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How Dying Can Change Your Life

25th November 2015

By Gavin Whyte

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Okay, I know the title is a little odd but hear me out, because what I have to say about dying only makes living all the more incredible.

We have been conditioned not to think about death and dying. If we do think about it and voice our thoughts then people, our family and close friends especially, might get a little worried, fearing for our mental health.

But what if — and this is where we make the grim reaper look like prince charming — what if by understanding death and how it’s connected to life, we learn how to live in peace, joy, wonder and love? Have you ever wondered whether all those things we’re seeking might be hiding in the very place we fear the most?

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Reality Check: Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS to Emerge in Syria

By Ben Swann

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The world’s attention is fixed on Paris. France is a police state. There is concern over ISIS infiltrating Syrian refugees. And of course, the big question, how will the world rid itself of the Islamic State?

But before you listen to one more politician tell you what we need to do, you need to know what politicians knew about ISIS three years ago and the actions they still took…

Reality Check

It is one of the most viral discussions on the internet right now — “the U.S. and its allies must stop ISIS.”

After the Paris attacks that left 129 dead, more than 350 people injured and an entire nation in lock down, ISIS recorded a new video claiming that they will soon strike the United States, specifically Washington D.C.

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Brazil’s Mining Dam Failure: a “Slow-Motion Environmental Catastrophe”

24th November 2015

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Nine people are dead, with an additional 19 unaccounted, following two iron ore mining dams bursting in Brazil’s Minas Gerais region. The town of Bento Rodrigues was completely destroyed by the 60 million cubic meters of toxic mud — the equivalent of 25,000 Olympic sized swimming pools — as it makes its journey to the Atlantic ocean. The Guardian described the disaster as a “slow-motion environmental catastrophe”.

The water supply for hundreds of thousands of residents has also been devastated. The national water agency has issued a warning that the Rio Doce, otherwise known as “Sweet River,” is now contaminated with arsenic, zinc, copper and mercury, rendering the water unfit for human use. The once thriving ecosystem is now a wasteland for much of the aquatic life along the 500km length of the river, due to lack of oxygen and high temperatures. Families are advised to wash thoroughly and discard any clothing that came in contact with the mud.

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3 Steps to Changing the Future

By Paul Lenda

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Seers, oracles, mystics… these are just some of the names given to those who were able to look through a window from the present into the future present. Operating using the vehicle of consciousness computing complex patterns, processes, and possibilities based on the unfolding of present circumstances, these able-ones have a perspective that potentially holds a greater power for changing the reality we experience on this planet than anything else.

If you knew with absolute certainly what will happen in the future, be it on a personal level or on a global scale, what would you do with that knowledge? Would you stand idly on the sidelines allowing “destiny” to play out? Or would you take an active role in shifting the present timeline in a way that alters events so that a different future plays out? Nothing is set in stone, for the one constant in existence is that of change.

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The Great Work: Healing the World with Collective Meditation

By Roger Taylor BSc, BVSc, PhD

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Collective meditation does have effects in the ‘real world’.

We are living now in the age of Kali Yuga. According to Indo-Tibetan mythology, this is a time when iron birds fly in the air, and the life of the spirit falls to its nadir. The evidence for this can be seen all around us: terrorism, alienation, crime, drugs, degradation of the environment. It is not hard to see how the age of Kali Yuga has arisen necessarily along with the rise of the predominant materialist world-view. This view, of the world being made up of particles, which we envisage as material, could in principle be overturned if we would really take on the implications of quantum theory, which sees the world as made up of insubstantial inter-penetrating waves.

It is now often stated that the basic tenets of quantum theory have never come under serious question. Thus we must accept one of these: that, at some level, faster than-light, or non-local connections can exist. Further, there is much recent evidence that this can be true not only for the particles studied by physicists but for human minds. Further to the thousands of anecdotes of telepathy there are now two very convincing lines of objective evidence. The first concerns brain waves: at least three groups of scientists have shown first (and as expected) there is usually a degree of synchrony between the two halves of a single person’s brain. But what is new and exciting is the finding of synchrony between separate individuals. This occurs principally where there is a close relationship, as with lovers, or mother and child — e.g. [1][2].

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We Must Reclaim True Environmentalism!

By Derrick Jensen & Lierre Keith

Guest Writers for Wake Up World

True environmentalism is not about making our rapacious and destructive industrialism a little more sustainable, but transforming humankind’s relationship with Earth and the life she sustains — for us to take our true place within, and as part of, the living biosphere.

Once, the environmental movement was about protecting the natural world from the insatiable demands of this extractive culture. Some of the movement still is: around the world grassroots activists and their organizations are fighting desperately to save this or that creature they love, this or that plant or fungi, this or that wild place.

Contrast this to what some activists are calling ‘the conservation-industrial complex-­big green organizations’, huge ‘environmental’ foundations, neo-environmentalists, some academics -­ which has co-opted too much of the movement into ‘sustainability’, with that word being devalued to mean ‘keeping this culture going as long as possible.’ Instead of fighting to protect our one and only home, they are trying to ‘sustain’ the very culture that is killing the planet. And they are often quite explicit about their priorities.

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More Than A Chemical Imbalance – Why Depression Cannot Be Cured By Medication Alone

By Steve Taylor Ph.D

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

A few months ago a friend asked me for some advice about his father, who was suffering from depression. After finding out that his father spent most of his time indoors, watching television, I told my friend about ecotherapy, which investigates the therapeutic effects of contact with nature. As I informed my friend, there is a great deal of research showing that regular contact with nature — such as a daily walk in the park or countryside — can have a very beneficial effect on well-being. The research suggests that this can be just as effective against depression as medication or other forms of psychotherapy. So I asked my friend to encourage his father to get out of his house and go for a walk in his local park every day — or better still, go for walks in the countryside.

A couple of weeks later, my friend got back into contact to say that he had told his father’s doctor about my advice. The doctor had gotten angry and told my friend, “Your father has an illness! Would you tell a cancer patient to go for a walk in the countryside? Would that help their condition? Depression is an illness that has to be treated medically.”

It seems to me that this attitude to depression — or to any psychological condition — is simplistic, misleading and possibly even dangerous. This is not to say that brain chemistry isn’t involved in depression. But it’s certainly not the only factor.

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Spiritless Humans

By Montalk

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Empty people. Puppet people. Cardboard cutouts. Drones. Organic Portals. Background characters. Why do these terms even exist? Because out of necessity they had to be invented by those who independently noticed the same puzzling phenomenon, one for which there is no official name: some people seem to be missing something very important inside. While they are not necessarily any less intelligent, successful, or physically healthy as anyone else, they nevertheless show no indication of having any higher components to their consciousness.

Over the years I have received emails from readers who came to this same conclusion. They noticed that some people seemed strangely one dimensional and hollow inside. This observation is not hard to miss, but it is easy to rationalize away, especially with modern society being so heavily brainwashed with the politically correct but unrealistic concept that everyone is completely equal in every way, which ignores functional differences due to environmental, genetic, and most importantly, metaphysical factors.

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Waking Up From Religion

21st November 2015

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Often our religious beliefs are handed down to us by family and culture, and by the time we are old enough to consciously choose, it’s too late because we are already brainwashed with pre-ordained beliefs that seem to be set in stone.

Ideally, the true purpose of any religion should be to facilitate a direct connection with the “Divine,” and to support spiritual awakening. Unfortunately, few, if any religions, fulfill this purpose. If they did, many more of us would be awake by now, or at least intimately connected to the Source of who we really are. Even with the prevalence of “new age” spiritual practices today, few of us have attained full spiritual awakening and direct Divine connection.

What’s wrong with this picture? Maybe that answer lies in the reasons why humanity seeks out religion, or structured spirituality, in the first place…

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Amalgam Fillings Release Mercury Vapor Into Your Body 24/7

By Elisha McFarland

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Research at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine and other prominent medical schools, have demonstrated that mercury vapor continuously escapes from dental amalgams and 80 percent of this vapor is immediately absorbed through the lungs and into the bloodstream. Once in the blood, mercury vapor enters into the cells almost immediately.

Mercury vapor from dental amalgam fillings is the primary source of mercury contamination. 80 percent of adults, specifically baby boomers, currently have amalgam fillings that will release from 4 to 40 micrograms of mercury vapor per day, depending on factors such as the number of fillings, filling size, teeth grinding and the presence of other metals in the mouth.

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