Corrective Climate Change Ahead

Climate change - Earth is 46 Billion Years Old18th April 2014

By  Openhand

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Global greenhouse gas emissions during the last ten years have been the highest in Human history according to a leaked report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Drafted by hundreds of scientists, it’s what’s considered to be the definitive ‘take’ on this perilous issue.

Without drastic and immediate action, “temperatures will increase by 4 to 5 [degrees] centigrade that could reap devastating effects on the planet” they said. Personally I don’t see the global populus  will to respond quickly enough. With that said, I am an optimist; because I believe in  realignment, that the earth has a resilient, self regulating eco-system. When challenged in this way, she may take a little time, but make no mistake, she will respond.

Luke Warm Efforts

The main details of the report have been leaked to the UK’s Independent (IPCC climate change report). Despite what many would consider luke-warm efforts to address the problem, in recent years  “greenhouse gas emissions grew more rapidly between 2000 and 2010 than in each of the previous three decades”, according to the final draft by the IPCC.  “At this level, we could lose 20 to 30 per cent of our wildlife, as well as face more extreme weather”, according to Mike Childs, Head of Science, Policy and Research at Friends of the Earth. At 4’C of warming, there could be a “devastating impact on agriculture, wildlife and human civilisation”, he added.

Cause for Optimism?

I wonder what will make humanity and the system he’s created truly turn around? An awakening is indeed happening, and that is indeed very positive, yet to me, society is just not moving anywhere near fast enough.  “Almost 80 per cent of the emissions growth between 1970 and 2010 was caused by fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes”, according to the report. To reach the 2’C target, the experts warned that the global energy supply must dramatically change, with at least a tripling of the use of “zero and low-carbon energy, such as renewables, nuclear and fossil energy”.

But when will they (we) get the real point?… that the earth was never configured to sustain a ‘civilisation’ in its current form, plundering cheap, readily available energy meaning the population can expand and consumption escalate exponentially.

Gaia’s Self-Regulating System

I do believe this is where Gaia’s self-regulating system steps in. I believe we’re on the verge of seismic shifts in the global weather patterns, which will greatly affect the industrial food chain and especially the amount of growing land available – we’re already seeing a huge hike in US beef prices because of drought –  haleluyah!

With the financial system teetering on the brink and likely to implode within the next couple of years, I do believe there will be a drastic downturn in the consumption of energy. At least that is my hope – anything less, would mean even more drastic corrective measures by Gaia becoming necessary. The last thing any of us would surely want is the complete destruction of the biosphere?

So I see the  collapse of ‘civilisation’ as we know it coming. I can feel it. And to me it’s a good thing. I believe it will encourage people to become more self-sustaining again, to consume less, and to discover that less is more; that we can find peace, happiness and completeness within. It will be a tough road yes, but one that evolving –  spiritual  – people are seeded to master. That’s why we’re here. That’s the challenge we have a sacred agreement to take on.

The Making of Us

And it will be the making of us, encouraging people back into the universal fold, evolving into a new human form, living as one with the natural harmonies of the earth. The Hopi Elders saw this Great Purification coming. I sense it upon us now, although the effects may take a little while to become more observable. There is nothing to fear, the worst would be the continuation of this limp-wristed status quo.

So let’s look forward to that time with commitment and courage, preparing as best we can now, by becoming increasingly self-sustaining and  spiritually aligned; because this climate change the IPCC is warning about, and the inevitable response of Gaia, could well be the making of us.

From my heart to yours

(on behalf of  Openhand)

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