The Litmus Test of the Present Moment

By Fatima Bacot

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

We are deep within an historical moment of mythic proportions where not only does the Light loom large, but the Shadow also, in a revealing, disclosing, ‘apocalyptic’ dance of ideological enmeshment and uncertain outcome. The titanic struggle to reboot the patriarchal worldview into a worldview kinder, sacred and more honouring to all the people of the Earth and to the Earth itself, is occurring on numerous fronts simultaneously across the planet.

It feels like we are reaching some kind of ‘point of no return’, which millions are unaware of and unprepared for, but which heralds the descent into a transmutational dark night of the soul for the collective, out of which will come a renewed understanding of who we really are, and how dependent upon each other and the Earth we truly are for our wellbeing. We will discover at last what makes humanity truly human, and what it is to be ‘human’, on the other side of so much turning away and of what is currently a defacement of our humanity as we witness grave inhumanity at large.

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