Where is Your Soul on the Path of Spiritual Evolution?

Where is Your Soul on the Path of Spiritual Evolution

By Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

There are three transformational processes within the evolution of the Consciousness. These are, in fact, three levels of development. At these different levels of development the state and functions of the Counsciousness show entirely different signs. If we are aware of these characteristic signs, we may easily recognize what state of development of the Consciousness we are in: ordinary Consciousness, awakening or the level of complete freedom.

The Level of Ordinary Consciousness

This is the lowest level of the evolutional process of the Consciousness. Ordinary Consciousness is rooted in, and feeds on, past times. The present moment is less important for it, it is only a gateway leading to a future we long for. Future is nothing but an improved and beautified version of the past, a future in which we will be successful in the all the things in which we have failed in the past. For ordinary consciousness, only past and future exist, it lives in those and feeds on those.

In that state of Consciousness the appreciation and opinion of others are very important for us. We want to meet the expectation directed at us, we are pleased to play the social roles that are dictated by our community. We thrive to be good parents, a good husband or wife, useful employees and law abiding citizens. Our willingness to play these roles is caused by our complete identification with those roles. Our entire indentity is based upon those roles. We do not look for true answers to the question ”Who am I?;” we are content to be told that by others.

In the state of ordinary Consciousness, the dominant character of our life is the Ego; we wish to make it larger, brighter and more individual. That is why we are learning, gathering knowledge from others, until the end of our life, in the belief that we will thus become more and more intelligent. Still, we become less and less self-confident, and we do not have enough courage to face the challenges of life on our own. We therefore need a guide, a support. We do not long for complete freedom, we follow pre-determined rules and respect authority.

The Level of Awakening

The advent of that level is indicated by moments in our life when we wake up from our ordinary life, and recognize the reality that we in fact live in the captivity of our thoughts, emotions and social roles. Under the effect of those moments, a profound desire for freedom and truth arises in us. We then begin to search for the paths leading to the desired freedom. We intend to become more conscious and alert, to find the truth for ourselves about who we are and what our mission in the world is.

We no longer want to obey the old rules, old leaders, traditions and authorities. We no longer accept ready-made, second-hand theories and explanations. We are not ready to depend on the opinion of others any more. Instead, we want to acquire knowledge and experience from the world for ourselves. We take pleasure in discovering new things, and we embark on new journeys without fear.

It is at that level that real self-control is created in us. This self-control is not rooted in fear of punishment or hope of reward. Many people are able to develop a high degree of self-control in the fear of Hell or the hope of Heaven, or merely because they want to work together with something they regard as larger than themselves. That kind self-control will, however, only produce temporary results, since it is the based upon suppression. Its maintenance requires constant effort from us. If, for some reason, the degree of effort declines, the suppressed desires, anger and emotions burst out, causing us even more suffering.

Real self-control is not born in us out of suppression, but out of the recognition and understanding of the meaning of Life. That kind of self-control will liberate our Consciousness from the state of identification with the world of Shapes and Forms. It will create a space between us and the functions of the Mind, and in that space the ability of seeing and understanding will be born.

Real self-control does not have any rules, and there is nobody around to tell us how to do that. Everybody must create that self-control in themselves without any external pressure, putting aside all kinds of authorities, and using their own personal experience. Everything created for us by others is transitory, but what we create for ourselves will be lasting and permanent. Everybody must find himself or herself what he or she is looking for.

Where is Your Soul on the Path of Spiritual Evolution

The Level of Complete Freedom

This is the highest peak in the evolution of the Consciousness. The most important characteristic feature of this level is alertness, the acceptance of the present moment, an openness to the existence, and a celebration of life.

In that state of Consciousness an entirely new dimension of existence opens up for us, showing us Existence from a completely new perspective. The unity behind the controversies is revealed in front of our eyes, and we no longer insist on looking on the sunny side of life, as we are able to discover beauty on the dark side, too.

We accept life as it is, and it is not done under pressure, since that acceptance is the result of our complete freedom. The freedom is, in turn, a fruit of our escape from the world of Shapes and Forms. We have understood and experienced the process of awakening. The time has come for us to take control over our mind whenever it is required by the circumstances. When we do not need the work of the mind directly, let us give it some rest.

Everything will be quiet and peaceful in us. We are beyond all good and evil, we are a mere Consciousness that does not analyse or judge, only contemplates. We realize that the same contemplating soul lives in everybody, so the differences between human beings are only superficial, and deep inside we are all the same. Experiencing that unity will bring us the extasis of Life, the perfect joy of Existence.

This article is excerpted from the book, The Chant of the Heart: Enjoy the Nectar of Being

The of the Heart: Enjoy the Nectar of Being

By Frank M. Wanderer

The Chant of the Heart - Enjoy the Nectar of Being

When our alertness is intensified, we begin to realize that we are not a body and a soul, but a pure, contemplating Consciousness behind these. A great inner awakening takes place in us and, for the first time in our life, we begin to feel the most elementary truth of our life, and we experience the pure joy of Existence. The chant of the heart will sound in us, and our love and happiness will overflow, pouring out to the outside world. The chant will be a wake up call for the people around us, helping them to find their own harmony in themselves, so that they may also sing the chant of the heart.

“The Chant of the Heart: Enjoy the Nectar of Being” is available here on Amazon.

About the author:

Frank M. Wanderer

Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D is a professor of psychology, a consciousness researcher and writer. With a lifelong interest in the mystery of human existence, Frank’s work is to help others wake up from identification with our personal history and the illusory world of the forms and shapes, and to find our identity in what he calls “the Miracle”, the mystery of the Consciousness.

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  • Kerrie Cook

    There is no consciousness when we are dead. Dead means no life. when alive you are a living soul. When the last breath of life has gone you are a dead soul. Read where our original human parent was formed. made from the dust of the ground the Creator breathed into him the breath of life. His existence was dependant on obeying the TRUE GOD. He did not. The wages of sin is death…all humans are born into this state of imperfection.
    Born to die – because of Adam. Our perfect garden home, perfect life forever lost. He ruined our inheritance. Because Adam disobeyed.
    All is not lost. We will be free from inherited imperfection and the evil forces that dominate our world. Reconciliation and restoration, at ALMIGHTY GOD’S hand can and will bring HIS human family back to all HE first intended. The usurper, Satan the devil and his demons, will soon be destroyed. Those longing for Truth and living in the way pleasing our Heavenly Father will enjoy that paradisaic world that was meant to be. Gone then will be all the lies and false teachings and demonic influences.
    The Truth is that our loving Creator can restore health, balance, well being: plus the balance in our environment and surrounds: HE will undo all the causes of division, hate, false worship, wars, killing, violence, poverty, injustices, divisions of nationalism & false religions. Here is where the true healing is and the true spirituality – trust in our Maker, and do according to HIS righteous requirements….learn to come to HIM and rely on HIS thinking and HIS purpose and in what’s best for HIS human family. HE knows our make up – what ails us, all our imperfection we inherited, and our weaknesses and frailties, plus knows best what we need for true peace and well-being.
    HE reads our hearts and sees our distresses and will come to our aid if we ask HIM.
    All that HE made was perfect for us, but an enemy sowed wrong thinking and desire – our first parents fell into a trap.
    This gave Satan the boldness to challenge ALMIGHTY GOD’S right to rule, and the rightness to impose a restriction such as “of the one tree in the middle of the garden you must not eat” – penalty of death if they did. Yet the devil said “You won’t die. You’ll be like GOD knowing Good and bad.” and so the were enticed to eat and they did die eventually. His challenge – he can win us all into his traps and cunning, and lies and deceit….like a bird catcher … we are vulnerable…. at risk… ignorant of his evil and intent, sadly.

    To choose not to obey the ONE who made everything perfect for them and for their future family was foolish and devastating.
    End result?
    We have been embroiled in this challenge now for 6,000 years.
    We humans and this earth, are nearly on the brink of ruination because in this time allowed by GOD, mankind and this world is deteriorating – we are on a downhill spiral – freedom from our MAKER is not what we need – freedom to do Satan’s will is certainly not benefiting humankind. We are suffering – our world is in a mess – we have hate and cruelty, love of violence destroying us, divisions in nationalism, racism, prejudice, religion and wars…how evil can mankind get? This is NOT GOD’S will.
    What is GOD’S will at this present time is a message – a warning going out world wide to show this wretchedness and rottenness comes from evil Spirits that dominate over human affairs. We need freedom from this evil interference – but Satan has determined he’ll take as many lives as he can into this coming destruction waiting him and his demons.
    What can we do? – find true spirituality, not something tainted by wrong thinking and influence of demons….we have get from out of that control.
    Seek truth. Find TRUE worship. Know the TRUE GOD who made us. HE is looking for those longing for TRUTH and right and will help you. HE has HIS WORD OF TRUTH – the BIBLE.
    Those adhering to GOD’S ways and HIS promises of a restored human family, and a restored earthly home, HE comforts and protects. To learn to trust in our GOD and Heavenly Father we must learn about HIM. Our faith is built up with building blocks of accurate knowledge – and by examining past dealings and how HE helps HIS people. We will need HIS strength and courage to help us through a catastrophic end to this wicked system of things.
    Accurate knowledge and a humble heart will bring peace of mind, assurance and a sure hope. HE asks “Seek Jehovah all you meek ones of the earth, who observe his righteous decrees, seek righteousness, seek meekness. Probably you may be concealed on the day Jehovah’s anger.” This is a safe, proper spirituality and a sure escape from demonic influence.
    “Know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you free.”

    • Marshall

      Wakeup world is about real truth, not made up fairy tails. You must look beyond the fiction of your bible which was written by many different “people”. And,always to serve a particular agenda of controlling the masses through fear and guilt. Mainstream religion actually guides it’s victims away from the truth,who they really are and their true potential.

      • patti

        I had stepped away from my families Catholicism ways of life, I just couldn’t take it any more! I never understood the Bible, for the life of me til this day trying to comprehend that Jesus was purposely killed (cried every Easter) and the amount of money they wanted at each service. I’m at a point in the third being my own true self enjoying what’s left of our outdoor environment (does anyone notice how the flora is dying?), and certainly ready to go back home.

        • Marshall

          I can sympathize with you.But,no need to cry over Jesus being purposely killed,that is a story. Jesus is the personification of the sun. As a matter of fact the name Jesus is actually a Greek word that means sun.

    • JayPMac

      May you step into the Level of Awakening.

      “We no longer want to obey the old rules, old leaders, traditions and
      authorities. We no longer accept ready-made, second-hand theories and
      explanations. We are not ready to depend on the opinion of others any
      more. Instead, we want to acquire knowledge and experience from the
      world for ourselves. We take pleasure in discovering new things, and we
      embark on new journeys without fear.”

  • Larry I. Lund

    I always have an issue with those who state things such as “everyone must”. This form of dominant thought programming is what fouled up everything in the first place. Allow, is the choice. Show individuals “how to” with interest in conscious active participation to grow and flourish on their own. There is always more than one way. A teacher may know a way but, they rarely know all the ways. Those other ways are not wrong, just different. Encourage these other paths, then you have an unregulated free path to a higher understanding of the consciousness within each and every person. The person who would choose to not do such a thing must be given the same freedom to choose their path. Consciousness is neutral. The choice of direction is still up to the individual. There are measurable features of consciousness which need no defining to be effectively put to use. “It” is there for all to tap into. “It” is not contained with in the human form. Aspects are from molecular to galactic. To quantify this unknown is folly. Part of the consciousness movement is to restructure how learning is accomplished. This is where the teachers of the past in their regimented classroom authoritative methods have always failed in their primitive methods of programming and testing. Once these aspects of advancement are read, they may not be unread. So, there are no excuses to continue doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. That equals insanity. Which in itself is an interesting conscious path. It is what makes the Mad Hatter so cool.