Not All Hydration is Equal: Honor Your Body with the Best from Nature

Not All Hydration is Equal - Honor Your Body - Water

By  Evita Ochel

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

One of the things that makes our planet so suitable for life is the presence of water. Early on in our lives we learn that our body is made up of over 70% water and about the importance of drinking enough of this substance daily. But as we progress through our lives, how many of us actually drink enough water, and water of the right quality on a regular basis?

Water is needed to help flush toxins out of our bodies and is the best detox substance we have. It is the number one lubricant within and ensures proper functioning of all organs. All of our bodily fluids and internal cell environments are based on water. It hydrates cells, is necessary for proper skin elasticity and almost every reaction in the body.

Yet knowing this, many of us still do not drink enough, or drink enough of the “right” water. Many experts estimate that the majority of the population lives in a state of chronic dehydration. This takes place over years due to various factors like not paying attention to thirst signals or using other fluids to hydrate, which mask thirst without providing proper hydration to tissues. Chronic dehydration disguises itself as numerous symptoms, from headaches and constipation, to increased allergies and joint pain.

Optimal Hydration – What to Drink?

In order to honor your body and give it the best you can to function optimally, we have to go to the source. We have been taught that fluids keep us hydrated, however not all fluids are of equal value. When we are told to drink around 8 cups or 1-2 liters of water daily, this truly means water. Processed juice, soda, milk, coffee or tea should not be included in that count. Normally those substances are counter-productive, require more water to offset their effects and do not provide deep, lasting hydration.

When it comes to picking the best water for optimal health, we must also realize that all water is not created equal. Just as there is processed food, there is processed water. Today this is normally disguised as bottled water, vitamin water and poor quality tap water. An increasing number of people are learning each day that bottled water is a waste of both our personal resources and the environment. To make matters worse, the water quality is not what many people have been led to believe.

The most beneficial water for optimal health is pure, natural spring water. This means it is from deep water reservoirs, like aquifers, or free flowing springs in nature. Depending on where you live, you may be surprised to learn that finding such a local spring may be easier than you think. (Do a quick search on the net to “find a spring”.) Make it a personal or family adventure to find a local spring near you and enjoy the best Mother Nature has to offer. Obtain some glass bottles and create a weekly or monthly routine to visit your spring and fill your bottles. Of course do keep in mind that some natural bodies of water today do have various contamination risks, so learn about your spring, its location and water quality properly before you choose it as your main water source.

Some people may also be fortunate to live on a property where they have their own well with high quality water. For most of us however, the next best thing will be getting a good filtration system for our home. The type of filter you choose will be a personal choice, based on your local water quality, financial considerations, type of housing, etc. So definitely do some research and read lots of reviews before you commit, as it can be a pricey investment that you want to benefit from in the most optimal of ways.

Drink Up!

Proper hydration with high quality, pure water is always important, but especially so during various times of the year. You are perhaps already well aware of the need to drink on hot summer days, but many of us may not realize the importance of proper hydration in the winter.

During the cold months, most people will spend the majority of their time in closed spaces with central heating systems that can be very drying for our skin and tissues. This is also the time when many of us complain of increased dry skin and chapped lips. So although it may not be as intuitive to drink during the cold months, be sure to stay mindful of proper hydration habits all year.

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