Waking Up From Awakening

By Sarah Elkhaldy

Guest writer for Wake Up World

For those of us who are currently experiencing the awakening of consciousness taking place on this planet right now, there are many rabbit holes we can fall down that lead us to believe we are fully conscious and awake when we are really waking up out of one layer of the world dream at a time. No two paths are the same even though there are world issues that affect us as a collective.

Any plateau we become attached to on our awakening journey can create a sort of dogma within us that acts as a repellent to higher states of consciousness, because we may already believe we are at the pinnacle of being “awake.” So, one of the most challenging trials in the awakening process is being able to cultivate a quality of fluidness so as to not become static in our ever-expanding worldview.

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Life With No Government

By Ken Bartle

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Today’s mindset cannot see past the security, comforts, and benefits of government, despite its citizens being bound into a life of slavery. Man strives for freedom, but has not yet discovered a political system without political rule.

A representative body acting as public guardian of natural law, can answer people’s protection, security and natural justice, without political rule, provided that it cannot ever be usurped and transformed into government. Kritarchy and Natural Law offer the method.

No government? Oh yes!

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Why GMOs Are NOT the Future of Food

By Raluca Schachter

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Throughout our existence as humans, our genes have shown they are highly adaptable to the available food supply and a wide variety of diets. Over time, our genes gradually adapted to new ways of eating and we continued to thrive. But all these “new” foods were whole foods, unprocessed, unaltered, and found in nature.

So, how does this adaptation relate to the new era of genetically modified foods, made in the laboratory?

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Weathering the Energetic Storm, Inside and Out

By Christina Lavers

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

There have always been people sensitive to the subtle energies that permeate this reality. In the Western world however, the last few centuries have seen an abandonment of esoteric beliefs in favour of reason. Since that time, there has been a propensity to disparage anything that couldn’t be accurately documented and measured. Most people with the enigmatic faculty of energy sensitivity learned to keep their true natures hidden, especially during the witch-hunting times, when fear of the unknown fuelled a holocaust against practitioners of magic (which is just another way of saying energy workers). Even when conditions weren’t quite as dire, admitting to being tuned in to an aspect of reality to which most were oblivious could set a person up to be ostracised and ridiculed by those who fit comfortably into the mainstream.

The last few decades, however, have seen a considerable shift in this area – the growing number of us who can feel the energies know that they are escalating and are affecting everything they touch. What was once operating as a subtle current in the background is rapidly becoming an electrifying torrent of transformation.

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Why Sunlight Deficiency Is As Deadly As Smoking

By Sayer Ji

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

A groundbreaking new study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine has revealed something absolutely amazing about the role of the Sun in human health: a deficiency of sunlight could be as harmful to human health as smoking cigarettes.

The new study titled, “Avoidance of sun exposure as a risk factor for major causes of death: a competing risk analysis of the Melanoma in Southern Sweden cohort,” was conducted by Swedish researchers on a population of almost 30,000 women. They assessed the differences in sun exposure as a risk factor for all-cause mortality, within a prospective 20-year follow up of the Melanoma in Southern Sweden (MISS) cohort. The women were aged 25-64 years at the start of the study and recruited from 1990 to 1992. When their sun exposure habits were analyzed using modern survival statistics they discovered several things.

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Unfolding into the Multidimensional Landscape

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Do the past and the future really exist?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t remember the exact details of your past lives? Have you also ever contemplated why, even though you may be able to expand into the higher realms, you still can’t see deep into the future?

As we ‘walk the path’ it may seem as though apparent chance coincidences are aligning to a destined journey. So if you can touch the cosmic library of all-knowing, why can you not see what’s on that journey?

Further still, why can we not predict the so-called ‘sacred contracts’ that are intended to light up that journey? It all boils down to how we truly process the consciousness of the moment

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16 Things You Needs to Know About Your Mind

By Frank M. Wanderer, Ph.D

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Human Mind is a wonderful masterpiece that has immense potentials. Most of its potentials, however, remain unused in most people, since it is not us who are in charge of things, but our Mind takes control of us. In order to control something, we first need to know the thing concerned — so, we must know our Mind so as to be in charge of it.

What do we need to know about the mind? Here are 16 important things everyone needs to know about the workings of the human mind.

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The Zero-Waste Revolution: A New Wave of Eco-Conscious Living

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted worldwide each year. It’s time to change our habits.

Zero-waste is the latest trend among eco-friendly and sustainable-living circles — and it’s taking the world by storm. From legislation in France forbidding supermarkets from throwing away unsold food to completely waste-free stores, as well as a restaurant owner who installed a fridge laden with uneaten food on the street to feed the needy, concerned individuals are taking a hard look at our oftentimes excessive and wasteful habits, and finding creative and innovative ways to close the loop.

“Tree of Goodness” in Southern India

Minu Pauline owns Pappadavada restaurant in Kochi, southern India. The 28-year-old proprietor was upset that her establishment was throwing away food each day when many within the community were going hungry. Then inspiration struck after watching a woman digging through the restaurant’s rubbish bags for food late one night…

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David Icke and Zen Gardner Talk Challenges and Solutions for the World Today

By Kim Kamala Ekman

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

So what can I do?

Kim Kamala Ekman is a concerned working mother of three who wanted to bring the big picture together, making important information about our world easily accessible for all. The result is an new book, So What Can I Do? Answers from inspired researchers about the world today”in which 14 important questions about our world today are answered by researchers and truth-seekers David Icke, Zen Gardner, Sofia Smallstorm, Ken O’Keefe, Kerry Cassidy, Ole Dammegard, Kevin Barrett, and Cynthia McKinney.

In this article, excerpted from the book, David Icke discusses the challenges we face in the world today, and Zen Gardner offers ideas on regaining trust in the future and acting to make positive change.

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The Matrix of Control – Beyond its 3D Manifestation

By Bernhard Guenther

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Many well meaning activists and people are raising awareness about the issues our world and humanity are facing. That is definitely needed and necessary.

However, what is important to understand is that everything we see on a global 3D level — the ongoing wars, human rights atrocities, oppression, loss of freedom, surveillance, corporate greed, genetic modification, fluoride in the water, geoengineering, pharmaceuticals, mandatory vaccination, religious and political dogma / systems, government corruption, sexual pathologies, racial wars, mainstream media / entertainment mind control, etc… — is the creation of (or heavily influenced by) un-seen forces that have been ruling over humanity for thousands of years, using their puppet humans to carry out their agenda.

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