Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

feel the fear and do it anyway

By Morgan Potts

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

What is waiting but a pause in a hurtful place?.. It’s like standing barefoot in a pricker bush and saying, “hmm, I don’t think I’m ready to move yet”.

The timing will never be right.  The conditions will never ever ever ever be exactly perfect. No matter how long you wait, there will always be a reason it why isn’t the “right” time.

So maybe you should just do it anyway.

Whatever it is that you’re working on, planning to do, or waiting to implement, it’s too important to just let it slip away.

Whenever we humble ourselves, open up and decide to do something powerful, something worth doing, a lot of doubt, question, and “is it right?” is brought to the surface. Many of the people I work with have experienced this, and I too have felt waves of this feeling. And you know what? This is what makes us feel alive. This is us feeling, experiencing, and doing our work. The more we try and experience and move forward, the more “stuff” we’re faced with, and there’s always going to be more “stuff” and its all beautiful. It’s all moveable, and it’s all eye opening and perfect.

Through our “real work” we do our “soul work”.

And ooh we’re doing big things, we’re doing serious work. Whether it be bettering our own lives, and loving ourselves deeply, or sharing this with someone else through our work. The good stuff isn’t always easy. And we need to recommit to this work each and every day. We need to remind ourselves of the good that we are doing, and the fact that there is no one else in this world that can do exactly whatever it is that you can. There is no one that has what you have, because it’s YOU, that you do have. And it’s THAT which you will share, and spread out and send into the world. And this is what we must remind ourselves of.

And even more than all of this, we have to remind ourselves to actually DO IT, and make moves.

I mean really, what is the risk of moving forward and doing this thing? Are you afraid of loss or failure? Because psst, guess what: if you never move forward to do whatever it is you’re yearning for, you’ve automatically experienced loss, “failure” and non success. If you don’t do it at all, there’s no way to get it done. You have to at least TRY, or you’ve automatically failed.

Action is what really gets things flowing.

Movement is what the universe responds to more quickly than thought. It’s action that shows the world you are serious. Each step creates momentum, and each moment it gets stronger and stronger, pushing you along the way. This is you in the flow. And baby…. I LOVE the flow. Let’s move.

So let’s bring this back to you, my love. Where are you feeling stuck? What have you been waiting to do, when the timing is “right” or after “this one thing is done”?

Take the first step

It’s time to move now. The time is now because you will never feel ready. That edge of nerve, sweat, or super-fast heartbeat will never fully go away. And thank god, because it is that which reminds us of the strength of our actions. The fact that you are sitting here, thinking about this thing and experiencing a physical response, without having acted yet, shows how powerful it can be.

But let’s re-frame this a little bit….. Instead of experiencing this sensation as fear of what may come, look at it as if you are already feeling the effects of this powerful decision. It’s excitement about the good that is to come that you are feeling, not fear! Whoa!! Different right? One small shift of perspective changes this terrible feeling in your gut into something that’s beneficial, exciting and GOOD.

So recommit if you’ve felt like maybe it isn’t right, or that you can’t do it. I’ve been there, too. We all have. But you know what? It  is  right, you  can  do this, and you  are  important. Who cares how long it has taken you to get here, because you’re here now, and nothing super easy is really worth doing anyway.

There are thorns in your feet baby! Pluck them out and get a move on. Remember all that there is for you to create. Remember the fire, and kindle the flames. Remember that you are you.

Move baby! GO!

Tell me, what is the next thing you need to do to get you where you want to be? What’s your first step, and when are you doing it? Share it with me below, and THIS can become your first move to making it happen.

Sending you hot and fiery love,

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morgan pottsMorgan Potts is a holistic health coach working with women from around the world who want to live a life more sacred and satisfying. Her passion is to fill life with ritual and connection, bringing wonder, magic and excitement to each moment. Morgan believes when we feel aligned we feel connected, we feel sacred, we are the divine feminine — and we can truly  nurture our desires.  The relationship between the moon’s phases and women’s natural cycles is a main focus.

Morgan works with women online through her one-on-one coaching programs, and also leads the Facebook group  Moonblush Sacred Women. Both are aimed at reconnecting with the feminine flow, and understanding how to live a life more rich and nourishing to our bodies. If this subject fascinates you, and is something you want to connect with,  join her Facebook group  where all things sacred and feminine are discussed! Morgan also leads monthly women’s gatherings on the evening of the new moon, in Rochester NY.

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