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14th November 2014

By Andy Whiteley

Co-Founder of Wake Up World

Every time you create a post on  Facebook, send out a Tweet or  share  a photo on  Instagram, that content  provides a  financial  value to those companies.  Currently, around  2 billion people  create content on social media platforms, and so, in the spirit of give and take, isn’t it about time that someone created a  social media model that allowed  everyone to prosper?

Founder of tsū  Sebastian Sobcza has done just that. And over the past few weeks, Wake Up World has been testing out  this new social network, which rewards users for their input.

What is  tsū?

tsū  (pronounced ‘sue’) is a  free invitation-only social platform that gives 90% of its ad revenue back to its users  —  the people who spend the time and effort creating the content that keeps  people coming back to social network sites in the first place.

Click to join Wake Up World on TSU

Sebastian, founder of  tsū,  explains:  “Established social networks have built amazing business models prospering on the total monetization of free user-generated content…  Why should anyone commercially benefit from someone else’s image, likeness and work giving no financial return to the owner? The markets we participate in are enormous, growing, and can materially compensate each user — we’re simply and uniquely rewarding the users who are doing all the work. This is the way the world should work.”

Sounds like a fair exchange to me. Especially when you consider that Facebook, for example, hosts approximately 1.3 billion users each month [1], earning the company  US$7.87 billion in revenue last year, with  the total value of its financial  assets (then) approaching  the  US$18 billion mark. [2] Even the small-by-comparison  Twitter hosts  271 million users [3] with a total revenue in  2013 of  US$664 million [4] while Instagram, currently the fastest growing social platform [5] (and a subsidiary of Facebook Inc.) is valued at approximately US$500 million. [6]

There is certainly no shortage of revenue where social media is concerned.

How does tsū work?

Social media platforms generate their  revenue from third party ads, sponsorships and corporate partnerships. The more activity, or traffic, they draw to their site, the more valuable those sponsorship deals become.

Differentiating itself from other social platforms,  tsū  acknowledges the value of  its users, and rewards them by  sharing the  revenues generated by their social activity.

Once economic value is created, tsū receives 10% for  maintaining the platform (a standard commission rate). Half of the remaining revenue (45%) is paid to the user who created the content, and the remainder  (45%)  is shared  through the user’s network (or ‘family tree’) who helped distribute that content. In  tsū economics, the content is valued, not just the platform that carries it.

TSU Revenue

Is tsū popular?

Since launching to the public in  October 2014,  tsū has generated some serious traffic! Over the past weeks we have received  numerous  invitations to join their network, which is what first prompted us to check it out.  Judging by the alexa.com ranking graph  below, it seems people are really warming to this new social media model.

TSU Alexa Ranking

Since Wake Up World  joined the tsū network, we have posted a few articles and shared  some  pictures, just to test the waters. Initially, people  seems quite  active and willing to connect. Without asking anyone to visit our page, we have organically found  over 190 followers and friends already!

Best of all,  tsū have a ‘no-censorship’ policy — unlike other (inconsistently censored) social media platforms.

How do I join?

New members can only join tsū by user invitation. Their invite-only system enables tsū to track network value and distribute revenue to the users who help them  grow.

Click here to receive an invitation from us to you


What can I do with money earnt on  tsū?

Users can receive a cheque for the revenue they earn, once their  balance  reaches US$100. Users also have the ability to transfer funds in  their tsū account  to other friends, charities or members in the network. This alone  could mean millions of dollars are directed to worthwhile causes and community  activities, rather than  ending up on a corporate  profit statement.


Screenshot provided by tsu.co

If you’re interested in checking out this new social platform, read on for more…

Content is the key!

In social media, content is the key. It’s simple – the more engaging you are, the more social activity you generate. In the tsū  model, your  content  contribution is rewarded  via your  tsū bank balance.

But where can you find content to shareū

You’re looking at it! 😉

Over the past 3 years, Wake Up World has published over 2600 articles. In this time,  we are proud to say that content has helped us grow a  Facebook community of  over 1.3 million people,  and we are certain  our content will continue to find new audiences  on the new tsū platform as well.  But we can’t post a back-catalogue that big  all at once…

So today, we’re  inviting Wake Up World  readers to  join  the invitation-only tsū network  and share our content  far and wide! A  win/win/win situation.

Get started on  tsū

To  get started,  join  the tsū network here.  You can then  invite your family and friends to join too. (You don’t have to invite anyone, but social media is always more fun with your friends!)

Next, check out the article categories on Wake Up World that most interest you…  share some articles with your  tsū community…  help us share the Wake Up World vibe on this new social platform… and be rewarded for doing it!

Below are some popular categories  to get you started, or you can  browse our article categories  on  Wake Up World  for plenty more:

Animals  –  Environment  – Monsanto  – Gardening  –  Health/Wellbeing  –  Detoxing  –  Fluoride  –  GMOs  –  Hemp/Cannabis  –  Nutrition  – Meditation  –  Survival  –  Turmeric  –  Science/Technology  –  Society  –  Healthy Recipes  –  Multidimensionality  –  Government –  The Good News  –  Astrology

See you on  tsū!

ps. we’ll add a new  tsū ‘share’ button to our articles  as soon as one  is  available.

Still skeptical?

(Updated 20th November 2014)

There are  some concerns being discussed  within  social media circles of the tsū model, which some are likening to a ‘pyramid’ scheme. After taking in the various perspectives of this discussion, I would like to share a few thoughts…

The platform launched 3 weeks ago and so far we haven’t seen any ‘red flags’ – it’s free to join (always a good start), you’re not asked to provide bank details to receive payments, the platform itself is user friendly, and unlike pyramid schemes, you don’t invest anything into it but your time and social content — which 2 billion of us are already doing every day.

The  invitation-only  sign up process makes  sense when you consider the  revenue sharing component. Having control of who you invite into your immediate network (family tree) allows you to determine who shares in  the 45% of ad revenues that your social activity generates. In our  case, that network will be made up of Wake Up World readers. For many, networks will be made up of family and friends.

Initially, it seems less like a ‘scheme’ and more like a bonus system to attract and engage users on a new social platform in an already saturated market. But of course, we  will be  keeping an open mind on  the platform model, and its benefits limitations and incentives, until we’ve had a chance to properly experience it and see what happens  over time.

Right this moment, I believe this new platform presents an opportunity. And as stake-holders, tsū users  will ultimately determine how valuable that system is —  by how they choose to use it.

Personally I  like the function  that allows you to  forward any  $$’s you  earn to other tsū users, like community groups  and  charities. In essence, tsū offers  users an allowance and the ability to invest it within their social community, and although the amount each user earns may be small individually, cumulatively, the potential is enormous. What we do with that potential is up to us.

So rather than rely on reviews, we’re going to explore  the possibilities  and decide from  experience.

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, here’s your invitation:  www.tsu.co/wakeupworld

A Message on  Amanda Blaine

I’ve seen the “Is it a scam?” article by Amanda Blain  shared on social media recently, and I’d like to discuss  in detail  the “concerns” that article raises.

1) Revenue Share: despite the author’s claim, the rev share policy is clearly explained at www.tsu.co/faq, including an example/breakdown.

2) Is it a Pyramid Scheme? tsu have been explicit about their business model from day one. The author offers no real rationale to support why this is a problem, only asks questions that are mostly addressed by the revenue share policy. She also states (correctly) that this sort of model is not new to online media. Despite the title, the author has also shown no evidence of a “scam”. Users don’t pay anything and don’t provide bank details, so there is no financial risk to users.

3) The Payout: this section includes only questions and speculation of potential earnings based on “you’d be lucky if….” statements. But remember, tsu is not meant to replace your day job… it is meant to reward regular social media activity by redirecting ad revenues from the social media industry to users.

4) Operating on 10% Costs: We know that FB and other platforms comprise a multi BILLION dollar industry, resulting in massive corporate profits. There is no reason a platform like tsu, with very few operating expenses, can’t be run on multi-millions, not billions.

5) Taking Back Content. The author’s main suggestion here is that you’d be better off starting your own website. Any website owner will tell you (as I am now) that social media is still a *crucial* element in promoting a website and its content. That’s why WuW is on here in the first place! If your website can reach an audience without social media today, you’re in an extreme minority. Please let us know your secret!

6) No Delete Button: The author states there is no ‘delete’ button on a tsu account, then corrects herself with an update. She then goes on to state that content/posts can’t currently be deleted by the user, but that is also in need of an ‘update’ – we’ve tested the system and had no trouble deleting posts.

Finally, something else to consider… according to the article, the author runs her own social network. Effectively, she’s a competitor to tsu. WIth  clear potential for bias in her opinion, perhaps it would be wise to  take her opinions with a grain of salt.


ps: I just found this article online from another tsu user who discusses Amanda Blain’s article in much more detail than I have… http://tsu.support/tsu-facts-vs-opinion-response-amanda…/


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