One People’s Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks and Governments for Operating Slavery and Private Money Systems

17 February 2013

By Andy Whiteley

Contributing writer for Wake Up World and Infinite Being of the Creator

Many of you have heard… many have not. Announced publicly on 25 December 2012, the system of Corporate-Governmental rule has been foreclosed. Legally foreclosed… via one of its own mechanisms. The “Powers That Be” are now the “Powers That Were”. By its own reckoning, all debt has been erased and corporations – including but not limited to Corporate Governments and Banks – have been foreclosed.

Sure, they may continue to play along in hopes we will play along with them. But thanks to a series of UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filings made by the One People’s Public Trust (known as OPPT) the choice is now yours to make. This has been ratified by very the ‘legal’ framework of our (former)  corporate-controllers.

Systemically speaking… WE ARE FREE!!

(Get comfortable folks – this is a long article but it’s one you can’t afford to miss!!)

One People’s Public Trust

The conclusion of legal actions taken by the OPPT have generated a lot of excitement. And rightly so! The potential for positive change it creates is MOMENTUS!

But before we get into the implications I’d like to present to you the “what happened” and “how” of the situation.

Corporate-controlled Government and corporate-controlled Media refuse to announce their own demise – for obvious reason. So as informed global citizens, I believe our role is to understand what happened and how, so that we can inform others… and finally start the process of worldwide change we’ve all been waiting for.

But First, A Reality Check

Before I go on, allow me to state a few facts up front.

1) Governments are were Corporations. The Corporate Government phenomenon is not only demonstrated by the way “governments” behave as Beneficiaries (not as Trustees) of the government Trust, but the paper-trail also proves it! The United States, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Brazil, Japan, South Africa…. and the list goes on…. all are US-based corporate entities, registered as such with the United States Security & Exchanges Commission… and operating as such at our expense. “The system” is oligarchical in nature, in that it is geared only to profit “the few” while the rest of us work to support it.

2) Persons are were corporations: At birth, a birth certificate application is signed by your parents which is used by Corporate Government to commence a Trust in your name. This Trust is used as collateral, and a collateral account is created and funded in your name. You are the Beneficiary of this Trust… but no-one tells you it exists. If you do not complete a Will by the age of 7, Corporate Government declares you deceased – under admiralty law of all things! – and you are officially considered by the system to be “lost at sea”. Seriously. Corporate Government then assumes financial control of your estate, and they – aware that most of us do in fact live beyond 7 – continue to treat us as living slaves. The funds generated by monetizing your life – using you as collateral – are loaned to you when you apply for bank finance, mortgages etc. You are then forced to work to repay those funds – plus interest – back to the system. Legally, you have no rights because you’re considered “dead” by the age of 7. You lose.

(Click here for more information on the Government Trust relationship).

3) Mass media is the tool used by Corporate Governments to deliver propaganda directly to your home. It is used to manipulate public perceptions of Corporate Government actions and inactions, to reinforce social norms, limits and behaviours, and to sell you crap by creating a “need” and then providing you with a product to fulfill it. And it isn’t limited just to Media; the psychology of the “old” paradigm is reinforced through educational and religious institutions as well.

Corporations, Governments and Media all tell the same lies. They are all part of the same beast.

4) As a result, the world’s economic structure is was a mechanism of mass slavery. Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property, and are forced to work. Slaves are held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and deprived of the right to leave, or to refuse to work.

Sound familiar?

You were born into “the system” without any say in how it works. You were raised and taught to contribute to the system. You must work exhaustive hours in the system, and you must pay taxes to the system. You must adhere to the rules of the system – most of which relate to property and ownership – or you will be punished by the system. By design, the system will deliver abundance only to a select few, and many others will go hungry. But if you don’t like it, you cannot leave the system. The system “owns” everything, everyone and everywhere.

Until now, you had one option: play along. It’s like living in a casino with no exit. And the house always wins.

When Were Our Governments Corporatized?

It all started with the introduction of the Reserve Bank system. When the Federal Reserve Act was implemented in the United States in 1913, Congressman Charles Lindberg warned the US Congress in a Congressional Record dated, December 22, 1913 (vol. 51) that an inevitable consequence of  instituting the Federal Reserve system was that – using their power to inflate and deflate an economy – corporations would take control.

In Congressman Lindbergh’s words: “From now on, depressions will be scientifically created”.

And they are. In 1929s, the “Powers That Were” deliberately crashed the stock market. How? Fluctuations in the stock market are driven by emotion. Prior to the 1929 crash, excitement was created in the market which created a period of inflation. Those in control unloaded their holdings at premium prices, then created a panic in the market. And as prices plummeted, they bought back their holdings at fire-sale prices – and eliminated their ailing competition in the process.

In short, the Great Depression was artificially generated so the large corporations that controlled the stock market could profit from lending governments the money required to recover from its orchestrated collapse. Sovereign nations were ultimately forced to sign onto debt agreements which, by their nature, could never be paid off. And as national debts began to mount, the “slavery by debt” paradigm was formalized…. and corporations took control.

Today, Corporate Governments continue to masquerade as real government. The Reserve Bank system (which now dominates western economies) continues to drive periods of ‘market-boom’ and ‘market-bust’ by strategically tightening and relaxing the supply of money and credit. The current Global Financial Crisis is a perfect example. And all the while, establishment Media plays its part by influencing the emotion of the stock market and facilitating political untruths.

But the complex campaign undertaken by the OPPT has forced the corporate system into foreclosure. All corporations, including Government and Banking systems, have been rendered extinct using their own mechanisms of commercial regulation. Lawfully speaking, it’s a case of out with the old trusts and in with the new!  

So Is This The “Overthrow Of Government”?

No – it is the overthrow of the corporations who have until now masqueraded as government. If you understand that “governments” are actually corporations that have overwritten the constitutions of sovereign nations by stealth, their demise can only be seen as long overdue.

The fraud of government is real. And finally – by their failure to rebut the UCC claims – the entire corporate government complex stands guilty of fraud, treason and slavery. By international law, the OPPT has the right to claim remedy on behalf of the One People for those crimes. They chose to foreclose on and terminate the corporations, banks and governments responsible, and to confiscate all assets and infrastructures of these entities – including all the gold and silver held as assets by the banking system – and place them in the hands of the One People.

Don’t think of it as an overthrow, think of it as the recovery of stolen property. The actions of the One People’s Public Trust essentially reclaim what is ours, as sovereign beings of this planet. Universal Law, Common Law and the UCC are now the governing law of the planet.

(I will later describe in detail the mechanisms implemented by the OPPT to replace the necessary functions of governance).

UCC: The Bible Of Commerce

The UCC is the “bible” of commerce; it precisely dictates the manner in which international trade and commerce should be enacted. In fact, the entire commercial system pivots around UCC law. In the United States, if your mortgage is foreclosed on or your car is repossessed, the bank uses the UCC process to do so.

While UCC law remains the domain of corporations and their operatives, one of the trustees of OPPT was professionally involved in UCC law for some time, and understands intimately how the “Powers That Were” manipulated the UCC to control the United States financial system at a very high level.

UCC expert, mother, and OPPT spearhead Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf used the foreclosure of her own home as a test case. She challenged the foreclosure through UCC process, and in doing so discovered – put very simply – that the U.S. court system invariably supports the corporate system.

Not surprising really, given that 99% of our laws relate to ownership… or commerce.

After exercising extreme prudence, the OPPT concluded that the corporations operating under the guise of the people’s governments and financial systems were committing treason against the people of this planet without the people’s knowing, willing and intentional consent. The final report from the investigation can be found here.

So… in order to foreclose on “the system”, the Trustees of OPPT set a trap using the legal structure provided to them BY “the system”.

A Note on the Reach of the UCC

The  Uniform Commercial Code  (UCC) was first published in 1952 to harmonize the law of sales and other commercial transactions across the USA, as well as actively discourage the use of legal formalities in making business contracts, to allow business to move forward without the intervention of lawyers or the preparation of elaborate documents.  However, it is important to know that the  nations and states of this world have somehow became legally registered corporations with the USA Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This means that all  UCC Rulings are legally applicable to all  nations’ corporate entities. and that every nations’ “employees” (citizens) are also recognized and treated as legal corporations and are registered as commercial ‘vessels’, whose ‘value’ can be traded an sold as chattel.

How Did The Trustees Achieve Foreclosure?

The OPPT is managed by Trustees Caleb Skinner, Hollis Randall Hillner and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. The OPPT was created when the Trustees bonded themselves to – and as a result resumed – the trust that was framed in the original US Constitution of 1776; the constitution that was abandoned when the United States government was corporatized in 1933.

The OPPT then bonded every individual on the planet to this Trust as the Beneficiaries in equity, known as “the One People, created by The Creator”. By doing so, the Trustees framed a Trust that has a superior claim to any other – the Trust between the Creator and the “states of being” of Earth. The “states of being” of Earth are the beneficiaries of the Creator as the custodians of the Creator’s manifestations on Earth. Lawfully speaking, there can be no higher claim than that of the One People’s Public Trust… except for one made by the Creator.

Our planet’s resources – specified in the UCC filings to be the world’s gold and silver – cannot therefore be owned, sold to us for a price, metered out in ‘salary’ quantities to enslave us, or withheld to create poverty or destitution. Under the One People’s Public Trust, we all have equity. Our planet’s resources now belong to each of us in equal measure. That is our birth right. Now it is law.

Between 2011 and 2012, the Trustees lodged a complex series of filings with the UCC on behalf of its Beneficiary. Full details of the OPPT’s filings with the UCC can be found on their website: Be warned: it is very heavy legal reading and designed for the purposes of legal noticing and disclosure, not for communicating OPPT’s actions or their implications to the general public. However the Trustees are working directly with the global ‘alternative media’ community to ensure the public receive accurate, clear and relevant information.

To summarise these documents:

Understanding that corporations, governments and banks are one and the same, an “Order of Finding and Action” was filed against the “the debtor”, a legal entity created via the UCC process which encompasses all corporate entities. The filings claim that the Debtor “knowingly, willingly and intentionally committed treason” by “owning, operating, aiding and abetting private money systems” and “operating Slavery Systems used against… citizens without their knowing, willing and intentional consent”.

UCC filings are public records, and follow standard administrative processes. When facing a claim, an entity (in this case “the Debtor”) is given the right of rebuttal. If a rebuttal is not received within the required timeframe, a default action then applies, followed by termination of that entity; in this case, on the grounds that it failed to rebut charges of treason by “the One People”.

The important thing to understand here is that a UCC filing stands as law if it remains unrebutted. And in this case, the OPPT Trustees ensured they created a legal situation in which the individuals and entities that form “the debtor” had no ability to rebut. How could they? The claims of slavery and fraud are true.

Of course, no rebuttal was received.

The ‘Debtor’ is therefore guilty of treason.

As remedy, corporations are foreclosed and their assets re-claimed.

The wealth of our planet is returned to “the One People”.

All corporate debt is erased.

“The system” is terminated.

The public record shows it.

The UCC filing stands as international law.

By the system’s own terms, it no longer exists.

We are free!!

So What Does All This Mean?

Lawfully, nobody can stand as a superior authority between you and your relationship with the Creator. Having removed the control-mechanisms of economy and government, the One People’s Public Trust leaves individuals in full liability, being personally responsible for themselves and for ensuring the free-will rights of others. There is no longer a structural chain of command. No rules. No corporations to hide behind. You are – as the Creator intended – a Being and a guardian of our planet and its inhabitants.

It’s a MASSIVE paradigm shift, and one that will no doubt take some time to be realised in full.

The systemic barriers that inhibited our free will and choices have now been removed, which poses challenges to the way we view ourselves and the way we make choices in our own lives. We now live – on paper at least – in a system of self-responsibility. The OPPT filings register this in perpetuity, and in such a way that your free will can never be taken away without your knowing consent.

Until now, our existence under the former slavery system has been a constant struggle; a struggle to balance work and family commitments; a struggle just to “make ends meet”, to “afford” a place to live – a place in which to exist.

But in a world of ABUNDANCE designed specifically by the Creator to provide for our needs, this struggle was not a natural state of being. Rather it was the result of psychological warfare played out against us. And it worked! It kept us humans under control, kept us working like good little slaves, and ensured the profits kept rolling in for the privileged few in “power”.

But today, by its own terms, “the system” no longer exists.

Many of us saw “the system” for what it was. Many did not. Many didn’t believe that “the system” was even a system. Many will realise it shortly.

Regardless, as the demise of the old paradigm takes root and becomes apparent in our societies, a psychological change must happen within all of us. It may seem overwhelming, but we humans have dealt with paradigm change before; consider the internal and psychological change required of the African American slave race when the system of involuntary servitude was abolished… of the German people when the Berlin Wall was ordered down in 1989… of the citizens of the former Soviet Union at its dissolution in 1991… of the Egyptian people who removed their dictator in 2011… and of the Icelandic people who imprisoned their corrupt bankers and politicians and re-wrote their constitution in 2012….

This type of psychological revolution is not new. But it does pose many personal challenges.

This is a time to be brave, and to be bravely YOU. In the absence of a controlling structure we must each take control of our destinies, and of the destiny of our planet. We must learn to make choices for ourselves again, and start to create the world WE want to live in.

Just like new parents, we must accept that life will not be the same as it was… and in the absence of a “rule book” we will attune to our instincts and learn to co-operate in new ways….. together.

Why Can’t I See The Change??

Be patient… you will. But first, we need to identify how the actions of OPPT change the lawful landscape, and how that relates to us.

Will the old corporate system go down fighting? Of course it will! Corporate-controlled Governments are going through the motions as though nothing has changed. And if you continue to accept their system of debt slavery, I’m sure the “Powers That Were” will happily continue to accommodate you!

But don’t be fooled: they know what has happened. That fact was never more evident than when Wake Up World co-Founder Ryan and I recently saw (now former) Australian Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, exiting a flight  at  Sydney airport. As Mr. Carr  passed by us, 2 metres from where we stood waiting, Ryan simply said aloud the word “foreclosed”, directed at no-one in particular… and the immediate  death-glare we received from Mr. Carr was a priceless measure of his knowledge of institutional foreclosure.

Those in “power” know their structural  protections have been foreclosed upon. They know the game is over. It is now international law.

We have the freedom to peacefully not co-operate with the old system. It is time to exercise that freedom.

If it seems strange that the visible “governments” are still masquerading as such, bear in mind…. visible governments are corporate puppets, and were never really calling the shots. At this point, the former owners want us to believe it is ‘business as usual’. They have relied heavily on secrecy until now. They will keep pretending to the very end. That is just their way.

OPPT Trustee Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf provided the following statement in a recent Freedom Radio interview that summarizes her plan to address this matter:

“For those wondering about OPPT’s response to the actions or inactions of those people we can visibly see, it is the wizards and the big-dogs behind the curtain that I am coming for… and they know it. In absolute love and peace, with absolute gratitude and grace… Heather.”

Managing “Old System” Actions Against You

With the dissolution of the debt/slavery system, any fictional debt you supposedly owed to that system was also dissolved. Think about this for a minute!

To facilitate your smooth transition out of the old system, you will need to understand what immediate remedy you can apply to “old system” actions that are currently being undertaken against you.

In two recent Wake Up World articles, we discussed a pre-OPPT method of re-asserting your authority on the Corporate Government mechanism (read Part 1 & Part 2). This method was rooted in the knowledge that (1) the former governments were corporations, and (2) the onus is on anyone claiming the authority of legitimate government to prove it.

You can view a real life case-study of this method in Scott Bartle’s documentary What the FUQ? Frequently Unanswered Questions of the “Australian Government”

Generically, the crux of this challenge was:

“You have made a claim on me, and I am happy to comply with your demand… however I would like to ascertain that I am dealing with the right people. Please demonstrate to me that you represent true government as constituted at the creation of this country.”

In this situation, once the Corporate Government entity failed to demonstrate its legitimacy, control of that interaction could be assumed by you by introducing your own Terms and Conditions under which any interaction between you and that entity may continue.

In a post-OPPT world, your process for challenging the authority of alleged ‘Corporate agents’ (including those claiming to represent Government) is essentially:

I would be happy to comply with your demand… however in UCC Law there is a filing that remains unrebutted which foreclosed upon the entity you claim to represent. You are now operating on your own personal liability. Please cease your claim on me. If you decide to pursue this claim again, any future interactions between us will be under the following conditions…”

Remembering that the agent no longer represents a corporate entity, a Courtesy Notice should be provided to the individual, including the ‘Terms & Conditions’ under which you will accept any future interactions. This both informs them, and allows them the opportunity to withdraw their unlawful claim against you. If the agent initiates further contact with you, they trigger a personal contract between you by indicating their acceptance of the terms you provided.

If a second agent of the same former corporation contacts you about the same claim, repeat the process with that individual also. Remember, corporations no longer exist. You are only dealing with other individuals.

Detailed guidelines for creating your own Courtesy Notice and Terms and Conditions are available at The power is there for YOU to enact.

Public awareness of the new paradigm will take time to manifest in our society. Until the implications of the One People’s Public Trust become widely known and adopted in the community, please be respectful of those who don’t already know. Eventually, as individuals wake up to the new paradigm, they will simply cease operating on the former corporation’s behalf. But if you need to serve a Courtesy Notice to an individual in the meantime, honour your position of knowledge and take the opportunity to respectfully inform them. Ground-level agents of former Corporations, Banks and Governments are just like you and I; they are were slaves to the same system too. They just don’t know the truth yet, that’s all.

In the case of ‘legal’ dealings, it is not recommended that you serve a Courtesy Notice with Terms & Conditions to a (former) police officer who pulls you over on the street. Again, they are just like the rest of us… and realistically they are likely to arrest and “charge” you if you approach them that way. Until public awareness reaches saturation point, I recommend that you comply with the ground-level officer, then serve them a Courtesy Notice via fax, email, registered mail… or even hand deliver it. Should it escalate to a court, notify the Magistrate/Judge (or similar) in the same way before your scheduled court date. I don’t recommended you put a Judge on the spot by providing them with Terms and Conditions in court. If you are respectful and allow them to read the Courtesy Notice privately before your hearing, you achieve a better outcome for all Beings involved in that interaction.

Remember: The process of issuing Courtesy Notices is just as much a learning exercise for those being served as it is a remedy for your situation. Co-operation between individuals is the key to manifesting the new paradigm in our society. In the absence of any corporate-controlled Media coverage of this subject, public awareness of the One People’s Public Trust will only occur through the respectful sharing of information within our communities and networks.

After all, we are “One People, created by The Creator”.

Moving Forward As “The One People”

The One People’s Public Trust represents a massive paradigm shift. It provides a structural change that will enable a long-overdue energetic change.

The OPPT ratifies our freedom as Beings of the Creator in perpetuity. It corrects by law the imbalances of poverty, inequity and unsustainability. It provides a platform through which we can all experience the wonders and resources of our planet. And by removing the façade of corporate entities and the ridiculous protocols that protected its perpetrators, we will energetically reconnect with each other. As Beings. In full liability. Each with equity. As we are. Free.

We are in a period of massive social, political and spiritual transformation.

Personally, this transition feels a little like we are between worlds. The systemic framework that controlled our lives for so long has been removed, but the change hasn’t yet manifested in full in the physical world around us. The process of reforming former corporations into worldwide co-operatives will no doubt take time, but we already have the lawful power to reject the old system. And yet it hasn’t stopped pretending to be real.

We have so many decisions to make too! What will we choose to BE and DO in the new world? What opportunities will we create with the CVACs framework? And realistically, what will we do with the “Powers That Were”?

For now, it is the duty of every human Being to manifest the freedom of the One People’s Public Trust in our daily lives, and to help others to understand and integrate and manifest it in their lives too.

Freedom is not free. It comes with responsibility.

Change starts with you.

Do the right thing now.

Embrace your responsibility.

Spread the word.


Further reading on this topic:

About the author: 3Andy Whiteley  is a former corporate manager  turned writer, editor and co-founder of  Wake Up World. An advocate of peaceful revolution, Andy  believes we are on a necessary path (albeit bumpy) to a renewed social model grounded in love, transparency, individuality, sustainability and spirit. Through his role at Wake Up World,  he hopes to have a positive influence on  that transition.

Andy lives  in  the NSW Central Coast region (Australia) with his partner of 13 years,  WuW co-founder Ryan Mullins, and  spends his (scarce)  free time keeping fit and enjoying  the beautiful nature  reserves that sit, undisturbed, at their  back door.

“Wake Up World, it’s Time to Rise and  Shine!”

Please note: this article is not intended to provide legal advice.


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      Yes certain things did take place in that era of US history, but not in the vain elaborated upon by Ms. Giuliani.

      The largest issue we have to deal with is the persistent attempts by a small group of Jewish racketeers (a syndicate not unlike the MAFIA, NOT “The Jews”) led by the Rothschild’s to bankrupt our nation. A corporate identity was necessary for them to make this happen as they did to us in June of 1933.

      They sent Paul Warburg here in 1901 to institute the privately owned US Federal Reserve as he did on Jekyll Island in 1910, eventually being signed into law by Woodrow Wilson in 1913, the Balfour Declaration was then finagled into existence in November of 1917 seminally bringing Mr. Rothschild’s ZIONIST state of Israel into existence eventually in May of 1948.

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        • If the incorporated “United States” is insolvent/bankrupt, then Uniform Commercial Code (and Admiralty Law ?) effectively supersedes United States laws and statutes and administrative fiats. So how does an internationally accredited and certified UCC administrative “court” adjudicate this claim ? The question of enforcement would only arise as a consequence of meaningful global and diplomatic recognition of the filed claims.

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    well this has just made my year i never thought anything would happen as people are stuck in there ways and think were crazy lol lets see what they think now with the prospect of a new world where nobody goes hungry and without… for the powers that were they do need to be made accountable for treason and fraud and maybe sent to one of there great prisons they have threatened us with for years, thankyou for this information i will be shouting it from the rooftops

  • Thomas Paine

    I have been researching this for the last four months. As a practical matter, fighting those with guns and those who will take the money out of your bank account, your personal property, etc.. How will this be practical until we have a critical mass of people asserting their rights? Don’t get me wrong… I am exploring all avenues, but we should get the most bang for our efforts.

    • Under what constructive jurisdiction was the NOTICE served under ?… & where is the case law stating that the notice was deemed ‘good service’ >? … unlucky but nice attempt.

  • you people are going to get yourselves into a LOT of trouble.
    Have you expatriated from your respective nations?
    If you were formerly American, have you corrected your political statuses to reflect an allegiance to one of the several states?
    The federal govt. has NEVER recognized an expatriation, absent a declaration of political allegiance to a foreign state. What are you people doing, to remove yourselves from the political jurisdiction of the federal govt.??
    NOTHING. You are either ignorant, or you are a scam. Which is it?

    • Wake Up World

      Hello Regina,

      I understand that to even consider leaving the structure imposed on us can be an overwhelming thought. Most of us didn’t even realize there WAS a structure imposed on us! Until now, we have felt so controlled by it in ways we couldn’t even describe.

      But lawfully speaking, there IS no federal government from which to repatriate. We don’t need governmental recognition… it is the owners of the former governments who desperately crave OUR recognition. Without it, they are simply slave-drivers without slaves.

      If you choose to keep working for them, that is your right. But the former Trust of government has been lawfully dissolved and replaced with a new lawful structure. There is no scam in this…. it is international law.

      If you have any questions about the mechanism through which the OPPT was enacted, or your rights under the new Trust, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Love and light,
      Andy Whiteley

      • Marilyn Flake

        Hello Andy,

        I am an 18 year old female who recently went to Australia. What does this do to visa’s or citizenship or anything really? I mean… freedom? The thing I have dreamed of, the reason I have cried for so long not really sure where to flea as the system really is, was, everywhere…. This is real? What does this mean for me? My visa? Money, jobs, all of it… what should I expect to happen. If this is true, and it feels very real, It is a dream. Why isn’t everyone rejoicing? And how do I explain it to others? Who do I go to for help and when will the CVAC’s be up and running as I was preparing to travel the world in search of culture and soulwork before. Am I really free to do as I wish? Be whatever I want? People have always looked down on me for not going along with the slavery of current educational and job obligations just to survive here. Will others start seeing what I’ve always seen? Will this really follow through and how do I go about asserting my “new” rights. I am not a citizen of this country and am extremely poor, but I want to stay here and even travel to help others in the world and experience all of natures beauty. I know this is not written very well in all my excitement so please bear with me, I know I have many questions and I would love to finally for once, get some real answers. Thank you for this article and your open love for all. I have been awakening others as well as constantly myself as this system causes me physical pain and agony in not knowing how to change things. Is this really a turn for the better? Can the world now know light and freedom…?

        I send you vast vibrations of love and appreciation.

        -Marilyn Flake

        • Debbie Stallard

          Love and Light to you Marilyn.

        • Yes, Marilyn, you are free! I’m 58 and have lived my life in personal freedom and responsibility. It wasn’t easy in such a corrupt system, but my husband and I lived and live it. We are free when we free ourselves from the fear “they” try to instill into us daily! But there is nothing to fear. We just studied every issue in question, made our decision (sometimes even made mistakes, so what???) and lived and still do.

          There is always another way you just have to find it and the OPPT will make it easier for all of us!

      • Frikki

        Hi Andy,

        It is not clear to me how UCC has jurisdiction beyond the states (i.e., states of the U.S.A to my knowledge) that have partly or wholly adopted it. Please provide documentation that UCC applies internationally.

        Also, I have gotten the impression that evidence of other nation states being commercial under the UCC lies in their registration with the US Securities & Exchance Commision ( Could you please show me how for example Denmark and Iceland are registered as such?

        Many Thanks!

        • Wake Up World

          Hi there. Please refer to our latest Q&A article on the OPPT.

  • Esther Papegaay

    Wow Andy – this is excellent! Infinite gratitude for this DO’ing! Awesome!

  • Louis IV of Manley

    Best overview article I’ve seen to clarify and simplify these major elements. This will help many “Wake Up,” thanks.

    Humbly grateful to continue to ‘Be and ‘DO my small part in sharing this miraculous Paradigm Shift to others. Therefore, I request your permission to share this to the world.

  • Great article!! Wonderful in it’s simple explanation!! Love to you!!

  • Ginger

    Aloha Andy, nice to see Removing The Shackles endorse this article today! Ryan & Andy – keep up the great work! Ginger


    This is the long awaited answer. I’d like to be able to work actively with this in any way possible beyond just spreading the news locally. Contact me, please.

  • Maria

    I have been reading many articles of OPPT, and this is the BEST EVER! It is easy to read and understand. Most people on this planet do not understand much about laws, and we need to understand this to really feel free and BE FREE! …and to share it with others. I still don’t know what to do with my loans, taxes, or traffic cops (parkings), for example.

    Continue to be simple in your words, so more people understand. I speak Spanish, and I know that many people want to understand and have no one to whom to ask (corporations are not going to help us!). And on the Internet, nobody writes in Spanish about OPPT.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wake Up World

      Maria, thank you for the great feedback. If you are able to translate this article into Spanish, I would be happy to help get it out to the world. I think that would be very valuable.

      Regarding your loans, taxes etc…. Those debts have already been erased, so you can simply stop paying them. If any individual then contacts you to discuss “overdue payment” in the belief that they still represent a (foreclosed) corporation or bank, issue them a Courtesy Notice. If they continue to contact you, invoice them under your Terms and Conditions. If another individual contacts you about the same “debt”, repeat the same process. Eventually individuals will just stop contacting you 🙂

      The idea is to behave as though you ARE already free…. and free of debt…. and to deal directly with the individuals who contact you for money in the belief that the old system is still alive.

      I hope this helps!! I hope to hear back from you about translating this article to Spanish.

      Love and light,
      Andy Whiteley

      • daniel

        Hello wakeup-world. I share your enthusiasm but in the spirit of being practical – how can you or OPPT possibly expect us the people to support this cause without one ounce of proof. Did heather stop paying her mortgage and if so, what is the result of that? Has anyone sent in documents that show how they used the OPPT Notice to stop their bank from trying to collect on their car loan? This all sounds great but what does it really mean? I know I’m not the first person to ask this because I see other comments like this below. I hate to say this but it sounds like a bunch of words with not much meaning behind it. If Heather ran an experiment with her mortgage and is not publishing the results, did anyone stop to think it might have not gone well too for her. I’m actually entertaining an experiment with one of my financial obligations to test the “OPPT Notice document” but I’m a bit gun shy because I see not one other soul out there testing the waters either… Not even any of the Trustees… If I’m wrong then please – publish some documents that show otherwise.

        • I’ve stopped paying my mortgage over a year ago. It wasn’t easy… it’s a matter of demanding the truth. Watch the banks squirm when you ask for evidence of a real loan. It starts to become fun. I’ve been invoicing the bank for their continued actions in the pursuit of an unsubstantiated debt.

          The Courtesy Notice was only written last week… give those of us who ARE using it a chance to see what happens ..!!

          ” Heather ran an experiment with her mortgage and is not publishing the results” – Please STOP and read the published Paradigm Report… use Google if you have to.

          Have you looked into the UCC filings? I went searching last night and found a link between the four biggest banks in Australia and the NY Federal Reserve… essentially those Aussie banks are OWNED… and it’s all recorded in UCC filings. They don’t advertise this stuff… one could say it’s hidden almost… but it’s there. Keep searching.

      • Maria

        I am completely astonished…! THIS IS VERY HARD TO BELIEVE…
        One question… Every month I make a payment of my mortgage to the bank: one part is the loan (“capital”) and the other is the interests (“intereses”). Do I have to keep paying the loan and not the interests, or none of them? Can I start believing or living like the mortgage doesn’t exist? Do this foreclosure is for ALL BANKS OF THE WORLD???
        I am going to try to translate this article to Spanish… It’s long, but worth it!

      • Dee

        Hi Andy! Thank you so much for what you and the others are doing to help humanity! This is beyond our wildest expectations.

        My question is…. what if your income is from a federal retirement pension fund and they automatically deduct the taxes? How do you go about getting them to stop?

        Thank you again! This is so exciting!!

        Sending you MUCH Peace and Love!

  • Luna

    Sounds good, sure. However, until they can provide some proof – to date, there’s been none – it’s nothing but the same old horse hockey.

    • Wake Up World

      Isn’t the lawful conclusion of UCC process proof?

      • Mike

        To those of us that are unfamiliar with UCC and only indoctrinated with the US court system, it is hard to believe. To most it will sound like an easy way to lose property and face fines and jail time.

  • earthspirit7
  • F.O.Life

    All this sounds good but… how can I word it… If we stop paying registration, licenses, rates, fines, permits etc.. I dont think they are gonna say.. oops sorry we are illegitimate due to the legal foreclose by oppt. We wont arrest you… bah.

    Off topic.. I would like to understand insurance. I know the whole.. no-one can assume liability for your actions.. but isnt insurance there so we only pay $2 a week so we dont have to pay $10,000 if we get in trouble..

  • drew hoppe

    I was wondering if you could provide links to the relevant ucc claims, and laws. I figure if I go talking about this it is best to be well informed

  • Chrispy

    I love the energy of this. Just wonder what will happen when I stop paying my mortgage, and I’m sent a foreclosure notice? Until all arms of past govt. acknowledge this change, I can see business as usual continuing for some time. Help me see beyond this 🙂

  • Patrick

    This article states – When Were Our Governments Corporatized?
    It all started with the introduction of the Reserve Bank system. When the Federal Reserve Act was implemented in the United States in 1913.

    The date is February 21, 1871 and the Forty-First Congress is in session. I refer you to the “Acts of the Forty-First Congress,” Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62. On this date in the history of our nation, Congress passed an Act titled: “An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia.” This is also known as the “Act of 1871.” What does this mean? Well, it means that Congress, under no constitutional authority to do so, created a separate form of government for the District of Columbia, which is a ten mile square parcel of land.

    In essence, this Act formed the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES. Note the capitalization, because it is important. This corporation, owned by foreign interests, moved right in and shoved the original “organic” version of the Constitution into a dusty corner. With the “Act of 1871,” our Constitution was defaced in the sense that the title was block-capitalized and the word “for” was changed to the word “of” in the title. The original Constitution drafted by the Founding Fathers, was written in this manner:

  • Armin Zodj

    Wow!! Are we starting to create and enter the new world we collectively envision?! Thanks for the article and please keep us informed of any updates. Oh and love and all your awesome and informative articles. Thanks to all who contribute and support your real and honest work. Peace from Tahoe!!

  • Well this article is a real mind blower!

    I would assume that this makes ‘copyright’ ownership null & void too?

    Love to use this to counter download infringement notices! 😉

  • peggy scheu

    Excellent news..we have been waiting for this!!!!
    Love to all…

  • Wow! Eloquent, easy to grasp! It feels real I want to believe it, how can I actively help? where is the CACV Branch in Australia? More specifically anything in Western Australia?

  • Mort

    So maybe you will get a buzz from this website.
    Token Democracy. For something to bridge the divide.

  • I am still trying to understand what this all means through my specific lens. I write a blog on Personal Health Freedom, where I am developing a Hierarchy of Healthicine, from genetics, nutrition and cells, to body, mind, spirit and ultimately ‘community’. We each participate in many communities and associations from our families to our governments – and I believe each of these communities has a right to exist, and has some rights as an entity. These rights may need to be corrected and re-aligned, but these organizations should not simply cease to exist. They are part of us and part of our healthiness. When they become healthier, we will all be healthier.

    It seems that OPPT is defining the highest level community on our planet – an important step.

    This definition and implementation into legal status is very important. It must accommodate our freedom to create other communities at many levels. eg. organizations, associations, church groups, government at many levels – within the appropriate boundaries of the highest community, and facilitate peoples rights to enter and to leave these communities.

    Is there a forum somewhere to discuss these issues? I am sure there will be many different threads of discussion.

  • Patrick Mcfarlane

    This is an amazing article highlighting an amazing transformation for the entire World.
    Humanity has reached it glorious point now we must manage it well.

  • Tania

    While this is all true, and of course we have to start somewhere. Please be careful. I spent many months studing this, reclaiming my sovernty, sending registered documents to the secratary of the treasury. No one knows for sure that trusts exists, and believing that no response is an admission of guilt that will hold up anywhere is naive. I believed it and ended up in jail. So unless you have endless resources to defend yourself against a corrupt system, you will end up there with many other really good people that just wanted to see the corruption stop. So don’t try to do this all on your own. It must be large and loud, or people in this movement will continue to disappear one by one as they have been for the last 30 years.

  • pamela wainwright

    i am free i am free iam free…we are free. we are free we are free

  • Pauline Harold

    Thanks OPPT for having the intelligence and boldness to take this on and see it through to a legal conclusion. I will communicate this to all my family, friends and community and take action myself. I would love to become involved in any way to support this paradigm shift. I have been writing of the death throes of the old treasonous paradigm, believing that it’s time is over because the real Law must assert itself, the Law of Life, Intrinsic Being and Doing, rather than the instrumental utilitarianism of the 1%. We are not human resources, we are human beings!! FREEDOM at last and I can BELIEVE IT!

  • truthjuice dave

    at last freedom awaits us, just walk through the door

  • freemom7

    So happy this link was shared with me by skype friend; Outstanding simple and logical explanation with necessary Truth & history disclosures most helpful for comprehension. Will share link with my sphere of influence, which is not that large, but if each One reaches One (or more) quickly, we can spread the good news far & wide quite effectively, I BE’Lieve! Time NOW to manifest the New Freedom, Joy & Abundance of Creator 🙂 Blessings 2 ALL in His Love, Forgiveness….

  • eggofromkiwi

    “Lawfully, nobody can stand as a superior authority between you and your relationship with the Creator. ”

    can you define “Lawfully” in this sentence? I like how it sounds, and would love for this to be truth, but i can’t seem to find where the trust filed these terms of foreclosure.

    What former authority had the power to foreclose on all of the other existing power structures?

    If all of this was possible, why does it seem to be reported by only a few blogs and 2 webpages directly related to the main trust?

    It all seems like fantastic rhetoric. I was let down after the Keenan complaint, and it doesn’t seem like the former powers that be, in all its grandiose power structure, would allow such a simple loophole in their rule structure to allow the filing of their demise in paperwork. at this point it seems like a way to file paperwork for sovereign citizenship, and that concept had only ended in failure and generally prison.

    I’ll need more definition besides a pile of legal documents written in legal jargon before i can start mailing my creditors kind worded notes of dismissal of payment and demands of recompense.

  • Havi Govinda

    Dear Andy,

    After reading your article I accept you as the guru of communication. You are blessed with the ability to make a complex subject matter, which requires a monumental paradigm shift, magically snap into place. Thank you for your labour of love! I will do everything in my power to spread this awareness in the most respectful and compassionate manner possible.
    I also have a question which I hope somebody here could clarify for me.
    We are Aussies living in Ecuador and my research so far has shown that the Ecuadorian government is not a corporation, nor are the courts, military, police force or any other government agency.
    Lawyers are not connected to the BAR and don’t use Black’s Law dictionary. They are under maritime law. I suspect that this is the same situation in most South American countries.
    Logically this should not make any difference since all humanity is now under universal, common law. Nevertheless my mind is still struggling how to apply this here.

    If anybody could please shed some light on this it would provide great relief for us.

    Otherwise I never felt more free in my life.

    Love to all of you!

  • Colin Ruggiero

    This is a great article – highly informative, simple, and well-structured! It’s amazing how logical OPPT has operated. A little over a year ago, a freshman in college, i began to research and investigate the federal reserve, the federal government, infrastructure, social justice, etc., etc… i eventually came to realize that it’s all connected and ridden with corruption and cruelty – i discovered “the system.” i did not return to college. i could not do so in good conscience. i am working now, as i am told i owe the government a handsome debt.

    i understand the basics of what i’ve read; technically, according to UCC, my debt is no more as well as Sallie Mae. i am curious though, do you think that, after delivering Courtesy Notices and Terms and Conditions to the agents who contact me, the institutions (still operating as though they are legal and in existence) will simply stop contacting me? This would be lovely but highly surprising to me.

    i intend to do much more research into this matter and the related subjects. i hope that my plans to travel the world can actually start sooner than i thought they would this morning, before reading this article. I’d like to reiterate how well done this article is – it tickled me inside in a way i have not experienced in far too long. i’m interested to hear what you think about my question though – do you really think they’ll leave me alone after?

  • Keter

    My concern is that by processing the UCC filings through the existing system of maritime law, this has validated the existence of the very unnatural system of legalism – severed from natural law – that caused the mess in the first place. One cannot solve problems using the same systems that caused the problems to begin with. The nature of “Creator” also remains worryingly undefined. Who has copyrighted, trademarked, or filed an assumed name for “Creator” and do “we” then belong to this entity? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I at least try to identify entities before I bind myself to them. My business is with the ultimate Creator Source, the ineffable, omniscient and omnipresent Source of All, and somehow I just don’t see this Being as needing any artificial law or courts or UCC filings to transact the Laws of Nature. It is only to these that I will answer.

  • Robert Slade

    This sounds great. I do have a question however, who is going to start letting the wrongly imprisoned people out of prisons all over the world? There are people imprisoned all over the world for silly things that any person that wasn’t oppressed would be able to do with no troubles at all. The scope of what this means requires MASSIVE changes all over the world and as i said there are tons of people imprisoned for what i would amount to nothing, who is going to release these people? This is indeed a hard thing to imagine but boy how i wish for this to be true and the criminal Cabal to get there just deserts.

  • Sixten Jensen

    I have a question. I live in Denmark, and as far i as i can the danish government/”Kingdom of Denmark” is not registered at the SEC. Does this mean that it is a “legitimate” government? The “Kingdom of Sweden” for example is registered, and there is not much difference in your reality whether you life in Sweden or Denmark. Im curios why some countries are not registered, when the same system is clearly in place. IE. Money as debt. Perhaps in some countries the central bank is registered instead?
    (Btw in this country you cant choose not to pay your taxes, the employer has the responsibility, so that when money goes into your account the taxes are all ready paid – so you have to be self employed to even rebel). It is a difficult situation for many people, in that they are working a job that they dont like, but they cant just quit and claim to be free, since they depend on the money for basic survival.

  • You are soooo beautiful my brothers and sisters worldwide. Now we will just make LOVE our religion, and we will unite to create the Golden Age Of Mankind. Remember the CABAL that WAS!… was the root cause for all the bad things in our world (economical/scarcity).

  • Trinity Bourne

    Andy – what a shining star!

  • thanks so much for sharing this. i am not endebted to you for writing here. 😉

  • steve

    This effectively changes NOTHING! People who like to believe that the lawless will obey law when something like this OPPT Foreclosure happens or one of thousands of other principles, theories, etc happen are deluding themselves. The world operates on Might Makes Right and always will. The power hungry oppressors and their henchmen, the cops of every persuasion, will continue to rob, rape, and kill as long as “the people” are not meeting the aggressors standard where they have set it; FORCE!

    “Passive resistance”, “passive non-compliance”, “passive ???”, etc will never work on Nazi’s. I wish Gandhi’s principles would work on Nazi’s but they would simply kill him and his followers and move forward with the enslavement of mankind, and they wouldn’t feel “shame” about it which is what the British felt collectively that drove them out of India.

    Making the political class and their henchmen fear for their lives is THE ONLY SOLUTION!

    Do you honestly think that cops are going to enforce the dissolution of their position of power and revenue collection? They are blind order followers without honor or conscience!

    Until a violent revolt happens NOTHING will get better, only worse. 1,5,15, or 20 years from now this “OPPT Foreclosure” will have resulted in NOTHING! I wish I could hope I turn out to be wrong, but I doubt it!

  • Really?

    I’m curious, what do you use to power your computers? Are you completely self sufficient or do you use the government’s electricity and infrastructure while condemning it?

  • Geoff

    As most have said before me this is a brilliant explanation of what the OPPT has purportedly achieved on behalf of mankind. Kudos to you Andy.
    I have already seen much fear being exhibited though doubts as to its authenticity and this was extremely evident in one particular forum that I visited earlier and it is a shame that some human beings are so entrenched in the system by way of its reward system that they fail to consider the plight of their fellow beings.
    Those who are worried about losing their nationality are plainly those who need the most love and understanding for one day they will thank those of us who did something about rooting out the corruption.
    I’ve shared your site on Facebook and G+ and I’ll be using the Courtesy Notice in my ongoing attempts at challenging the corrupt government and judicial systems.

  • elaine

    Can we get this translated into other languages so people who are not fluent in Englaish can hear this fantastic news?

  • John Doe

    I am not impressed with any of this to any extent other than the latest single and/or group of people attempting what they consider to be the best non-combatent method of claiming freedom from slavery. They said:

    The OPPT then bonded every individual on the planet to this Trust as
    the Beneficiaries in equity,

    Really who made them boss? Who appointed them trustee or grantor, with the authority to do that for me? They say “essentially”; if you want me to believe their actions or “OPPT in” I expect that they could claim their actions actually yielded a positive result. And then they say that the UCC still governs the planet-DUH-it does now. UCC is not equity, what has OPPT actually changed?

    The actions of the One People’s Public Trust essentially reclaim what
    is ours, as sovereign beings of this planet. Universal Law, Common Law
    and the UCC are now the governing law of the planet.

    More to come, OH, and by the way, international law is also the law of the planet. My bad, UCC is “international law”, thats commerce; again, what have they actually changed?

    But don’t be fooled: they know what has happened. They know they have
    been foreclosed. They know the game is over. It is now international law.

    I read that entire article and proposal by the OPPT. They said, “The OPPT then bonded every individual on the planet to this Trust as the Beneficiaries in equity”; OPPT claims to be trustee-“…the Trustees created a new lawful framework…”, with myself as beneficiary, so why do I have to do anything?

    Detailed guidelines for creating your own Courtesy Notice and Terms
    and Conditions are available at
    The power is there for YOU to enact.

    To facilitate our transition into the post-OPPT world, the Trustees created
    a new lawful framework – informed by Universal and Common Law – which
    will allow us to build a new world and also allows for the dismantling of the
    old system.

    So, Then I am compelled to ask who is, or, what is OPPT, that they can allegedly claim me, as one of the people on the planet, on a generic UCC filing and claim me as their property? It appears to me that OPPT is attempting an commerce/trust artifice which will render yet another commerce/trust post commerce/trust world. Im not clear on the intent of the OPPT agenda, they claim to have foreclosed on corporations by filing liens labeling corporations; and, yeah, so? Don’t get me wrong, I understand, hell, I advocate, the need/want to get out from under corporate control that enslaves for profit, but like those Iconic figures which preceed our generation, war follows protest-Rosa Parks, 50 year war on civil rights; Mohandas Gandhi, fifty year fight for civil rights and governmental change; Mother Theresa, her years of attempting to ward the poor and ill begot from post banker India etc. Kudos to OPPT efforts (assuming they are not government implants, like Tim Turner) VIVE LE REVOLUTION !!

  • John Doe

    so I looked around and found, with respect to the “Iceland” model, that Iceland only has a population of 318,000 citizens; and the only home loans that were forgiven were ARM loans by private banks.

    Now apparently they have a national currency issued by “state owned banks”. Can you say “oxymoron”. The people with fixed rate mortgages still have to pay those mortgages, and the new state owned banks will only issue fixed rate mortgages. SO, they still are paying bogus mortgages, supported and funded by global banking:

    So, I would caution anyone following the touting of OPPT, as any thing other than “go get ’em tiger” !!

  • Leonard Harview

    Hello Andy,

    I wanted to throw you a question in regards to my limited knowledge of the UCC filing process. OPPT claims to have an unrebutted UCC filing which you now claim has put the corporate governments and banks into foreclosure. Did OPPT submit signed security agreements to each of the named corporate entities? If I understand correctly, the UCC process is sorta, kinda a one way street entity which favors the de facto governments and banks to where these entities really do not have to have signed security agreements to take your stuff however, from the private side of submitting these UCC filings, it is my understanding that security agreements must be presented along with these UCC filings and these security agreements must have been signed by the respondant in authority such as CEO’s. Example: The United States UCC filing must have the security agreement signed by possibly the CEO of the United States, which happens to be Barrack Hussein Obama, or the IMF bank’s UCC filing must be accompanied by a security agreement signed by the CEO of the IMF. Otherwise, the UCC filings w/o the signed security agreements may be useless. Can you shed some light on this possibility?

  • Sandra Sundress

    This is great news!!! I’ve been awake for the better part of all last year and waiting for this to come. Very grateful to all who have contibuted to this great achievement. We united and conquered. Many thanks!!! Love and peace!

  • joachim

    Presenting the sleeping with a video seems to get the message across to the point that some will actually take the time to read such a most excellent and concise article about the OPPT. One of which I use is; SLAVERY by CONSENT

    In Lak’ech…..joachim

  • Doug Hattier

    Been on it for over 40 years; Where ya been?

  • The Anti-Hippie

    “Lawfully, nobody can stand as a superior authority between you and your relationship with the Creator.”

    Hate to break it to you, but there is no “Creator”. No Creator except humanity who created this system of oppression called “Religion”.

    As for the rest of the article, veery interesting … Further investigation commencing.

  • Gabrielle

    Bravo Andy & Ryan for having the courage to bring this to the people. For all who have doubts, if you care to listen to some of the brilliant interviews done with one of the trustees Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf you will understand that this is more than just the filing of UCC documents etc. These were just some of the tools used to create a huge vibrational shift. The so called elite have for a very long time, used their knowledge of numerology, astrology, vibrations etc to control us and keep us in a state of low vibrational fear. And now the tables have turned. The high vibrations of Love and Truth are becoming more powerful and the elite know this and are becoming scared. The more people that become aware of OPPT and embrace it with a positive and loving vibration the quicker the shift will happen. Keep positive and loving and magic will happen.

  • Washir

    My heart leaps for joy as I can only imagine life without the control. Yet I have many questions. For those who worked to establish freedom, THANK YOU. When the aftermath has settled in, I hope I can still feel this gratitude–as I do not know “you” or your true goals.

    This sounds a lot like the Bible’s comment: “When they say, ‘Peace and Safety,’ then sudden destruction cometh!” (Aftermath).
    Our society currently is made up of the Responsible and the Irresponsible. We have prisons to separate the two, especially the dangerous. There remains a need for some kind of structure to regulate those who cannot be self-governing.
    And I question who is (person) heading this up? — the Anti-Christ? Do we really have people who absolutely love EVERYBODY? — or only the people they agree with? Does this include Religious Freedom? Certainly the PTW (contrast with PTB) will not leave without a fight. Does this spark an international war–perhaps the Battle of Armageddon???
    And how does this relate to car registrations and driver’s licenses? and the price of GAS?

    I hope this struggle is more than a mere paper statement. On paper it looks good! Have you thought about how you will deal with anarchy, social chaos and sheer abandonment of principle? If it isn’t the “government” that robs us, maybe it is my neighbor who is exercising his new “freedom” in a reckless way. He “saw” it; he “wanted” it!
    You have described the PROBLEM; the SOLUTION remains to be tested.
    Thank you.

  • Pierre

    This can’t be real, if it is prove it, have somebody video tape the process and let’s see how the courts will respond?..?

  • dayzero

    The UCC is a private system of commercial law, wholly owned;
    “they decided that that the only solution was to terminate the entire system through UCC filings.” –
    this statement is therefore, unfortunately, extremely misleading, intentionally or not.
    Think about it;
    How could a UCC filing have any effect on a Papal Bull?
    It couldn’t. At all. Ever.
    And if you think that one man called Adnan ‘owns the BIS’, well, I would say that you’ve been sold a pup. And the ‘foundation’ document from Switzerland, well if that’s good enough for you, then carry on!

    There are ways forward, but this is not one of them.

    I am a ucadian and urge those of you who have not investigated it to look into the ucadian model of forms of law, as well as all the other extraordinary [and free – and no advertising] knowledge in the system. Want to stand up? It’s all there. You just have to go and look.

    Much of what passes for remedy online has been lifted from ucadia and ‘weaponised’ in my humble opinion.
    To come to this huge body of knowledge, learn a tiny bit, and then run off issuing documents that don’t make any sense is a recipe for disaster, sorry to say.
    Reminds me of the sorceror’s apprentice.
    That would be as much use as, say, issuing an affadavit about your straw man. Those in the system who do know how it works [and there are very few], will have a good laugh, and see incompetence for what it is.

    Im not intending to troll here, or to be disrespectful, simply to put my comment out there for those who wish to investigate further, and who wish to proceed with knowledge and competence, as opposed to blind hope, and putting faith in others.

    Be careful of quick fixes and promises of riches.
    They are always, always, a trap. But you knew that, right!?

    Good luck to all those who desire, and can see, a better future, however;- that in itself is an admirable wish.

    Over and out.

  • FOSL Editor

    Hi Andy,

    The were a few genuine questions raised here through some individual comments, most of them did not seem to have been addressed.

    Where I would like to join in, is to ask for a clarification of the legalconcept of the “Creator”, and how this definition will aid the Trust having power over all the corporations foreclosed by them. Is the term actually defined, and if not, will this lack it not become an obstacle, eventually leading to the annulation of some great effort?

    Also, as a previous commenter stated, would any legislation created within the confines of the current system be able to eventually erase the system? It is an interesting concept, but consider the following:
    I create a law, under a system. The my law declares that the system, with its laws becomes obsolete. Does that not mean my own law immediately becoming obsolete?

    Or would the proposed change leave the system as such intact and only change it to a certain extent?

    Sorry, these points are not quite clear to me. I would sincerely;y like to become a”believer”, but I usually only believe what I understand. 🙂 So if you could help me clarify these few points I would be rather helpful.

    • FOSL Editor

      sorry, I mean “it” would be helpful 🙂

  • Dan

    None of you are free. Just like the Muslim Spring in the Middle East, you are simply trading one form of governance for another. You should all be more afraid than you ever have been if this is true. The key term used in the article is “international law”. Who dictates law? Government. What new system are we trading our old system for? Where there is a void something is sure to fill it. There WILL be government. You have been warned.

  • godbluff

    I noticed a mistake in the missive in that they state they bonded themselves to the 1776 constitution. It is the Declaration from 1776, the Con-stitution was enacted in 1787 and ratified under Duress in 1789. The Constitution is the corporate charter for the USA inc. An Attorney or someone with the basic understanding of contract law can see the trick of language in that document. It is the Law of Nations ( Vattel) That one should “bond” themselves to. –Reference The Declaration of Independence.

  • Dan

    I will sit here and wait until the real awakening commences when everyone who praised this article realizes the implications of such actions. I encourage anyone to come up with a way to establish a reasonable means of distributing equal access to the worlds resources to just 1 million people, let alone the actual population of the world.

    Governments will be formed out of sheer necessity. Without government there is anarchy, where there is anarchy there is chaos. Any sizable group of people needs organization and if the world is left to “responsibly” manage itself it will all fall apart. Who decides what “responsibly” means? Who gave them the authority to decide such? You are all sheep following a new master to a different slaughter house.

    Consider this: On what authority does the OPPT oppose the establishment? How will they defend this authority? If any of what is reported in this article is true do you honestly believe the people who have been living at the top in immense wealth and power for the last decade and more will simply let it happen? Go tell the North Korean government that they no longer control the people or have any say in what the people do anymore. Only an idiot would believe it could possibly be so simple. Why? Because North Korea has a military, and unless I missed it somewhere in this article the OPPT does not. Every government in the world has it’s own military and if the corporations are truly the ones behind the government than they will use every resource they have to remain in power, i.e. the military. When one does not willingly submit to law, force is required. What force is large enough to take on all the military powers in the world?

    If this article is true, everyone one of us should be scared for our lives. As soon as this becomes common knowledge the largest world war will commence, and, to be plain, it will be a blood bath. And you and I will be the ones dying in the streets while the “corporations” remain in power to enslave another generation.

    Power is obtained one of two ways, manipulation and force. Are you prepared to use force?

  • FOSL Editor

    From Wikipedia:

    “The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC or the Code), first published in 1952, is one of a number of uniform acts that have been promulgated in conjunction with efforts to harmonize the law of sales and other commercial transactions in all 50 states within the United States of America.


    The goal of harmonizing state law is important because of the prevalence of commercial transactions that extend beyond one state. For example, goods may be manufactured in State A, warehoused in State B, sold from State C and delivered in State D. The UCC therefore achieved the goal of substantial uniformity in commercial laws and, at the same time, allowed the states the flexibility to meet local circumstances by modifying the UCC’s text as enacted in each state. The UCC deals primarily with transactions involving personal property (movable property), not real property (immovable property).

    Other goals of the UCC were to modernize contract law and to allow for exceptions from the common law in contracts between merchants…. etc.”

    My question: how does anything concerning UCC as international law, when the UCC only only applies to the USA (although interstate)?

  • Wake Up World

    Dear readers,

    Thank you for your overwhelming reaction to this article. It is without dobut the most important article Wake Up World has ever published, and it is heartening to see it being read and shared so frequently.

    As a result, we are currently experiencing a high volume of comments and emails from readers relating to the One People’s Public Trust, and although we would like to, we are not resourced to be able to respond to each question or comment individually.

    I am currently working on a follow up article, to discuss the next round of information that has been made available to Wake Up World and to clarify some of the main points raised by our readers.

    Although I can’t confirm an exact date for publication, rest assured…. we understand the importance of continuing the flow of information on this topic and are working as fast as we can to publish it.

    In the meantime, please continue spreading the word!!!!!

    It is vitally important that this information reaches saturation point in the global community. Share this article on Facebook….. tell your friends and family….. and post your experiences of using Courtesy Notices in the Comments field.

    Peace and love,

    Andy Whiteley
    Wake Up World Co-Founder
    Being of the Creator

  • Jack Parsner

    I’ve been talking to a lot of friends and family over the last few days; listening to some of the interviews with them… it’s been extremely helpful. They are coming to terms with and understanding the information faster than I imagined.

    Thanks for helping to spread this information!

  • Nikki

    I read a little on UCC and, as I understand, it is a United States law form made to keep corporation laws in uniform from state to state. Not internationally as the article states. Also, the constitution was adopted in 1787 and went into effect in 1789. Not in 1776 as the article states. But that is just the little research I have done. The rest is a little to confusing for me to understand unless thoroughly researched. But if there are little things like that wrong, I can’t imagine the rest of it being to reliable.

  • Jorge Giron

    Check this one out!

  • Joe

    We see this Roman Law within the US 13th Amendment (#2) instituted in the mid 1860’s:
    “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted,” The crime with which you have been convicted is ‘unauthorized use’ of the State’s or Crown’s intellectual property – the legal identity name.

    The Crown/State then invokes the legal maxim, accessio cedit principali, [an accessory attached to a principal becomes the property of the owner of the principal], where the principal is the legal identity name as ‘intellectual property’. The owner is the corporation called the Crown/State, or UNITED STATES, and the accessory is the free will human who has supposedly volunteered himself to be ‘property by attachment’ of the Crown/State. An adult human who is property is, and by any other name, of ‘slave status’, be it citizen, subject or freeman.

  • Mike

    Very interesting article. I would like for everyone to know that I have stopped paying my debts and have written to them saying “I will pay what is owed on demand that I have the original signed document from both parties,proof that there is any money in circulation that is backed by anything of value,I wish to see proof of your loss,an invoice for outstanding debt and not a statement. I only have one bank writing to me now and I still re-send original letter unopened back to them with the words “no contract,return to sender”
    I have subsequently written of four accounts just from these few measures.
    Please see blacks law dictionary for words “natural person,artificial person
    Plus see Dunn & bradstreet

  • Mike

    Also see blacks law dictionary for “understanding,summons and must”
    Please see Dunn & Bradstreet (credit reference agency) website us version for courts,police stations,governments(houses of parliament) for the uk also check David Cameron and social services.
    All companies working for profit.
    Please also see autonomous definition and emancipation definition.
    I am truly free and not afraid of police or government corruption towards myself as I have free’d my mind from mental imprisonment 🙂
    Please also listen to bob Marley “only ourselves can free our minds,emancipate yourself from government tyranny”
    Also illuminati brainwashing with mindless tv shows.
    Be enlightened be free.

    Peace and love

  • Arthur

    As much as i would like to believe all this is true.
    It really sounds to me like just another way to get the one World Government and the New World Order in place. Which is what the corporation who run this world have been trying to do since who know when. In the Western World We have been told all our live that we are free except we are not. We have never been and probably will never be, really free from the slavery because even in the communist countries the people in charge live the life of luxury while every one else pays for it.

  • FOSL Editor

    Dear Andy,

    Thank you for your effort to make things clear and reference our concerns. May I suggest, if you are writing a follow up, to include evidence other than the assumptions of those connected to the OPPT? That is, some impartial, third party information, that is confirmable by anyone. Also, the mentioned website, although containing apparently legal documents, the language of these is rather obscure, at some point it might appear as if deliberately so. An electronic copy of mentioned documents would be great, mainly for readability, and to be able to copy/paste larger chunks of texts for proof-checking. The credibility of the claims on the workings of the system is not so much the question, but the claims on foreclosures and the real-time effect of those would be. I must once again press, UCC is only law within the United States and has no global effect, this part definitely needs clarification. Also, what needs to be addressed, is how, simply filing a series of documents would immediately become law (Laws are usually passed in more formal manner). Also, it would be great to have some background information on named trustees, again, from sources other than themselves (third party). Some clarification is also necessary on how the three trustees, differentiate themselves from any self-appointed “leader”, (or otherwise actor), given, they have not been elected by the community, but have themselves placed in the alleged positions.

    Please consider addressing these concerns (amongst some others expressed in some comments here), when you write your follow up.

  • stanley

    what the hell are you talking about free, free from what? free from who. funny i dont feel free, govenment is still around as far as i can see.

  • FOSL Editor

    Hi Mike,

    If you don’t mind a question, what was the bank’s reaction to your letter? Or did you send everything back unopened? (an if you did, how do you know, the case is solved?)

  • FOSL Editor


    Thank you for the in depth and “plain English” explanation of the matter, I find it very resourceful. Could you please direct me towards some resources to back up no. 2 ( Persons are were corporations)? I am currently working on a post myself about the but due to the nature on the site I am posting at, I would not allow assumptions without proof. The link provided is great as in understanding how it all works, but what I’d need is some more “legal” or “official” material. Of course I will continue to research myself, but if you have any access to such resources, or could direct me towards finding them more easily, it would be much appreciated (as it nd is kind of difficult to find such small a phrase in a massive documentation of laws and legal documents… and also I am not familiar with the language of law, therefore may not know what and/or how to look for such). Thank you for your kind help, and for this great article.

  • Nabila

    Yes, this idea is hard to get one’s head around as its been the paradigm we have all been born into and at some level that which we have had to accept as our reality.

    I personally am at present unaware of how to remove myself from this system but surely just the information being disipated, the idea being circulated and the possibilities that follow this revelation will start to dissolve the old and bring in a new reality so to speak.

    Spread the word, make people think out of the tight box we have been in and that wave of an alternate consciousness will do the rest.

    I am sure this exposure will resonate with many, will bring relief and confirmation to many who have instinctively known in themselves that the system we have had does not sit right with themselves.

    Change a perception, change a thought and the rest follows.


  • Jamie

    Dear Andy,

    Can you direct me to the currently recognized entity from which I can request confirmation of the claims herein..?
    I feel if I am to explain this to those enforcing the corporate regime, I will need back-up..! Possibly paper copies of the foreclosure confirmation..?



  • Freedom is Truth

  • will

    Just love them! always

  • pony bell

    My god this is incredible, I’m free as a bee! I know how to handle the old system and I love what happened here, I’m a little scared of a new world order trap but if the law stands as said then we are in great shape! So what you all going to do? Think I will make a town like mayberry and be a sheriff for the people by the people! I’m not a corporation hahaha, but nice community hospitality! Where we don’t need guns but can carry them for fun or thugs!

  • s spirit

    sorry but this is a scam. Just another way in for the government to get us used to the idea of One-World this…One-World that..etc etc. Its just pushing the New World Order by pretending that a miracle has/is happening. We all know the corrupt governments and parliaments are run by the illumunati and they will never be overthrown. Wake up people. This whole thing is just FALSE…remember, that shall be many false prophets

  • Francis

    Can anyone tell me what the NAME of the Creator is? The real Creator told us His name. He said it was His name for all generations. Some of us might be silly enough to assume we are all talking about the same Creator. However, forked tongues abound on this planet. There may be some whose idea of Creator is a mad scientist who mixed a bunch of DNA material together in a petri dish. Without the NAME, how do we know whether we are dealing with the Real McCoy or just buying a pig in a poke! Just ask’in

    • Gwen

      Good question.

  • Jerry

    Ignorant???? What you see in others is a direct reflection of self Regina.

  • cartman

    god damn hippies

  • Gwen

    I just have one suggestion, PLEASE do not use that phrase “Freedom is not free.” That is bullshitl Freedom is free, that is why it is called freedom. That phrase was a key ploy by the old paradigm to make people believe in and support their wars. Please, stop using it. It’s really stupid. I understand about responsibility and all that, but stop insulting my intelligence.

  • The article was great and I will reread to make sure I haven’t missed anything.
    My question is: If the governments have been basically been put out of business and assets are in the process of being turned over to the people of earth.
    Why and how are they still funding these Chemtrails that are poisoning our air, land and water worldwide ?
    The poisoning of our planet and senseless destruction of our planet by these Oil Rigs (on our land and seas), Nuclear Power Plants and the poisoning of the planets food supply with GMO’s and the list goes on and on……….
    We should be doing what Iceland did, drag the people in charge of the mindless destruction. Presidents, Prime Ministers and governing bodies responsible into the streets and put them in front of a tribunal and have them Jailed or Hung for Treason.
    Let it go down in history, that this is what happens to the slave masters of the world, so it never happens again.
    These people ( and I use the word loosely) are evil predators that will always have the seed of GREED, POWER AND MONEY to begin were they left off to rise and begin the process all over AGAIN.
    HISTORY HAS A WAY OF CONTINUALLY REPEATING IT’S SELF and as long as they are free to roam among us, they will begin to rebuild their evil dynasty of destruction, AGAIN !!

  • YES !! #8 S Spirit, I have been thinking the same thing as well. Is this a way to lead the Sheep to Slaughter, because by force would take to long ?
    You get more Bees with Honey ?
    I would really like to hear from the OPPT on this one.
    I love everything I’ve read so far on this site and OPPT, but you have to realize……..
    If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is ?
    We all want what your putting out to us, but, we are all very cautious that we don’t walk right into the devils workshop in the process.
    It kind of reminds me of the Pied Piper if you know what I mean.
    Good Point Spirit

  • SteveB

    Well how We All Feel Right You know it So Say It !! ” We Choose Free To Live in <3

  • C Flemming

    Maybe I’m just waking..but does this include Canada and Canadians?
    I’ve been tweeting the People’s Trust sites for Americans to become aware but I’m not sure if other countries are involved / included…

    Someone help me here please?

  • Bill Bohart

    Thank you. I hope in time we receive a better acceptance than I experienced today. I seems so many are entranced by this 2 party system here in the States. I was shocked by the obtuseness displayed as I spoke with People. People who despise the system under the powers that were yet defined it so faithfully. It almost compares to the battered spouse syndrome. Many of these folks know many truths yet still cling to the lies in general. Injecting these lies to conversation as if the truth never entered their conciseness. I’m 54 and years ago we joked and claimed the answer to many issues would be found “in the water” Then I learned of “Florid”. It must be accomplishing its desired effect?

  • Dave

    Ok soo…..this is a lot to take in. All I have to do is serve these notices, and thats it? What about everything that is happening around us? How do you become free from that? At some point it will affect all of us. What about the coming wars? Just not sure I understand all of this.

  • joelle

    Wasn’t the Trust set up with the Declaration of Independence, 1776 not the Constitution, 1787?

    Declaration of Independence…
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

  • Susan

    So….I have perused all info and still need legal help/clarity. I am a single mom and teacher. No investments, real property, liquid assets, lavish lifestyle, etc. I have had two cars taken from me in succession that were owned free and clear for an old $400 Providian Credit Card bogus debt (“fees” placed after I paid off and closed account by one of the most corrupt cc companies out there – paid $300 million class action lawsuit) by a lawyer-shark-debt-collector that paid pennies for the paper. Since it was my only car and transport to work (100 mile daily commute) this caused a spiral into foreclosure of my house. Are there lawyers who understand this process and will rep me? Or do I have to do this by myself? The last time I tried was disastrous…

  • I did my own research and this is what I found:

    UCC Filing:

    “A UCC filing is the completion of an official procedure that serves as a public record that a secured lien or interest exists.”

    Real Estate:

    “The UCC provides mechanisms to place liens on movable property. Real estate lies under immovable property, so you cannot place liens on this property directly through the UCC. Items present on, or inside, or forming a part of the real estate that can be moved, however, can be collateralized. These include items such as tractors on a farm, or plasma TV sets along with satellite receivers.”

    “The UCC filing is only used to protect a creditor’s stake in a collateralized asset, and documents filed under the UCC do not perfect a lien on real estate collateral.”

    Posting in reference to the Winston Shrout video above and to any claims that the UCC is applicable to real estate (mortgages/ TD transactions) as suggested on the site.

  • Randy Bell

    With everyone free and corporations foreclosed,where do we get food to feed our families? Will it be up to each to feed himself? Grow his own food? Do we still go to work to make items for others? If we each have all the money we would ever need, that’s great, but who will make the products we each need to survive? Medicine, building materials, furniture, clothing etc. Who is making this?

  • Bildo

    It’s now the middle of April. So………..

  • Johan Blignaut

    About time people all over the world realise how they have been bamboozled over the years. Thanks for this insight.

  • Wombat

    Only thing problematic with this dreamworld that has been laid out is that it doesn’t address greed, envy, lust, or sloth. So the problem perpetuates itself.
    And let’s not mention those that run on self-will while denying the existence of a Creator.

  • Harald

    Since the OPPT has foreclosed on all governments, corporations and banks, and put all the assets in a trust owned equally by all the world’s people, in effect, we don’t have or need money or trading anymore, since all of us have exactly the same equity. In effect, we now have a resource based gift economy. No need to trade anymore. Just BE and DO. Share. Give.

    • Bildo

      We haven’t had money since 1933. We were supposed to be able to discharge debt since then. Now, try to enforce what this is all about without taking the payee to federal court. We all have a “substantive right to set-off debt”.

  • Mark Stringfellow

    I believe it is important to clear up a common mistake when assigning what document the original trustees bound themselves to on behalf of the One People.

    We shouldn’t be confused on this matter, as it is central to the spirit of what has transpired and continues to ring throughout the world when the depth and import of the spirit of the document and the abandoned trust is realized.

    It wasn’t the Constitution that the trustees bound themselves to. It was the Declaration of Independence. This single document has been the disrupting influence to the hold of ruling monarchs since it’s inception. It has forced them to amend tactics and operate in a more nefarious fashion. Although the leopard has seemed to have changed his spots, their remnants can still be seen in the hierarchal structure of our culture and society. Nothing as changed except the masks used to hide behind.

    I would ask this publication to change their information about what document is at the heart of this awakening. This was a trust created for the entire world in it’s declaration. A trust abandoned by those who were entrusted with it. It has been reaffirmed and reclaimed on behalf of the world. Legally, and also in accordance with established law. That which is unrebutted remains true until so. So it is, so let it be.

  • Dr. Curry

    Sounds too good to be true. The congressional act of 1871 eliminated the constitution for the United States of America….very different than the Constitution OF the…usa. The original 14th amendment of the original bill of rights stated that no one with a law degree could serve as a public servant in any office above Mayor of township or city….this was destroyed in the war of 1812 when part of the white house was burned to the ground. The real problem with these concepts for american citizens is the fact that our current system operates under a bevy of executive orders today which can not be removed from the system until the vertical flag of the usa is flying again….the horizontal american flag represents war-time usa which has been the case since the civil war of 1860’s. Please read the opening paragraph of the famous book ” the Scarlet Letter” where the flags of the usa are described quite well. The golden fringe around the flag indicates our country is and has been operating under “Admiral Law” since then. The early settlers of the colonies were under the laws called The “Articles of Confederation”, which was a far superior form of government than any on earth today and is similar to what OPPT is trying to proclaim in it’s effects as far as individual freedom and rights to resources goes. This is why the south was called the confederates during the civil war….because they had the legal and moral right to adhere to the current law of the land (articles of confederation) and because they were against allowing an outside (foreign) Bank from being put in charge of the U.S. Treasury. So the civil war was fought over these real things and had almost nothing to do with slavery except that the corporate masters of that era had the most slaves in their households, so Lincoln gave voluntary emancipation privileges to all slaves to settle the playing fields, and allow its effects to end slavery within the daily routine of washington D.C. the slave trading capital of the world at that time…..note that the phrase “sold him down the river” pertains to the Potomac river, where the jews sold their slaves to buyers who bid in auctions there. Very few non jewish slave traders could stay in that profession in those years, without being found “dead” by some accident….much like the CIA and Mossad today. If you read “World Order” by famous Library of Congress Librarian, Eustace Mullins you can learn a lot of true american history in short order. American history has not been legal to teach in American educational institutions (all public schools) since the late 1950’s due to a myriad of public laws established by the Federal Department of Education. Recently 9 year old Panamanian school children were given a U.S history exam and passed it when the same number of U.S. history Doctoral Candidates could not pass the same exam. The disinformation system ( aka the Education System) is very effective. I am sorry to see my fellow americans so poorly informed. You can always read a few dozen history books each year to gain some insight. I do recommend you read world history also as it contains all the same evil plots over time that the corporate masters have placed upon the american citizen masses with great burden. The robbery of the people of america and the stripping them of all rights and possessions not a new phenomenon, but rather the same game played out again. The America you believe in has not really existed during your lifetime, but it was a good STORY, to fool you into submission. The Matrix is real you are like a battery, with your trickle of support-money-taxes-fake ownership (tenancy) read the fine print on your warranty deed, you are leasing from the State, even if it is paid in full, worse….the State willfully underatands the proerty is owned by the British Royalty or Vatican….but that is another lecture..”good luck and good night” said the famous communist….

  • Reefwalker

    Its all rubbish. You are all just a small bunch of dreamers using FMOTL stuff to create your own deluded reality. Corporations all foreclosed on – what a laugh!

  • Gary Stuart

    Great news…

    • Reefwalker

      Its all insanity and you are all being duped by Heather Tucci Jarraf and co for reasons only she could explain. Total and COMPLETE rubbish. BE and DO all you like suckers.Go here and read ALL of the evidence against this scam and if you still believe there is NO hope for you

  • Phyl

    BRILLIANT:← The One People- Interview with Kiri from NZ 19th July 2013… “Deposited $15 Million of her Value in the Bank”

    SANTOS SPEAKING WITH ANN BRESSINGTON on the confirmed validity of OPPT

    Ann Bressington (Australian politician) says she has put the OPPT stuff past a retired corporate lawyer in Australia and he confirms the OPPT UCC FILINGS have legs, the question is whether the people will enforce it! (Courtesy Notices and invoices people! NOW).

    Also she says in the courts there are two sets of rules going on: the judicial run on UCC and lawyers run on statutes – hence why the people do not find remedy.

    Click on the link below to listen to the archived show:

    • David Smith

      Phyl – sorry to disappoint you but Kiri has been sentenced to 200 hours of community work for trying to perpetuate a fraud. The OPPT UCC filings have no legs. Nothing has changed. Look around you – nearly 12 months later – can you see the great change?

  • Rey Nemaattori

    Who is this “Creator” everyone speaks of? It feels like replacing one non-existent corporate authority with another, even less tangible one. Even worse: It reeks of religion in which it suggests without scientific proof there is a higher being that actually creates (us) and has intentions for its creations.

    If I am truly free, I should have no one and nothing to answer to, except myself?

    • Red

      YOU are part of the creator. YOU missed the point that YOU are part of the whole. At the same time YOU got some of the point that YOU are responsible for YOU but also for all that has been given to YOU.

    • Michelle

      You do not have to answer to anyone or the energy source that created you, but if you do not already understand this, it seems you started a book in the middle or end. You should keep searching for the truth.

  • RC

    UCC Redemption vs. JC Redemption
    What are some deadly flaws hidden among the truths of the UCC redemption process?
    Fathers, strawmen, and false hopes.

  • Dylan Guy

    It’s time to follow Iceland’s lead and Ireland’s lead and any place else that tosses out the banks and corporate governments. No allegiance.

  • Bey Taylor

    OPPT sounds so simple….but wonderful?? No…

    I postulate that I and the real world will be waiting for ever for this foreclosure nonsense to actually deliver any results – and it IS nonsense, for OPPT have asserted, over and over, that it has already occurred! In late December 2012, OPPT heralded that foreclosure would shut down the banks and governments “soon”… April 2013, it is going to happen “soon”…..September 2013….and now, here we are, December 2013, twelve months on, and the feeble minded OPPT devotees still bleat the same line, that it’s happening “soon”….”for sure”…. it’s just that the banks and corporations and govt just need to “acknowledge” that they’ve been shut down. Laws are independent of, and do not not need “acknowledging” to have effect in this regard. Well, clearly, OPPT’s claims and premise are pure fantasy. Foreclosure, the “paradigm shift”, has not happened. OPPT can claim and claim again that UCC filings in Dec 2012 have foreclosed all institutions of “slavery”. OPPT’s claims are fantasy, a meaningless fraud; OPPT is shown to be of no effect in the real world – because, either banks and govts just ignore the Law (which is hard for even a child to believe) and thus foreclosure is just a piece of paper without meaning, or …..the OPPT is based upon, and made up of, pure and utter nonsense. It’s getting embarrassing to see such nonsense claims being made, any more mentions of “it will happen soon (even though it’s already happened)” and the OPPT’s credibilty and conduct will go from being merely embarrasing to being manifestly and wholly idiotic. And the longer it’s claimed that “soon the world will fall into line” and wake up that foreclosure has already been effected, the more ridiculous the assertion about “foreclosure” and everything else claimed by OPPT, thereby self-incriminatingly and publicly exposing all the evidence that anyone could need to demonstrate just how inconsequential the whole OPPT movement really is.

    • kala

      @ Ben Taylor a lot of time I don’t reply to people that are set in motion but, something pulled me to comment to your post so I will

      Your correct with everything you are saying you are not wrong, **I postulate that I and the real world will be waiting for ever for this foreclosure nonsense to actually deliver any results – and it IS nonsense**

      Waiting in the considered to be real world is not changing a view nor making action or doing anything

      So there fore you will see no benefit nor a display of purpose behind the OPPT nor their filings

      My eyes are perceiving what WAS, and my spirit see’s What IS, this is a personal view 🙂

      What OPPT state is fact but only if you deem it to be fact will you see an effect

      If you deem it to be to be false how can you give yourself a chance to *see* the effect?

      OR SENSE?

      Which is it to be true to you my love?

      Much peace, and also whether you believe it to be true or not to be true, the wondrous things is this, it does not change what IS

      peace love and wisdom


  • kala

    This has changed and answered A LOT, funny thing is I came across this article quite a few months ago, I ignored it, I was upset with myself at first for this but feel in my heart that I was meant to wait a little more, I understand why.

    What I have in my heart and BEing of change and to me I AM the CREATOR of my BEing and my BEing there fore is my CREATOR, so what I must BE is what I must CREATE

    It was not hard to get my head around the foreclosure part, that fit right with me and it felt good and corrected, but I had to find trust.

    I read these comments on a lot of sites after reading the articles and at first when I seen people putting all of this *seemingly* correct information on comments saying this was illegible I got really frazzled brain wise being pulled in two directions!

    I sat back and I thought about it, I said you know what? ?Part of BEing is LEARNing so I have to look at this information myself

    This is truth to me, there is nothing more powerful then the energy i have received from learning this knowledge, I told myself if knowledge is true it does not divide and this does not divide
    Infact this is a SOCIAL REFORMATION

    love,wisdom and peace

  • Michelle

    Well this is great, but inless people know about it,it cant help them and second if there is no oppt anymore, how are we suppose to know what to do when it comes to the government and states still trying to get us to do what they say we have to, if we have no guidence, I mean really what if slavery was abolished but nobody told the slaves. We need guide lines on how to proceed and to be informed!

  • igi

    Andy & wake-up world, thank you!
    Grazie 1000!

  • Tony

    I read this and it speaks to what I have always felt in my heart & soul. I am excited to see some of these changes take place. I’ve long-desired and awaited bringing “community” back….
    BUT it appears that this article is approximately two years old now and we are seeing ‘them’ trying to force vaccines, watching a mom have to run for her son’s anatomical rights, as well governing healthcare such as Obama has done with ObamaCare, punishing/taxing people who choose not to carry health insurance, rather than using homeopathic remedies/natural healing. It’s currently ‘illegal’ to collect rain water in most states and recently, I read an article stating there is a law in 33 US cities against feeding the homeless 🙁 Things like this make my soul cry for freedom & love and I can’t help but feel like this is a losing battle! We need more information on how to get this big ball rolling faster, please?

  • Shannon Greer


  • cynthia

    What does this mean to welfare? social security? personal debt…are they legit and must creditors be paid?