Overcoming Envy and Competition

Overcoming Envy

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Competition in this sense is a game of one-upmanship that keeps us from being able to have and express our soul’s real wisdom, purpose and pace. It is a game we unwittingly play entirely within ourselves, and in reality, it has little or nothing to do with the person being envied.

Envy is a complex, almost toxic manifestation of our own feelings of frustration, resentment, anger and powerlessness that results when we are somehow disconnected from our truth, and our dreams. We buy into the lie of separation, both within and without, and this mistakenly draws our attention to the outside – where we compare our frustration to what other people are doing, what they have, their personal triumphs etc.

Being in competition with others is really about being in competition with ourselves. Our feelings of jealousy and envy of someone else are really a reflection of what is going on, or not going on, entirely within ourselves. The person we envy typically isn’t aware of our envy, and so doesn’t usually care that this is what you are experiencing.

The feelings of jealousy and envy only perpetuate the divide within us from our true selves, and feed those feelings of powerlessness.

Can you identify situations in which you feel an unhealthy, unnecessary competition or envy, and sincerely no longer want to feel that way? Realise that you are really yearning to heal; to be able to know, have, love and truly trust yourself to create the kind of life you dream of. That can only come from a place of fully knowing and accept yourself.

Now for a moment, allow yourself to consider, absorb and integrate the following statement to whatever extent that it resonates with you;

If you want to get to the issues underlying envy, it is worth trying to formulate your thoughts around that aspect of yourself that you intuitively feel disconnected from – that life you only dream of – which in turn causes you to feel resentful of others. As you begin to sense and feel into the nature of this inner place, you might also want to set a conscious intention that the underlying issue comes to the fore to be healed in the ways that are most natural and perfect for you.

As you become more aware of and aligned with that sense of disconnection, what others are doing or what others have becomes irrelevant. You learn to understand, validate, appreciate and love yourself — who you really are on your most fundamental, powerful and vulnerable levels.

Disconnection creates frustration at not feeling like you can create for yourself the kinds of life experiences other people seem to be doing with ease. Identifying and releasing the disconnections that cause us to feel envy is important because this is where your own creative potential resides.

In other words, in reality your Spirit is much stronger, more magnificent and capable than you know and realise yourself to be… much stronger than the feeling of being diminished in comparison to others… and much stronger than the sense of separation, frustration and powerless that arises out of any perceived inability to create the life you really want.

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Caroline wants to live in a world where it’s easy for others to connect with their innermost desires and experience the exhilaration that comes when they find their groove. An Intuitive Life Coach, Caroline is the creator and facilitator of Everyday Alchemy: Intuition at Work and Play, a system of intuitive self-healing programs, thoughtfully designed to help you reveal your own essential energetic, intuitive and creative nature, and effect positive, meaningful life change.

You can experience Caroline’s work by joining the Everyday Alchemy community, a platform designed to give you greater self-understanding and alignment with your inner knowing, spiritual purpose and needs. In this confidential and sacred space you are invited via online teleconference each month not only to show up as your most authentic self but to participate in various combinations of group discussion, journaling exercises, guided meditations, intuitive coaching and energy-based self-healing techniques.

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