Your Body’s Innate Intelligence: the Vitalistic Chiropractic Philosophy Part II

1st March 2013

By Lindsay Mack, D.C.

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

In my previous article, I discussed the importance of liberating your innate intelligence with a chiropractic adjustment, as well as the flu statistics associated with it. This article raised the important questions……

How did chiropractor D.D. Palmer return patient Harvey Lillard’s hearing after 18 years of deafness? Why was chiropractic extremely successful at defeating the 1918 flu epidemic?

It all goes back to the liberation of innate intelligence, which allows the body to reach the greatest capacity it has for healthy functioning. Most people who have bodies working at 100% capacity are able to resist the flu. How?

Innate intelligence determines the order and coordination of your body. It is the reason your body can perform countless biochemical reactions on a cellular level without a single conscious effort on your part. It knows exactly what needs to be done and where in your body, in the exact moment. If the innate intelligence is interfered with, these countless reactions may not occur and if they do, it could be too fast or slow, making the reaction completely inappropriate for the moment. This means everything in your life that you do (thinking, digesting, meditating, exercising, working, reading, seeing, cleansing, breathing..) you do better when your innate intelligence is working at its maximum potential. It allows you to express more life. Life is the triune of force, innate intelligence, and matter. You perform better with than without this connection.

We know that cells in one part of your body can and usually do affect one another. That being said, if one part of your body is functioning below par, this will affect another part. This leads to a slippery slope of lower health expression for the whole body. For example, your liver has thousands of functions. Imagine your liver detoxifying faster, producing and regulating important hormones more efficiently, and with a greater ability to store vitamins for future use. These results have a domino effect and allow the other tissues to respond in a healthier manner. In this example, your body is moving toward healing instead of dis-ease. At any given moment, your body is moving toward one or the other. Biochemical dis-ease left unchecked leads to symptoms and in our society, is then officially labeled a sickness or condition. Chiropractic philosophy promotes healing; it knows nothing of treating sickness.

The healing in your body is guided by innate intelligence, but to produce a desired effect, pharmaceutical drugs work against it; the exquisite intelligence that the latest and greatest science and technology can’t quite put their finger on. Does shutting that down, purposely or otherwise, sound like a good idea?

As a result of each cell being connected with the intelligence that controls it, it is possible you perform better at your job, and as a result of this, you are more successful and earn more money. It can allow a new sense of awareness and therefore, a new meaningful relationship with your family. It could mean you crave the appropriate foods your body needs rather than craving processed, destructive “food.” Think performance. Are you a mother or father? An athlete? A teacher? A business owner? A person who wants to impact the world in a huge way? Imagine doing it better! Every person in the world, seemingly sick or healthy, can benefit from this. A person in any stage of health will always function better with a better nerve supply.

The nervous system is the communication system your innate intelligence uses. The quality of expression of your innate intelligence depends upon the quality of your nervous system. A simple, yet strong and true concept. The system of nerves in your body does, however, need to be un-interfered with. A vertebral misalignment puts pressure on the nerve exiting the spine, called subluxation, directly reducing the potential of that spinal nerve and indirectly reducing the potential of the area innervated by that nerve.

The purpose of chiropractic is to allow the best nerve supply possible through the correction of subluxations. The adjustment of subluxations permits your innate intelligence to flow from your brain to your body without interference at 100% capacity.

Comparatively speaking, a robust, alive and full-potential human being and a dead man represent opposite spectrums of the expression of life force. If you have begun to express less life force, this means your vibration has moved closer to that of a dead man rather than a living man. Reggie Gold, a chiropractor who devoted his life to sharing the chiropractic message, said many times, “Your body is like a candle made to burn brightly until the end, then go out.” He’s right! Many have become so accustomed to expressing less life, they don’t know and understand the feeling, awareness, and awe of expressing their optimal life; the sheer beauty of what it is to be connected from the top down, inside out. That being said, because I experience that connection every day, it is unacceptable for me to live the next couple weeks, let alone a year or forever, without a chiropractic adjustment. Or better said, without my body expressing the life it is capable of.

Chiropractic in Mainstream “Health” Care

Chances are, you have been to a chiropractor. And chances are, you’ve never heard about innate intelligence before. Are you wondering why?

Chiropractors had incredible results with the flu of 1918 and chiropractic is a fundamental part of each person being the best version of himself possible. Pain relief is only one of the many benefits you could experience from a healthy nervous system. So why are the majority of chiropractors practicing as back pain specialists and not innate intelligence liberators?

In the United States, chiropractic wanted to be included in insurance programs in order to be included in mainstream healthcare and receive compensation. For them to be approved, they had to have certain standards, which consisted of medical procedures, not chiropractic. Chiropractic schools then began to teach chiropractic according to these standards. They focused less on chiropractic and more on medicine. They eventually became terribly unqualified medical institutions.

The reasons these graduates do not share the true purpose of the chiropractic profession range from a lack of knowledge to the ease of accepting insurance payments. For some, if they did share vitalistic chiropractic, it would not be congruent with the insurance they take and their patients may go somewhere else for their pain relief. Insurance only wants to pay until a condition is treated; chiropractic does not treat anything. Chiropractic care requires regular, wellness checks and health insurance is not for wellness care; it pays for sickness care. It pays for medications, physical therapy, operations, and injections.  It does not pay for organic food, clean water, a great mattress, and a yoga mat. Why should it cover a chiropractic adjustment?

Bluntly stated, terrible chiropractors do exist. Unfortunately, there are some people who have had a negative experience or heard of one, or are just skeptical. This results from a lack of education about chiropractic, innate intelligence, and the human body. It could be a lack of education from the chiropractor to the patient, or the chiropractic educational institution to the chiropractor (and therefore to the patient). It is more than unfortunate.

Everyone deserves to function at his or her maximum potential for a healthier, more connected life. It is extremely important to have your spine checked by a chiropractor who is a specialist in liberating the innate intelligence of the body, and not by a chiropractor who moves bones and recommends an ice pack. A complete understanding of the purpose of chiropractic is necessary to be known before care is started. The purpose is never to treat sickness, but to permit your body to express its full potential. You deserve it!

A great resource to find a vitalistic chiropractor near you is through the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations. Please read about them and click on “Find a Doctor” to start living more life.

Lindsay Mack, D.C.


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About the author:  

Lindsay Mack

Lindsay Mack is a Doctor of Chiropractic and has a deep passion for both natural healing and personal development. A graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, the world’s first chiropractic college, her aim is to help educate others about the human body’s ability to heal and self-regulate, and to inspire others to realize their potential. She currently practices in Columbus, OH, USA.

Before beginning chiropractic school, a severe anxiety disorder caused her to search for answers about her life. She began studying the philosophies of health, happiness, and success, and as a result, naturally healed herself of her anxiety disorder. These experiences lead her to fulfil her purpose through a combination of chiropractic and mentoring. She currently works with clients to help change limiting belief systems – in any area of life – into those that are empowering.

For more information, or to arrange a complimentary 15-minute consultation with Dr. Mack,  please visit :

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