A Call to the Goddess: The Divine Warrior Princess Rising

A Call to the Goddess - The Divine Warrior Princess Rising - 1

By Kamala

Guest writer for Wake Up World

“She did not want to move, or to speak. She wanted to rest, to learn, to dream. She felt very tired.” ~ Virginia Wolf, “The Years”.

It would be understandable if after so many years of social activism a great many women (and men alike) might feel defeated and deflated by the election of Donald Trump to President of the United States of America, seemingly in spite of the campaign platform upon which he ran, which speaks to practices of segregation and disharmony amongst humankind. And it is within the context of that election result that my friend Ursula rang that morning and asked, “Why did so many white women vote for Donald Trump?

In considering the circumstances of this election result I find that I am initiated and catalyzed and called now, at this evolutionary and sacred moment, to enter into the moment of the Living Mythology of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising. And so it is upon this foundation, of this social and political shift at this time, that this work comes to be: and at this time, on the path of the collective awakening and humankind’s conscious evolution I am called to birth through the Christ Consciousness of Sophia the moment of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising.

And so this is the Call to the Goddess from the Call of the Wild, at this time.

It is through this evolutionary lens that we can witness the election of Mr Trump – upon the foundation and the campaign of which he ran – to be the very catalyst of this moment of existential and evolutionary change; to bring forth this moment of rising. For the circumstances of this election are in fact the wildfire that has catalyzed the fracturing of the shell of consciousness and mass awakening and carries the potential of the birth of the sacred moment of regeneration and re-growth, at this time.  The energy of which, if utilized properly, will become the very means by which the seed of awakening can generate significant evolutionary changes and shifts, individually and collectively, around the globe.  And as has been demonstrated by countless marches globally, by women and men alike. But understanding that this is a time to rise into the consecrated awareness of our Unity and our Oneness and the Sacred Feminine as an ineffable and sovereign pole, of the expression of Life.

And so at this time our challenge is not the threat that may exist within the Office of the President of the United States, or what may come of his transition into power, but rather the transition of the mass awakening it has ignited – down the path of healing, creation, revolution and rising – and entry into and through the gateway of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, at this time

This is the moment of the awakened and resounding Priestess Call calling now the Call of the beautiful, magnificent and majestic Wild

And so by this sacred moment, and with the Call of the Force of the Creative All That Is upon me, I answer the Call to rise and enter into the Living Mythology of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising: to draw on and forth the courage and wisdom of Bear and to aid in guiding the awakening consciousness and evolution of humankind at this time.

Conscious Evolution, Revolution and the Golden Age

And so it is time now to descend into the sacred and secret language of Life and the essence, principles and value of the Feminine and Feminine Consciousness to consciously evolve into the ordained evolutionary moment of the Golden Age.

And this is done by walking the courageous and heroic path of the Warrior and embodying the strength and wisdom that is required to awaken, heal and reclaim the Goddess so as to bring forth the Way of the Goddess. For the Way of the Goddess is the very ordained portal of entry into the Golden Age. And by the Way of the Goddess we collect and bring forth the (He)Art of the Feminine, the wisdom and knowledge of the sacred systems of life, the laws of our Unity and we harness the power of our collective and of co-creation: to create new realities that are housed in the awareness of our Unity and oneness, our sacred relationship with Gaia Sophia and All of Life so as to dance in harmony with our Divine Mother, the sacred systems of Life and to co-exist within the cosmology of the Universe of Life.

This is a shift that extends well beyond the impermanent shifts of political office and changes born of social activism: but rather rests steadily in the alchemy of change that is born of the evolution in consciousness of humankind. And so it is at this time that I am supplied with my commission and charter of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising, to cultivate and call forth:

“The (He)Art of the Feminine
The Call of the Wild
A New Day is Dawning
Warrior Princess Rising” 

The He(Art) of the Feminine

And so at the (He)Art of the Charter of the Rising is both “the Heart of the Feminine” and “the Art of the Feminine”. And each correspond to the calling forth of the beauty and integrity of the Goddess found in her brilliance and wisdom in this evolutionary moment – being the ordained, sacred and evolutionary moment of the return of the Sovereign and Sacred Feminine – at this time.

The (He)Art of the Feminine exists on many levels within the etheric realms and manifest as woman – the Goddess – in form. And she is the Heart and the Art of Life: of creation, of giving Life, creating Life, birthing Life, sustaining Life, nurturing Life and connecting, communing and celebrating with Life.

And at (He)Art is the Feminine’s deeply held connection to All of Life and the great and majestic Wild. She is the brief knowledge and awareness of the inherent genius, magic and mystery contained within the Creative All That Is, our Divine Mother of Life. Within her knowing lies the awareness of the sacred geometries, formulas and systems of Life and the embodiment of Life in form.  The (He)Art of the Feminine — the Goddess – is in truth and potential a living system of love-centred brilliance and a deeply-held, inseparable and ineffable connection to our Divine Mother and to All of Life.  This is the (He)Art of the Feminine heard through her heart and embodied in her most self-realised Feminine self, conveyed in her ability to create and otherwise call forth, transmit and surrender to the voice of the Mother of Life: the Call of the Wild.

The (He)Art of Life is reflected in creation: in the majesty of all of Mother Nature, our Sacred Heartland of Mother Earth, Gaia Sophia (Earth / Heart) and through the voice of the Wild. And we ask you to please bring your heart to the awareness that the spelling of Earth is Heart, for our sacred Gaia Sophia Earth Mother is the very Heart of Life. And Her magic and the magic of Life is held in all of her sacred codes, geometrics, formulas, words and wizardry that are contained and held within, and which form, the Sacred Systems of All Life: as created by the All That IS of Life the Divine Mother. And by which we are the living expression of Life, made manifest in form, and carriers of the living imprint of Life upon us.

A Call to the Goddess - The Divine Warrior Princess Rising - 5

So too, the Feminine as expressed through the Goddess — through women and womanhood — is the expression of Life as the pole of the Feminine in sacred manifest form.  The (He)Art of the Feminine is expressed through the living reality of her ineffable sovereignty, unique beauty, her Feminine faculties and powers of intelligence and intuition, as the carrier of ancient wisdoms and her deeply held connection to All of Life.  And this connection to the Wild – to the Divine Mother of All Life — is expressed through her celebrations and her rituals, her knowledge of our Unity, her communion and sympathetic co-creation and harmony with All of Life and Nature and the essence of her sacred and pure sexuality and creative power to live deeply aligned and in service to All of Life.  And so this is the Way of the Goddess witnessed through the healed and reclaimed (He)Art of the Feminine that we are calling forth at this time.

And this is the authentic, sovereign and sacred Feminine that has been violated through the protracted campaign and history of patriarchal violence that has misguided humanity throughout the ages. So that the living memories of this the violence are now embodied in all levels of the psycho-social and physical bodies, DNA, and psychologically imprinted within the collective of the Feminine. And conversely, the living memory of the execution of such violence is imprinted within the Masculine.  These living, conscious and sub-conscious memories operate within the collective human psyche and global culture, and are still acted out to this day.

It so it is important to understand that the result of this history of oppression and violence has lead to the deepest suppression and soul-loss of the most authentic expression of “the Feminine” and “women”: of the (He)Art of the Feminine and her free and carefree expression.  And the consequences of this violence and suppression is endless and has cauterized the expression of feminine faculties and rid the Feminine (He)Art of standing — to act as oracle, sage and intuitive for the voice of Life – to honour her deep connection to All of Life and to cultivate reverent Nature-based relationships congruent to the Sacred Systems of Life and our great and Divine Mother Earth.  These conditions have destroyed the expression of balance and harmony within All of Life and have forbid the Feminine creative influence in the co-creation of humankind’s living relationship with Gaia Sophi and All of Life.

And so, the enormity of this loss of Feminine agency and expression is witnessed in the corresponding reflection of our harvested and destroyed living natural environment, and the endless events of destruction and violence carried out by this never-ending condition of dissonance and existential crisis.  And we witness this suppression expressed in the alienation of the patriarchal mind from all of Nature, the Feminine, women, and all of humankind and made manifest in horrific acts of war, environmental terrorism and violence.

This deep wounding and the prohibition on selfhood, creative influence and expression it engenders, is the source of the rage carried and expressed by so many women as it is a wholesale suffocation of Feminine self hood. And so this is a deep psychological, spiritual and social wounding carried by the Feminine, who is then called upon to walk – or stumble – through the always and never-ending shape-shifting maze of the patriarchal paradigm, detached and in hiding from her inner most essence and power of expression, diminished and detached from her own truest identity, alienated from her sovereignty and wrapped up instead in false story-telling that demonises, defames and objectifies the feminine in form. This is a heinous wound; a loss of soul and loss of power that has been inflicted relentlessly through religious indoctrination and cultural adherence to violence, repression, ridicule and scorn throughout the ages.

And so, it is the He(Art) of the Feminine – the Goddess Way – being the love of self and of all Humankind that is to be exhumed from the “vaults of repression and silence” and healed and restored into the wholeness of her integrity and sovereignty for all of Humankind at this time.  And so the return of the Goddess Way – as told through the Living Mythology of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising — is set within the context of this living memory of immense and protracted violence.

Yet the path of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising asks her to rise above the violence, to remember her sacred and ineffable self, her sovereignty and her ancient and divine wisdom carried within and to fall in love with the whole arrangement of self once more. This is the journey of the Warrior in the path of the Warrior Princess Rising.

It is also important to understand from within the prism of this deep understanding of the wounding of the Feminine that All of Patriarchy is a form and embodiment of violence towards not only the Feminine but All of Life: for it is a system of violence due to its inherent imbalance and alienation from All of Life. As a metaphysical reality, any action that is born of out of alignment from Source will ultimately manifest as a form of violence: for it is out of harmony and integrity with Life. And so, as we move deeply into the understanding and remembering of the ineffable sovereignty of the Feminine and all of humankind – being the very birthing into the expression and experience of the Golden Age – it will be deeply understood that all and any acts that interfere with the authentic and heart-led self expression and sovereign integrity of any being, is indeed an act of violence. And with our deepening understanding and connection with All of Life, we will come to want to eschew all acts of violence.  This is an inherent principle and understanding that arises from and out of the etiquette and energetic reality of the “lore of exchange” by which all of Life must strive to remain in harmony with self and each other, and by which and when, the orchestra of Life will be experienced, felt and played: and at this time to be made manifest in the birthing of the Golden Age.

Now is the Age of the Goddess. And so we are now called to dance in her sovereignty and embody the wholeness of her and our most pure and true Feminine Essence; integrity, divinity, expression and self, from the Heartland of our (He)Arts and remembered truths and wisdoms, once more.  So that this is the dance of resurrection; born of the wholeness of a healed and restored soul and love for self and each other.

And so this is indeed the moment of the Phoenix rising from the ashes of patriarchy, and from the ashes comes a necessary period of reclamation. Shaded only by the inherited memory of patriarchal violence, there is a blank canvas upon which women – individually and collectively – will chart, imprint, paint and celebrate the path of her own unique (He)Art.

And so first the healing and then the rising: of the sovereign and sacred Feminine and consciousness, responding individually and collectively, to the Call of the Wild. It is the bringing forth of the Way of the Goddess and the wisdom of Life and the co-creation of new worlds through the portal and Living Mythology of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising.

The Call of the Wild

Can you hear the Call of the Wild? This call is the sacred song, vibration and hum of Life that resonates through our heart, our soul and our being. It is the irresistible Call of the Divine Mother of the Creative Life Force of the All That is Of Life — the Creatrix.  Her voice, heard through the Call of the Wild of our sacred Mother Earth and Heart, calls us back to Her, now.

When I feel the Call of the Wild I am often reminded of Anais Nin, when she says: “I am restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the Stars again.” We are being called now into Nature’s song, pulled by the Stars and grounded into the Earth, into the Wild; and she can be felt and experienced in so many different ways, from the deepest stirring of the heart, to a deep restlessness and dissatisfaction, a sense that something or everything is missing: a piece of the etheric or personal puzzle that is lost, the feeling of a deep longing within, something that is deeply important to All of That Which You Are. This is the Call of Wild, of Life — the call of the Feminine to her Self — calling to her children now, calling to you now, to return to her, to be restored, and to live in union with divinity and with Her once more, balanced with the authentic places of the darkness and the light within.  Through the (He)Art of the Feminine and the waves of Light crashing by her side she calls to herself strenuously and urgently at this time, to return to her and embody her sovereign and sacred self, and answer the Call of the Majestic and Brilliant Wild.

And so it is that the Call of the Priestess to her Sisters and the Goddess; to and for all of Humankind and she is heard most resonantly through the heartland of the Feminine intuition and resonance with the All That Is of Life (the Wild).

And so by answering her Call — to reunite, collect and restore the language and ancient Wisdom of Life — we restore the consciousness of the Feminine and of the Unity of All of Life, through the heart of the Goddess, as embodied in the Divine Warrior Princess Rising and we heal the violence and dissociation that prevails within humankind at this time.

And so the Call of the Wild is the ordained evolutionary portal and creative moment in which there exists the possibility of reunion of all of Humankind with the heartland and deeply-held connection to the magic and mystery of Life, through the (He)Artland of the Priestess and the Goddess: this is the ordained evolutionary moment of the Living Mythology the Divine Warrior Princess Rising.

A New Day is Dawning

It would be so easy at this time to become consumed and trapped in the three dimensional paradigm that is playing out in our outer world. But to do so would be to lose sight of the immense consciousness shifts that are occurring in the unseen worlds; and by which we are called forth, through the Call of the Wild, to enter into the fifth dimensional consciousness; the gateways to which are now open, at this time.

For this is the Dawning of a New Day of the Golden Age, heralded by the Living Mythology, amongst many evolutionary forces at this time, of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising.

And so it is important not to lose sight of the important information that the election of Donald Trump, and the following immense social uprising, has highlighted. For it has shown that the current world and systems — those crafted and dominated by the culture, ideology and practices of the dominant paradigm of patriarchy, and which rest in the paradigms of division, conflict, dominion, destruction, control and separation, and are embodied in a multitude of “man made systems” — has created a pressure cooker; and the heat is set on high. It has further shown that within the collective of humanity there is an abundance of awakened souls, harnessing the powers of goodwill, humanity, unity, love-consciousness and desire to see and witness constructive and heartfelt change.

And so it is time now to understand and realise we are each the catalysing force for constructive and compassionate change in our own uprising.

Remembering, just as the wild fire scorches the earth and regenerates the seed, so too exists within this immense collective unrest – the immense energy that constitutes the furnace of creation – and the very conditions from which new worlds will be seeded, nurtured and born.  And this is only amplified by the greater moment and urgency of the Call of our Divine Mother Earth through the Call of the Wild. And so it is from this standpoint that the manifesto and charter of the Living Mythology of the Warrior Princess Rising is understood: and the enormity of this evolutionary and creative moment must not be misunderstood.

This is a time of healing and rising into wholeness of self – found in self love – and from that sacred resting ground of wholeness, from the alignment of soul, self and Spirit, we are calling forth the highest and most brilliant expression of self which lies within, for women and men alike. It is from this crucible of creative power and from which, and into which, this foretold Golden Age of Miracles, will be birthed and born. This is the new day dawning, and is the contagious light that shines through the industry and connection of the Divine Warrior Princesses (and Men) Rising.

And so the Goddess is now called to heal, reclaim and restore, so as to rise into and embrace the New Day that is dawning: to individually and collectively steward, call forth and nurture Humanity into the New Earth that is ordained to collectively shift at this time.  This is the New Dawn which, by decree of Life, heard through the Call of the Wild at this time, is found, heralded and witnessed in the individual and collective, as we witness the tale of the power of the Living Mythology of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising.

A Call to the Goddess - The Divine Warrior Princess Rising - Susan Fryboyt quote

Understanding The Warrior Princess Rising

This is the Living Mythology of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising.


She is a Warrior because she is courageous, insightful and wise and these are the faculties she relies upon to walk into and give rise to the Rising.  And so, whilst the definition of Warrior is “to fight” we see here the hallmark of the Warrior is courage for she will draw on courage to heal and to call in, remember and embody the wholeness of her most authentic Feminine self. She will be courageous in learning how to love herself again, and she will courageously and even quietly embody her sovereign wholeness and from there to move into creating her world and the world around her. Through heart driven courage she will bring forth herself and others, into the Rising.

This is the essence of the Warrior Princess Rising. For she embraces, falls into and trusts her feminine consciousness, self and expression when for so long her truthful expression has been ridiculed, persecuted and subjected to distrust and violence.

And so, to act courageously in this context is to be courageous in healing and moving through the uncharted realms of recovering the feminine spirit; soul recovery and remembering and embodying feminine truths, wisdom, principles and language and creating new realities that have been unseen or unheard before.  The Warriors are of the courageous ones who will be sustained, guided, aided and encouraged by the power by each other and the Spirit of the Bear in all acts of courage bringing forth the Warrior Princess Rising.

Further, the Warrior Spirit carries with it the understanding that no one should be left behind: and by this decree of the Warrior, Spirit furnishes the heartfelt joining, nurturing, connection and healing of the sisterhood for the peaceful defiant rising.


We remove all past personal, cultural, and pop-cultural associations with the meaning of the word “Princess” (including Disney), and now, instead, we actively imbue and restore the Feminine and all understandings of Her into her absolute integrity with the understanding that the Princess, in this context, is the embodiment of the return of the Sovereign, Whole and Sacred Feminine. And we imbue her with the nobility that the title articulates; as reflecting the condition of the absolute sovereignty and integrity of the Feminine and her absolute and inalienable entitlement to treatment with respect, honour and dignity, at all times, in all lifetimes and in all form. We understand her powers of nobility captured in the title of Princess are transformed and witnessed in all forms of the Goddess, Priestess, Princess, Lioness or Queen and are embodied in Women from all colours, races, creeds, and walks of Life — for she is pure in her heart, replete in her integrity, and absolutely sovereign, sacred and Divine.

And for without any doubt the sovereignty of the Feminine is captured now – for all of time – in the evolutionary tale of the “Living Mythology of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising”.


To rise refers both to the ascent of a bird into flight, and to an “act of resistance” such as an uprising. The Warrior Princess Rising is the Phoenix Rising — and by her acts of peaceful resistance and defiance, she takes flight, giving layered meaning to her standing as the “Divine Warrior Princess Rising”.

Great Men of the Rising

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul so as to unite him with source. A man’s highest calling is to protect women so that she is free to walk the earth unharmed”.

Free of singularity and polarity, this Life is a co-creative dance between the masculine and feminine in form. The heart of Love consciousness or Unity consciousness is the recovery of all of humankind back into an awareness and resonance with the (He)art of Life in this Dance with the Divine. And there are doubtless many Great Men of the Resistance and of the Rising: who understand the duality of patriarchy to be the greatest wound on all of Humankind at this time: on the masculine and the feminine, alike.  And so, to all the Great Men who are free or are freeing themselves of the false programming and beliefs of the false prophecy of patriarchy, and who are returning to the integrity of their healed and most authentic and Divine Masculine expression: these are the Great Men of the Rising. Who will protect and be of service to the Divine Warrior Princess Rising and all of Humanity and our Unity: for they are the Great Men, or the Bears of the Rising. Guided by the (He)Art of the Feminine and restored within the seat and standing of their whole Masculine embodiment — standing in his ineffable and authentic integrity not informed by patriarchy – protectively by her side: for it is an absolute truth that she does need the Great Men, in this time of the healing and reclamation of the Masculine and the Feminine in this great Dance with the Divine.

For this is a time of Her return, and the return of Humanity, to the wholeness of the Feminine being-ness from which the industry, revolution and creation of a New Earth, in manners unseen before, will be nurtured, flourish and born.

A Call to the Goddess - The Divine Warrior Princess Rising - 4

Living Mythology & Charter of the Warrior Princess Rising

And so it is at this time that a new genre of creation is birthed, and given rise. That is the Living Mythology of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising; the story of all women who now embrace the Call of the Wild and courageously walk the path of healing and Feminine rising to become the living embodiment of the Living Mythology of the Warrior Princess.

The Charter of the Warrior Princess Rising to embody the Goddess Way is to harness at this time the power of the individual and collective — the (He)Art of the Feminine — to collect and restore the wisdom of Life, nurture the healing of the Feminine, the masculine and all of humankind, to restore the understanding of our Unity with each other and All of Life and restore humankind’s humble and loving relationship with Gaia Sophia the Heart of All Life.  And the action of this charter is found in the individual and collective action of the Feminine: in the coming together of sisterhood, in healing, and in the experience of self Love, in sacred ceremony, deep healing and remembering of ancient and modern wisdom, in (He)Art centred ritual and in the sister circle and celebration of the connection and the Rising at this time.

By persistent focus on “what will be” and the power of connection and industry the Warrior Princess – walking the Goddess Way – capitalizes on the power of this creative moment that we are now present within. Embodying her true nature, her resistance is born of Feminine creation and design.  It is an uprising fuelled by Love and the principles and values of the Feminine Consciousness. That is the nature of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising. And so it is both a renaissance and a revolution; a renaissance, for it is the healing and remembering of the inherent sovereignty of the Feminine and Feminine Consciousness and ancient wisdoms and knowledge of Life; and it is a revolution for it is, without doubt, a resistance and an up-Rising.

The Warrior Princess will be known by her awareness of her sovereignty, and hereafter, by her acts of magical co-creation in all spheres of Life, and in the face of all obstacles, by her peaceful and powerfully focused defiance of patriarchy and the violence it breeds.

She is now resistant to all forms and means of denunciation and assault against her.

She is proclaimed by the image and sacred mythology of the Phoenix Rising.

And, by her individual and collective enactment, she calls upon the power of the Creatrix, the Divine Mother of All of Life and gives birth to her own (He)Art and sovereignty, and by this, she embodies and becomes the Living Mythology of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising.

This is to embody (He)Art of the Feminine and the Goddess Way in the Charter of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising.

And by these words, so it is.

Further resources for Remembering and Rising:

At this time I wish acknowledge my sisters whose wisdom and work is of great depth and value. After receiving the commission and charter of the Living Mythology of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising™, I was deeply blessed to be guided to the works of Sarah Drew and Kaia Ra that both speak to remembered wisdom and profound healing for the Feminine on this evolutionary cycle. And I wish to commend these works:

  • Sarah Drew, “Gaia Codex” available for purchase on Amazon
  • Kaia Ra, “the Sophia Code” available also for purchase on Amazon.

I also wish to acknowledge the Great Men of the Reformation, who are otherwise known as the Bears of the Rising (Bear literally made manifest). This article is almost exclusively focused on the Divine Warrior Princess Rising. However, it must be understood that the heart of unity and Love-consciousness is found only in the healthy and balanced interplay of the Masculine and the Feminine in this blessed Dance with the Divine we call Life.

This is the Wisdom of Bear,


About the author:


Kamala (birth name: Alison Kingston) is a western woman bridging the divide between worlds: a lawyer, actress and shaman who is called back to her origins and moving into her priestess calling at this time. She currently has a number of works in development including a number of creative projects, and “The Book of Everything: Love Consciousness for a New Earth”.

Walking the path of the Warrior Princess Rising™ herself, she understands how confusing, isolating and difficult this path can be. However, the good news is that we are no longer alone and it is time now for the joining of women and the sisterhood into the courageous journey back to (He)Art based connection, powers of co-creation and Feminine expression once more — in the journey of the Warrior Princess Rising™.

You are invited to join me on my Facebook or my Instagram page where we will journey into the practice of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising™ and the healing and Return of the Sovereign and Sacred Feminine, through weekly updates to nurture and guide the Warrior Princesses and Bears of the Rising and you are so welcome to join me there.

Please note: This article, its contents, and the Divine Warrior Princess Rising™ device © Alison Kingston and Blue Star Films Pty Ltd. Please feel free to share this work, however all work contained herein is copyright, and credit must be cited to the author, including this biography. With thanks.

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  • Audra Berkley

    “Why did so many white women vote for Donald Trump?”

    Because Hillary!

  • Anna Van Z

    FYI: Most Americans did NOT and DO NOT support Trump. Here’s the breakdown:
    Clinton: 25.6%
    Trump: 25.5%
    Overall, 72.5% of American DO NOT support Trump.

    Apparently independent thinkers chose to stay home rather than vote for Killary. The democrats chose to ignore all the data that showed voters did not want Clinton as the nominee and did everything possible to shut out Bernie. I voted for Jill Stein, and if even half of the non-voters had also voted for Stein, we would have a very different political scene right now.