Eight of the Most Inspiring Quotes from Buddha

By  Casie  Terry

Guest writer for  Wake Up World

The Buddha’s teachings just might be the gold standard in living in the now.

In fact, it is thought that  Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha was so unconcerned with dates and chronologies, that very few of his works are dated — there is even uncertainty surrounding his date of birth and the date of his death.

This detached-from-time outlook is very much reflected in ancient Indian teachings. As a culture, they believed it was more important to stress the meaning behind the Buddha’s great philosophies.

Today, many of Buddha’s quotes provide us with a calming sense of direction and meaning. They have a unique ability to inspire creativity, drive passion or encourage new ideas. Here are eight of our all-time favorite quotes that we think will really brighten your Friday. Do you have a favorite?

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