Simple Tips for Mindful Eating

26th February 2015


Guest Writer for Wake Up World

“Mindful eating helps us learn to hear what our body is telling us about hunger and satisfaction. It helps us become aware of who in the body/heart/mind complex is hungry, and how and what is best to nourish it.” ~ Jan Chozen Bays M.D., for Psychology Today.

So many of us eat on the run, snack on fast food on the way to an event, and rush our children through dinner to get them to sports or into homework before bed. Although it may not be possible for us to sit down for every family meal, when we do have the opportunity, we can observe a few techniques that will help us eat more mindfully and make eating more enjoyable and peaceful to our body minds.

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What is the Secret to Real Self-Confidence?

26th February 2015

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Have you ever lacked the confidence to speak your truth, express your creativity or even set boundaries? This is true for most people, but the real core issue is that we are not confident to be ourselves.

It’s funny to think that we need confidence in order to be our authentic selves, but it is true, nonetheless.

We are all born with innate confidence to be ourselves because we don’t know anything else. Try keeping a two year old from being himself. But as years go by, most children become socialized “not to be themselves.” A world where we are judged either worthy or unworthy is not a world where children, or adults, feel safe to be themselves. As time passes, the pressure and persuasion not to be oneself grows even stronger; “don’t do this, don’t do that, be this, but don’t be that.”

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The Open Focus Theory – Diffuse Attention, Unify Reality

26th February 2015

By Tomasz Kopec MD

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

I have a good news for seekers of the world. There is a simple theory that can deliver important answers and insights into our reality. If you feel frustrated with your life, exhausted or miserable, if you feel your life is lacking something, then diffusing and balancing your attention with an Open Focus exercise can help you synchronize your brain’s electric code to shape your life in a healthier and happier way.

Open Focus

As you may already know, all stimuli like sounds, light, touch and smell (once registered by receptors inside your ears, eyes, skin and nose) become electric currents travelling along nerves towards your brain. In the brain these currents are processed and your reality is shaped. It means that the whole world around you full of colours, shapes, sounds and smells with its beauty and diversity has to be translated to electric signals in order for you to perceive it.

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The Alchemy of Groups

25th February 2015

By Victoria Fann

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

“Circle is not anything new. Circle is an ancient process of consultation and communion, a place for slowing down, respectfully listening and being heard, a place to change the conversation and a way of being together that taps into the deep well of wisdom and creative thinking that is so needed in this time and place in history. Being in Circle is a matter of remembering our original way of being in community.” ~ Birute Regine, author of Iron Butterflies: Women Transforming Themselves and the World.

Recent studies show that isolation not only shortens your life, but it can also lead to health problems including dementia. And yet, many of us have fewer friends than we did twenty years ago. Instead, we’re spending more time texting and visiting each other on Facebook than we are cultivating face-to-face relationships or being part of communities.

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Canine Cuisine: Tips for Choosing a Healthy Diet for Your Dog

25th February 2015

By Lorraine Ereira

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

We give so much thought these days to what we are eating. Is it nutritionally complete? Is it organic? Is it from non-GMO sources? Is it one of the latest super foods? Is it good for our own personal requirements?

But what about for our four-legged friends? Do we give much though to what we are feeding them? Or do they just get the pet food you buy at the store, or at best the vets (because that’s the latest recommended diet plan)? Maybe your best pal, is treated to some left overs form your dinner – surely that’s good as you only eat good quality food, right?

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Soul to Soul Recognition and Unrequited Love

25th February 2015

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Have you ever met someone and just knew beyond all rational thinking that you know that person? And that far from being a relationship that you can recall within recent memory, it feels more like an indescribable recognition that plumbs the entire expanse of your body, being and soul?

There is no doubting that this type of soul-level recognition is something that occurs at least once for most of us over the course of our individual lifetimes. The instant familiarity combined with the intensity of emotion that often accompanies such encounters can reveal itself through both sexual as well as platonic relationships when they emerge.

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A Handful of Walnuts Each Day Can Help Keep Breast Cancer Away

25th February 2015

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

A powerful defense against breast cancer might just be found in the daily habit of eating walnuts. Researchers at Marshall University in Virginia have discovered that breast cancer risk dropped significantly in lab animals who ate a regular diet that included a modest amount of the nut.

Lead researcher Elaine Hardman, Ph.D., compared the effects of a standard diet and a diet containing walnuts throughout the lifespan of mice. The quantity of walnuts used in the study was the equivalent of 2 ounces of walnuts per day for a human.

The mice who consumed the diet which included walnuts experienced breast cancer rates that were less than half compared of those in the standard diet group. Moreover, the numbers and sizes of the tumors were substantially smaller.

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Is Matriotism The Future of The Divine Feminine?

By Ethan Indigo Smith and Andy Whiteley

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

The most difficult function we ever learn is how to use language; how to communicate thoughts, needs, feelings and ideas into sounds. The complex nuances of language and communication are the most difficult things we learn as humans, and also the most powerful and important tool we have. Without language, we would not be able to cooperate to obtain food, clothing and shelter with the efficiency we do.

But it’s much more than that. With the right sentiment, at the proper time, one word can change a society, inspiring it to new understandings, directions and achievements. And conversely, with the opposite sentiment, words can tear a society to pieces or manipulate its consciousness into willing submission. What we communicate, and how, has the power to change the world. Just as importantly, language, its interpretation and its transformation over time reveals a lot about the collective consciousness of the society that speaks it.

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FREE Research PDF: 200 Evidence-Based Reasons Not to Vaccinate

19th February 2015

By Sayer Ji

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Quick download here

(Please read the description for context of what you are getting, and what to do with it.)

The media, your pediatrician, politicians and health authorities like the CDC and FDA claim that vaccines are safe and effective. So why do hundreds of peer-reviewed studies indicate the opposite is true? Read, download, and share this document widely to provide the necessary evidence-based counterbalance to the pro-vaccination propaganda that has globally infected popular consciousness and discussion like an intractable disease.

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Healthy Recipe – Coconut Cacao and Zeolite Chocolate (Dairy Free)

By Gavin Bragg

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Healthy Home-Made Chocolate in Under 10 Minutes

This home made coconut oil, raw cacao and zeolite chocolate is my favourite treat right now. Made with a thyroid-supporting combination of coconut oil and zeolite, it’s quick and easy (a must), satisfies my sweet tooth and passes the ‘healthy eating’ test all at the same time.

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, Cacao is a known mood elevator. Coconut oil is unique among oils in that it stimulates metabolism, and functions as an antioxidant. Zeolite has been used in traditional medicine throughout Asia for centuries, and is known for its ability to detoxify the body and support its natural state of PH balance. Together, with a little something sweet, they make a healthy and delicious dairy-free dessert in under 10 minutes.

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