The Healthy Reality Diet – What We Feed Our Mind and Soul is Just as Important as What We Eat

9th June 2016

By Christina Lavers

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

People are more interested in nutrition than ever before. According to Euromonitor, the health and wellness industry is projected to be a trillion dollar industry by 2017. Aware that the quality of the food we put into our systems will have an important impact on our state of health, consumers who have embarked on a wellness journey are increasingly seeking out high quality alimentary products. It seems fairly obvious that if our diet is comprised of crappy processed, chemically laden food our health will ultimately suffer; while if we consume fresh, high quality wholefoods our state of health surely must improve.

But what about those people who counter all intuitive logic and seem to thrive on a diet that should be a recipe for disease and early death? We’ve probably all heard of those centenarians who when asked their secret to longevity reply that they smoked their whole life and ate whatever they felt like. I personally know a man who seems to exist on copious amounts of artificially sweetened instant coffee, ice cream, coca cola, red meat and cigarettes; he’s in his late seventies and is one of the most robust people I know.

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10 Signs of Our Global Awakening

By Paul A. Philips

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Since time immemorial, under the ruling thumb of the world’s dark overlords, humanity has been hacked, stymied, suppressed and coerced into submission through mind controlling, soul destroying atrocity. Those unable to see that just about every subject under the sun is a deception and how their family and friends are affected don’t yet realize the extent to which the dark overlords have us snugly stitched up.

However, alternative media sources tell us that people are awakening exponentially to the realization that they’re being stitched up and in the swathe of these awakened souls, more and more are playing their dutiful part in enlightening others.

So, here are 10 signs of our global mass awakening.

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Eating Black Raspberries Significantly Lowers Cardiovascular Disease

8th June 2016

By Mae Chan

Guest writer for Wake Up World

An extract found in black raspberries can significantly lower arterial stiffness, a key measure of cardiovascular disease, according to data from a Korean study. 

Black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) has long been used in traditional alternative medicine in Korea because of its potential to improve vascular function. Previous research has shown that Black raspberries are highly effective in preventing colorectal tumors and esophageal cancer. Now, current findings establish a link between the consumption of this fruit and circulating endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs), which help repair and regenerate damaged arteries.

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A Stolen Life: The ‘Civilization’ of a Child

7th June 2016

By Harry Krueger

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

“Train up a child in the way he shall go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” ~ Salomon proverb

Knock on any door and inside will be found those responsible for the stolen lives of children. Instead of being protective of the child’s destiny, those caretakers are following the same protocol that was done to them as children. They are training up the child so that it will forever reflect the civility of the present culture. Used here, civility means psychological clones.

Parents who maintain their socially-given identity cannot be the true guardians of the child. The true destiny of the children is to be the possessors of their own pristine awareness and to respond to life’s challenges from that state. The guardian’s role is to guard by first protecting the child from those who feel it is their duty to mold (clone) the child into the image liken onto themselves; to provide the space where completeness can come to fruition.

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Gallstones: Symptoms and Natural Remedies

7th June 2016

By Dr. Edward Group

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Some 10-15% of adults in the U.S. experience the pain of gallstones. [1] In fact, it’s a digestive problem that sends more people to the hospital each year than any other. And, unfortunately, the rate of gallstone attacks has been continually rising. There is a good chance that you or someone you know will have to deal with this painful condition at some point in your life. There are some things you can do to help avoid gallstones but, before we get to that, we should first explain what gallstones are.

What Are Gallstones?

Gallstones are crystallized enzymes, bile salts, and cholesterol that can form into small clumps in your gallbladder. The gallbladder is the organ that supplies the liver with bile, which is used to digest protein. When gallstones do form, they can come in an array of shapes and sizes. In fact, most gallstones are actually very small and many pass unnoticed. These are called silent gallstones.

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How the Power of Silence Can Rewire Your Brain and Transform Health

6th June 2016

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

“Unnecessary noise is the most cruel absence of care that can be inflicted on sick or well.” ~ Florence Nightingale

In this day and age, we’d be hard-pressed to find a few moments without the cacophony of modern life swirling around us. With 24/7 access to television, streaming video, radio and all sorts of digital music, we might not give a second thought to the constant audio bombardment. Nor do we typically notice the day-to-day chatter from our coworkers, friends and families. Then there’s the constant buzz of lawnmowers, highways, trains, planes and automobiles. But science is finding that “noise pollution” may very well dumb us down, compromise health and dramatically increase stress and the accompanying hormones — unfortunately, this last bit can lead to weight-gain and heart disease. Even low levels of noise can trigger a cascade of undesirable effects. It’s enough to drive one mad — literally.

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6 Signs Someone In Your Life is a ‘Control Freak’ … and What To Do About It

6th June 2016

By Dr. Kelly Neff

Guest writer for Wake Up World

We all know someone who is a “control freak.” He or she can’t seem to stop giving unsolicited advice or tell you what to do, and how to do it. At first, you might actually get along, but soon you realize that the attitude of “listen to me, I know better!” seems to permeate the majority of their interactions, and will ultimately end up pushing people away. Control freaks feel compelled to orchestrate and manipulate people and situations to make sure everything goes “their way,” and even if though their intentions might be benign, it can cause a lot of pain.

Psychologist Thomas J. Schumacher best describes a control freak’s struggle: “Keep in mind that control freaks are not trying to hurt you – they’re trying to protect themselves. Remind yourself that their behavior toward you isn’t personal; the compulsion was there before they met you, and it will be their forever unless they get help. Understand that they are skilled manipulators, artful and intimidating, rehearsed debaters and excellent at distorting reality.”

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Vaccination’s Dilemma: “Unavoidably Unsafe” at Any Dose

5th June 2016

By Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null

Guest writers for Wake Up World

Primitive Science and Institutional Greed

The CDC and advocates for mandatory vaccination consistently repeat a dangerous mantra that finds no warranted basis in medical science. This monolithic industry, now a massive network of private and government institutions, state senates, and supported by a compliant media, want us to believe that science has finally settled the debate over vaccine safety and efficacy. All the data is in, so we are told, and no further research and discussion is necessary because vaccines have been officially ruled to pose no neurological and immunological risk to infants, children, pregnant mothers, adults and the elderly.

This official policy is founded upon flawed premises and a primitive understanding about the complexities of the human body and its multifaceted immunological system. And this argument’s fallacy is actually quite simple. Valid science is never settled. The myth of “settled science,” which is especially endemic to the biological and medical sciences that rely on private financial interests, is sheer propaganda. Valid science, on the other hand, constantly seeks new discoveries to acquire further knowledge and greater understanding. The pursuit to fully comprehend the complexity of our biological, immunological and physiological systems, therefore, is in perpetual infinite regress.

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Former U.S. Air Force Officer Warns of Atmospheric Spraying (Geoengineering) and the Coming Collapse

By Dane Wigington and Col. Randall Smith Ph.D

Guest writers for Wake Up World

The great unraveling is gaining momentum by the day, and even now, the majority of the masses are fast asleep at the wheel. Our skies look like something from an apocalyptic future, our trees are dying, our oceans are dying, our planet is dying, and still the majority remain unaware. Those in power are utilizing every option at their disposal to keep populations from waking until the last possible moment. Is there still time to change course and keep any part of the ship floating? That remains to be seen, but if there is yet a chance, it will require the concerted, focused, effective, prioritized, and completely dedicated efforts of all those that are already awake.

The essay below was penned for by a former USAF communications officer, Col. Randall Smith, Ph.D. Though I have no means of conclusively confirming all the information presented by Randall, available data does generally confirm his estimations and conclusions.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Regrowing Fruits and Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps

4th June 2016

By Jenny Tabada

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Can food scraps be grown again? Turns out, the vegetables and fruits you’ve picked from the grocery stores or harvested from your own backyard can be given another take on life, and another. All you need is the right ideas on how to regrow these assumed ‘food wastes’ on your own, from cuttings you’d normally throw out as kitchen scraps.

And the best part is: re-growing fruits or vegetables from kitchen scraps is plain easy. You can even do it indoors or in your potting and garden sheds. And a few composting tricks will also help you make growing easier.

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