Jayden’s Legacy: Hope From Jayden

Jayden's Legacy

17th June 2015

By Andy Whiteley

Co-Founder of Wake Up World

Regular readers of Wake Up World will remember our articles from late 2014 following the progress of Jayden Wilson, the 5 year old UK boy whose parents opted to treat his grade-4 brain tumor with Cannabis Oil after pharmaceutical cancer protocols (including radiation) failed. What you may not have heard is that, despite signs he was becoming “his cheeky little self again”, sadly, little Jayden passed away at his home with his family early on Christmas morning, and was cremated in a family service on the 8th of January 2015.

Following Jayden’s passing, his father Michael Wilson (also known as “SpiderDad“) reached out to Wake Up World again to let our readers know the sad news, and to express his gratitude for the incredible amount of support his family received from around the world (especially the UK). He and his family sincerely wish to thank everyone who showed them such kindness and support during this difficult time.

Michael is now firmly focussed on honoring Jayden’s legacy in the best way he knows how…

Hope From Jayden

Since Jayden’s passing, ‘SpiderDad’ Michael has been doing an enormous amount of fundraising for their chosen charity, the Naomi House Children’s Hospice, who supported Jayden and his family throughout the entire journey.

His family wish to leave a legacy for Jayden and other families going through similar situations, so in Jayden’s memory, Michael has created a fundraising campaign called Hope From Jayden and every day since Jayden’s passing Michael has been working to raise funds in honour of Jayden’s short but beautiful life.

As part of this effort, Michael and his brothers (Jayden’s uncles) plan to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in September to raise money and awareness for the Hope From Jayden charity. Says Michael:

This would.. mean the world to our family, allowing us to conquer something massive for our little hero… I will be taking one of Jayden’s favorite SPIDERMAN cuddly toys on the journey, resembling Jayden himself taking on the journey with us.

On the anniversary of Jayden coming home, which will be 24th December 2015, we hope to announce the final total the Hope From Jayden campaign has raised in the little warrior’s honour.

In November 2014, Michael released a hugely popular SpiderDad video on YouTube, which captured SpiderDad’s surprise home visit with young Jayden.

Jayden's LegacySince Jayden’s passing, Michael has also been busy filming a follow-up YouTube video called The Amazing SpiderDad, dedicated to his son, who was a massive fan of the superhero. The fundraising concept is very simple — the more views this video receives, the more money will be donated to the charity. (Michael is working closely with YouTube to ensure that 100% of the funds raised by this video are sent directly to the Hope From Jayden charity.)

This video is dedicated by Michael and his family to their “little warrior”. Please take a moment to watch the video, as every “click” counts.

The Amazing SpiderDad

The Wake Up World family would like to wish Michael, his family, friends and supporters the very best in all their fundraising endeavours for the Hope From Jayden charity, not least of which is their plan to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in September this year! You can keep up with the details of their expedition at JustGiving.com/HopeFromJayden.

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