Embodying Our True Authentic Self in The Love Hologram

Embodying Our True Authentic Self in The Love Hologram 1

By Melissa Joy Jonsson

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

To be seen (and to see ourselves) exactly as we are, Perfectly Imperfect; limitless beings experiencing apparent limitation, is what enables all of us to realize we are not broken. We are wholly and fully already com- plete.

To be seen as we are, by self, or through the lens of another, lets light in and lets light out. To be seen as we truly are, Perfectly Imperfect, is to experience an abiding connection with our True Authentic Self — a connection that transforms all that we are in relation to, that which is … everything.

Meet Field 108. Perfectly Imperfect. True Authentic Self. Wholeness. Completion. Authenticity.

Field 108 is you in relation to the heart field, universal consciousness, and its infinite potential, in relation to that which is already whole, perfect, complete, and limitless, despite having experiences that may appear otherwise. Field 108 is Authenticity.


Authenticity is the epitome of embodying our True Authentic Self (TAS). The True Authentic Self embodies limitlessness with limitations. In effect, it says, “I know I am consciousness potential and a being without limits, and yet I coexist peacefully with my self-imposed limitations. Daily, in each moment, I am unfolding and letting go of who I was the moment before so that I can embrace more of who I am becoming.”

Our TAS has presence and awareness of divine being, which is unconditional love in the form of coherent light. TAS also has limiting self-concepts that have been conditioned into personal awareness. These coexist and synthesize without judgment. Our TAS is willing to explore parts of the self that may not match the picture of its limitless being, opening into those parts with the same love and light. Our TAS embraces the full totality of being; it does not hide the yucky stuff from awareness. Our TAS is “perfectly imperfect.”

Field 108 supports the full recognition of integrity with TAS and all that we relate to in our lives. Our True Authentic Self is an evolving expression of coherency, congruency, and integrity in action. I define the coherency of True Authentic Self (TAS) as awareness of an unbroken connection to universal consciousness and limitless potential expressed as flow. Congruency is alignment of awareness of this coherent connection with everything in relation to, or relating to, self. Integrity is the expression of coherency and congruency in all intentions and actions.

This is a FanTAStic experience. This fanTAStic experience is also noticed in True Authentic Relating (TAR) and when manifesting True Authentic Desires (TAD). Experiencing fanTAStic is not fantasy. It is a joyful new reality of you in relation to … everything!

Authenticity as Integrity

Integrity is an energetic coherent connection with universal consciousness as source for all. Maintain integrity, and what moves through you will be inspired by limitless potential, expressed abundantly as authenticity.

Integrity is what permits our unique soul signature to emerge from heart to sole, as we step forth into the world one moment and movement at a time. Integrity requires consistent choices for sustainability. Though integrity is a substance that cannot be seen or touched, like a chair can be, the essence of integrity emerges invisibly and undivided from the seat of our soul, creating an indelible imprint—a coherency that IS reflected in all matters. Choose integrity. Just choose.

Integrity Is More Than Skin Deep

Words, deeds, and actions are all energetic containers for the essence of integrity to flow. Integrity is the skin of the soul, our largest organ and interface (inner-face), which breathes life into all endeavors.

When integrity is congested by confusion, deception, or manipulation, the flow of integrity is obstructed in all systems of inner actions and interactions.

Integrity is not a barrier. Rather, integrity is a carrier to bare that which is raw and authentic in the heart-soul of our being. Integrity opens us to truth, a song for the soul’s transmission of love — love which transmutes and transforms everything.

Integrity cannot be compartmentalized, no matter how many mental lies are told. When integrity is compromised, the broken promise to self reverberates into the eternal soul.

Broken integrity creates wounds that lie before us. Initially the wounds may be only scratches or scuffs we may overlook, mask, or cover by a bandage. Left unattended without authentic awareness, the wounds will fester, bleed, and infect all organizations of the interconnected systems of reality.

What once was hidden by a bandage of protection may bondage the soul’s True Authentic Expression. Life circumstances will present like salt thrown in the wound to beckon our attention.

Air the wounds with the breath of honesty, inspired by integrity. This loving action will flow directly to the hemorrhage and heal the soul, re- storing cohesiveness by providing wounds with the necessary ingredients to mend what once was severed.

Let the organ of integrity orchestrate harmonic symphonies in all aspects of life with ease as grace. Love is integrity and can end all self-betrayal. Love as integrity is loyalty to the soul.

Love and forgive self-betrayal with an open heart. An open heart is what gives us hope. H-open. Hope heals the hemorrhage with threads of grace, unified and fortified by the cohesive fabric of love’s consciousness. We are here to remember love as the sole source for healing our souls, for love is the only game in town worth playing for keeps. Let love in and let love out. Let go into love.

Completion: Coherency, Congruency, and Integrity in Action

Field 108 can allow for completion of a formula for extraordinary living. Remember, Field 101 is coherency with the field of the heart, universal consciousness, and infinite potential. Field 102 is congruency as connection—you in relation to everything. Field 108 can complete a circuit for awareness, maintaining coherency and congruency by recognizing that no matter what we are noticing or experiencing, that pattern is directly extended from that which is already whole, complete, and perfect . . . even if it might distinctly appear otherwise.

No matter what it is that we are noticing or experiencing (which might look anything but whole, complete, perfect, and in flow), all patterns are still inherently connected to that which is whole, complete, perfect, and in flow.

Integrity is to combine one thing with another so they become whole. Well, that which is whole, which is you, is never not whole. Instead, we may have simply (or complexly) moved our awareness away from the recognition of our inherent wholeness. Field 108 can facilitate the recognition of wholeness. Completion is inherent to our essence.

Integrity as wholeness is not something that we have to do or earn. Integrity is a natural by-product of coming into resonance with TAS, because when we are OK being exactly who we are, perfectly imperfect, limitless beings having experiences that look and feel like limitation—there is integrity in embracing that.

Integrity as authenticity maintains the coherent connection with the all that is universal consciousness. Authenticity is what enables patterns to change without doing anything other than observing from the unconditional love that is within us. Field 108 is a field of authenticity; integrity fosters connection, and connection creates coherence.

Authenticity includes creating through your own unique soul (sole) sig- nature and honoring the signature of others.

Authenticity as a unique individual is how we honor creative intelligence. When we do not embrace integrity, we cheat ourselves of the opportunity to manifest unique excellence.

Synthesis of Self

Integrity, more importantly, is the state of being undivided within one self— whole. So integrity is also integration and synthesis of all the parts of ourselves that we have compartmentalized and segregated, even the parts of our lives that feel fragmented. Field 108 bridges the gaps of perceived separation. Spirit, source, universal consciousness, moving through us as us, cannot be compartmentalized. Spirit is infused into everything. Everything. Spirit doesn’t compartmentalize. People do.

Self-acceptance is exponential authenticity. Live in and out your truth. Truth IS integrity—a firm foundation to always stand solid amid shaky grounds of deception. Truth is integrity.

Choose Your Truth

A key to self-authenticity lies in questioning everything we think is true. Questioning yields recognition to recondition our rigid constructs into a flexibility of consciousness. In that movement of awareness, we become free to be . . . that which is truly you and me. Perfectly imperfect.

Questioning brings forth clarity of personal truth that empowers us to make choices aligned with integrity. May our choices reflect the whole and complete truth of who we really are. Go forth with clarity.


Field 108 supports us with resonance of self-love. This is a transpersonal love available through the field of the heart coupled with personal identifiers. The more we love ourselves impersonally and unconditionally, the more personal love we have available to nurture ourselves and all that we are in relation to our shared reality. By loving ourselves compassionately, we are more able to love others too.

Love is the ripple effect, and the more we love ourselves, the more of ourselves will become available for others to love too. So love IS really a synergistic exchange that enables us to be all that we truly are—and share all that we truly are with others as a reflection for others to begin to see themselves as the love that they are too.

Love as Ideal or Actuality

Recently I had a conversation with someone who said that loving self is an ideal, and that loving self is not possible. Through this conversation, I realized that this person was reflecting how she felt about herself, not what was possible, probable, or likely to actualize for myself, or others.

Love IS, and love inspires us. However, any time we create the notion that something is an ideal, it becomes an ideal placeholder that is perceived beyond reach, and then it becomes something that will constantly elude us. Retire the idealized notion and embrace the ocean of love that surrounds us.

I have found it is easier for us to love ourselves when we recognize that the only thing that is preventing us from loving ourselves is the confusion around who and what we think we are in relation to how we have programmed our personal holograms. Once we have cleared that confusion, there is nothing more to do. Love reveals itself as our essence. When we stop being what we are not, what remains is what we are. Love. There is no ideal to attain. Love IS simply being. Be inspired by love.

Loving self is an ongoing, evolving process of letting go of programs of confusion. When we release blurry self-referencing and allow for clarity to stick with us in a consistent state, self-love naturally actualizes. If we hold the state long enough, self-love becomes a consistent, clear reality.

Commit to Consistency of Love

There truly is no failure with coming into resonance with self-love. Commitment to self is paramount to living an extraordinary life. As I have shared with many around the world, “one of your most intimate relationships is the one you have with yourself, the relationship you have is you in relation to you. You in relation to you is an eternal marriage between True Authentic Self and your heart. The vows are simple and profoundly meaningful. Commit to love, honor and listen to yourself through your heart in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, in death you will not part. Vow to appreciate, encourage and support yourself when you need it most. And even when you do not need it. Promise to always be honest with yourself and to express your truth as it occurs to you. When you forget any of these promises, remember the premise of forgiveness. As forgiveness is an ever- evolving gift of grace. Very important in this marriage with yourself is to find your joy, be joy, live joy, enjoy. Love self first and foremost, and from there, love exponentially. Love is the ripple effect.”

Loving Self includes acceptance, appreciation, friendship, kindness, generosity, grace, heart, honesty, sensitivity, courage, sincerity, peace, trust, joy, loyalty, laughter, humility, patience, vulnerability, strength. Open. Power. Love as authenticity. Love as truth. Love as integrity.

Love of Self Is a Choice

Choose Love. Choose to love you! Field 108 supports authentic resonance with True Authentic Self (TAS) and opens us to congruently connect lovingly with self in-relation to self. This is a Field of Love as Grace in Action based on self-love as Self-IS. When we change how we relate to self, and authentically love ourselves, then our lives reflect this love in all endeavors. Be love, and Field 108 shall support this truth for you in every moment of every day. In-Joy!

This article excerpted and adapted from Melissa Joy Jonsson’s ‘Little Book of Big Potentials: 24 Fields of Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Joy in Everyday Life’.

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About the author:

M-Joy Melissa Joy Jonsson

Melissa Joy Jonsson (M-Joy) is best known for her ability to engage people from all over the world to embrace their True Authentic Power by playing in the field of the heart. She has a unique perspective on how we are able to experience living joyfully and loving completely.

Melissa has been teaching popular life-transformational Matrix Energetics® seminars around the globe since 2008. She is the founder and instructor of the “M-Joy” seminar series, a unifying movement in consciousness dedicated to exploring and expanding heart-centered awareness and practical personal empowerment for everyone. Prior to creating a career she loves, she spent almost fifteen years as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry.

Melissa is the author of the books “Little Book of Big Potentials: 24 Fields of Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Joy in Everyday Life”(July 2015) and “M-Joy Practically Speaking; Matrix Energetics and Living Your Infinite Potential”(March 2014). She co-authored “Into the Matrix: Guides, Grace, and The Field of the Heart” and “The Physics of Miracles: Tapping in to the Field of Consciousness Potential” with Dr. Richard Bartlett. She is also the author of Practical Play the Heart-Centered Way: A Complementary Play Guide to Little Book of Big Potentials (January 2016).

Melissa has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She attended graduate studies at Pepperdine University’s Graziado School of Business and Management.

She is sought after as a respected published author and as a frequent guest speaker on global radio broadcasts, webinars, and tele-summits. Melissa is well known for her eloquent articulation and personal accessibility on both nationally and internationally recognized social media platforms.

Melissa Joy is passionate about inspiring every other person to realize his or her True Authentic Self (TAS) with practical, creative, and powerful wisdom that she embodies every day. She enjoys long runs near the ocean in San Diego, reading, hanging out with friends, and sharing with people the joyful journey of living their infinite potential

To learn more, please visit MJoyHeartField.com and Facebook.com/MJoyHeartField.

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