New Moon in Capricorn – The Soul’s Purpose

New Moon in Capricorn - The Soul's Purpose

22nd December 2014

By  Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The zodiac does not enact life, it merely reflects it.

As the sun leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, a new evolutionary journey of our consciousness begins. Out of the mutable fiery, jovial energy that is Sagittarius we go, we once again return inward and into the depths of our soul’s inner reality. It is here where we are asked to slow down, take time and start to reflect again on the meaning behind the special purpose we feel awakened to.

Much of our cosmic journey so far has brought us great awareness towards wanting more fulfilment out of life. With both Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries stimulating and activating these fiery creative aspects of ourselves it is most certainly something we cannot ignore. With the Sun and Moons movement into Capricorn where they join Venus and Mercury the seeds for this next evolutionary cycle are created. The stage is set for this month’s theme:  Inner reflection and finding Soul purpose.

Happy Birthday Capricorn!

May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face.

Understanding the Capricorn Vibration

Introducing Capricorn!  In relation to universal law, otherwise termed (natural law), Capricorn symbolizes the nature of structure within nature. Structure can also be seen as protection  –  the structure of a house symbolizes protection for its inhabitants; the skin on our body, the bark of the tree. In the human mind, it is  the framework through which we construct, organize and engineer things. Its effect is evident  in the way  we build and define structures in  any given  society; the frameworks of countries, and their governmental and  education  structures.

Now, in order for  these structures to function they contain rules, regulations and laws, which lead us to becoming  conditioned  to that framework. The Capricorn archetype  correlates to our  interaction with such  roles of authority –  society, parents, and the authority of ourselves, and how we respond or react to these external authorities. Capricorn also contains the function of reflection. Reflection is natural to consciousness and acts as an important vehicle to  set in motion an  awareness for change. This is experienced through hindsight. When we reflect back on the past, we become aware through hindsight of possible new directions, and ways in which we can move forward without  feeling blocked by  circumstance. Makes sense?

Our concept of time is inherent  to this phenomena. The aging process becomes one of reflection. This is why as you age, you mature through wisdom gained. So Capricorn vibrates in our lives as the natural way in which we form structure, both of our own individual consciousness and through to the external world.

At  this stage of our current evolution, with Pluto’s transit through Capricorn, it is a time of reflection and change. We are reflecting, through the maturity of wisdom gained, on how we have been conditioned, and rewiring our consciousness. This  is leading to a change in direction. New structures are progressively replacing the old.

Planetary Alignments Reflecting Evolution

The 15th  of December 2014 marked a big event for all of us. The most significant planetary alignment of this current time frame is the Pluto (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aries). This event has been deeply effecting and shaping the nature of our reality. An extensive aspect of our currently reality and the way we see the world now is due to this alignment. Now once again with the December 15th  alignment, new awakenings in the form of emotional shocks, radical changes, and unexpected upheavals brought forth the essence of this alignment. To flush out old outdated thought forms, emotional wounds and any negative psychological conditioning.

The key is to find compassion, empathy and self-love. To accept the darkness in our journey as necessary in order to see the light. This alignment brought forward some interesting insights.

6th Uranus Pluto Square

Along with the major event of the Pluto Uranus square, we have been experiencing the final stages of Saturn’s transit through Scorpio. In fact on the 23rd  of December, Saturn will leave Scorpio and enter Sagittarius. A new shift in reality is on its way for us. A shift from the deep dark watery depths of Scorpio’s lair into a much brighter vibration. I think many of us will feel the effects as this shift takes place.

The last two years that Saturn (reality) has been in Scorpio will not be forgotten. The truth is out!

Saturn is still making a square to Jupiter (retrograde in Leo) and now beginning to form a square to Neptune (Pisces). What this suggests is the need to align one’s personal sovereignty (Saturn Scorpio) with personal dreams (Neptune in Pisces) that then ignites feelings for finding your special destiny (Jupiter Leo). This comes from a space of inner reflection to contemplation. We must connect to our inner being and bring out the source from within.

Venus (Value/Needs) in a new phase conjuction to Pluto (Capricorn) are squaring the nodal axis. This alignment has been, and will be effecting us deeply this past week. Creating a heaviness that will further support inner reflection, specifically regarding relationships to ourselves and others and what we value. On the deepest level we have now changed what we value entirely. If you notice this festive season, you might have chosen to not divulge much of your value into materialism. Having a completely new set of values.

A new direction is being paved for us all and these celestial events are reflecting to us the major changes. Many of the alignments at this point and until April 2015 will be reflecting massive changes, dissolving and mutating our reality and ourselves. This is next 4 month period will seem blurry and things could seem inconsistent. Just go with the flow and be flexible!

The New Moon’s Message

The natural cycle of Capricorn, as mentioned above, is about deep reflection. Again this is a cycle of withdrawing and exploring the inner emotional landscape. Pondering and reviewing which direction is the right one for you. What does the new you want? How would wish to shape your future? These are important questions that require your attention.

The natural vibration of Capricorn and its connection to Virgo, Taurus and Cancer reflects how we seek duty and responsibility in being of service to our home and community. In most tribes, and in matriarchal living, the natural laws of these symbols reflected our devotion to our society and community. You helped along with others achieving, stability and various functions that maintained how the structure of the community operated. This was the duty of the people and it now is becoming the duty of our new earth once again.

But this time around it’s on a global scale. We need to stand together in union with our fellow brothers and sisters that are all around the world. We need to dissolve our pre-existing definitions and ideals that perpetuate the illusions of separateness. The unity and heart of our earth community lies in linking your special purpose and destiny with that which helps build and strengthen our connection to our fellow earth citizens and to our homeland.

New Moon Mantra

I am allowing myself the time to reflect deeply on who I wish to be in the world, and  what role I will play in the contribution to the building of our new reality. A reality where we are all connected… to each other as well as to nature. A reality where nobody is forgotten or left behind.

I will be the change I wish to see in the world. I will not look to others to do this… I will be that change myself and inspire others to do the same. I have come into this world with a special destiny to fulfil  , as has every living organism in and of this universe. I will embrace that special destiny by connecting to my heart. I will act from that place of LOVE in every moment. I will shine my beautiful light on the world. For I am the light. I AM.

I am the change!


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