inspiration was concealed beyond the distance of a lifetime.
    Reuniting with this sacred site my eyes flowed as fountains of joy.
    As I entered nature’s temple with outstretched arms, my weakening knees brought me to the ground, humble to receive this honored blessing.
    Rays of sunlight dazzling off the cascading waterfall synchronized with lightning flashes of remembrance.
    Clouds of forgetfulness burst with a thunderous shout of ecstasy from deep within my belly;
    And memory upon memory of my former life poured down like rain upon my thirsty soul.

  • Steven Gaylord

    To me there is that intrinsic value that we, as humans, all possess. How to put it? It’s simply that ill-defined gift of just knowing. I’ll tell you about one of my best of friends and my guitar playing buddy; name of Gary Phelps. I met Gary about 13 years ago and right away I felt a kinship to this younger man of three years. Researching my family history a couple of years ago, and on an impulse, I discovered that his great [X 10] grandfather, William Phelps, 3 years younger than my great [X 10] grandfather William Gaylord, had both lived in Crewkern, England and with their respective families, both sailed together on a ship called the ‘John & Mary’ which landed in Connecticut in 1630. Is there a connection here? I like to think so.

    It is my feeling that like night/day, life/death and good/evil, it is all a part of the design of the natural universe. The only thing I find it a bit difficult to accept is the Judeo-Christian image of God as historically described by ‘man’ as portrayed in books and paintings. But there is something there! The body dies but there is a spirit. We are the master of our fate, the captain of our soul… In final retrospect, I just hope that all of us as one specie, evolve soon enough to realize our weaknesses before we destroy ourselves. Meantime… Life goes on. :^)

    • Kellie

      That is an incredible story! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Rain Wilder

    It’s probably not book worthy, but about three or four years ago my Aunt and her at the time boyfriend came to my house with my mom, grandma, and my other aunt waiting inside. The moment that she parked her car and walked up to the house, I knew that she was pregnant. I was in the sixth grade at the time, and the information was kept from me until about an hour later. I also knew after spending some more time with my Aunt that it would be a girl. She insisted that it was a boy, and as time progressed she bought boy clothes and planned for a boy’s room. All throughout this I insisted that it was a girl. Around seventh months later, I held my baby cousin in my arms for the first time. Her name is Emma, and I cried with happiness when I first held her. She’s wonderful, and my whole family loves her very much <3

  • amy karamitsos

    I used to be into the life full of drugs and alcohol and a horrible horrible abusive situation after situation one night I had done a lot of cocaine with some ppl. I had overdose I didn’t know what was going on all I heard was a woman’s voice screaming get her under the shower and the cold water I was home now with my husband there was no woman there but we both heard the voice then all of a sudden my ceiling open up and there was black swirl and lights then a huge a burst of white intense light beamlike I was flying so high and the like I was the light… it was beautiful I could hair beautiful angels singing and I felt so comfortable and I was almost there… then I wake up to my husband pounding on my chest rolled me over and that he said you just died!!!!! I said what what are you talking about I had momentarily forgotten the experience… he said he heard the voices and he saw the black light and he heard voices telling him how to put his hands on my chest.. he said a pair of hands came over his hand and controlled what he was doing… I have only told 2 people the story of my life… now I live my life to serve God and to do good and to be a peaceful loving human being and now I can happily say I’m a happy wife and I live blessed blade miracle baby from God 2 yrs ago… I didn’t think I could have children after 10 years of all that abuse… God has changed my life I owe it all to Him

  • Sarah

    My family camps in the summers. Because we live near many campgrounds, it is easy for us to drive through them and scope out our sites. On this particular visit, the campground was full. When we drove to the assigned site, I hated it immediately. It was a terrible location surrounded by low bushes. The site itself was on a slope and the picnic table was high from the ground. Having small children, I worried about it all week and really felt sick about it. I told myself to just go with it bc we had already paid for our spot and the kids were excited. We spent the night and the next morning while the campground was still quiet, I went with my youngest to the restroom. Before I came out, he left the bathroom because he saw a big bug and wanted to go back to daddy. It was 7:00 am, and I heard a thud and came out to see him lying on the ground in front of a car! He suffered only minor injuries, and I thank God for keeping him safe–but what I learned about this is to really listen to my intuition. It will not lie. I’ve since had it tell me many things, that came out to be true.

  • Kellie

    I have had an experience worth sharing. My grandfather was living in an assisted living retirement community at the time. I normally called him every other week or so, but having just spoken with him the day before, I felt the need to call him again. When he picked up the receiver, he said hello and then there was nothing…. the line was still live, but he wasn’t talking. I stayed on the line for over five minutes, attempting to receive a response. I hung up and called again, again, and again….. Something wasn’t right. I called my mom, who lived in the same city as him, and asked her to make a call to have someone check on him. They did, and called my mom back to say he was fine. I called him back a couple of hours later, as they said he was going to rest, this time he picked up the phone and I could hear him breathing, but he wasn’t speaking. I called my mom again and stated they were just in there to check on him and she wasn’t going to bother them again. Fast forward four hours, after my mom was done with work she went to visit my grandfather. Upon entering his apartment, she found he wasn’t in the living room/ kitchen and proceeded to his bedroom. She found him, unconscious on the floor, with a profusely bleeding head gash and he was laying in his own waste. It was that incident that began his downward decline in health. He hadn’t recognized me since. That was four years ago, we buried my grandfather last week. He was ninety-three.

  • Deborah

    We all have a special connection with the Universe.. it’s just that some of us ‘feel’ it & acknowledge it, some of us ‘feel’ it but refuse to acknowledge because they don’t understand it & some just refuse to believe for fear of being labeled ‘crazy’. I have had many experiences but unfortunately, I have never acted on them. For example: I was getting ready for bed, brushing my teeth & heard a very loud noise coming from the rear of my property. My house, at the time, backed onto wetland then the beach. There was a road that came from the coastal/beach road, that passed near to my house. I just experienced a terrible sense of dread, knotting in my stomach & had no idea why. I looked out of my Daughter’s bedroom window, which overlooked the wetland & you could see the road.. but saw nothing. I got into bed but could not settle – I just knew there was something terribly wrong! I put on my Dressing Gown & walked to the road, so I could get a better look – nothing!! I didn’t want to investigate further, as my Daughter was asleep alone in bed in the house. I thought I was going mad, so got back into bed & had a very restless night. I learned that a car had come off that road, turned over & slipped into a ditch. The driver was trapped all night & badly injured. I still feel very guilty about it to this day. Another experience was seeing a kind of silhouette of my Grandmother that appeared in the moss that was covering my old Secondary School roof!! It was absolutely her! Sounds crazy but that’s what I saw! At the moment I saw it, I knew there was something terribly wrong – I got that feeling of dread again. I visited my Grandparents almost every day & saw for myself that she was fine! I delicately questioned her..’how are you feeling?’, ‘are you going anywhere today? If you are, please be careful’.. etc. She asked me what was wrong, why all the questions? (Grandmothers are not stupid!!) I said ‘Nothing at all Grandma, just making sure you’re okay’.. Approximately 2 months later she collapsed in our town centre while shopping with my Mum & after being hospitalised, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Extremely shocking for all the family but I realised I had actually seen a ‘sign’. I felt terrible.
    Some experiences I have told people about but when I am right in my ‘gut feeling’, they refuse to acknowledge or ‘forget’ what I’ve told them!! I stopped saying anything at all because I found it quite upsetting. My problem is that I don’t ACT on my instincts.. maybe because people refuse to acknowledge my ‘feelings’.
    I have always felt a ‘connection’ with our Universe.. it’s hard to explain but I just feel connected.. to everything & everyone! It’s the weirdest feeling but a very good feeling. I just wish I knew why!

  • roxy

    One night an old friend I hadn’t seen in a long time appeared in my dreams. Later that same day when I was going to take the train back home, the pass card wouldn’t work (something that’d never happened to me before). The train was arriving in like 5 minutes, and for those whole 5 minutes I was trying to get past checkpoint with the help of an employee, but nothing could be done, the machines wouldn’t pass my card. So the train finally arrived and left, with me still unable to get in. At that moment I told the woman who was helping me “I missed it!” and she replied back “you’ll see, when you get in that train now, you’ll meet with someone”. In that moment I passed the card and I was in, like nothing. Immediately, I heard someone calling me. When I looked their way, it was the friend I had dreamt with. He’d just gotten out of the train I missed.

  • Michelle

    When I was about 10-11 years old I had a dream that someone was going to drown in a pond that wasn’t far from my house and one I use to go to, about a week or two later a kid did indeed drown, I did not know this person, and nothing like this has happened to me again. I still wonder if it was just a coincidence.

  • Rio

    When i was 7 my dad died in an accident with a train, when he died i had the same dream over and over that my sister and i were either side of my father flying through the blue sky with white fluffy clouds with rainbows as if he were superman. My dad must have known he would always be with us and i would have a little chat now and again with him to see how he was and tell him what i was feeling.

    Then around 11/12 i started having terrible nightmares, we lived with my grandmother still after the divorce of my mother and father when i was 5.
    I would have these terrible dreams that a fire was going to happen in our house and i even had to move my bed to be opposite the fire alarm to be able to get to sleep at night i needed to know that the alarm was working.
    One day we went to visit my Grandfather who lived a 10 minute walk across town, whilst we were there we heard sirens (my nan had left the cooker on low as she was boiling potatoes for tea) we litterally spend 5 minutes at my grandfathers and joked that maybe it was our house, so we quickly went back and sure enough the heat from the potatoes had set fire to the socket on the wall and the whole kitchen had turned black, but we were not harmed and the house was fine.
    Then when i was 2 months from turning 14 my mother was in a terrible accident, a house fire and as she was a painter the conclusion was she had accidentally caught alight the white spirit liquid used for cleaning brushes and along with the sofa the whole house infact was taken up in flames very quickly and my mother suffered 75% 3rd degree burns. She couldn’t fight the septicemia that had be caused from the wounds and died 10 days later in intensive care.

    I never knew my intuition was so strong, but i would take any course or development advice given to me to use this intuition to help people, i have only visited the spiritualist church, had my aura read (its purple except when i am down then it can be yellow tinged) and I have for the first time recently read my own Tarot cards, i know i am on the spiritual path i should be but i am in disrupted times at the moment.
    I have booked a flight to Kenya for the 22nd of October, i feel weird about it as for 5 weeks i plan on volunteering on the coast, but I don’t know what my intuition is saying, i am trying very hard to meditate, and use binaural beats to do so, i end up falling alseep, with no dreams or remembrance of them, i had a very troubled time at the beginning of this year, i have dealt with it and i know how to overcome great pain and loss, but i am in need of some more expert skills as i am trying to find my path, i have recently started to research crystals and stones they have the energetic powers i think can help me also continue along this path, and now inside my right ear i have started hearing a vibration, not all the time, but just sometimes, and my pulse inside my ear, its not something i have ever had before, i know its not a sickness, anything that happens physically to me is a part of my mind and is a spiritual engagement from my actions as a consequence. I know this to be true but i would really like to speak with others who can empathize and/or clarify that i am listening and using correctly whatever gift/chance i have been given.

    Thank you in taking the time to read my story

    Love to all From

    Rio Jo-ann

  • Debbie Osterholm

    I was living is Southern California, the rat race was taking it’s toll on my family and I dreamed constantly about moving to the state of Idaho. My immediate family had all left California years before to live in Idaho and I missed them terribly, and longed for a simpler life. Around 9 years ago I was searching for jobs in my husbands field of work in Idaho and found what I knew was the perfect fit. My husband contacted the company located near Boise Idaho and set up an interview. We drove over 1000 miles for the interview praying that this was the defining moment that would lead us to our dream. The interview went well and the company offered him a position, but the conditions of his employment would be like he was stepping backwards. He would be taking a $5 an hour cut in pay and he would lose his 1st shift schedule for the swing shift. My heart broke as I told my husband that I wasn’t willing to have him step backwards and that he shouldn’t accept the offer. The 1000 mile drive home was horrible, I knew that our chance to leave the rat race had just alluded us.
    Life went on but I somehow knew that one day I would live in Idaho and told that to everyone.
    Jump forward 7 years. My husband went to a training event for a program he was using in this job. He self taught himself the program already but his company sent him to learn more through the person who wrote the program. While in class my husband actually was helping other who had come from all over the country to learn. One man happened to be from Coeur d’Alene Idaho located in the northern panhandle of the state. He offered my husband a job the first day of class. Within two weeks that company had set him up with an interview, paid his airfare, lodging, rental car and food while he traveled there. He ended up getting the job,but here’s the miracle. The 1400 mile move didn’t cost us a thing because the company gave us moving allowance. But even more he recieved a $5.00 increase in his pay, went from driving 60 miles one way to work to only 3 miles. And for this is where my siblings and mother have lived for years 🙂 It took 7 years to get to this place I always knew I be. I just thank God that I listened to my heart 7 years earlier even though I thought all hope was gone.

  • Miracles

    I had been going through a awful divorce proceedings. But things kept happening like stepping stones showing me the steps forward. I had been playing a game online. There was a event on that took me to a oppositions area. While I was there I was drawn to there chat. Had never gone there before. I could see someone chatting there, but I could also hear them. His voice was calm reassuring . I messaged him. I had this feeling to. From then he asked questions.the voice told me the answers too. The voice always tells me things about him. We have come to the conclusion we are twin flames. Mirror opposites. He lives exactly the other half of the world to me. We are meeting up. If I had not listened I would never have met the most amazing man.m