Beware the Quack Quack Quack

18th October 2014

By Tracy Kolenchuk

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

What is Quack-Quackery?

What is a quack? What is a quack quack? What is a quack quack quack? And why do we need to beware them?

The Quack

Is a quack someone who sells ‘false medicine’. Not just that. Merriam-Webster defines a quack as “one who makes false claims of identity or expertise” – not just medicines. They are claiming to have expertise they do not have.

Does a quack know they are a quack? Do they really think they have the required expertise, or are they simply lying, perhaps to sell a dubious product, and moving quickly to the new customer? It doesn’t matter. Both the idiot and the liar fit the definition of a quack.

The Quack Quack

A quack quack is someone who claims to see a quack, but is actually “making false claims of identity or expertise” themselves.

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Creative Day-Dreaming: Your Connection to Life’s Creative Flow

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The act of day-dreaming can be beneficial to so many aspects of our well-being. It allows us to tap into our spiritual wisdom and desires for life experiences we are really longing to create, and brings our mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual aspects into alignment so we can anchor them as synergistic faculties here on earth. In doing so, we raise our level of self-understanding, self-awareness and inner knowing of who we really are, and of the sacredness we came into this lifetime to share.

Day-dreaming keeps us connected to our first home – the spiritual realm – and helps us enjoy an experience of life that is infused with fulfilment, amusement, meaning, validation, purpose and love. It allows us to step beyond the limitations of the rational, three dimensional, linear mind, and into the realm of limitless possibilities of which we are each an individualised part.

When we allow ourselves the freedom of day-dreaming, we remind ourselves of our essential nature – physically, emotionally and spiritually free.

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Easy Dessert Recipe – Varya’s Old Fashioned Lemon Squares

10th October 2014

By Varya Kapran

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

This is hands-down one of my favourite recipes of all time. In fact, I made it every weekend for the last four weeks until I perfected it for you. That’s how thoughtful I am! I sat there eating try after tray of them until I knew I had the recipe I could proudly stand behind.

So today I present my Old Fashioned Lemon Squares recipe. These bars have a delicious tangy tartness to them, a soft texture, and a “browned butter” crust. Made with simple organic ingredients, they’re easy to make and great to share, so if you are making a batch, be sure to invite some family and friends over to share the love.

Love, Varya
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The Journey vs. The Dream

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

It is a curious mindset – when you find yourself fixated on an outcome that you feel, once you have achieved it, will solve all of the unhappiness, lack and struggle you desperately want liberation from in your life right now.

What is your symbol of freedom? Do you imagine yourself starting your own business? Writing a book? Creating an offering? A product? Starting a charity? Or championing a cause?

Do you put yourself under enormous pressure for it to become nothing less than a success? Do you hinge your future prospects for peace of mind, well-being, abundance or purpose on being able to create it?

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It Really Is Time To Wake Up World

By Michael J. Roads

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Years ago, I remember hearing a story of how God came to Earth to see how humanity was developing. Having created us, it is obvious that God had a strong sense of humour, so there came the time when God called humanity together to share the latest funny story from the the angel-net. The joke was very involved, so as time passed people became rather sleepy. God, being God, took care that nobody had hunger or thirst, but completely overlooked the fact that people live with linear time. For God, all time occupies the same moment.

After a couple of weeks, many people were asleep. A month after the funny story began, God still had not reached the punch-line, but by this time all humanity was deeply asleep. God looked around, shrugged, and said, “Never mind, you will ‘get’ the joke when you wake up”.

Most of humanity is still asleep. The joke is on us.

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Why Tomorrow Never Comes

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

There is something about the human condition that makes us feel we need to wait for the ‘perfect time’… the perfect time to get married… get a divorce… start your degree… have a difficult conversation… leave a toxic job… move home… start your own business… and so on.

And yes, while there are practical considerations and planning that must go into the making of major life decisions such as these, there is a critical point at which ‘legitimate’ reasons for making a decision, or a change that needs to be made, become unwitting fronts for your fears.

The moment at which this happens is the moment at which disconnection from life’s creative flow, your intuition and energetic paralysis unknowingly occur. This is the point at which you start feeling that you are throwing your energy down the infamous big-black-hole, despite your best intentions and efforts to create a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life.

Being able to recognise this exact moment at times in your own past life experiences is nothing less than spiritual gold. This is the precise measure of self-awareness you need in order to determine whether there is a situation or an area in your life right now in which you are – for lack of a better term – ‘spinning your wheels’.

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The Placebo Paradox

28th September 2014

By Tracy Kolenchuk

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

When you research medicines, alternative medicines, even medical treatments that do not involve a physical substance, you will see reference to the “placebo effect”; statements such as:

X is no better than a placebo
Y is probably just a “placebo effect“…
Treatment X is just a placebo
Medicine X failed to beat a placebo in controlled clinical studies…

What is a placebo? What is the placebo effect? Is it real, fake, or something else? Is the placebo effect magic? No, but placebo effects are a paradox.

Merriam Webster defines the placebo effect thus: “improvement in the condition of a patient that occurs in response to treatment but cannot be considered due to the specific treatment used“. Thus, the placebo effect is a real effect in response to a treatment that cannot cause that effect. A paradox.

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Natural Detox : Detoxing as a Way of Life

By Marie Be

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The link between increased toxicity and a range of diseases is now becoming well recognized by medical authorities. Many studies describe a general health decrease as well as specific ailments that occur in the body with increasing levels of toxins.

In toxin-free conditions, the body is efficient at detoxifying and eliminating free radicals, but the rising quantities of toxic compounds we breathe in, ingest or absorb daily demand more of the body’s resources, and drastically impede the body’s optimal performance. That’s why detoxing needs to be a way of life. As the environment around us, the foods we consume and the water we drink become more and more toxic, the body’s natural detoxification systems become overloaded. And as the body cannot perform optimally, toxicity slowly increases over time, reducing the body’s natural capabilities to maintain good health. That’s when disease occurs.

The equation is simple; the less toxins that accumulate in tissues and organs, the stronger the body’s natural healing capabilities.

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Are You Waiting for Inspiration? Or Intuition?

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Sometimes you can find yourself at a place where you look around and sense you have fallen out of alignment with the people, places and things around you. It’s time for change. You can feel it.

Like outgrowing an old article of clothing, you find yourself trying on the idea of a new relationship, job, home or town for size. You might even have begun explore and research a new idea. But all the while as you’ve done this, you sense the gap (sometimes a gorge!) between your life now and how you would like it to be, and for all your wishing, wanting and hoping, how you can get across this divide is frustratingly unclear.

Isn’t it ironic at times like this, that you know you need to start creating new experiences and yet feel suspended in time as you wait for inspiration about what you can do next?

This feeling of being suspended can also be another way to describe the detachment from life’s creative flow that comes when you are waiting for that single, mind-blowing, earth-shattering idea to strike. In other words, you withdraw from truly living, responding to and engaging everyday life because you believe when this bolt of insight hits, you will somehow gain the self-confidence and certainty needed to take ‘right action’. And of course, without realising it, as you hover in this space of detachment, you stray further from your inner knowing, self-awareness and your true, heartfelt needs.

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Your Internal GPS – the Relationship Between Functional Neurology and Movement

By Varya Kapran

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Today I am going to provide you with the basis for a practical understanding of the relationship between functional neurology and movement. In other words: how your brain gathers information, and how that affects movement, physical performance, weight loss, and pain-management.

Your Internal GPS

Let’s imagine you’re on a road trip. You’re excited – you’ve got plenty of beef jerky, coconut water, and your vibrams are packed. You enter your destination in your GPS, and off you go.

Having used a GPS before, you know a few things right off the bat:

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Relationship Between Garden and Gardener

By Michael J. Roads

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

There are many gardeners in the world, but few are outstanding. What is it that makes one particular gardener stand out from so many others? First and foremost, it is the relationship that gardener has with their garden. And it is a relationship! Some gardeners enjoy looking after the garden, and they have a very nice garden, while for many others – who do not actually qualify as gardeners – it is the bane of the their lives; mowing the lawn, hedge-trimming, pulling weeds – uh, pruning roses – ouch. Enough!

Let us be clear; you can be a very good gardener by following the books, and doing as they suggest. Repetition can make a person into a good gardener, learning the ropes, so to speak. It is not at all difficult to be a good gardener – but outstanding? That takes something extra; something beyond technique, something beyond knowledge, something beyond following a subconscious program of gardening success.

This is where the relationship truly comes to the fore. Loving the garden, loving the land, loving the the plants; really loving Nature – this creates a conscious relationship with Nature. In this great relationship, the garden is your meeting place with Nature. But something extra is required…

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Preventative Detox: 6 Foods to Avoid for a Clean Healthy Body

By Marie Be

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The body is designed to constantly gather up and remove toxins from its cells. But in our highly toxic world, unprecedented levels of toxins are present in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and cosmetics, body lotions and skin-care products we use every day – so detoxing has to happen as a daily way of life instead of being just the occasional cleansing diet.

The first step in maintaining a clean body is to minimize exposure to chemical toxins. By decreasing the stress of chemical overload, the body naturally returns to a state of equilibrium, and will detox naturally.

Importantly, some foods actually increase the retention of toxic compounds within the body. By simply reducing your exposure to these foods over the long term, you will give your body the ability to rid itself of some of these toxins through its natural elimination processes.

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