The Wise Woman Within

15th January 2015

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

There is no denying this powerful truth – as a woman, a Spirit manifesting in this lifetime through a female body, you are much more intuitive, wise, dynamic, creative and capable than you are externally given credit for – not least, perhaps because you haven’t really yet settled into a true, complete and grounded understanding of this within yourself.

I know this because it forms the very basis of the work I do with female clients. Every day I speak to strong, magnificent, intelligent, educated, self-motivated women who despite the brave face they show to the world, feel frustratingly disempowered inside. They are earnestly searching for the gilded route back to an understanding of themselves in which they can reconnect with their inner knowing and literally ‘crack’ the holding pattern that will liberate them from the ‘crosses’ or otherwise soul-stifling situations they can no longer bear.

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How Heavy Metal Toxicity Can Ruin Your Health

By Marie Be

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

To a greater or lesser degree, most of us are contaminated with heavy metals today – some seriously, some without ever knowing it. It is a subject that just doesn’t cross our everyday minds and physicians are often not alert to the possibility of metal exposure such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. In fact, the chronic accumulation of toxic contaminants that may not achieve classic ‘acute toxicity’ thresholds levels receives little attention at all, although it may nevertheless contribute to important adverse health effects. (1)

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Surrender to Fear – Shed Your Skin – BE YOURSELF!

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Have you ever had the feeling that the relationship, job or community you were in was simply the wrong fit? Did it seemed no one could see you and you may as well have been, for all intents and purposes, invisible? Did you ache to break out and do something different, even if you weren’t sure exactly what?

Oftentimes this feeling of restlessness and being an outsider to situations in the external world, is your Spirit’s way of giving you a nudge. It is Spirit’s way of trying to open your eyes to the fact that you are ready to shed your skin and try on a new way of being, thinking and living for size.

It can be unnerving to be in this place of ‘no man’s land’, where you are considering leaving behind the lifestyle or community that doesn’t validate you on the most fundamental of soul levels but as yet, you don’t have an inkling of where you are headed or what your new and improved reality ought to be, or how.

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Resistance – An Opportunity For Meaningful Life Change

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

In my work as an Intuitive Life Coach, I am surrounded everyday by clients who are earnestly seeking and actively going after the life-change they desire, greater happiness, and actively seeking out a greater sense of purpose and peace from within their depths. As a seeker on an intuitive path of healing and growth, I am myself conscious of pushing past my own limits in the name of continued personal development and self-actualisation.

As human beings, growth and adapting to change are natural healthy indicators of our innate wisdom and life-ward force within. And although change is our main source of growth, many of us resist it.

The resistance I will discuss in this article is that which can occur when it feels like an individual, who we previously considered a reliable unchanging reference point in our lives, suddenly leaves us in the lurch. It is common for this to be our experience when that other person begins dreaming in a bigger way than before, wanting to spread their wings, exploring and expressing their true potential and seeking to meet their deepest most soul-level needs.

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Some Pointers (and Pitfalls) for Talking With Nature

By Michael J. Roads

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Look again at the title of this article. Be aware that this is about talking with Nature, not simply talking to it. Most people talk to their cats and dogs, even chickens and parrots, maybe even goldfish. But very few people talk with them. For this to happen, you need to be open to them answering you… and most people are not! And even if you are open to an answer, it is unlikely that you will be listening.

Okay, so what is this all about?

Essentially, Nature lives and expresses in and from the moment. We people, very, very rarely express in and from the moment. Nature has no choice about this, it cannot leave the conscious moment. We have a lot of choices; we call it free will! Free will… that’s a misnomer if ever I heard one! If you have free will, try being consciously in the moment for one minute. Okay… you failed. Almost certainly, you were thinking! To be consciously in the moment, you must be without thought. Why? You can think your way out of the moment, but you cannot think your way into it. Thoughts take you into the past, or the future, but thought cannot take you into the moment. Nature does not live and express in the past or future; it lives consciously in the eternal moment.

Suddenly, talking with Nature is far more than it appears to be.

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Breaking Through Personal Limits with Conscious Self-Actualisation Groups

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

There is a mysterious element of order and wisdom that underpins the consciousness and energy of a group that gathers in sacred space.

Often those who are part of such a group will refer to this unseen order and wisdom as “the hand of God”. Another equally valid way to look at it is as a powerful all-knowing force that is unleashed when ‘two or more are gathered’. This universal truth speaks directly to the force that rises as you step away from ego into sacred agreement with others, so the best outcomes possible can come into being.

Of course, when you enter into a group agreement, depending on the nature and purpose of the group, there can be varying degrees of consciousness on the part of the person (if any) leading that group. Of all the types of groups that exist – political, cultural, ethnic, humanitarian, charitable, volunteer, business – this observation relates most closely to conscious ‘self-actualisation’ groups.

What are conscious self-actualisation groups?

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Diseases Cured – But Not By Medicines

By Tracy Kolenchuk

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Can you name a disease that can be cured, but cannot be cured with medicines? Can you name two? Five? More? Can you name a common disease that can be cured by medicines? How many diseases can you list that can be cured by vitamins or supplements?

There are many definitions of disease – and many definitions of medicine. So.. What is a disease? What is a medicine? Are medicines defined by the diseases they treat? For this discussion, I will use a very simple definition of disease, and a very simple definition of medicine.

  • Disease: a medical condition diagnosed by a doctor. Bacterial infection, cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s, hypertension, depression, the common cold etc.
  • Medicine: a substance marketed to treat a disease, recognized as a drug by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (or equivalent).

Cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension, depression, the common cold, and many other diseases have symptoms that can be ‘treated’ with medicines. But they cannot be ‘cured’, according to current medical textbooks.

In reality, many diseases can be cured by healthicines, or healthy actions.

Medicine or Healthicine?

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The Effect of External Energies in Your Space

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

From an intuitive standpoint, your aura or personal space is separated from the outer world by a permeable membrane that turns you into a multi-dimensional, etheric telephone exchange of sorts!

For better or for worse, you are constantly receiving and transmitting spoken and unspoken communication with the world around you through the medium of energy, which in turn registers upon your sensations, feelings and thoughts.

Most people are generally unaware of the inherent nature of their auras, but this type of communication can run the gamut from past life memories and family karma to the held beliefs, expectations and fears of your friends, colleagues and family members in present time. This feature also forms the basis of the universal truth that ‘all is one’.

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Understanding Medicines – From Deadly Drugs to Healthy Foods

19th November 2014

By Tracy Kolenchuk

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

You might think there are only two types of medicines – conventional medicines and alternative medicines. There are many different ways to view medicines and their effects, and when we take different viewpoints, we can learn more. The differences between conventional and alternative medicines is a very weak distinction, so weak that it is not recognized by the US FDA – the official body for the approval of medicines.

How should we view different classes of medicines? In this article, we view different medicines according to their effects on healthiness. Some medicines have a positive effect on healthiness, some have a very negative effect on healthiness, and many are in-between.

In the diagram below, ‘medicine’ types are arranged from the least healthy on the left, to the healthiest on the right. In each case there is some overlap – sometimes this overlap can be very wide.

Effects of Different Types of Medicines on Health

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Overcoming Envy and Competition

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Competition in this sense is a game of one-upmanship that keeps us from being able to have and express our soul’s real wisdom, purpose and pace. It is a game we unwittingly play entirely within ourselves, and in reality, it has little or nothing to do with the person being envied.

Envy is a complex, almost toxic manifestation of our own feelings of frustration, resentment, anger and powerlessness that results when we are somehow disconnected from our truth, and our dreams. We buy into the lie of separation, both within and without, and this mistakenly draws our attention to the outside – where we compare our frustration to what other people are doing, what they have, their personal triumphs etc.

Being in competition with others is really about being in competition with ourselves. Our feelings of jealousy and envy of someone else are really a reflection of what is going on, or not going on, entirely within ourselves. The person we envy typically isn’t aware of our envy, and so doesn’t usually care that this is what you are experiencing.

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How Modern Symptom-Based Medicine Can Make the Sick, Sicker

By Marie Be

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The advancement of modern science and technology has allowed for ways of studying the incredibly small and the commensurably big. Technical capabilities for research make possibilities endless, but private funding means that our great scientists work in silos, answering to competitive economic interests. Sadly, the system as a whole has been forgotten.

Modern medicine has roots in the Hippocratic, Newtonian and Cartesian school of thought, also referred to as reductionism. Though this way of relating to the world, philosophers and scientists defined the universe as a great machine; a complex system that is nothing but the sum of its parts, an account of which can be reduced to accounts of its individual constituents (1). Likewise, early physicians began to define the human body as a machine, studying it by breaking it down into independent parts, losing touch with the study of the whole.

According to this paradigm, the body could be analyzed, catalogued, adjusted, and repaired in parts, as required — just like any other machine. Disease was no longer viewed as a body state (much less an energetic state) but merely as a set of symptoms. From this foundation, modern medicine has become the observation, classification and management of individual symptoms, without seeking to understand the body as an holistic entity (2). Meanwhile, rates of sickness, disease and over-medication are steadily increasing.

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What Story Do YOU Tell?

25th October 2014

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Your ancestral hunter-gatherer is a natural storyteller!

As hunter-gatherer, your physical senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and perhaps even your sixth sense would have been highly attuned to stimuli and changes in your external environment because your very survival depended on it.

For example, if a noticeable hush overcame the jungle it would send up a red flag and your senses would be on high alert for the signs and sounds of a predator close by. Your mind would have gone to work surmising whether that predator was a lion or some equally threatening wilder beast, its whereabouts in relation to you, your fellow tribesmen and the vulnerable ones back at camp. You would have simultaneously begun thinking of how to safeguard yourself and your loved ones, and whether scaring the predator away or taking him down would be best approach.

In other words, the audible hush in the jungle would have triggered several story-lines to start running through your instinctive mind, all of which were intimately wired into your being to keep you and your tribe safe.

Your instinctive nature as a storyteller and interpreter is still with you – the only difference now is that our civilisation has evolved such that, for the most part, the hunter-gatherer archetype is one that has lost its relevance to our modern society.

Our Primal Instincts, Today

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