Get Naked, Go Outside, Be Wild, Be Sacred

Get Naked, Go Outside and Develop Your Wild Sacred Nature11th September 2014

By Morgan Potts

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

When was the last time you got outside naked?

Mmmm. Playing with the plants and splashing in the water… sitting on the grass, the moss the trees… with nothing but you and your beautiful skin, under the hot, hot sun or the cool and beautiful moon.

When was the last time you did this?

I can’t even put into words how amazing it can be. It wakes us up. It makes us feel so new, refreshed, beaming. It’s sensual, calming and satisfying, and it brings us deeper into our wild and ecstatic nature. And really, it just feels  so wonderful.

But first, did these words bring you a touch of uncomfortableness? Does anything about this idea make you shake your head or squint your eyes?

That’s the social conditioning. Don’t worry, it can be undone.

Get Naked!  and  Develop Your Wild Sacred Nature

Our lives have become too sanitary, too covered up and closed in. There’s nothing strange, wrong or unnatural about being naked, lying under the sunshine or  running through an open field. There’s nothing inappropriate, crazy or unwell about it. We came into this world naked and it’s natural to enjoy our bodies in this state regularly, and not just under our sheets and in  the bathtub.

Wild nakedness heals our bodies and hearts. It keeps us strong and nourished. Bright and vibrant. It reminds us how very connected we are to the rhythm of nature. It is physically, spiritually and emotionally nourishing in so many ways…

Not to mention there are so many parts of our bodies that never see the sun, or moon, and we need this medicine. For the vitamin D alone! We need the healing warmth and exposure to the light. Constantly we long for this and it makes us well. Light is a message, and our bodies are the vehicles to deliver these words to our consciousness. Why do we only think of exposing our faces, arms and legs? Don’t our bare feet, our  butt cheeks and our breasts need this nurturing too?

I think, yes, so much.

If we want to live a life more balanced and connected to our wild nature, it’s important to loosen up these social ties from time to time… to let our clothes fall to the ground and dip our feet into the water.

Spending time in nature, raw, uncovered and bare can bring us such authentic satisfaction, and truly connect us back to nature’s rhythm.  It helps us to feel nourished and strong. It helps our body to balance itself, and it puts us back into the rhythm that life naturally flows. Living a more connected and wild life helps our hearts to feel full and in love with the flow around us. It is where we came from, and it’s where we all belong.

Women, spending time in the moonlight helps us to balance our cycles and sync with mama Luna. It  helps us to regulate our mooncycles and our emotions.

This is ancient medicine, and it’s here for us always.

It’s time to let the sunshine pour his light on our skin, and for our beautiful moon mama to bathe us with her rays. Don’t you long for it too? It’s so, so important to do this when we can. To make time for it. To soak it all up.  You will feel so beautiful, so confident in your body. Look up, look down, the beauty is everywhere. In you, your body, and the earth you walk on.

Feel the breeze dance over your naked cheeks  and drops of sweat drip from your legs. Breathe in the aroma of the wild plants around you. Drink the fresh breeze with your lungs. Listen to the birds and bugs and the tall grasses sing. It’s all so much connected, and it’s all so much our home. We are welcome here, more than anywhere else. And we are welcome here always.

Will you venture out into nature? Naked and beautiful, as your true and natural self?

Tell me love, what’s stopping you from doing this now?

Let’s wake up, let go, and be free, together.

I love you, now run wild, naked and free.


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morgan potts

Morgan Potts, owner of Moonblush Sacred is a wild feminine coach working with women who want to explore the more wild aspect of their femininity, as well as the ritual and mysteries of our cycles. It’s all about living a life that’s more sacred and connected, embracing our womanly nature, and the power of menstruation. Flowing with that menstrual rhythm, emotion, ecstasy and satisfaction await us. Now let’s start tapping into that ancient wisdom

Morgan works with women who want to feel this: online through her 1-on-1 coaching programs, and she also offers the virtual program “Moonblush Menstrual Rituals: Making Your Cycle Sacred”  for women who want to explore this on their own. Morgan leads the Facebook group Moonblush Sacred Women, as a deeply intimate and sacred space for women to reconnect, dream and reflect together with the powerful support of womanly connection.

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