Everyone’s Personal Frequency Is On The Rise

By Johnsmallman

As you know, the frequency of the planet and of humanity’s energy signature is rising in preparation for the approaching New Age. The higher the frequency of an entity’s energy signature the more spiritually evolved that entity can become.  A low frequency tends to be dense, almost leaden, and it is very difficult for Knowledge or Love to flow through it.  Consequently, it is very difficult for beings whose frequency is low to communicate, and they get lost within themselves, rather like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand.

However, every sentient being has within itself a divine imperative to evolve – and it will.  But when it does so, it is through its own choice…although, of course, it has all the time necessary to see, understand, and make that choice.  It is a choice it cannot fail to make because it is God’s Will that it do so, and because at the deepest level it is one with God, therefore God’s Will is its will.

For an entity’s spiritual evolution to progress, spiritual communication is essential, and that basically consists of Love and Knowledge.  Communication that is not loving is not true communication, which is why unloving interactions cause confusion and lead to conflict, as your human history has been demonstrating to you for eons.  Now, however, the choice to evolve spiritually has been made by an enormous number of humans and their loving communications and interactions affect all of humanity.  Everyone’s frequency is rising, although some refuse to acknowledge this, keeping their heads buried in the sand.  But even there they are unable to remain completely disconnected from the wave of communications flowing constantly around and through the planet.  These communication signals that surround and envelop you are like a form of divine heavenly music that is quite irresistible as it bathes you in the energy of divine Peace and Love.

This divine energy field that envelops all of creation, and to which each of you has an eternal and unbreakable connection, is calling to you constantly – through the medium of this sublime sound – to awaken.  When you take time out to quieten your minds, meditate, or peacefully and quietly observe any of the beauties that nature provides, you are making space available in which to become aware of this music calling you Home.  It is always with you, waiting for you to listen for it, hear it, and respond to it, as you realize that it is telling you how dearly loved you are, and how that can never change.

You are indeed being called upon to awaken and to enjoy the supreme joy of knowing and experiencing your eternal oneness with God.  That call is irresistible, and yet you can pretend not to hear it, refuse to hear it, or deny its existence – but for a limited time only.  Eventually you will capitulate and acknowledge the call, and then your joy will overwhelm you as you bask in your Father’s loving embrace.  To delay this glorious awakening into Reality, while you continue to hide yourselves in the illusion, experiencing the unending struggle for survival accompanied by anxiety, pain, and suffering, makes absolutely no sense.  So listen for the beautiful harmonies of God’s divine energy field; allow them into the center of your being to sing to the divine Flame within you which will brighten, lighting up your awareness of the fact that you are divinely loved, essential and irreplaceable parts of your heavenly Father, and that you are being called Home to participate fully, as only you can, in the magnificent party to celebrate humanity’s long-sought awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.


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