By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

It is time for humanity to rise up.

If I see another “petition” asking for the selected “powers that shouldn’t be” to do this or that I’m gonna spit nails. It’s ridiculous. The very positioning of the populace into a place of “petitioning” others to get things done only reinforces the matrix of control and deceit.

The answer is to rise up.

This is done individually most of all, and collectively as a result. The PTSBs are parasitic fleas on the back of humanity trying to direct the movements and mind set of the body. It’s insane. This comes into perspective when you realize you are the creator of the reality around you. It’s an immense realization and empowerment awaiting any truth seeker.

We are what we project, and we project what we perceive. If the importance of awakening can be encapsulated into anything it’s that. If that seems too esoteric for you then dig deeper and wake yourself up. Without awakening we are swimming in a futile state of induced cause and effect within carefully circumscribed limits.

Petition Attrition

It’s honestly hard to believe even semi-conscious active humans still have the mindset to “ask” others to perform what needs to be done, to either bring to public discussion, pass laws or acknowledge the obvious. Just think about it. When the obvious is obvious do you need validation from some outside “authority”? What more validation do you need than your experiential facts?

This is why small subcultures existed in such harmony. What was known was known. Experiences and wise understandings were considered valid. There was a common agreement and harmonious communication, even if the evidence was sometimes subjective it was understood.

Today? It’s a legalistic nightmare. “Prove what you saw with your own eyes” or “Bring evidence that you were accosted or an offense was orchestrated” etc. The system is based on lack of trust and empathy most of all, and resigned to relegate humanity to a place of servitude to imposed law and authority by controlling interests.

Know Your Individual Authority

Stand your ground. Be fully who you are. What you perceive once awakened is your path to full awareness. Trust it. Have confidence in what you are being shown. And stand within it.

Everything in the world society will assail such a stance but stand you must. Friends will desert, old paradigms will fold in on themselves, opposition will arise; but this is no reason to waver. Our united calm and centered confidence is what shakes the matrix to its foundations.

Being bold and brave doesn’t touch on the deeper meaning of this kind of conviction. It’s a sense of knowing that surpasses all emotional and mental calibration or judgement. It just is. And there we must stand fearlessly. There’s clearly a seeming paradox here when what you know to be true doesn’t stand up to their measurements, but stand we must.

After all, it’s reality. And no outside power source needs to confirm it. Because we know it to be true.

Let It Go

There are so many imposed paradigms that need to be let loose. Our apparent dependency on the system goes from our birth certificate to our income tax form; our money subservience to the educational and job treadmills. It’s all the same. To make it in the treadmill you must align with the treadmill’s system and abide by its contracts. It’s all a super imposed sham.

Do you dare to let go of it? Do you think it will make a big enough difference? Are you waiting for others to lead the way, similar to asking the current authorities for permission to act?

These are big questions.

It’s certainly not a time for cowards and curious onlookers. That’s what got us into the mess we’re in today. It’s a time for selfless doers. Or perhaps insane dreamers – not insane in the least since they have a grasp on reality but are considered as such by the status quo.

Do we have the guts to stand up? To be who we truly are? To live according to our innate convictions?

This is the challenge. Let’s rise to it.

Much love, Zen

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About the author:

I have questions. Life is wonderful – full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold. My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you… just wondering. Love Zen.

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“The hourglass is almost out of grains…”


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  • Neil


  • Tisha

    Hi. I just finish reading rise up. I agree with most and feel like I’m in the matrix. I go to work everyday sad and thinking, “gosh there has to be more then this.” I feel I’m not successful because I’m not making lots of money and have a fancy position. I want my own business but in order to do that I have to have great credit and money because I don’t have the means to get a loan or time to study to get all I need for a loan. I also know you have to either have or make money in order to start a business and even be consider for a loan. I know I’m destined for great things and want to do so much but it’s so hard to just quit your job and have nothing. Where should I start?

    • Richard Horrocks

      I know this was written 4 months ago and that things will have changed but I wanted to respond anyway. I’ve found that change very rarely occurs through conscious, deliberate decisions. We can all rationalise things – as you have done with your situation – but it’s not so simple to act on a merely rational basis. There are forces – internal forces – that make the required shifts. It just happens. You may have found that out yourself in the last 4 months. Basically, you are on the edge, like an alcoholic who has admitted to it – you are more than half way there. It’s going to happen. Your life will change, and you don’t need to figure it out, you definitely don’t need to force it, it will just happen, it really will, and that is how it should be. I understand Zen’s feelings. I understand the urge to ‘DO IT!’ but life doesn’t work like that. This isn’t a struggle. There’s no need for force or effort. When the time comes to act right we will, because – as your words demonstrate – we feel it, it’s there deep within and bubbling up, and this wave that has been building is ready to crash. You’ll do what you need to do when it needs to be done. Don’t worry about anything else. Enjoy the ride.

      • Rey Chávez

        Again, 4 months away. 🙂 Richard, I need to say that even though I don’t disagree with you.. I will say that I’ve thought about this before, for I have read it elsewhere, and to me it doesn’t always make sense..

        Why should we just wait and do nothing, when our “enemy” or whatever you want to call it.. works nonstop to take away our freedom? Do you really think we should just sit around waiting for something to happen or the correct circumstances to act upon? Don’t we just allow them to move ahead with their plans when we do this? It also makes me think about the “just let things flow” attitude that meditators and other people promote (I am aware, though, of the internal changes that meditation brings forward, which indeed translate into external changes).

        I feel that today it is very difficult to discern true information with the hurricanes of info we receive daily.. To me it has become hard to figure out if we must “be active, do stuff, be ourselves, get out of our comfort zone”, or just “stand still and be calm for the time will come”, as you propose. Perhaps your view is to obtain unnattachment from our dark qualities such as anger, resentment, Jealousy, greed, and others..

        I have done a lot of internal work, breaking patterns, doing what I like, not standing to anyone’s crap, having time for myself, enjoying from sunrise to sunset, being thankful, staying positive, encouraging myself and others, building community, treating others as family, etc. However, I still have doubts in whether i’m doing right, since more than often I find the “embrace your dark side” article. So sometimes say, I’m encouraged to feel the anger, jealousy, etc, and then just let it go. I feel like we can’t just sit waiting.. for nothing happens when we don’t move.

        I’ve noticed that in websites such as Wakeup-world.com or Collective Evolution, things such as “you create your reality” are taken as a given, but we receive little info as to how to change it towards the better of us all (golden age?) to defeat the system that is threatening us. I mean.. if we create our reality, why are we not in paradise? If we are god-like creatures, wouldn’t that allow us to be in paradise with the blink of an eye or the speed of thought? Or does it just take a lot of time, unity and work to get there? (Opposite to your POV)


    I have to say Zen I love your writing , it resonates with me bigtime and yes I am rising up ,I have been assaulted by Police and court Sheriff for standing up for my rights ,I love it bring it on man ! I am not violent ,but they are , and really they are a disgrace to Humanity , everything falls together when you know who you are ,and what powers you have , I am O neg and an Aquarian ,so its no coincidence that I stand for truth and justice and humanity ,none at all ,these times are the most hardest I have ever experienced ,but also the most exciting ,and somewhat dangerous but hey someone has to do it .