Health Canada Banning Non-invasive Breast Cancer Detecting Thermography To Serve High Interests

By Raluca Schachter

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Corporations like mainstream media, multi-billion dollars pharmaceutical companies, and the cancer industry don’t know anything about health. They don’t want to know and they don’t need to know. They are businesses and they need to make money. They use fear and the promise of a symptom-free life as motivators. They also have to serve high interests and brainwash the population with theories, which change according to the drug or toxic therapy that’s being marketed and brings the most profit at the time.

On my phone interview with Dr. Alexander Mostovoy from Thermography Clinic, in Toronto, Canada, I have found out about the aggressive propaganda, which was generated against thermography, in order to protect an exclusive, risky, invasive and radiation causing technology like mammography.

Dr Mostovoy is a Board Certified Clinical Thermographer and has been involved with thermography for over 13 years imaging over 20,000 women.

He started to explain the situation as follows:

There has been a lot of negative news regarding over diagnosis with mammography lately, however to divert attention – thermography has been attacked.  We have been under a vicious attack by CBC News along with Canadian Breast Cancer Society to discredit thermography and to deny women access to this non-invasive technology. Our health regulators are only too happy to comply after this well orchestrated story.

Here you can view the fabricated, pathetic and misleading investigation by CBC News, which the health officials and reporters carefully put together, just by cherry picking their favorite facts:

The Truth : What Is The Difference Between Thermography and Mammography?

If we have two technologies to detect breast cancer, both having their own limitations, where one has increasing negative outcomes and higher collateral risks, and one is non-invasive and doesn’t have risks, it would just make sense to at least give the population the freedom to choose, right? It would be fair not to “ban” due to a set agenda, but to offer women as many choices as possible, so they can decide what’s best for their health. By limiting these choices, fairness and freedom don’t have a place in the equation anymore.

But let’s look at the facts and differences between thermography and mammography, as stated by dr Mostovoy, in his article, What’s the Difference?


  • Structural test: can pinpoint the location of suspicious area
  • Compresses the breast
  • X-ray radiation produces an image; the area of concern must have greater density to stand out against regular tissue
  • Can detect tumors in mainly slow growing stage or pre-invasive stage
  • Can not detect fast growing tumors in the pre-invasive stage
  • The use of hormones decreases sensitivity
  • Large, dense and fibrocystic breasts are difficult to read
  • The upper portions of the breast including the tail of the breast and the Axillary region cannot be visualized
  • Can detect tumors 1-2 years earlier than physical examination
  • Average Specificity 75% (25% false-positive) 9 out of 10 biopsies initiated by  mammography are negative
  • Average Sensitivity 80% with 20% of cancers missed in women over age 50 in women under age 50 Sensitivity is 60% or 40% of cancers missed


  • Functional testing, able to detect physiological changes, cannot pinpoint the exact location of suspicious area
  • No radiation, non-invasive, no risk, can be used as often as necessary to observe the effectiveness of treatment over time
  • Uses infrared detectors to detect heat and increased vascularity that may be related to angiogenesis
  • Can detect physiological changes many years prior to any other method of screening
  • Very sensitive to fast growing aggressive tumors
  • Hormonal activity in the breast will affect thermographic imaging but not to the point of abnormality
  • All breast shapes, conditions and areas are within the scope of imaging
  • Earliest warning system with breast tissue and physiological changes that usually  precedes tumor formation years prior to its occurrence
  • Average Specificity 90% (10% false positive)
  • Average Sensitivity 90% (10% cancers missed) most of these are slow growing tumors with low metabolic rate in the area with a high rate of survival

As you can see, thermography is a functional test, which serves as a risk marker that complements, rather than replaces mammography. It is not a competitor or a replacement for mammography. A low risk thermography rating does not mean that cancer is not present; it simply suggests that there is a statistically low probability yet there are always exceptions. Same is true when a high risk rating is established, this does not indicate the presence of cancer – it only suggests a higher level of risk and will require additional examination and closer monitoring.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that when combined with other structural or anatomical tests, thermography may contribute to the best evaluation of breast health. THIS would be in the patient’s best interest, NOT in the profit driven companies’ interests.

How Health Officials Can Decide Your Fate and Take Away Your Freedom Of Choice

Health Canada  managed to issue an arbitrary ban on the use of the thermography procedure in several provinces throughout the country, although on its website it claims to “respect individual choices and circumstances”…Yes, it does sound like hypocrisy to me. By running the concoction of misleading facts in their video report, CBC news quoted some of Health Canada’s “experts”, who just can’t find a different way to defend a limited, risky, yet money-making technology, other than taking out of the picture potential “competitors”. (And I’ve already explained above why these two shouldn’t be viewed as such in the first place.)

Where lies the seriousness of this situation?

People are treated like mindless puppets

The above mentioned “health experts” and reporters have repeatedly insinuating that women are simply unable to make informed decisions for themselves, without the government telling them what is safe and what works. This is actually the main theory that enabled pharmaceutical companies and mainstream medicine to take the health responsibility away from the people, while promising a “cure” that always comes through a needle, drug or technology with negative effects. People were brainwashed into thinking they are not capable enough to understand how the body works and what it needs to stay free of negative health symptoms.

Twisting and altering important scientific data

The  CBC News  report suggests that  thermography  is some kind of deceptive marketing scam that tricks women into believing that cancer probabilities can actually be detected this way.

Truth is that there have literally been hundreds of published studies conducted on thermography over the years showing that it is a highly effective way to detect breast cancer early without the need for radiation. To view just a few of these studies, which started as early as 1974 and continue to our days, you can visit Thermography Clinic’s page with studies here

The evidence is there and it is obvious. The lies are easily accepted once they hit mainstream media, and so the freedom to choose a safer alternative to mammograms has been suddenly denied to tens of thousands of Canadian women. Are Americans next?

Power to the Government, not to the people

This event is unfortunately just another way to tell people that only the Government knows it all. If the Government doesn’t approve of an alternative treatment it HAS to be a fraud! Don’t you think this way of thinking is dangerous and it actually undermines even more the ability of people to think and decide for themselves, while assuming responsibility? It has been obviously very tempting for many people over the years to just “dump” responsibility and the effort of taking decisions in the “authorities’” yard. It was so convenient. And authorities couldn’t have been happier to be able to set their desired agenda completely undisturbed. Who pays for this now?

How Can You Submit Your Protest, Support Freedom of Choice and The Right To HEALTH

Thermography Clinic has issued a press release subsequently to media outlets across North America, that you can see on their Facebook page

They also published a position paper  and started a petition drive  to help protect women’s right to this technology which Health Canada is trying to ban.

If you think it’s high time for health freedom to be protected, don’t wait another day; get involved, and get educated on the matter!

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