More government suppression information6th May 2014

By Steven & Evan Strong

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

Throughout a series of previous articles we highlighted news archives from between 1914 and 1939 which prove a widespread understanding in academic circles of the bounty of ancient Egyptian influenced archaeology in Australia. But by 1940, all talk of ancient Egyptians (or any other early civilization for that matter) taking up residence in Australia came to a grinding halt. Slater’s academic papers and presence were expunged from all official and academic records, the ancient Standing Stones site was destroyed under duress of government interference, and all further discussion of Original contact prior to British settlement was no longer tolerated in polite circles.

The historical status quo was restored and the scholars who toed the ‘party-line’ reclaimed their pedestal without fear of such sensational allegations muddying their comfort zones. All opposing theories were eradicated, and the forces of mediocrity had won the day – or so they thought. But silencing Slater’s academic record and sullying his reputation was a deceitful act, and scoundrels like this always leave a trail behind; they are seldom as clever as they would have us believe, or indeed, as they need to be to commit such a broad deception.

As discussed in some detail in our earlier articles, a comprehensive set of 16 letters Slater sent to his on-site colleague escaped the academic carnage. Through means we are still yet to determine, these letters ended up inside an unmarked black folder in an old filing cabinet in a regional historical society, before finally making their way to us in 2013.

The discovery of these documents was a mixed blessing.

The good news is that Slater’s intellectual legacy wasn’t stolen or destroyed; the historical truths of the Original people have returned – and will continue to return. The potential for humanity to come to grips with its ancient ancestry and ‘game plan’ is at hand, and we will continue to publicize the evidence that crosses our paths. If this was a ‘level playing field’ it would all be so promising….

But alas, those who mislead and suppress information are ever-vigilant. Their response – obfuscating and denigrating any research that suggests they don’t already know everything – is so ingrained into the system they defend, attempts at censorship and threats levelled against us began as soon as we published our earlier articles — as if the last 73 years was yesterday.

First Outside Contact

From the time of our first overseas interview, the agencies in control made their malevolence clear.

Alfred Lambremont Webre is a man of high repute and conscience, being both a UN War Crimes Judge and vitally interested in the real history and underlying truths of humanity. He had heard of our very early research, and approached us about being interviewed for a one-hour segment on his Skype Radio show.

It all began so promisingly. Being our first interview and new to this forum, we were a touch apprehensive. But we needn’t have worried; the questions were insightful and our performance was at least adequate. During the radio show, we were inexplicably cut off in mid-sentence but assumed once we had reconnected, all was well. The next day Alfred contacted us and made reference to the forced interlude half way through; according to Alfred, somebody or group broke into his computer and wiped the first half-hour of the talk. Despite his best efforts it could not be retrieved and the only option available was for us to provide a brief written summary of what we had discussed, which was then posted to accompany what remained of our interview.

Unusual. Maybe an unexplained glitch? The suggestion of meddling on this scale was quickly dismissed, for the time being.

It soon became clear that this wasn’t a momentary lapse in transmission but the opening gambit of what is now a regular event. Time after time, overseas radio stations invite us to be interviewed, and more often than not, our conversations are jammed within minutes of beginning. Often even the most experienced hosts are left dumbfounded by ‘technical problems’ we experience, with comments like “this hasn’t happened before”, “none of our technicians have dealt with this before”, and the most common response – simply to place all the blame on our computer, which incidentally works fine (including Skype) when we’re not being interviewed.

It is now a rare occurrence that we are interviewed interference-free. More often than not, our radio appearances are spliced together from broken segments recorded between interruptions. On other occasions we have quietly arranged to reconvene hours later, and snuck the odd interview through that way. But it is a lottery, and we never know how each interview might pan out. Over half are ultimately abandoned.

Let’s Try Mainstream Media One More Time

Despite all the censorship and deceit that surrounds discussions of human history, we were unprepared for the next turn of events. In retrospect, we really should have known better than to dip our toes in the cesspit of mainstream media.

Ignoring our misgivings and appalling track record with agencies of ‘government’, we made one last concerted attempt to breach the divide. We approached Mary Louise Vince, a local ABC News reporter, late in 2012, and offered to share with her some of the discoveries made near and around the controversial Bambara hieroglyphs. We deliberately kept away from the ‘glyphs, knowing the evidence and archaeology we had uncovered in the surrounding area presented a compelling case in support of ancient civilisations and advanced technology. We wanted to separate the discussion of these sites from the site so many had attacked and (incorrectly) ridiculed before.

Mary Louise was obviously quite taken by what we showed her and soon after put together an article and radio segment. Extremely positive in content and treatment, it appeared we had indeed broke into the mainstream! The media was finally engaging in informed discussion of Australia’s ancient past, just as it did between 1914 and 1939. We received phone calls and emails from all over.

Then, within hours of first being aired, there was nothing. The story just went away; vanished without a trace! We couldn’t work out what had happened.

As reported by our colleague Andy Whiteley (co-founder of Wake Up World);

Despite my skepticism… at 6:00am on 10th December 2012, ABC Radio National News featured a 40 second story which presented some of our findings. The story was also covered by the ABC’s affiliate station Triple J Radio, and at approximately 8:30am an accompanying online article was posted on the ABC News website.

Strangely, by the afternoon, something had changed. The story was not mentioned on either ABC National News or Triple J News that afternoon, and – in an unprecedented move – the accompanying written article was withdrawn from the ABC News website along with two earlier (less controversial) ABC articles that relate to the Kariong site.

But it gets worse. For four days, we waited… and waited… and waited for answers. Then on the 14th December 2012, ABC News posted a second extremely negative article lambasting the credentials of the Bambara ‘glyphs, written by the same ‘reporter’. It rehashed hoax comments made by one obscure academic and failed outright to address the archaeology we shared with Mary Louise – which she detailed in her earlier segment and article.

Andy Whiteley continues:

Following the article’s removal from the site, we were advised that – in accordance with “ABC policy” of “due diligence” – a “more balanced” approach was needed to the topic, and that a statement from the National Parks & Wildlife Service would therefore be sought before the article was re-published.

I understand the concept of due-diligence. What I don’t understand is why that “diligence” was not done before the article… was published.

Four more days passed… Eventually, on Friday 14th December, a “revised article” appeared on the ABC News website entitled “Egyptologist debunks new claims about Gosford ‘Glyphs”. The purpose of the revised article is obvious; to stir up the old “hoax” rhetoric once more and undermine the site’s significance. Its intention is even stated in the title of the revised article: “Egyptologist debunks new claims…”

Clearly, something more than “due diligence” transpired behind the doors of the ABC’s national offices between the 10th and 14th of December.

In the hands of government media, it seems we’d been “debunked” before our findings could even get used to the light of day. The story came and went with a lifespan of mere hours, and nobody told or asked us anything.

Some of our more well-connected advisors and colleagues made contact with ABC News management, demanding to know what had happened. No explanation was given beyond stating unequivocally that they do not have to tender any reason to public enquiry. They will ‘report’ as they see fit, and answer to no-one.

Frankly, by that stage we had already figured out that they answer to no-one. We also made contact with employees within the ABC News organization who explained that any public complaint goes to a committee and is the end result of much red tape and due process. None had ever heard of such a rapid reaction. 

Such a prolonged process suggests that public input to and/or moderation of news reporting in ‘real-time’ is essentially impossible. No public complaint can cause the removal of an article within hours, free of the red-tape described the agency’s employees. Furthermore a public retraction or statement about the previous article is required in cases where information has been misreported or due diligence not completed. That did not happen in this case – the second article was posted on the sly, as though the first never existed.

The general consensus, and one we subscribe to, is that the directive came from the highest echelons of power. The ABC is an Australian Government owned and tax payer funded broadcaster; their bosses are politicians. And while the Australian Government is therefore in control of ABC News content, it is simultaneously the entity with the most to lose if the truth of Australia’s pre-British history becomes public. Now that absolute proof was at hand – and on their airwaves – their failure to even go through the motions of offering apologies, making excuses or denying accountability shows the ABC’s absence of real journalism and the contemptuous arrogance of its controlling players.

As we were reminded, ‘Auntie’ will do as she pleases and is answerable to no-one… even on issues of overt censorship.

From that point on, it seems the gloves were off. Any attempt at masking interference was discarded by government entirely. The next time we went onto country in Bambara with a full gathering of the inner Tribe, we had our first visitation from above! A small black helicopter with a camera mounted on the front hovered less than one hundred metres from where we stood, clearing out any lingering doubts we had that we were under the watchful eye of government.

Enter “The Investigator”

Just as it was with Slater, it seems we too had “shipped a sea of troubles”. But at very least, the next step in this farce provided some identity – a voice, a title and a name.

(Steven) I received a phone call a couple of months after our investigation of the ancient Standing Stones site. The gentleman introduced himself as “The Investigator” and was calling to inform me of a “thorough investigation” his “team” undertook over “two days” into our activities at the Standing Stones. As it turns out of course, the outcome of their combined endeavours was fruitless. Despite specifically searching for blame and culpability on our part, “The Investigator” admitted his team had found no sign of disturbance or desecration…. to which I replied “if you had called in advance I could have saved you the expense and labour”, and assured him he was wasting his time.

“The Investigator” made note of the pit we had dug some distance from both mounds and in the paddock. As we noted in a previous article, our intention in doing so was to ascertain whether there was an unknown deposit of sandstone beneath the surface, which there wasn’t. His only complaint was that we did not also provide a map indicating whether it was dug on the sacred mounds or elsewhere. I once again reminded him that any uncertainty on his part could have been resolved with a simple phone call, and that he clearly had no trouble finding my number. More importantly, I reiterated that no maps will ever be provided, due to justifiable concerns over the potential desecration of the site. But I should never have had to remind “The Investigator” of this; it was a point that was made very clearly throughout our earlier reports, which he has clearly read.

“The Investigator” then (inexplicably) reminded me of the illegality of certain actions on a registered site – which he agreed we didn’t do. Not in the mood to be bullied by the ignorant, I cut him off in mid-sentence and pointed out the site could not be registered as it was completely destroyed 73 years ago. To my astonishment, he conceded. “The Investigator” knew nothing of the site’s destruction. Bemused, I asked him “Did you read our article? It was the major point of concern”.

It felt like an episode of Hogan’s Heroes, with Sergeant Schultz in charge; he literally “knew nothing”! It became obvious he was merely a middle-level minion with no idea what he was being sent to do, or why, and all I could get out of him was that he was directed to this site at the request of an “archaeologist”. I suggested that their work would be far more productive if they examined the site rather than trying to find fault where there was none, but it fell on deaf ears and the vacuum between. His purpose was simple, to harass and threaten. He was working to a very narrow script indeed. And since we agreed no offence was committed, there certainly wasn’t any need to put aside 30 minutes on the phone to report we did nothing wrong.

It was an appalling effort. They didn’t care about the site and had no intention of looking at or investigating anything archaeological. “The Investigator” learned more from that phone call than “his team” learned in “two days” of “thorough investigation”. After he finally realised his half hour of belligerence was wasted, the phone call was soon finished and so too this ridiculous charade.

A Letter From Below

But once again we underestimated the lack of morality and vindictive nature of the duplicitous defenders of the status quo. On 5th February 2014, I received in the post a “Warning Letter”. Issued on behalf of the “NSW Government, Office of Environment & Heritage”, it was – lo and behold – another attempt to exert pressure on us. Yet again the correspondent, “Jon Keats, Team Leader, Compliance and Regulation-North East” admitted there was “no evidence” of non-compliance and that “no regulatory action is proposed”. However, there was a swipe taken at the end of this concession, adding “at this time”.

The letter then concluded with an outright lie: “The OEH wishes to thank-you for co-operating for the investigation”. According to the Oxford Dictionary, to co-operate means to “work or act together“. In total, our action was to argue and dispute “The Investigator” after their “thorough investigation” had already concluded. We did not even know when the “work” was occurring! And as for “acting together”, we were told a “team” went behind our backs, then rang to threatened us for having done anything wrong.

Translating this “Warning Letter” from unnecessary bureaucratic bullying into straight English, it essentially reads:

Dear sirs,

We are writing to let you know that we know you did nothing wrong, and lots of it, on an important site we did not know was destroyed, after you gained the express permission of the land owner to attend the site. Although you have done nothing wrong, please note that you may still be punished sometime in the future for the above-mentioned nothing, for which we have found no evidence.

The OEH wishes to remind you, we’ve got our eye on you.

Kind regards,

Compliance and Regulation-North East

These people don’t deserve our time of day.

For better or worse – and it is inordinately worse – it seems we are destined to meet again. Our phone has been bugged for so long now we no longer react when we hear the beeps kick in. In fact, on the rare occasions when our privacy isn’t invaded, we now feel a touch neglected!

But we have nothing to hide. We work with integrity, and none of what we have written in this article is anything but the absolute truth. We are trying to share the Original truths of humanity, just like we have always done. And there are agencies, departments and individuals who are trying their hardest to make sure that never happens – just like they have always done. They do so at the expense of the tax payers, charging back the cost of surveillance, jamming, phone tapping, helicopters, pilots, admin labour, stationery… and bad energy.

Although our work will not be so easily erased, we have no doubt that another “sea of troubles” lies just up ahead. To be brutally honest, despite our best intentions and the Original truths we share, we have to be realistic – the forces we are up against are formidable. Frederic Slater was a highly respected academic with a high media profile, and even he got smashed trying to present this information to the public sphere. Once his paper was cancelled and the Standing Stones were destroyed, he literally vanished. 

What really did surprise us was the agencies involved in vetoing his paper. One of his foes was readily recognisable, but the other came from far right field; an organisation Slater never identified as the ‘enemy’ in his personal correspondence.

Sealed in Tropical Medicine

After our last article on this sad tale, Peter King contacted us advising that he examined the cancellation notice stamped on the first two pages. Being a “graphic designer” he managed to “remove the non-seal text in photoshop” to reveal who was responsible for stopping Slater from speaking at the conference. After cleaning up the seal, Peter could identify every letter. It read, “School Public Health & Tropical Medicine Library 8, Dec, University Sydney.”

Most definitely Slater made it clear the University were complicit in blocking him at every turn, but what jurisdiction do the academics specialising in “Public Health & Tropical Medicine” have that allows them to gag one of the top academics from speaking about history and Original matters? And if they have such license, there are forces stacked against us that we don’t even know about using tactics that are without morality. They are dedicated to suppress the truth and any that get in their way. And with Slater disposed of, it looks like we are next in line. All we can do in response is tell the Original truth and prepare for their next assault, because there will no doubt be more.

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About the author:

Steve and Evan Strong

Steven Strong is an Australian-based researcher, author and former high school teacher with a background in archaeology. He was involved in the formation of a Graduate Diploma of Aboriginal Education for the NSW Department of Education, writing units on Traditional Law and Contemporary History. He also co-authored the highly successful “Aboriginal Australia: A Language and Cultural kit” and has written over a dozen articles on Original history and lore for the National Indigenous Times, with four articles also appearing in New Dawn magazine.

Evan Strong is a researcher, historian and author with a Bachelor degree in the Social Sciences, majoring in psychology and archaeology/anthropology.

Together they have co-written 4 books:

  • Constructing a New World Map, an exploration of the ancient mystical tradition that began in the Dreaming, and and examination of the historical circumstances that require the construction of a new world map.
  • Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming. Tracing the origins of religion, this is a comparison of Aboriginal wisdom and Gnostic scriptures, stripped of all cultural and geographic differences The secret knowledge Mary and Jesus preached is undoubtedly the purest replication of the Original Dreaming since the first mariners were banished from Australia.
  • Forgotten Origin, dedicated to the first Homo sapiens: the Australian Aboriginal people, continues their investigation into the global impact of Aboriginal people sailing from Australia no less than 50,000 years ago, paying particular attention to mtDNA, Y Chromosomes, skull morphology, historical accounts, and the religious ancestry upon which this hidden history is founded.
  • Shunned, their latest publication, thoroughly refutes the Out-of-Africa theory of human history and examines the archaeological and DNA evidence that suggests Australia is where modern human beings derived.

With close to 30 years of contact with original Gumilaroi people and tribes of the Bundjalung Language Confederation, and the benefit of extensive consultation with many Original Elders, Steve and Evan’s work is to reveal the ancient story of the Original people, a narrative that was almost lost to aggressive European colonisation.

For more information visit or get involved with the Forgotten Origins tribe!



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