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Jeani-Rose Atchison is a health advocate, and home-schooling mother of five who also finds time to write about nutrition, whole foods and environmental concerns. She authored, Every Day Vegan – 300 recipes for healthful eating which is a mainstay in vegetarian kitchens. Atchison’s latest book Food for Thought is chock full of delicious whole food recipes. It also takes a controversial look at the food we eat today and the processes involved in bringing it to your table. Can your food make you ill? The answer may shock you!

How To Counter Radiation With Your Food!

By  Jeani-Rose Atchison Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World In a previous article for Wake Up World I talked about sunflower seeds  and their ability to help remove radiation.   It has been shown...

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A Peruvian Gift and A Toxic Poison

By  Jeani-Rose Atchison Guest Writer for  Wake Up World Potatoes are one of the worlds most popular foods. It ranks right up there with wheat and corn. Originally a Peruvian vegetable it has been...

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Recipe: Raw Vegan Cheese Cake

8th March 2012 By Jeani-Rose Atchison Guest Writer for Wake Up World The following recipe is nutritionally dense, very rich and satisfying. Coconut oil is one of the ingredients used which has very...

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