drums of heaven22nd April 2014

By Steven Strong

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I must begin by warning the reader that Evan and I consider the account I will share today to be conclusive, but undoubtedly many will see it as being without a shred of empirical foundation or integrity. And they will be half right; this time around we are straying dramatically from our repeated boast of rigor in the standards we apply to our research.

The unique wisdom and connection of the Original people doesn’t come with certified paperwork, and some riddles can’t be tested in any laboratory – they come down to what she did, he said, they sensed, and we heard. That is the reality of dealing with the Original culture, and today, the crucial parts of this consciousness-shifting narrative come from the mouth of an Original man – Karno Walker. Karno is a deeply connected Original man of the highest standing and cultural wisdom. While this may seem a blunt statement to our critics, as far as we are concerned, any questions of Karno’s integrity have been dismissed in advance.

Drums of Heaven

This is a simple and brief personal account of events that lasted no more than ten minutes. Evan and I were not on site, in transit or even in research. Evan was sitting by a computer, or what Auntie Beve calls the “white man’s box”. He tried to gain my attention, and said something about an amazing photo that was taken yesterday by Iris, who is one of the local Original people we invited on our two day trip to the Standing Stones site.

The problem was, my focus was elsewhere – thousands of kilometres to the south-west.

I had just got a message, passed on through Karno’s wife Christine, that I needed to contact Karno immediately and that it was of an urgent nature. As an initiate, I am directly accountable to Karno regarding any Original business, and it was my intention to ring Karno, then look at what Iris had shared. If it wasn’t for Evan insisting, and the fact I can’t operate my mobile phone without him, I would have rung Karno first. But with Evan and technology and the immediacy of the moment all conspiring against me, I agreed to look at Iris’s photograph first.

It was surely quite amazing. Taken the day before, it was a long-distance shot of the mound outside Mullumbimby that once bore the Standing Stones, flanked by a perfect rainbow. On each edge the rainbow arched upwards meeting above the centre of the mound. [A portion of this photograph is shown above]. Knowing the sacred importance of this site, this auspicious a moment might lurk quite uncomfortably in the recesses of many rational minds. But as intriguing as Iris’s photograph was, I still had to speak to Karno about something of even greater urgency.

Can You Feel It?

Now it gets difficult from this point on, especially for those of us who believe that what we see is all we get….

The phone call lasted less than a minute and Karno had a simple message to pass on: yesterday a massive surge of energy had pulsated out of the Sacred Mound.

I was stunned. Even though he was calling from some 3,000 kilometres (1,800 miles) away, Karno sensed an increase in vibration at the same place and time that Iris stopped her car to photograph the double rainbow. I had no explanation as to what this mysterious form of energy actually was. All I knew was that something came out of the earth that Iris could see and photograph from 3 kilometres away, and which Karno was aware of 3,000 kilometers away.

In retrospect, there is little we can add in clarification except to state that there was purpose in the outpouring of energy and it has role in the sequence of circumstances ahead.

As we conceded earlier, we have undoubtedly strayed from our usual scientific rigor by reporting this incident. You won’t find anything like it in any text book or school syllabus. Nothing was measured nor can it be controlled or repeated. There is nothing to quantify, no experiment to repeat or location to investigate. And to compound the scientific affront, this nebulous emanation of unnamed energy has no title or chemical symbol! Just an uncontrolled surge of an unspecified energy that Iris saw and Karno felt.

A Different Paradigm

We are dealing with the unseen and the unheard – that is our way of looking at this event. This was a moment of genuine Original connection. With Karno, there are no coincidences. He is truly versed in the Old Ways and he would never misrepresent his culture or spiritual connection when speaking of such sacred issues.

And this is not the only time our team has experienced the unseen and unheard. Our ongoing work with the Original people and the sacred lands of Australia has taught me; when we go onto country in search of ancient archaeology, we are often witnessed and guided by nature and the spirits. When we first visited “Australia’s Stonehenge”, we were guided by eight hawks at the Elders’ behest, an event I shared in detail in the article “Australia’s Stonehenge: Indigenous Elders Share the Truth About Ancient Stone Arrangement Site“.

On another occasion, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to undergo the traditional smoking ceremony before we returned to the Cave of the Owl and Orbs. When I spoke with Karno later that night, he began by asking why we had gone on site without having been smoked, speaking without prompting or prior ‘knowledge’. The spirits had told him of our transgression.

So there are really two options to explain what went on here:

  • (A) As Karno advised, energetic doorways long thought lost are opening up. The energy at the Standing Stones site shifted and expressed itself within our perceptible limits as a double rainbow – and who knows what else outside our visible spectrum.
  • (B) It is impossible for Karno to detect any type of energy shift. Despite his integrity, and this amazing coincidence, and the extraordinary connection he has demonstrated so many times before, Karno should not be believed.

In my experience, ‘coincidences’ are a way of rationalizing experiences we can’t yet comprehend. Whenever new ways and Old Ways collide, I find it beneficial to step back, close the book, and listen carefully to the men and women who live the Old Ways and uphold the ancient Law and Lore…. which is exactly what we have done in this case.

No doubt there will be many prone to believe that since it isn’t in print, it cannot exist. It must be a hoax! they’ll cry. We have no ‘proof’ bar one picture of a rainbow, Karno’s advice and our collective integrity. But that is enough for us. When Karno speaks about Original truths, there are no questions, gaps or options to consider - it is as he says. From our point of view, the only questions remaining relate to identifying that outpouring of energy and its potential effects.

That surge of energy from the Standing Stones site is an Original matter of the highest priority. Iris saw it and Karno felt it, and given the spirituality inherent in Original culture, understanding this situation is actually quite easy. We give no credence to those who deny the Spirits, disparage our past, and question our natural relationship with the Earth and her energy. All we can offer in closing is to watch that sacred space. Something is stirring. And as Karno said many months ago… “the Spirits will rise and make themselves known when they are ready”.

About the authors:

strongsSteven Strong is an Australian-based researcher, author and former high school teacher. Evan Strong is a researcher, historian and author with a Bachelor degree in the Social Sciences. Their work is to explore the ancient story of the Original people, a narrative that was almost lost to aggressive European colonisation.

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