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Our names are Ryan and Andy, and Wake Up World is our labour of love. We live on the east coast of Australia (near Sydney) and have been together almost 12 years now. We have learned a lot from each other, and continue to learn from each other every day. We have been through the best and worst together, and although we share many views about “life, the universe and everything”, we approach life from two very different perspectives. Ryan is freedom seeking, fun loving, inquisitive, organized, positive and philosophical, while Andy is analytical, strong minded, disorganized and compassionate, with a strong sense of justice. We challenge each other and keep each other honest. It’s a combination that works for us…. and we think it’s a good compliment for our work on Wake Up World too.

Our friends and family think of us as “an average married couple”, (even though same-sex couples still can’t marry in Australia!) but we also know we had a purpose in coming together. We knew it the minute we met. A new consciousness is unfolding around us. Our collective awakening is in progress. Our role is to offer an alternative source of information to the endless deceptions and distractions presented through government-controlled media, the theatre of modern “politics”, and the popular consumer- and celebrity-cultures.

But it’s more than that. Wake Up World isn’t just about telling people what’s not working, or why. You already know what’s not working. If you’re anything like us, you already felt intuitively that something wasn’t right well before alternative news sites like Wake Up World came to be.

Wake Up World is a platform for new ideas, positive ideas, new ways forward. You’ll find nutritional advice from nutritionists who don’t have a vested interest in which product you buy. You’ll find medical research reported without the bias of big pharma companies or the governments they control. You’ll find political analysis from writers who see our current time period in an historical perspective, and who don’t conform to the status quo thinking of government-controlled media and academia. And you’ll find discussions of our burgeoning new world…. and it isn’t just sustainable and peaceful, it’s multidimensional too!

Together we can change the world for the better. We have the ability to create Utopia. We just need to Wake Up and do our bit.

This site is the where our little bit begins……

About Ryan Mullins

I am a 37 year old Sydney-born Sagittarian with passions for photography, travel, personal freedom, and esoteric knowledge. After working for years as a people manager in one of the world’s largest financial institutions, I followed my intuition and left my corporate life behind one one day’s notice, and chose instead to channel my energy in a positive and life-affirming direction. And that is how Wake Up World was born! That decision has been life changing and one that I will never regret nor forget.

As the only child of “First Wave” Light Workers, I was exposed to a world of spirituality and metaphysics from a fairly early age, and as a result spent many years feeling on the ‘sidelines’ of mainstream society. Although I lived very intuitively, I spent many years keeping my deepest thoughts and feelings to myself; mostly from fear of ridicule or being “different”. But I live my life in a different energy now – which is partly why Wake Up World was born. One of the best lessons I learned in recent years is that “it is none of my business what others think of me”. This one realization has saved me so much energy and time, and allowed me to stand confidently in my truth and share what I believe without fearing what others may think or  do or say. And the result speaks for itself.

We are in the midst of a time never seen or experienced on Earth; one that I believe is multi-dimensional and galactic in nature, and which requires bravery and intuition to successfully navigate. The world is in a period of rapid change; the “powers that were” are scrambling to maintain beneficial control over on the status quo, and they seem to be trying every dirty tactic in their repertoire to keep us from the truth.

But our enlightenment IS inevitable. And I knew the day I started Wake Up World that my contribution to that process is to offer people an alternative information source to mass media ‘news’. There is simply nothing good for us there! It just provides a platform for those “in control” to continue seeding fear, paranoia, social norms and propaganda in our community. In contrast, I hope that Wake Up World will provide a platform for information to be shared, discussed, debated and analyzed in a way that “the media” simply won’t do; honestly, and with real consideration for humans and the eco-system we are a part of.

My advice to our readers; reject mass media fear and the ego, stay in your centre, question what you “know”, surround yourself with positive thoughts, listen to your intuition, and create a place of love and gratitude around you. If you read an article on Wake Up World that resonates with you, SHARE IT!! If you read an article on Wake Up World that doesn’t resonate, reject it! Challenge it!! Comment!! That’s the point of an open dialogue.

With our minds sharpened and our hearts open, I believe we can change the world.

The heart is the new brain. 

To read more about Ryan, click here for a recent interview

About Andy Whiteley

I’m Andy, a 37 year old Leo, born fourth of five children to slowly-lapsing Catholic parents in the depths of outer-suburbia. I was always the “different” kid…. loud, skinny, awkward, opinionated, twisted sense of humor, and aware of my sexuality from a really young age. Even as part of a large family, I never felt like I “fit in” or felt like anyone else thought the way I did. And although I was “good” at school, boys like me are easy targets in the school environment. In the end I just got used to being a “black sheep” and got on with it. But I was inwardly angry, and I really didn’t understand why.

At 18 I followed an urge for “the big city life” and moved to inner-city Melbourne. I enjoyed friends, boyfriends, work, partying…. my 20s. Nothing extraordinary. But I become more and more angry as time went on.

Then I met Ryan…. and everything changed. I had by then embraced a limited ‘spirituality’, but I was still very much the skeptic, bogged down (by conditioning) in what I could see and hear and touch. He helped to open my eyes to what was going on around me. I was angry for a reason….. it didn’t feel right. Nothing felt right. Ryan would talk to me about this philosophy or that belief, and it often made me uncomfortable. Not because what he said was so horrible, but because it contradicted a conditioning that I hadn’t yet challenged, or a “belief” I hadn’t yet examined. I’d simply swallowed one too many lies. Like I said, I’d been “good at school” – which in retrospect means “really heavily indoctrinated by the system”. I had adopted a series of “beliefs” and behaviours that were the product of specific and thorough social programming.

Thankfully, Ryan keeps challenging me to think outside the ever-shifting square. I don’t always get the instant understanding I want, in fact some of our more esoteric conversations leave me more confused than when we started! But I’m a better man for opening my mind to this process. Thankfully Ryan and I are on the same path, together.

We moved to Sydney city in 2009, and I worked as the customer service & technical support manager for an ASX-listed corporation that provides financial, legal & regulatory services to other ASX-listed corporations; otherwise known as working “in the eye of the hurricane!” Well, that truly killed the last of my ‘big city urge’! It was an insane and unsustainable environment; one that required me (and those around me) to be in a state of constrant stress, to compromise my sense of right and wrong in the name of “profit”, and to accept the flawed economic premise that continued “growth” of a company (and indeed all good companies) is even possible on a planet that itself is not also growing. The whole corporate environment is unsustainable – increasingly so they higher up the chain of command you go – and in the end I simply couldn’t compromise my humanity any longer. I’d long given up on the ideal of improving corporate cultures from within. It was a battle I could never win.

So in early 2012 I put my trust in The Universe and left corporate life behind, as well as the comforts that the city and a regular pay packet provide. Even though my mind wasn’t doubtful about my decision to leave, my intuition said that was the right thing to do…. and I’m glad I listened. Now we live in a small coastal town and my time is dedicated to working on Wake Up World. It can be challenging trying to maintain a sense of peace and staying centred in spite of the realities I see happening in our world every day, but coastal life sure helps.

The lesson? By saying “NO” to what felt wrong for me, even without a back-up plan, it created the space for the “YES” to come forward. And I feel blessed to be able to offer a platform for such amazing writers and contributors to have their voices heard, to work with such amazing and selfless people, to write from time to time myself, and to make a real difference in what I do.

I finally understand that I’m not the one who “doesn’t fit in” – Most of us are pretty decent, reasonable folks, who all want a clean planet, sustainable energy, good health, universal rights, and a bright future for our kids and our animal friends. It’s not a lot to expect. It’s actually our birth right. The sad thing is, we lost our way. We were taught to be afraid, to be polarized by our differences, and to trust that governments had our backs.

But the world IS finally changing, our collective energy is re-aligning! We’re evolving to become more compassionate. It is a revolution in it’s truest most unstoppable form. Our old ways are being examined, scrutinized and rejected like never before… and replaced with better, and in many cases “ancient”, ways! (Remember when words like “organic vegetables”, “solar energy”, “eastern medicine” and “recycling” were considered the sole domain of patchouli-dipped hippies??)

When I was a child, my mother was certain I would one day become a politician. I had a big mouth, a quick mind and an opinion about everything! But today, I know my purpose is to put my big mouth and critical mind to good use; to question the status quo, to point out a lie when I see one, to share my truth with you (and vice versa), and to give other “alternative” points of view a platform from which to be heard. Why? Because that’s what I’m here to do.

Revolution is not a thing of the past.
  • #1 written by tereszah 
    about 3 years ago

    Thanks, Ryan and Randy. Great site and posts.

  • #4 written by Chris 
    about 2 years ago

    Hey guys!
    38yr old saggitarian presently inhabiting a female body in Adelaide.

    Only this january have I started to delve into alternative information posted on the internet.

    Previously I have been in a spiritual hibernation of sorts-but no longer!

    Good on you and keep up the good work!

    • #5 written by Wake Up World 
      about 2 years ago

      Welcome To Wake Up World Chris

      Always great to connect with other Saggies :) I have gone in and out of spiritual hibernation for about 15 years now, though I think the door is now permanently open.

      Thanks for dropping by

      Ryan :)

  • #6 written by randhir singh 
    about 2 years ago

    Thanks Ryan and randy.
    Loved yr thoughts and articles.
    Keep up the good work and thoughts!

    Wish u all luck and god bless.

  • #7 written by Aurora 
    about 2 years ago

    Ha ha! Another Sagittarian drawn to the spiritual energy of this site!!! I get more convinced by the day that we Sagittarians are the catalysts for changing the world.
    And I so agree with Randy about astrology! There is an underlying science within this which the main-stream has not grasped and therefore cannot hope to understand or interprete. Thanks for creating this excellent site.
    Now we can all do our bit to enhance awareness and help out world evolve! :)

    • #8 written by Chris 
      about 2 years ago

      And another Sagittarius right here.

    • #9 written by Maurra
      about 2 years ago

      Hey now – don’t forget about us Scorpios. Many of us are drawn to the dark, unexplored corners of the psyche and love to drag hidden facts kicking and screaming into the light to expose them to fresh air and life-giving sunshine. :)

      • #10 written by one 
        about 2 years ago

        what about us Aquariuses :*( the water bearers! :) we are all great, who cares!

  • #11 written by Light Worker 
    about 2 years ago

    Namaste. Hello Ryan and Randy. I´m a soul or free spirit encarnated on a 40 years old man (still young!), born at the Aquarius signus. With the help of my wife i wake up to the world of spirituality and esoterism about 4 years ago when i experienced a difficult time in my life. Fortunaly i overcome all this, by learning and practicing Chi Kung, Tai Chi and specialy Reiki. I am now completely on the path of light and so as i believe information is light i thank you for your work of sharing this information with the world. Love, light and peace.

  • #13 written by Andrew 
    about 2 years ago

    This Sagittarius thing can’t be a coincidence. 32 year old, triple Sag here. Keep up the great work with this site. This has quickly become my favorite.

  • #14 written by Elvira 
    about 2 years ago

    Ryan, Randy,
    Great web site. I am praying for the two of you. As you claim to reveal truth. Think of what truth’s you personally believe. All things can not be true and all things can not be false. They are one or the other. I believe in absolutes. You are on a journey. I pray you both find the real truth and not just a truth you choose to believe in.

    • #15 written by Wake Up World 
      about 2 years ago

      Hi Elvira,

      Thanks for your comment, though I would just like to point out in the above information “about us” we never claim the reveal truth.

      Personally I am extremely happy with my own truths. We post articles that are interesting to the both of us and it just so happens that there are a lot of other people that find it interesting as well.

      I am not sure what you mean by “find the real truth” as my truth is MY real truth and this will be different for everyone as we are all unique.


      • #16 written by Tim 
        about 2 years ago

        I find it telling that Elvira’s post generated 4 negative responses. She clearly is in tune with finding the “truth,” as are you. Her point, as I take it, was to be of a discerning nature even if it (the truth at hand) seems to fit with what you want to believe or with the new “truths” that fit into your life better than the old. Meaning, don’t accept the “truths” because they are convenient. You freely and nobley admit in your “about us” that you’d like we, the reader, to “take away what feels good and leave the rest behind.” In essence, you are admitting (rightly) that what you are posting may not be the right “truth” for everyone, so don’t sweat it if you don’t buy into everything. While I appreciate your “anti-dictator” way of propagating your information, your delivery flies in the face of actually wanting to disseminate absolute truth. Elvira mentioned absolutes. I agree. Because if something is indeed TRUE, on that spiritural and cosmic level that we all want to understand, then it is for ALL. If what your saying about the truths you post not being right for everyone, then you must be talking about worldly, physical, “fleshy” truths. Those kinds of truths I agree are not the same for everyone. But, the ones of infinite design, absolutely must be, or there cannot be any order to the universe… and perhaps thats another discussion point.

  • #17 written by Mark Attwood 
    about 2 years ago

    Thanks for being so open and honest guys. This is a brave and brilliant website. I’ve FB’d it and will continue to read with interest.

  • #18 written by Jobe Millington 
    about 2 years ago

    Great work guys…Ryan I feel you brother: Wisdom is found to be omnipresent; however, it becomes so much clearer in the company of experienced men…As we quiet our turbulence, we tweak the Universe to nurture our sense of clarity and aid our purpose…Having been seeded on the Earth; I contest the notion that we grow old and die. I perceive that having been seeded; we are to grow stronger towards taking up our Galactic duties as we shed the cradle of Earth…The statement “life is short” is borne on ignorance upon which untold tragedies come to pass. However, many tales of nobility can we create; should we together state: “time is short but, life is eternal”. There is no complexity to this matter; our words come of our thoughts to create that which we physically sense…Should we not disturb our hearts with economics borne of greed; then soon shall we find they beat in tune with Universal tides; and our wisdom lead to contentment. We can then transform ourselves to enjoy the treasures of hidden dimensions. For the Earth is just one speck; created to be explored of its’ goodness. There is no mystery to this; as we look up to the skies.

  • #19 written by Maria 
    about 2 years ago

    Hey! Tropecé con este sitio y no puedo dejar de decir que también soy sagitario. Me interesa vuestro sitio web.
    Además es verdad, hay lazos entre los sagitarianos.
    Si no es así, quién sabe contestarme por qué tengo un grupo de amigos sagitarianos que nos estamos ayudando a cumplir con grandes sueños que parecían imposible.
    Es posible que sea nuestro momento de ayudar a cambiar el mundo!
    Chicos adelante con esta buena idea!

  • #20 written by ken koenig 
    about 2 years ago

    There must be something to this Sagittarious thing ( I am a 78 year old one ) — I was BORN a “TRUTHSEEKER ” and because I have pointed out for the past 20 years that JESUS did not teach ” churches ” — HE taught the ” KINGDOM OF GOD ” and how to find it which leads to ” SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT ” — the ” lucifer lovers ” ( the masons and iluminatti ) have tried to KILL me 5 times — that alone should tell you how much those ” who do their deeds in darkness ” HATE the REAL TRUTH about BEST OF the teachings of JESUS ( which are ignored in the churches )

  • #21 written by Kai Sandoval 
    about 2 years ago

    It makes me so happy to find others who share similar if not identical beliefs. I’m a 20 year old Leo, going to school for music. Recently I’ve experienced a strong spiritual/kundalini awakening lasting a few weeks and realized love and light more strongly than I ever could have prepared myself for. Unfortunately I was hospitalized for two weeks and given lithium for “bi-polar”. While this leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, the people I have met since have only coaxed my heart out. In my search to find myself again and to reconnect to All, I have confidence that We can all together ascend to the beautiful potential of our race.

    Happy New Years! And may we all have a cleansing year :)

  • #22 written by Rachel light 
    about 2 years ago

    Hey guys. Great site! Stumbled across this one from my friend in the uk. I’m English and live in Sydney! I’m also a sagittarian and so excited to see others like me who are going through awareness and enlightenment. Life is a beautiful thing and it’s now that I’m appreciating it fully. I’ve always been spiritual, but always blamed others in my life for my suffering. I understand now this has been all part of the process and without my suffering I would never have asked the questions. I have so much to say about how the world works and working in the city for myself I experience the ego on extreme levels. I’m writing a book at the moment and would be delighted to share some of my views.
    Thanks for creating this amazing website. It’s fabulous to read others experiences.

    Love Rachel xxx

  • #23 written by Raman 
    about 2 years ago

    Thanks Ryan and Randy. You are none other than the God divided into two souls in human form by looking at the introduction about you guys.

    When millions of people don’t use their oppurtunities, you guys rightly utilised those. I pray for a good health and long life for you too to server your purpose. I bow down in front of both of you.

  • #24 written by Susan 
    about 2 years ago

    Ryan, Randy, I’ve just discovered your lovely website, and have begun to read through it. I can see that we’re on a similar path and I too was inspired a year ago to start blogging as a small contribution towards trying to make this world a better place. I’d love you to check out my own blog some time and let me know what you think..
    for my own part, I’ve added your website address to my blog, and i intend to subscribe to yours..
    all the best and i look forward to reading more from you guys.

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