Wake Up World’s Facebook Page Has Been Hacked (Please share!)


To our dear readers,

Wake Up World’s Facebook page has been hacked, and is temporarily offline.

We’re confident we’ll be back online soon.

In the meantime our website is still running like normal, so please come back and visit.

You can still share our articles on Facebook using the social buttons on each article, or you can also keep in touch via our free email newsletter or visit us on Google Plus and Twitter.

We’ll see you back on Facebook as soon as we can.

Peace and love,

Andy Whiteley





  • Alma Mercer

    Im luck if mine even works most of the time , they have set so many limits now .

  • Romina Tolentino

    It hasnt been haked. Obviously facebook shut it down because of post maybe… Wondering…. any idea?? Facebook is way to safe to be easily hacked.

    • Hi Romina,

      Our site has indeed been hacked, and we are doing everything we can to get it back on line 🙂
      Meagen WUW