10 Ways of the God/dess (That Will Make Your Life More Fun)

By Indra

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Being a true God/dess in current times is not only desired, but in my opinion mandatory. The understanding of what a God/dess is emerges from the simplicity and authenticity of our divine nature. As we return to the things that connect us to the real and remind us of the things that truly matter, the wisdom of our God/dess-like nature becomes second nature.

In my journey, I have helped hundreds of men and women return to their natural state of absolute empowerment. I have come to know some general do’s and don’ts that inevitably help everyone on the path back to their divinity.  This blog is based on the “best of” – the most effective, most powerful and widely used principles in the LumenOctave System.

Practising any or all of these rules will guarantee a significant spike in your divinity – handle with care 🙂

1. BE yourself. It is the only way of the God/dess. Actually this is a pre-requisite. In moments when you are engulfed in being yourself, the universe bows down to you.

2. WORSHIP your body. The body is your shrine as it holds all your powers. From the psychic powers of your pineal gland, empathy of your heart to your sex power (and everything in between and beyond).

3. SING & DANCE – even if this is on the “inside”. Move to the beat of your body as if it were a cosmic humming.

4. IMMERSE yourself in nature. The God/dess IS nature and to be empowered you must return to nature to seek inspiration, guidance and healing. Eat foods in their natural raw form, use products that are all natural. USE nature to BE nature. Your natural self is your most amazing self.

5. NEVER HOLD BACK feelings; respect your emotions. If you are angry, the world around you probably needs some discipline. If you are sad and vulnerable, through your emotions you soften your environment and bring healing love.

6. DON’T JUDGE yourself (and others). You are free to be as sexy, as passionate, as crazy, as strong, as vulnerable, as whatever YOU want to be! And you are the only one you will have to reckon with – no one else.

7. SURRENDER. This is one of my power techniques: When in doubt – LET IT GO. If you don’t know the answer, let go of the question and the answer will arise. Nothing is worth holding onto if it gets in the way of your love and fun.

8. PLAY! Schedule time to go out and play. Pick people in your life who are true playmates and enjoy playing as much as you do.

9. UNDERSTAND THE PARADOX that is you: The nature of the God/dess is to master her reality so (s)he realizes (s)he is everything – the good, the naughty, the strong, the vulnerable, the forgiver, the enforcer, the lover, the discipliner- the whole shabang!

10. FOLLOW YOUR BLISS INSTINCT. When the paradoxes are confusing, allow the bliss sensations in your body to guide you to the aspect of you, which is the MOST effective in every moment. Does it feel good to be soft and gentle or strong and fierce in that moment? Let the sensations decide your actions – not the mind!

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