The Matrix of Four Aspects to Raising Consciousness

The Matrix of Four Steps to Raising Consciousness

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Four is recognized as symbol for completion. This symbolism is illustrated in the four seasons, derived from the two solstices and two equinoxes of our orbit. Secondly it is represented in the four forms of arithmetic. These fundamental universal absolutes are alone powerful enough to be the sources of the matrix of four and its symbolism. Beyond that there are four aspects of self; the mental, physical, spiritual and the natural. To instigate and raise consciousness, awareness of the four aspects is crucial, followed by building on the aspects.

The first step to raising consciousness is development of the mental aspect. Consciousness requires awareness. In order to increase knowledge of self, one must increase knowledge of what is happening in the world. Learning what is happening leads to awareness and increased understanding. It is important to expand your field of view as to what is happening in the world, as well as focus your field of view inward. Taking a moment to understand that which cannot directly be seen is as important as understanding what’s right in front of your face. Consider things great and small, far and wide, seen and unseen, known and unknown. Consider what you do every day and what you’ve never done or considered before.

Consider food. First there is consideration of nutrition and then there is the consideration of where food comes from. When one learns about food, one learns that many crops have been genetically modified, not so they are more nutritious, but so that they can withstand pesticides that kill practically everything else and so they will no longer be seed bearing, so as to support a oligarchical franchise system. When one learns about food one learns about the institutionalization of food, through genetic modification, as well as the single serving, fast food culture. When one learns about food, one eventually learns that corporations have promoted institutionalization, like the laboratory creation of non-seed bearing crops accompanied by franchise supplied poison, specifically Monsanto’s Roundup, as seen on TV. Questioning raises awareness and initiates mental development which in turn, itself, can increase mental development more. When one learns about nutrition and the institutionalization of food, one won’t set foot in fast food franchise or take a bite of genetically modified organisms, modified to be able to withstand poison.

A specific contemplation which broadens one’s spectrum of consideration is the Analogy of the Divided Line. Socrates divided information into four parts, in a formation I call the philosophy of the duality of polarity. Socrates noted there is the tangible, like a tree (DE) and there are reflections of the tangible (CD), like the tree’s reflection in a pond. There is also the intangible like numbers (BC) and finally the smallest portion is reflections of the intangible (AB), algebraic equations for instance.

The largest part of the set is the tangible and the smallest, most elusive part is the reflections of the intangible. Consideration of the four types of information expands one’s awareness and initiates consciousness.

The second step to raising consciousness is developing the physical aspect. Learning about diet and practicing a mostly vegetarian, if not totally vegetarian diet makes one literally and figuratively, physically lighter. When one learns about a predominantly vegetarian diet one might come across information pertaining to bioaccumulative toxins from industry. One finds about institutionalization and pollution so vast, it taints the food, the air, the water and everything living and breathing. When one learns about diet one might learn about how Edward Bernays made people think bacon and eggs was tradition and how he had more influence on “taste” than many people since.

It is said that some yogis practice holding one arm above their head, as an exercise in commitment, for many years. When westerners take on the training it is said they only have to do it for one year. Being that a westerner has a shorter attention span the same lesson might be learned in a shorter period of time, of course it will seem longer. One form of yoga, which was not designed for a short attention span, but is accommodating nonetheless, just so happens to be a series of movements that takes about fifteen minutes and will build the physical aspect. It is called The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation. It is five movements repeated twenty-one times, with coordinated breathing, followed by meditation. Research and read about the movements before attempting. If you have done yoga before, you can figure them out easily. Do the Five Tibetans every day for a month or two, as a test of commitment and to see how development of the physical can be accomplished.

The third step to raising consciousness is integration of the now improved mental and physical. This integration enhances the intangible spiritual aspect of oneself. Commitment to developing the mind and body transmutes into the development of the spirit. Building on the spiritual muscle requires more meditation. The Five Tibetans is integrative and meditative, but there are other ways to meditate, the best being to live meditatively. Meditation of the highest order is perhaps the meditation which is practiced most frequently. To meditate be calmly aware of one’s breath. The four parts of breath are inhalation, pause, exhalation, pause. Inhalation and exhalation should be equal time periods and the pauses should be equal to each other as well. The best way to practice meditation is by being meditative throughout one’s day, whenever possible.

According to Angelles Arrien, the author of the Four Fold Way, there are four basic postures in which one can meditate. There is standing meditation, lying meditation, walking meditation and sitting meditation. Throughout one’s day one can decide to actively meditate as one goes throughout one’s chores, responsibilities and interactions. This practice, when done correctly, heightens the spiritual aspect. Intuitive awareness increases and reaction time speeds, whether working or playing.

The fourth step to raising consciousness, after developing the mental, physical and spiritual within, is willing oneself positively upon the natural world of which you are a part and dependent. After one develops inside one demonstrates one’s will upon the outside physical world. The fourth stage to raising consciousness is to will oneself, from within, upon the outside world. When one has developed oneself within, one can practice influencing and imparting one’s will on the outside world in a positive manner.

According to Arthur Schopenhauer, a German philosopher born in 1788, who authored the book On The Fourfold Root of the Principal of Sufficient Reason in 1813 there are four classes of human reasoning; becoming, knowing, being and willing. The highest order of human reasoning is willing, but one has to develop consciousness to do so.

One act of willing would be discontinuing support of the institutionalization of sustenance. I have learned about GMO foods not because I am negative, but because I eat every day. I am willing the end of such institutionalization exhibited by the Monsanto franchise which turned food into product, because of the mental knowledge I have about the consequences of such procedure, because of the physical body I have and because of my spiritual connection with the physical, biological world which genetic modification interferes with.

The world being as it is needs more consciousness in part because people have not practiced such individuation as illustrated. They have oppositely arranged institutionalization, like the Monsanto franchise. Consciousness develops the individual. Such institutionalization degrades individuals.

The Matrix of Four

The Matrix of Four - Ethan Indigo SmithMatrix of Four: the Philosophy of the Duality of Polarity is an exploration of our consciousness, and presents a formula to develop our consciousness and surpass the limitations of traditional political and social constructs. In this work, Ethan relates and explains correlations between the four seasons, Om and a myriad of esoteric and exoteric ideas on consciousness to inspire creative thinking and being. He also explores mathematical and philosophical concepts to engage a higher thinking and being, verified using universality and human traditions beginning with the four operations of arithmetic, referencing the four archetypal characters in Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave, and much more.

Matrix of Four: the Philosophy of the Duality of Polarity is available here on Amazon.

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The events of September 11, 2001 inspired him to write his first book, The Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism, an insightful exploration of history, philosophy and contemporary politics. His more recent publications include:

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