The Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Summit – FREE Online Event!

Discover how to apply essential oils and aromatherapy to revitalize your health, reduce stress, strengthen your immune system.

Essential oils are one of the fastest growing modalities of natural medicine — and one of the most misunderstood, misused, and potentially abused. Not all essential oils are created equal and not all advice is trustworthy. Used correctly, however, essential oils can be a powerful and safe way to naturally revitalize and balance your body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Register here for the ‘Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Summit’, and you’ll discover exactly how to apply nature’s most potent medicine for everything from a common cold to inflammation-related illnesses to anxiety and stress, from depression to migraines to everyday first aid — and more!

Hosted by botanical medicine expert, David Crow, this series features 25+ leading distillers, botanical medicine experts, acupuncturists, doctors, educators, clinicians, scientific researchers — including Rosita Arvigo, Kurt Schnaubelt, Arjun Das, Acharya Shunya, Nyssa Hanger, Eric Bresselsmith, Jessie Hawkins, Florian Birkmayer, Kelly Ablard, Cha, Michael Scholes, Kailash Dixit, and others — to share with you their insights, practices and teachings for experiencing the profound benefits of essential oils.

Register here to participate in this inspiring 4-day gathering, presented by The Shift Network.

You’ll discover:

  • How to use essential oils easily and effectively for healing and vitality.
  • A holistic understanding of essential oils and aromatherapy.
  • Key Ayurveda aromatherapy essential and base oils.
  • Confidence in creating essential oil blends from scratch.
  • How to use oils with specific applications for transformation, integration and healing.
  • The use of essential oils and the power of sacred aromas to unblock the channels of intuition.

… and heaps more!

Working with essential oils and aromatherapy can complement any existing practice or routine to help you achieve greater health, wellbeing, longevity, and spiritual fulfillment in life — for you and (if you’re a health care professional) your clients.

If you’re ready to learn more about nature’s most potent medicines, register now for ‘The Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Summit’.

To your health and wellbeing!