Harmonology – Vibration and the Laws of Universal Nature

Not a Normal Journey

By Stephen John O’Connor

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Not A ‘Normal’ Journey

I have been on a journey for most of my life. Not a normal journey, but one of the soul, the spirit – of the one behind the one who I thought I was. Something or someone has been propelling me through this lifetime as though I am a passenger on a fate-bound mystical train with no way to look forward and only a view of where I have been.

Since I was very young, I felt urged toward uncovering the occult secrets of the Masters from the past. I read and I discovered. First, came the Western Esoteric Tradition. It started with the College of Esoteric Studies out of Barbados. Then, The Rosicrucian Order A.M.O.R.C., where I became Master of the Lodge. Continuing my search, I read Ouspensky, Gurdjieff, Wei Wu Wei, and Harold Percival. All pretty heady stuff. I felt like I was making progress, but to where?

Initiations into Secret Orders

Soon, I was initiated into Secret Orders: The Order of Pythagoras, The Order of Melchezedik, both at midnight in Chartres Cathedral in Avignon, France. Then came the Martinist Order and C.I.R.C.E.S. International. I saw things. I had gifted visions. I found a startling world that existed independent of the one we call reality.

Through all this I was coming to an epiphany, a crashing realization – there is nothing to search for and no one to help you get “there”. There is no goal of self-realization and no Cosmic Consciousness. There only “is”.

Ayahuasca, the Healing Mother

My path ultimately led me to sessions of Ayahuasca in Mexico. Finally, real lessons from a real teacher––Mother Ayahuasca! The visions were strong, they were tough. The visions came without disruption for weeks after the sessions. Growth and insight abounded, releasing years of cultural restraints and conditionings. Liberation at last!

Through this Dark Night of the Soul, this trial by fire, I slowly began to rise. I began to see the interconnectedness of all. Life appeared as though it was one grand series of vibrations, coming down from the heavens and raising up from the earth. I felt as though I were in a holographic projection between the two magnetic polarities of “above and below.” I was led to write my first book, Counterpoint to Reality, in order to release myself from containing this hidden journey in the vessel of my heart.


Not long after the series of Ayahausca sessions I began to receive insight about relationships and music. Having spent my adult life as a composer and musician, I received a vision of how the musical behavior of the 12 notes of the chromatic scale acted as a parallel to how we interact with each other. Vibration to vibration, like begets like.

Each interval in music – the combination of any 2 notes – creates a degree of consonant harmony or dissonance. Likewise, when 2 people form a relationship, they too carry an inherent degree of harmony. The power and beauty of vibration is that it’s all the same. Everything is composed of vibrations, acting under the same laws. The degrees of our relationships and the degrees of music produce either consonance or dissonance, depending on the combination. Both are good when handled correctly and add to the Music of Life, the Harmony of the Universe. I named this philosophy Harmonology.

The chromatic scale is comprised of 12 tones in the Western musical system. You can see that when you look at the piano; all the tones from middle C to the next C form this scale. As we also know, the YEAR, yet another vibrational cycle, is divided into 12 months, ranging from the cool of January to the heat of July and back. Combining any two notes or birth months sets the stage for vibrational engagement.

Luckily, our forefathers had laid down the rules for the best behavior in music when they invented counterpoint. That was a system whereby one could correct the dissonance between notes and then maintain their consonance to produce the greatest degree of beauty.

Applying those same laws to relationships offers you the possibility to recognize, understand and then maintain your highest level functioning with your loved ones. It can also expose hidden interactions that were not so healthy in a family unit, making possible the acceptance and forgiveness of long held hurts and wounds.

How Harmonology Works


As an example of how Harmonology works, lets look at the relationship of 2 people born in June and December. When you plot out the birth months on the chromatic scale, with January on middle C and continuing to the next January on the higher C, you will discover that June is F and December is B. Musically, that interval is a flat 5th. Interestingly, in the 12 century, the Church outlawed that interval, naming it the Devil’s Interval, and forbade its use in composition, punishable by death.

In relationships, the flat 5th holds a distinct position and contains very strong and dissonant energy. Those who find themselves in that relationship need to understand the inherent energy and be prepared so that they may function at their highest level while under the power it holds. That power shows itself in a dominant/ subdominant play. One partner is the “Lord” over the other. Often, it’s the female in the stronger position in a hetero relationship.

Another example we can use is for 2 people born the same month. January/January, May/May, etc. When we use 2 similar notes in composition it’s called a unison. That interval is most often used for melody since it contains a unique sonority of strength. Think of any melody that can be played or sung by 2 or more people or instruments. You’ll easily recognize how focused and strong it sounds. In a relationship of unison, (again both of the same birth month) the partnership will be strong and unified. You’ll want to do everything together. You create a complete universe between you. But, like 2 strings of the guitar tuned to the same note, when one goes out of tune the resulting sound is a disaster. Everyone around you becomes nervous and uncomfortable. Soon, if not brought back together, you’ll irreparably separate and finally dissolve into separation and divorce.

By following the laws of universal nature, the mathematical rules of harmonic overtones, we can get a glimpse into the very structure of our existence. Everything is formed by vibrations, from the manipulation of chi of the Qi Gong Master, to the playing of a violin and, finally, to the fine-tuning of your relationships!

You As A Witness

You enter this life at birth and then are taken on a ride through the matrix of this incarnation; to learn and to grow and to help others grow by the insights and visions you are given. All there is “IS.” But, without you as its witness, it would no longer exist.

Harmonology: An Insider’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Through Music

The relationship between the human animal and music is as complex as it is ancient. Music marks moments in every life – and in every important relationship.

Harmonology - An Insider's Guide to Healthy Relationships Through Music

So, how do you put into words why a drum beat makes you move? How do you explain what listening to your favorite symphony does to your brain? How can the first notes of a popular song infuse your entire being with joy – or sadness? What if there was a way to explain it all? Well, not all exactly. But an important part of it.

That’s what Harmonology does.

Harmonology is a unique way of exploring the relationships between the twelve months of the calendar and the twelve musical intervals. Fun and fascinating, it is a unique and thoroughly new way of looking at the relationship between any two people: couples, parents and children, siblings, friends. Using the principles of Harmonology, Stephen O’Connor explores paths to build, to heal, and to renew love, communication, and happiness.

“Harmonology: An Insider’s Guide…” is available here on Amazon.

About the author:

Steve O'Connor soloStephen John O’Connor: I was born and raised in a small lower class working neighborhood in San Diego. I am the father of two grown children. I love cooking, great wine, friends and living in Mexico. And, after 55 years I still play a pretty good guitar.  After working in the music business for 40 years and composing for film, TV and radio, I am now pursuing my life-long passion of personal growth in the field of relationships and energy work. I work with individuals, couples and groups and currently teach an ongoing Qi Gong course in Mexico.

I specialize in helping others to understand the mechanics of the nature of their personal vibrational relationships and help them transform those relationships to create the loving and successful lives they want and deserve.

You can visit Stephen at his website www.harmonologybook.com or check out his books Harmonology – An Insider’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Through Music and Counterpoint to Reality – A Personal Journey.


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