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The “Space Between Stories”

25th July 2016

By Lissa Rankin, MD

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Are you feeling lost? Uncertain? Adrift? 

This week, I experienced a trauma that collapsed my story of self, yet a new story has not yet emerged. Charles Eisenstein calls this “the space between stories.” Many of us are in this space between stories right now, when you feel lost, ungrounded, dislocated, as if your roots have been pulled up and you’re not quite sure where to land. Everything you thought you knew — about yourself and the world — is now in question. Even our systems — the medical system, our political systems, the education system, the banking system — they’re in the space between stories too. We know the old way is falling apart, yet the new way has not yet been born.

As Charles writes in The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible: “So please, if you are in the sacred space between stories, allow yourself to be there. It is frightening to lose the old structures of security, but you will find that even as you might lose things that were unthinkable to lose, you will be okay. There is a kind of grace that protects us in the space between stories. It is not that you won’t lose your marriage, your money, your job, or your health. In fact, it is very likely that you will lose one of these things. It is that you will discover that even having lost that, you are still okay. You will find yourself in closer contact to something much more precious, something that fires cannot burn and thieves cannot steal, something that no one can take and cannot be lost.”

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Zero Gravity: Don’t be Afraid to Let Go!

19th July 2016

By Mary C. Batson, MA

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Recent conversations have centered around the seemingly growing chaos we see around the globe. I would suggest that the chaos is not growing, but rather, our conscious awareness of it, and the possibility that more and more dirt is being hidden under fewer and fewer rugs. In other words, no matter what I/you/we/they have attempted to cover up, from the personal to the planetary, political platform or prison, whether yesterday or a thousand years ago, it’s time for a big housecleaning – for revealing and releasing all the ways that don’t work, don’t fit, aren’t sustainable, that we can’t sneak in our pockets past this particular tollbooth, no matter how many times we shuffle our nickels, how im/patiently we wait in line.

In the midst of all the details, the bigger picture can get lost, and it can be easy to forget that, in a sense, the chaos is relative. That is, relative to how attached we are to how things have been, how we think things should be.

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The Psychological Benefits of Daydreaming

14th July 2016

By Christina Lavers

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” ~ Langston Hughes

When we daydream we can lose ourselves in a self-generated flow of consciousness. We can do anything, go anywhere within the privacy of our minds. It is a means to escape the outer world, to face our fears, to entertain ourselves, and to explore our inner world, ideas, and scenarios. But those who like to indulge in reverie are often negatively labelled dreamers, dawdlers, or space cadets.

When we consider that we live in a consumer based, economically driven world that worships productivity and efficiency, it is no wonder that daydreaming has long been portrayed in a negative light. Daydreaming, the act of allowing our thoughts to flow spontaneously without an agenda or particular destination, is generally seen as a lazy habit, a waste of time and a distraction from the things that really matter. Sigmund Freud declared daydreaming to be a sign of mental illness, a neurotic and infantile tendency indulged in by those who were unfulfilled. However, more recent research is suggesting that daydreaming has many important benefits that have long been overlooked.

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Inescapable Initiations on the Sacred Path

22nd June 2016

By Rohil Jethmalani

Guest writer for Wake Up World

For the initiate, spiritual growth is unceasing, non-linear, limitless and not pegged to time. One cannot actually decipher clear stages to spiritual growth; each person’s lessons and karmic debts vary substantially enough not to be able to make overarching claims. Similarly, trends within our own life are never brought into complete clarity for us; we are always one step behind understanding the magical unfolding that is this precious life.

Nevertheless, at an energetic level everyone is challenged and rubbed through similar feelings albeit in different settings. We must all learn to flow through the river of thought, down towards the ocean of silence. Everyone will be presented with the invitation to ignite the heart; the sparks coming off of our painful human disjointedness. One has to pierce through the illusion and ground oneself through feelings of lack, in the quest to manifest abundance. And, when we are ready for strengthening, we must take a huge leap of faith into the abyss of uncertain insecurities.

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The Art of Dream Meditation

13th June 2016

By Steafan Fox

Guest writer for Wake Up World

I use Meditation like an exercise routine where the muscle I am trying to develop is my focus. I sit down cross legged and hold my focus onto one thing, repeatedly lifting it back to my goal every time I slip into distraction. I am like a bodybuilder doing biceps curls.

I practice this way because it’s said that a powerful focus is the only thing you need to evolve the mind. I am fascinated by this idea, and I am not the first. Many people throughout history have searched for ways to evolve the mind. The practitioners of activities like education, drug taking, yoga, puzzles, and philosophy all hope on some level that these activities will work.

In this article we are going to look at a meditation technique called Active Imagination that uses dreams and focused meditation to evolve the mind, and we are going to look at the psychologist who pioneered it — Carl Jung.

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In the Absence of the Village, Mothers Struggle Most

11th June 2016

By Beth Berry

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Dear Mothers,

I’m writing you today because I can no longer contain the ache in my gut and fire in my heart over an injustice that you and I are bearing the brunt of.

Though this injustice is affecting everyone — men, women, and children alike — mothers not only feel its burden more than most, but we also feel disproportionately responsible for alleviating its pervasive and deeply damaging symptoms, which is adding hugely to the weight of the world we’re already wired to carry.

The injustice is this: It takes a village, but there are no villages.

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Can You Hear the Whispers of Love?

2nd June 2016

By Christina Lavers

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung

Have you noticed something mysterious, electrifying, but slightly daunting stirring within? Something that just doesn’t quite fit with the way we have been taught to see the world? If you have you are not alone. After eons of near silence our hearts are calling out, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore their whispering truths.

Those of us who have chosen to pull our attention away from the seduction of the external theatrics, to respond to the gentle urgings emanating from our core, find ourselves opening up to profound transformation. Suddenly jobs, friends, entertainment, and for some, whole lifestyles that used to seem like a good fit, now feel uncomfortable and unsatisfying; so many of the ‘things’ in our surrounds that we once deemed essential to bolster our sense of identify no longer feel meaningful; and concepts like integrity, compassion, authenticity, and love that were once just distant ideals abruptly take centre stage and demand to be acknowledged.

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How to Help Wake People Up Without Being an Asshole

31st May 2016

By Phillip J. Watt

Guest writer for Wake Up World

It’s fair to say that all of us don’t know what we’re talking about when it comes to specific topics. We might have excellent awareness in some areas, but next to none in others. Yet whenever we read the comments section of anything controversial on Facebook or elsewhere, there are always the various opposing views, many of which are ignorant, condemning and outright abusive. The disheartening aspect is many people who have awoken to some of the conspiratorial ‘truths’ that have been brilliantly exposed by the independent media, as well as run a relatively good heart program, can still be some of the most ignorant bullies out there.

From a personal standpoint, we should all be able to recognise that we’re learning everyday. Sometimes we might even have strong convictions about particular beliefs, but if we’re adamant about conducting holistic and robust research, we’ll inevitably find that we have gotten something strikingly wrong.

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Time is Now Accelerating to a Standstill – How Do You Deal With That?

30th May 2016

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Are you feeling it too? It’s like you have more and more to do, and increasingly less time to do it. It’s because of this Great Shift of Consciousness into the 5D. Time is speeding up, because life here in the 3D has been locked into an eddy current — a ‘time-warp’, behind the flow — but now that reality is unwinding. We’re rejoining the space-time continuum, where there is no time!

How do you deal with that in a practical sense? What does it mean for your life and all that you’re doing, all that you’re trying to create?

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Love Rebels, Unite!

28th May 2016

By Wes Annac

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

“There’s nothing that we can’t cure, and I’ll keep you in my arms for sure. So don’t let nobody stop us, free spirits have to soar.” ~ Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley, accomplished reggae artist and son of legend Bob Marley, has said before that love is this generation’s form of rebellion. Some of you might know his song, “Love Is My Religion”, in which he explains that his newfound religion is love; self-love, love for mankind, love for the planet, etc.

His song inspired me to open up to true love; not the over-hyped and romanticized version of love we’re conditioned to think is all we have. There’s a much more real and more authentic form of love waiting for us to realize it exists, and the moment we open up to it will be the moment we discover the best form of rebellion.

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Just Claim It All

By Sarah Elkhaldy

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

People will say you are “too light” if they are not comfortable with the light.

People will say you are “too dark” if they are not comfortable with the dark.

They will say you’re egotistical if they are not comfortable with owning their own power.

They will say you are too spiritual if they are not comfortable with Spirit.

See the pattern here? People are going to say what they will in accordance with their perception. Everyone will have to choose what they value more: the perception of another, or honoring their own self-expression.

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The Shaman Within: Channeling Universal Life Force to Heal Your Body

By Therese Wade, MSc

Guest writer for Wake Up World

We live in a sea of subtle energies. When we become conscious of them, we can learn to use them.

Ancient cultures understood that we live in a vast sea of energy. They understood that the planets and stars are conscious beings who communicate with each other. They believed that the trees serve as antennas, which allow natural subtle energies and information to flow up from the Earth to the stars and planets, and from all other celestial bodies into the Earth. They taught that everything and every being has consciousness and channels this energy according to its capabilities, to help facilitate this essential cosmic dialogue. In fact, they understood that all matter, including the physical body, is a gathering of this universal energy. They recognized that our thoughts and emotions are a form of energy, and that when these are in harmony with the living universal energy field, we become clear channels. Then, the life force of the Earth and cosmos flows through us more smoothly and abundantly, guiding our evolution as new perspectives are revealed and advanced abilities are awakened within us. These abilities include heightened creativity, extrasensory perception and the ability to bring about dramatic physical healing. Shamans learn to feel, sense and use this energy without filtering or distorting it. They often refer to this process as becoming a “hollow bone”.

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