Gratitude’s Vibration

rumi on gratitude9th January 2014

By Emily Doyle

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

What are you most grateful for? Who are you most grateful for? What experiences do you cherish with all your heart?

The power of gratitude is in align with the power of love, and love is the highest vibration there is. To practice gratitude is to practice love.

When we find ourselves in a negative or positive experience the best action we can take is to take a moment and thank it. By thanking the moment, we let the universe know that we accept and take responsibility for what we have attracted into our human existence. When we have acceptance we are metaphorically saying that we are a co-creator in this life. And as  a co-creator, it is up to you to manifest what you want into your life.

Do you want love? Do you want peace? Do you want true, deep relationships? What do you see when you look at your life? How deep are you looking?

When you swim through the depth of your life you realise you are swimming through troughs and crests of your own ocean. We live in cycles, and if we cannot be thankful for both the darkness and the light in and around us, we become out of sync and sometimes deranged.

We can all look back at situations in our lives where we didn’t truly appreciate what life was laying out before us, only to realise later that it was the perfect piece to our puzzle. With that awareness, we can choose to see certain ‘obstacles’ on our path either  as obstructions (bad) or as lessons (neutral).

By defining a circumstance as good or bad, we are resisting, and what we resist persists. By allowing the shadow to surface, remaining neutral to it – and even becoming friends with it – we resist no more, and the flow of life force flows through us with ease, raising our vibration.

To learn our lesson is to acknowledge our lesson – by thanking it.  And so shall we transcend.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” ~ Wayne Dyer

Gratitude makes all the difference on our path.  Gratefulness is love from every inch of our soul. Gratitude is the key to our purpose.  It expands our awareness and experience of ourselves.  

Gratitude is living through Source.

Source is love, love is a vibration, and gratitude is the practice.

Source doesn’t look for Beauty, source sees Beauty.

Be grateful. Be love. And watch your life transform.

Thank you for reading.

About the author:

Emily Doyle’s soul incarnated into her body 21 years ago. A self confessed “typical Aquarian” who loves her solitude, the young Canadian has lived in New Zealand, Australia and now currently resides in Hampi, India. Her passions include self exploration, writing, consciousness & spirituality, ancient wisdom, reading, spending time in nature, music and food.

Emily is a certified Reiki practitioner and enjoys living a simple holistic lifestyle. She is passionately curious, and lives by the phrase “You can not want what you want, you have to BE what you want.”

Connect with Emily via the GiveThanksTrustLove  Facebook page.

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