Articles on the health benefits of Cannabis, the agricultural benefits of Hemp, and the politics of Marijuana prohibition.

Happy Hemp Superfood Breakfast Bowl with Maca and Tahini

By  Trinity Bourne Contributing Writer for Wake Up World What an incredible way to start the day! This is a blend designed to really set you up for the day, with a sustained boost of energy and its high protein, nutritious and adaptogenic qualities. It’s an easy, fast way to support yourself nutritional...
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Cannabis, Consciousness and Common Sense

22nd February 2015 By Wes Annac Guest Writer for Wake Up World Almost everyone (arguably)  has used cannabis recreationally at one time or another. Most  people see it as little more than a natural  substance  that can cause a temporary euphoria and yet, in some people’s opinions, it is a drug that crea...
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Why Everyone Should Be Eating More Hempseed

By  Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World A group of centenarians in a Chinese village seem to have stumbled upon a veritable fountain of youth in the form of a well-known seed. Revered for their life expectancy of 100+ years, inhabitants of Bama Yao live in one of the few longevity hot...
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Understanding Cannabis Oil

By  Raluca  Schachter Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Although I’ve been aware of the recent positive discussion  of cannabis oil as a treatment for various serious diseases, I was still skeptical to consider this as a viable solution for certain health disorders. After all, so many people these d...
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Epileptic Child Seizure Free Thanks to Cannabis Oil

Article  by Zach McAuliffe Video Segment  by Ben Swann Guest Contributors for Wake Up World A child in Oregon who has suffered from seizures brought on by epilepsy is  reported to have been seizure-free for close to nine weeks now, thanks to cannabis oil. A week after Forrest Smelser turned eight, he wa...
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