How 1 MILLION Pounds Of Organic Food Can Be Produced On 3 Acres

By Andy Whiteley

Co-Founder of Wake Up World

The quality and accessibility of our food supply is a mounting issue today. With GMOs, chemical pesticides and low-nutrition processed foods  now commonplace in the mainstream supply, taking control of your own food supply is one of the smartest things you can do – for your health and for your hip pocket.

So, with limited space, how can we create an independent  food supply?

I recently came across this amazing video of a man, urban farmer Will Allen, who has figured out a self-sustaining system that can  grow 1 million pounds of food every year, on just 3 acres of land,  using the  symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a re-circulating system.

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Grow 1 Million Pounds of Food on 3 Acres

Using greenhouses and a closed eco-system technology known as Aquaponics, Will Allen has taken urban farming to new extremes. In fact,  a packed greenhouse produces a crop value of $5 square foot! ($200,000 per acre). So  how  is he  doing this?

* Maintaining  3 acres of land in green houses

* Producing 10,000 fish

* Using 300 to 500 yards of worm compost

* Utilizing vertical space

* Using 1 simple aquaponic pump

* Food is grown all year by using heat from the compost piles

Growing Power

The below  videos show “The Urban Farmer” (Will Allen) on the  Growing  Power farm.

Will Allen Talks Us Through ‘Growing Power’

Will Allen Takes A Tour Group Around ‘Growing Power’

Can you imagine if places like this started popping up all over the world? It would be one giant step towards self-reliance and true sovereignty.

If you are not able to start your own garden, consider finding a community garden or hooking up with a small local farm or co-operative.

For more information, please check out our follow up article PART 2 – How 1 MILLION Pounds Of Organic Food Can Be Produced On 3 Acres  which goes into  further about the  Growing Power farms and answers Frequently Asked Questions about the Aquaponics system.

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Happy eating!

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